Sunday, June 29, 2008

Honey's off to camp!

Well she's off. We were up at the crack of dawn to make it to the airport by 7:30. We were of course late, we are talking me here, but had plenty of time to grab a Starbucks! After sitting and waiting for about an hour to board the nerves were getting the better of her. She did very well, nothing over the top just a few tears and some deep breathing. Once she was in her seat she sent me a text to let me know all was well. She has already landed in Atlanta and has called to let me know she's safe. She has also sent me a text telling me all about he "HOT" 14 year old she's talking to...oh my nerves cannot take this, I need I freaking xannax!

She is really wanting to stay for 2 weeks this year...we shall see! She had such a great time last year and wanted to stay for 2 weeks but when she called to let me know she caved and wanted to come home, so again I say we shall see...

Here are a few pictures from this morning.

Sitting at the gate waiting to gain the courage to get on board.

Every girl needs a little "green lady" in the morning!

She looked like a walking Vera Bradley advertisement!

Look what slipped past Security...razors and not just one, there are three sitting right on top of her bag! SERIOUSLY! My sense of security just slipped a notch or two!

Camp 2007...I drove her there to check everything out before sending her. Look at how much she's has grown up in just 12 months!

Last years cool is that! I took a picture of the inside but every time I look at it I start itching! Let's just say my piggy little girl fit right in!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 8 1/2 Peanut

We went to Discovery Cove yesterday to celebrate Peanut's 8 in a half birthday. Yes for those of you that do not know we have ALWAYS celebrated her birthday with her friends in June and her family in December. Doing it this way assures she has friends in town that are not too busy or too broke to help her celebrate. It DOES NOT give her an extra party or more gifts it simply separates her two parties, friends and family, by six months.

So this year she wanted to bring Nadya and go to Discovery Cove for the day like Honey did 4 years ago. Honey was with us but did not do the dolphin swim with us, trying to keep it fair and all.

Scarlett, our dolphin, brought Peanut this buoy as a little extra birthday surprise. She didn't want to give it up at first and kept playing with it out in the deep end of the lagoon. She would go under the water with it, jump with it, and hit it with her nose like a soccer ball. Peanut was very surprised when she took it from her and read the Happy Birthday message on it.

We had a great day, rain and all, and I'm sure this is a birthday Peanut and Nadya will never forget!

Happy Birthday Peanut Butter, I love you!

Scarlett and Peanut with her birthday buoy.

Peanut enjoyed her ride on Scarlett, to be able to say you rode on a dolphin is so cool!

Daddy puckered up to give Scarlett a kiss.

Man do I need to get an appointment for a little crows feet touch up or what?!!!!

Nadya kissed Scarlett like a pro.

Peanut had a smile on her face the entire time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The family BOY!

The three T boys, had three T girls...

Then along came Bobby!

What a sweetheart of a nephew he is, he is just so darned cute! Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Enjoying the water at his Uncle and Aunt house

He could pass for Honey's little brother!

He almost fits inside Uncle Babe's Shaquille O'Neal shoe!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Looky Looky Looky!!!!

They are finally up!
For Mother's Day Chris and the girls gave me exactly what I wanted, our hands frozen in time. We went to Denise,a consultant with Wee Piggies, to have this done. It was such a cool process from start to finish! I have included pictures from our initial visit along with the final product. I totoally recommend everyone take advantage of this very cool process to freeze your children's hands, and yours, in time like we did! You can visit Denise at

McKenzie went first... then Abereese...

and finally and Chris and I together.

This is what they look like on the wall. I could just sit and stare at them,

I LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE them!

The detail is incrediable, she was able to get my ring perfectly!

Bailey & Anthony

I am so excited! Chris' cousin Kelly and her husband Tony have asked us to be the God Parents to their little ones Bailey and Anthony. Although I'm not Catholic I am still excited! Can a strong Southern Baptist turned, Baptecostal as our Pastor calls it , girl be a God Mother? These two little guys are just so precious and if I can help guide them in any way shape or "Baptecostal" form to know Christ then I defiantly say YES! Doesn't this mean I get to spoil them like they are my own too? I hope so since buying baby clothes has been long gone for this Momma and oh have I missed it!

