Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My Daddy's mother, my Grandmother, " Me-Maw", went home to be with the Lord a few minutes ago. My parents, Uncle, his wife, and several of her grandchild were by here side. The pain, for everyone, is no longer.

Please say a prayer for my Dad as I'm sure this is extremely difficult for him.

Martha Smith 
August 17, 1912~February 25, 2009

Pictured here with my parents 12-25-07

Where is Waldo?

I've been asked where in heck I've been? Oh, what a feeling to be missed after just a few days of no posts!

Words just cannot sum up where I've been so I thought a picture story would help.

After a very wonderful Sunday hanging out with my family and my tattoo artist~yes as Natalie pointed out I now have one of those~my life has gone no where but down.

I've have a very sick 9 year old and I've been busy painting It's Personal orders so I've been glued to a very needy child's side on the couch or locked in seclusion in my office since Monday morning. Needless to say everyone and everything is getting a little less attention as a result...

The floors haven't been vacuumed in days

The dishwasher hasn't been unloaded so the sink looks like this

Deja hasn't received the level of attention she's accustomed to so she's trying to
be a 70 pound lap-dog (see the painting on the desk?)

My life has been centered around this sick little Princess for the past 3 days

The staples of our lives have been these...

...and these, Gatorade and a barf bucket~Oh the joy of Mommy-hood!

I have a huge day ahead of me today~cleaning~laundry~packing~

Life continues and the show must go on right!

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friend Makin' Mondays

Yeah, it's Monday and thanks to Kasey it's time for another edition of Friend Makin' Monday.

If you want to play along go here to get started.

My job this week is to list 10 of my favorite things. Let me think....

1. My sweetie and my girls. I couldn't survive without these 3 people in my life!

2. My family. I love my parents, my Mom is one of my best friends and my Dad is completely unconditional. I love my Sisters and my "Bubba" we would do anything for one another. I also love being the baby of the family, it totally has it's perks!

3. I love being creative. I love making something out of nothing it's very rewarding!

4. The sun. I don't care if I'm at the beach or lounging around the pool I just want the sun. Will I have the skin of an old leather handbag in a few years because of this love, probably, but at least I look good now! My Poppaw always said there's healing in the sun so if I don't feel good you can always find me in the sun soaking up its healing rays!

5. My has become a true addiction, one that I need to work on a little. Cleaning...after I blog. Cooking...after I blog. Feeding the dogs...after I blog. Sleep...after I blog. You get the idea, the list could go on and on and on!

6. Vacationing. I love going to new places and finding new adventures. I don't want to go to the same place twice until I've been everywhere once! Here we are in Cabo San Lucas for a friends wedding.

7. Scrap-booking. It's an addiction that I don't seems to have enough time for anymore, maybe it's because of #5~hmmm could be? I hope that one day my girls will see all of the love and hard work I put into preserving our family memories and will thank me for it.

8. Diet Dr. Pepper. I know a few weeks ago I said I was going to give it up...but I have failed miserably. I'm not going every day like I once was and it actually makes it taste better when I've gone without it for a day or two. It must be a fountain DDP and I prefer it comes from Sonic!

9. I am a dog lover through and through! I am the proud Mommy to 3 four-legged children. Their pictures are on my sidebar.

I'm trying to think of something new, something I haven't listed before...tick, tick, tick. Oh, I've got it!

10. Peanut Butter, Nutella and bananas. Oh yes, yes, yes! There's a little coffee shop down the street that makes a banana-nut panini. All of the ingredients above on sourdough bread, pressed in a panini press and served warm with a side of grapes (the grapes make you believe you're actually eating something healthy). Ok, I have to run out for dog food, DaSilva's could be a stop added to my list!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I finally did it...

Well I finally did it...I got a tattoo.


I know, I know, so many of you that know me and are completely in shock. How much grief did I give my hubby when got his? The first one made me mad. He never mentioned wanting one and did it without talking to me while I was out of town, coward! His second one was done completely against my wishes, I didn't speak to him for days! They have grown on me but there's talk of #3...I will seriously loose my head if he gets another one! I guess they're like potato chips, you can't have just one, OH I hope that's not true!

Anyway, I have been thinking about it for some time and even knew what I would get however, I did not get what I had planned. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking more and more about it and changed the design from a dragonfly to a cross, much more meaningful to me! The only thing I kept the same was my girls names, I wanted them to be with me always.

Here's how it went down...

We went to Ybor this afternoon to get Honey the piercing she's been wanting, nothing too bad just the Targus (the small projection just in front of the ear canal-yes I looked that up) but the law has changed and she must be 16 with our consent 18 without it, in order to have it done. While at the tattoo/piercing parlor I was looking around and it just hit me. We went to another shop since I wasn't a fan of the people working at the first, and ended up at Phat Katz Tattoo talking to Jeff. He was very knowledgeable and very nice. While we were talking I drew what I wanted and he took it from there, tweaking it to make it fit and worked the girls name in. After we made the final decision off we went to the chair of torture! It took about 10 minutes but I have to say I would rather have another child than ever do that again! I did choose a very sensitive location but freaking hurt! At one point I said something smart to him, I don't remember what it was, and he told me to be careful that he could very easily give me a penis on my foot, needless to say I was beyond sweet the rest of the time!

