Sunday, November 23, 2008

AHHHHHH Twilight....

Ok I am officially a Twilight Mom!

I have to admit I made fun of McKenzie for being so into the book, she actually had "friendships" with the characters ~ well I always try to apologize when I'm wrong, so here it is for everyone to see ~ I'm sorry McKenzie ~ They're my friends too now.

She had asked me repeatedly to read the book, I really had no desire ~ Vampires Really!

Well I thought it would be a good thing for us to have in common and with the movie coming out I finally gave in and settled in to read Twilight...three days later New Moon...then I was onto Eclipse...and finally Breaking Dawn.

I finished it last night and I have to say it was all consuming for the past 3 weeks. With the exception of things on my "must do to survive" list reading the books is all I have done for 2 1/2 weeks. I do have to say I love Edward and Jacob is a close second.

As Chris and I kiss and receive the normal 'Seriously guys that's gross' comments from McKenzie I now simply tell her "Honey, Daddy is MY EDWARD"! That has shut her up a little but I think my growing need to play Vampire will soon revert her back to complete denial that we ~ Oh the horror her Mom & Dad~ actually do love each other "that way".

If you haven't read the book you really must! It is the most romantic, passionate, powerful love story I have ever read and it is told in a way that my daughter read it without me being embarrassed. It is a simple and pure love story and if you can get past the science fiction of the whole Vampire thing it really is one of the best books I have ever read! Oh trust me Edward will convince you that Vampires do need to exist!

The movie came out Friday and we, McKenzie, Natalie and I were there. We got there one hour early and there where about 75 people in front of us. The line for the next show was already forming before we were even let in. The theater was full of screaming 14 year olds with a few seats being taken by Moms, Grandmas and even a Dad or two. I will have to see it again since every minute there were 150 girls screaming at the top of their lungs, it was as if we were in the middle of a Beetles concert...really it was crazy!

Lots of fun!!! Here are a few pictures of our night.

I ordered shirts for the movie, I was looking for a Twilight Mom shirt never thinking I would find one but look what I found and there were tons more! I bought shirts for all of us, we looked...ready for the movie.

We went for dinner at Cheesecake Factory before the movie. I thought McKenzie was going to tackle our poor waitress when she didn't bring the bill fast enough.Me and my beautiful Edward obsessed daughter!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No more BRACES!!!

Well after 2 1/2 years they're finally off. I had begun to think they would never come off, I'm sure she did too!

I have to confess, I was almost as excited for them to come off as she was. I had to stand next to the chair to watch and as they came off and I got my first look at her without all the metal in her mouth I cried. They actually had to go get me a tissue, she was so embarrassed but that really isn't anything new. 

Now her gums are swollen and will look aggravated for the next 3 weeks or so but I love the final look and can't stop staring at her and smiling!

I really think we're in trouble now, the braces helped mark her age...a she really could pass for 2-3 years older than she is.

June 23, 2006 ~ 11 years 10 months ~

November 13, 2008 ~ 14 years 3 months ~
WOW! God has certainly blessed her in the beauty department!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Fall in Florida is so very different from Illinois. I have to admit I do miss Fall and Spring, I loved the seasons changing. But thanks to my loving sister my girls have never had to go without the pure childhood joy of jumping in a fresh pile of leaves full of the smell that can only come with Fall. Every year for the past, I don't know 5 years, Selena has raked, dried, boxed and shipped leaves fresh from her farm to the girls. This year I took a handful of them, had them close their eyes and smell, they knew immediately what had come in the mail...LEAVES!

Here are a few pictures of our family at the pumpkin patch and having some fun in the leaves.

Thank you Aunt Seena.

We love you!

Our family
~Picking the Perfect Pumpkins~

Abereese and Emily found a pumpkin so big they couldn't carry it together.

The fmaily got together for pumpkin carving and chili. We all enjoyed some family time elbow deep in pumpkin goo.

Abereese has never been a fan of the inside of a pumpkin...her adoring sister thought this would be the perfect time to pay her back for the sea-weed in the hair that she hadn't forgotten about from July. If you look close you can see the guts in her hair and running down the neck of her shirt~ obviously she freaked! It did however give her the chance to overcome her fear and by the end of the night she was having no problems at all.

Hey, have you happened to see the most beautiful girls in the world?

OH what's this...a little sisterly love?!?

Bailey is just the sweetest thing ever!
Anthony is our little lady killer!
Brianna and Bobby....he loved the leaves!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Evening of Hope and Halloween ~ together ~ They couldn't be any different!

With the Evening of Hope behind me I can FINALLY take a deep breath!

It was a beautiful evening and we were able to raise quit a bit of money (totals are not in yet) for the Foundation Angel Program. So all of the hard work that Natalie and I put into it, with our small yet mighty team of helpers, paid off.

Chair the event again next year...not a chance! It's definitely time to pass the baton!

I have several beautiful pictures from the pumpkin patch and of the babies playing in the leaves, I will save those for later this week. But I will share the pictures from the past week including some censored pictures from the Halloween party, too many to share so here's my favorites.

Natalie and I finally had the chance to relax and be a little crazy at the end of the night!

Halloween night..McKenzie had some friends over and they all went as a group of girls from the 80's. They so looked like me and my friends...Seriously I have the pictures to prove it!

Allie, McKenzie and Toni the three little amigos. Allie's mom brought her costume to work to show here friends and left it so she improvised and went as a football player, she's cute enough to pull it off. Such great girls!

Abereese went as~ well we're not sure really. What started off as a Hollywood Movie star turned into this. She found the mask and had to have it, it's Halloween so who cares right! After being asked dozens of times what she was she just started replying "I'm your dream come true".

Our Halloween party was a ton of fun. The pumpkins that we had out front just about sum up the night!

Chris and I went as a Fallen Angel and Dracula...Danielle came as Little Red Riding Hood and Rebecca came as a
Publisher Clearing House Winner.
Alisa was a Go-Go girl, Natalie was a Mermaid and Pam was our Hot Police Officer.

The costume contest 1st place award went to Wili & Rebecca. They were Ed McMann (love the comb over) and the $1,000,000.00 winner. We did have a 2nd place but I didn't get their picture ~ Kid Rock and Pamela Lee Anderson~

Rob and Lora came as a teacher and "student".
Casey came a Dracula as well..nice make-up Case!
Some of our neighbors came a White Trash, they were hysterical!
I love the way my fireplace turned out. I painted the picture the night before, I LOVE IT!

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