Thank you Kelly and Tony for trusting us with you precious babies, we love them so!

This is little Bailey, I have to call her Bailey Banks and Biddle, it's a jewelery thing, although her Mother call her Queen Princess. I understand why, she is just a tad high maintenance!

This is little man Anthony, he is just so laid back. I guess he already knows that his sister is more "needy" than he'll ever be so he just sits back and chills.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of my favorite Daddy's!

I love you Daddy!

Is there anything better than seeing the amazing bond between and Daddy and his girls?

I so fall in love with him every time I watch them together.

Thank you Chris for being the best Daddy to our little girls!

McKenzie dancing with her Daddy at Nana & Papa's very windy 50th wedding anniversary.

They were dancing to "their song" Creed, With Arms Wide Open.

Daddy tried to teach Reese the Jitterbug, it was somewhat successful.

She had the best time, I think the smile on her face says it all!

Happy Father's day to my Brother Larry

Dancing with his youngest, Stephanie

to my Brother-in-Law Lee

and to my Father-in-Law Chris.

I am blessed with my husbands parents. I know so many who are not so lucky, I am sorry for you but I will never trade!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

News Flash

Nicole and Adam are...


I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to this very wild, crazy, and extended family in January!

One Year Ago Today...

The Family was basking in the sun in

Cabo San Lucas Mexico...

Babe was a little larger than he is today...

my sister S was with us...

Honey was Mexican eye candy, and she hated it, NOT...

Peanut was shaking her groove thing, all night long...

The adults were doing shots of tequila...

Nasty, nasty, so not Patron, tequila...

Nicole was being kissed for the very first time as
Mrs. Adam W.

Then we watched them run off into the sunset.

Happy 1st Anniversary A and N.

We love you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Peanut & Summer Camp

Peanut has been asking to go to summer camp, "sleep-over summer camp", since Honey went to N.C. last year. Two things immediately came to mind...

First...An entire week without them at one anothers throats. In addition to Honey's week, I may not be a rocket scientist but people that's
TWO GLORIOUS FIGHTING FREE WEEKS ~ Rock Frickin' On! Can I get a "whoo-whoo"!

Second...Will the people that I send her to be with ever forgive me? We are talking Cybill, oops I mean Peanut here folks.

I am not one of those mothers that buries her head in the sand and refuses to see the faults of her own children. Peanut is who she is, she's strong willed, determined, a leader, less than shall we say, gentle, well lets be honest she's just a PISS! I have no clue how every teacher since the young 3's has gotten the best out of her? I mean really! Every teacher has told me just how wonderful she is. She even went this entire school year without moving her color (a behavior chart set up like a stop light). She had an entire green year, and only moved it once last year and twice in kindergarten. She seriously must save the FREAK SHOW for after 3:00 pm~ REALLY!!

Anywho, Babe and I decided that when the opportunity arose for her to go to camp with our church it would be a great idea. Good for the girls to be apart, good for me to have a little Honey time ~ we interrupt this program to inform you that due to Shawn being a big loser and spraining her ankle the part of Mother, Maid, and Cook will be played this week by Honey, we now return to the regular scheduled program ~ good all the way around. So while Babe was out of town for work the B family came to pick us up, remember I still can't drive at this point, and deliver both Peanut and K to camp for 4 days. The girls were excited, Honey even painted the car to set them off in style. She jumped from the car and with a huge smile and a kiss was off. No phones, no T.V...will she make it?

I'm proud to say that she did make it and all of the camp counselors seemed to be OK when we arrived, at least no one threw rocks at us! She spotted us across the parking lot and came running, arms open, huge cheesy smile, and jumped right into the waiting arms of...her...SISTER? "Pumba did I miss something here", I say to Babe. They missed one another? REALLY! I'm also happy to report that all day, yes all day, I have not heard a cross word between them. I'm calling the church tomorrow to see if there's an option for another week. HOT DOG!

Here are a few pictures of the big day.

Can you say cankle?