Babe and the girls were with me and they all watched, I was too afraid to look. My DH had my camera and he captured several good pictures for me. He's such a good guy and he knew I would not only want to blog about it but that this would for sure be going in the scrapbook. My girls both want tattoos and once they're no longer financially dependent on us and are old enough to make a mature decision I guess since we both have them we cannot stand in their way. I just hope they choose a tasteful designs and discreet locations!

Does it look like it hurts?
I think this is about when I made the child bearing comment, I was sweating for goodness sakes!

The finished product.
What do you think? If you don't like it please lie because there's not a darned thing I can do about it now!

Friend Makin' Monday is tomorrow!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I got a New Attitude!

I got a new do this morning

I don't know about you but nothing makes me feel better than a new do, well maybe a little hot oil and a pair of latex gloves~I'm referring to a pedicure...please!

My friends sister does hair in S.C. and flies to Tampa every 8 week or so to do hair here. I LOVE HER! This is the second time she has given me a great do! I'm "that" person, the one that sits down and says, "whatever, I don't care what you do". 

Its just hair, it will grow back!

In the past I have been blonder than blonde, reder than red, brown with highlights, blonde with low-lights, solid's been short, I mean really short, it's been long and anything in between, you gotta keep things a-changin' and new for the man in your life! But I really like this one, it's my favorite one as of lately. Even my girls like it, my youngest said just a few days ago, "Mommy, it's time for a haircut it's getting kinda long, and you may want to consider a mint", I love her honesty!

I'm going to a pink, white and black party tonight to celebrate a friends birthday and I can't wait to tie on that sassy hot pink scarf and head out for a good time with my friends!

The color is a little off in the picture but trust me when I say it looks amazing, if I don't say so myself! 

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Awards, salmonella and comments oh my!


Today I received an award from two of my favorite bloggy-friends. 

Kasey at All That Is Good and Rhonda from Down Memory Lane both gave me the Sisterhood Award~it reminds me of the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants~ 

Thank you to both of my sweet bloggy-friends!

Now the rules are that I'm to choose 10 people to share this with. Well after a little investigating it seems that everyone I would give this to already has it. If I'm wrong, it has been known to happen a time or two,  please let me know and please consider this my official award giving ceremony to you!

Andrea-have you removed all of your awards?
Natalie- have you even posted the last award I gave you? (this may seem harsh to some of you but Nat is the ying to my yang I can be brutal to her)


So I'm wondering, if one was to say eat a package of peanut butter crackers, and lets take it a step further and say they happen to be the same brand peanut butter crackers as the ones on the National recall list, how long do you think it would take for that nasty little salmonella bug to reveal its cruel-heartless self?

A day

Maybe 2

How about 25

Does that seems feasible to you?

Well guess what?

 It can happen and I'm proof. 

My DH reminded me that I ate a package of those little devils the day we went canoeing~January 18th~ 

So did my daughter and she too has the "ick", she's going to see the doctor in 30 minutes and let me tell you the level of excited she is to go and talk about her poop to a doctor! 

Oh joy! 

Do you remember when every little thing was absolutely going to make you die of embarrassment?

I'm officially there...times 2...pray for me people...pray for me!

I can only imagine the tongue lashing I'm going to get when she reads this (I love you Honey!) 

Bad Mom! Bad, bad, bad Mom! Please see previous post for address for all Mother-of-the Year nominations.

She hasn't had it as bad as I have but has had it longer. I guess when you're a 14 year old girl you just don't tell your Momma when you have the poops! 


If you're new to my blog welcome and please leave me a comment letting me know you were here, I would love to hear from you.

If you're a returning friend (or my sister) thanks for coming back and please leave me a comment. 

If you're a lurker...that's ok I still lave ya and would love it if you too left me a comment, please!

See the pattern here people? We bloggers love to hear from one another,we love to feel the love...come on don't be shy I know you want to!

Also, please link onto the people that I follow, they are wonderful woman with helpful tips, uplifting stories, things that will make you think and full of things that "Make Ya Go Hmm" (are you singing that song now?) "Things That Make Ya Go Hmm"

Come on be honest...

Robbie Rob- break it down!

If you don't leave me a comment I will make this face and hold it until my eyes stick like that. 

Trust me, you don't want that guilt walking with you day after day!

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Take 2 and call me in the morning.

I think I feel a little better today...I think I could pass for a human...I think.

I do think that my irritability level has reached record highs.

What do you think?

