Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The smell of Fall!

Well ok there's no actual smell of Fall when you live in Florida but once you walk into my house where there are tons of Fall Harvest Yankee candles burning there is!

I love, love, love Fall! Growing up in Northern Illinois it was my favorite time of the year, tied with Spring of course. Everything changes and you get such a sense of starting over. I so wish I could start over on a few things and after a cold winter have my "
ick" bloom into something new and beautiful. Think of the possibilities! Laying to rest yelling at my children when they don't deserve it, or not being snippy to my husband because he doesn't come bouncing through the door every night after a long day at work ready to be Super-Dad, not being lazy and actually wanting to work out every day, oh the possibilities really are endless!

Anyway, I have been inspired by my friend Natalie and a fellow blogger to show my house and how I decorate for Fall. So here's a little tour, I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to bring a little Fall into your home!

This is the table as soon as you walk in the front door. I have cinnamon scented pine cones on the table and in a bowl of Fall scented potpourri, the smell just screams Fall!

Directly in front of that is the family room. I love this little round table, it is my favorite thing to decorate!

The mantel is a little boring but just wait until I do-it-up for Halloween, I have such a vision in my head!This is the newest addition to my Fall decorations and it's also my Christmas present from my Mother and Father in law. You gotta love a relationship so strong that you can call and say 'hey I know what I want and I want it now', thanks Mom & Dad T, I love it! It's hard to make out in the picture but it's a bunch of twigs bound together with acorn twists and 4 candle sticks at each base and it sits on the dining room table.
Across from the table sits my
fiber optic scarecrow on a bail of hay, he's lights up the hallway at night.

The glass shelf in the dining room is the perfect place for the fall garland and the picture of the girls playing in the leaves. My sister boxes the fall leaves from her farm in Illinois every year and mails them for the girls to jump in, it's one of their Fall highlights.

In the kitchen, where everyone hangs out, is also my favorite place to decorate. I love these torte burners from Yankee candle, as I continue the tour through the rest of the
decorating season you'll see a lot of them!

This is where I keep the paper plates and napkins, the girls know that this is where they go to grab their napkins. I always have plates and napkins that go with the current season or for a family birthday, such a fun and easy extra touch that they love.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and since I LOVE HALLOWEEN I'll post those pictures as soon as I get the boxes down later this week. Now don't judge this Southern Baptist girl too harshly, I don't love the
stigma that is attached to Halloween but I'm a firm believer that you get out of something what you put into it. We don't put anything evil in, no monsters or devils but I do love those adorable little witches, so nothing evil comes out. I have taught my girls, like my parents taught me, that there's no such thing as sorcery and that God is the only Creator and He alone holds all of the power necessary for our salvation. So again I say you get out of something that in which you put into it. Halloween is just a fun time to dress up in silly costumes and get free candy...hello how much fun is that! Trick or Treat!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Smelly dogs!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have gotten so slacked with my blogging! I am just so busy with the Evening of Hope. I'm co-chairing it again this year with my partner in crime Natalie (for more information click on the link to the left, information will be updated soon) and it seems that before I know it it's time to go to the bus stop and I'm still in my jammies, cup of coffee in hand, and haven't left  this darned computer! One day I'll get my act together right? It's not really that bad I have managed a run and workout every day this week and actually was "dressed" yesterday, when I ran into the vets office to pick something up they almost didn't recognize me, I can clean up ya know. And tonight when McKenzie and I ran into Wal-Mart I had some less than desirable boy, man, boy,whatever ask me if my mom had bought me the wrong school supplies, I was returning a 3 ring binder, when I said no I didn't buy the wrong thing he turned to McKenzie and said,'that's not your sister'. I replied SERIOUSLY~ you're not seriously going to use that one are you, 'well you can't blame a guy for trying'. WHATEVER ~ LOSER. I so should have done the whole W~E~L with my fingers SERIOUSLY!

I'm trying to finish a new item to go into Abereese's school auction TOMORROW, sign and fax contracts for the Evening of Hope, lock in the last of the EOH sponsors, ok the final proof for the EOH invitation, finish an order for a friend, be super-Mom, cook, clean, be the "total wife", workout, play with the dogs, sew 2 football jerseys into 1 for my loving brother-in-law, visit with out of state family, pack for a much needed 14 hour adult girls only scrapbooking adventure, and volunteer in Abereese's classroom all by tomorrow night. SERIOUSLY! Oh and the season premiere of Gray's Anatomy was on tonight and I didn't get to watch it, it better have been ti-voed or heads will roll I tell ya, heads will roll! SERIOUSLY!!!

I'm exhausted just typing it! I so need a massage, Olivia, give me a call when you can fit me in!

Just because I hate blogs with no pictures I'm including a few of my old favorites, they always make me smile. 

Jewel, my 85 pound big mama, after she got busted eating the homemade, freshly decorated, Valentine' Day cookies right off the counter...BUSTED!

The purple one is mine, oh wait so is the green one. Maybe that's why I got that new purse and wallet that year!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday la la lalalalala

Mondays, oh how I love Monday's...NOT!

Mondays mean cleaning...all day! From top to bottom every room gets cleaned. Well I don't do the playroom upstairs, I rarely venture up there, it scares me! Anyway, I totally clean every Monday ~ the dogs get brushed first to help with the excessive hair issues then it's sheets, sliding door tracks, toilets, floors, you get the idea it takes me about 5-6 hours, oh how I miss my cleaning lady! Busy busy busy!

So Abereese gets off the bus this afternoon and I'm in her room cleaning, actually I was wiping down her walls, they were NASTY! She comes behind me and  hangs a string of pearls around my neck and says "Mommy all clean freaks like you wear necklaces when they clean". HUH? Has she been watching Desperate Housewives on ti-vo after school? If so she is a little confused because I so did not look like Bri today. I was actually brave enough to take a picture of myself to show you just how un-Bri I was, be thankful smell can't come through computers yet because I smell worse than I look! 

I took a 30 minute run with Deja this morning, in this crazy heat, then hit the home gym for another 30 minutes , I will not be able to walk in the morning! Then I cleaned for about 7 hours, gave Emma a little haircut, she cried every time I held her I'm sure due to being forced to deal with her Aunt's odor, cooked and ate dinner outside, took the dogs on a family walk for 45 minutes then went back on the trail on my bike with a flash light to look for McKenzie's shoe that she threw at her sister in the dark. Now can you imagine what I'm talking bout when I say "I smell" ? 

Long day...I'm off to tuck my baby in, take a hot shower and then take a pill for my aching neck and back and finally crawl into my clean sheets ~ One of my favorite things ever!

...because I honestly believe everyone deserves a good laugh everyday even if it's at me!  "Oh I'm so pretty, like model"

Friday, September 5, 2008

16 years ago...

16 years ago today I married my best friend. We now share 2 beautiful girls and a happy loving life together. 

It was a little over 22 years ago that we first met and started dating, I was 16 and he was 17. We have shared more years as a couple than we have as individuals. I have very few memories that do not include Chris and for that I am so very BLESSED!

I love that we can still laugh with each other, yell at each other (next to never really) be quite with one another, support one another, and just like one another after all these years. I am proud of this in a time when divorce is so easy. Marriage is hard work with lots of components that are necessary to make it work and I feel we have proven, against a lot of adversity and tons of nay sayers, that we will stand the test of time.

Happy Anniversary Babe...you still are the love of my life, my one and only, and the one I want to grow old with. 

I know, I know SERIOUSLY ~ it was a long time ago, I would so do it different now!

September 5, 1992

We just returned home after an business trip in New York. We were able to steal a little time to explore the city together and as always we had a great time!

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