OK, so I have never claimed to be the brightest Crayon in the box. I am so the muted grey in the box of neon's. This story will seal the deal for any doubters!

I'm back at the gym...Go me ~ Go Me. On a schedule, feeling good, clothes are looking better on, eating that spoonful of peanut butter and honey in the pantry isn't causing the same level of guilt it once was, then this happened.

Yes, that is my ankle. Looks nothing like an ankle does it? It may not have been so bad if I hadn't continued working out on it for another hour and thirty minutes! I so need a better story than what really happened but here it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

I'm 10-15 minutes into Body Step, I'm very aggravated because Shannon's not teaching, I so blame her for this! Anyway, skinny little be-otch with the blond piggy-tails sticking out the sides of her dew-rag changes a step way too late, I was so committed to zigging when she called out a last minute zag. I, not really feeling it because honestly I'm not a fan of Blondie, kinda step off the back of the riser to figure out what the flying fun she wants from me. When I do my ankle touches the floor after my foot was already firmly planted. OUCH! Oh it's not that bad I say, I get a drink of water and "walk it off" before returning to my bench to finish the hour long class. I'm in the front row, being perpetually late comes with a price, and I'll be gosh-darned if I'm going to admit defeat for all to see. In fact I'll show them all, I'll stay for the hour Body Pump next. Honestly, I really didn't think it was that bad, sure it hurt but I've given birth, twice, a little ankle pain isn't going to come between me and my soon to be rock hard bikini body! Well 45 minutes into Pump I waived the white flag and walked, not limped, out of class. By the time I got to the car I thought I was going to die, the pain had completely taken over and the urge to cry and vomit was all consuming.

After a relaxing day poolside, eating the lunch Natalie brought and basking in the glory of the Vicodin my "source" brought I thought all was well. WRONG! A trip to the Urgent care confirmed a severe sprain and home I shuffled crutches in tow. My PC has concurred, just a sprain no ligament damage, Praise God! But five days later I still have this...

Needless to say I won't be back in the swing of things at the gym any time soon. Two weeks of NOTHING, Four before I can even go back on the aerobics floor. Working out is sooooo over rated. I think I'll set my goals at becoming a plus sized bikini model! Bring on the Peanut butter and honey!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Post on SERIOUSLY

Blog? Say What?!? That was me a few years ago. Then the scrapbook store I frequent started blogging, I followed a few of the links they had and it did become somewhat of an addiction. It didn't take long for that to pass I just didn't seem to have the time to sit and read about someone else's life. OK OK ~ If truth be told I would sit down after the girls got off to school with a cup of coffee and before I new it it was time to go to the bus stop. It would be 2 freaking pm and I would still have my jammies on, sweaters on my teeth, and three dogs begging for a little attention. For those that don't know, I have a very addictive personality, so I vowed to not get sucked in any longer. Fast forward a year or so...

One of most treasured friends, Natalie, is crazy addicted to blogs. Not only her own but she can spend HOURS, really that's no stretch HOURS, reading other people's blogs. Hey, I'm not judging I was once there. I so don't want to be on the outside looking in any longer. I can do this I just need to exercise a little self control. Again, this is not something I have a lot of. I have been known to stand in the pantry with a spoonful of peanut butter and drizzle (you say drown I say drizzle) honey on it and eat spoonfuls of that yummy combination until the back of my throat feels like it may explode from the sugar overload I just forced it to endure. I would however never reach into the garbage can while in said pantry to pull out oh, I don't know say a container of chocolate frosting that had been buried under a days worth of "clean trash" to take just one more finger full of that heavenly chocolate fluff. I do draw the line at garbage picking. Which brings up a question...if your "picking" from your own garbage before it goes to the big can in the garage is it really considered garbage picking? WOW! Did I fail to mention I suffer from ADD. How did I get so off track? Where was I? I need to focus, OK OK ~ here we go...So with her persuasion and guidance I have decided to give blogging a whirl.

I am still wondering...Really a blog? Who's going to read it? My life is just so every-day! I am up for anything though so here we go.

My first post on SERIOUSLY.
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