Topic #1

I woke this morning full of anticipation that the scale would concur with the doctor. I thought for sure that after being held prisoner to the porcelain throne for a week that I would see the proof right there in all of its digital glory?

Well I was never so wrong! I even took the socks off my freezing feet, drained my bladder one more time and exhaled completely before I got back on.

I must be gluten for punishment!


How does one sip on chicken broth and noodles and munch on saltines for days, eliminate everything within minutes and GAIN 2 pounds?

I hope you were right Danielle with your bloat theory. If you were just merely blowing smoke up my already sore booty in a lame attempt to make me feel better I appreciate your thoughtfulness! That's what true friends are for!

While my stomach held me captive to the house again yesterday I had the chance to catch up on some of my favorite shows.

I watched 10 episodes of Desperate Housewives, I don't think I had seen one yet this season. I about died when Gabby was trying to squeeze herself back into that gorgeous red gown and said...
"It's just one colonic away from fitting".


I laughed so hard and then thought, hmmm I wonder how much truth there is to that?

There is this new place in town....

Topic #2

I hate judgmental people don't you?

Now I'm not referring to people that make comments about what someone chooses to wear because I have been known a time or two to question aloud if a certain person had anyone that loved them enough to tell them to NEVER wear that again. I know to some of you it's not any different but for me I choose to think it is~mmmK.


Self Appointed Fashion Police~yes

What I'm referring to is the person that really thinks they are superior to everyone else around them and so feel they have the right to sit in judgement.

Case in point...

Do you think that a person who has over sheltered their children and parented with fear and intimidation, all in the name of raising God-fearing children, should judge someone with less ridged, or as I like to refer to it, realistic parenting ethics?

Oh, do my panties get in a wad when someone questions my parenting!

Now we are a Christian family and we have tried to teach our girls the difference between right and wrong and we hope and pray that when the time comes for them to make a decision that could effect their life and the lives of those that love them they will make the right one.

We have tried to teach them that you have to live in this world but that you do not have to be of this world.

We have tried to teach them to not sit in judgment of others. There is only one Judge and I do not want to stand before Him one day and try to explain why I thought I could do His job better than He could.

We have tried to teach them that people in freaking glass houses should not throw stones, and hello my house has a lot of windows!




So it absolutely infuriates me when someone wants to play judge and jury with me especially when the facts have not been all laid out.

I did not and still do not see the harm in letting my daughter and 6 of her boy/girl friends hang out in her bedroom....with the door closed, ahhh gasp!

Please address all letters of nomination for Mother-of-the-Year to
P.O. Box 1234
I'm better than you, USA

There were seven 14 year olds in one room that really didn't want to be bothered by three dogs and one very annoying little sister while eating Doritos by the truck load and talking about who broke up with whom.

There were two parents home and one parent, with very in-tune Mommy ears, was in the office which shares a wall with said bedroom.

Seriously, nothing was going to happen. These are good kids and more importantly

I trust my daughter!

When parents sit way too high and mighty on their thrones of self-righteousness and superiority they need to know they have farther to fall than the rest of us!

It's a sad thing when life's lessons go unlearned.

Wow did I get on my soap-box or what, so sorry.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

**Caution long post with pictures**

We had a great Valentine's Day, well actually since Daddy had to work on Saturday we celebrated Valentine Days.

Saturday I spent the day with the girls and a few of their friends. We went to the mall~can you think of a better place for a group of girls to be on V-day?, we had lunch, saw a movie and did a little shopping. A great girls only afternoon.

Daddy sent each girl a box of chocolate covered strawberries and apples~ oh how we love Edible Arrangements~ and a balloon. What better way to be woken up on a Saturday morning than by a ringing doorbell and a man holding a delivery for you?! He never forgets them on Valentine's Day once he's given a little reminder that is;).

I gave the girls a little bag of some of their favorites, Reese's Peanut Butter hearts, gum, i-tune cards, cute tops, you know girlie stuff!

After my day with them we rushed home so I could get ready for MY Valentine's Day date.

Babe had gone to lunch a few weeks back at one of Tampa's newest restaurants, Ocean Prime, and thought it would be a great place to celebrate our 22nd Valentine's Day together. We went with our good friends Cody & Alisa and it was absolutely amazing!

We sat outside under a huge softly lit umbrella and next to a warm rolling fire. It was honesty the best meal I have had in a very, very long time!

I didn't bring the camera with me but so wish I had. There was a lot of people watching to be done I tell ya. Let's just say I think most of the girls at dinner that night were working their man for a ring or just plain working, if you get my drift. I have never seen so many short skirts in my life, I could have worn most of them as a hair accessory. There is no way possible those girls sat without their who-has and what-nots touching the chair.

Seared Ahi tuna, fresh oysters, cheese fondue and French martinis started our night.

House salad with goat cheese, pecans and Granny Smith apples was next.

Then came the Chilean Sea Bass with truffle sauce, pecan crusted trout and bone on fillet paired with jalapeno augratin potatoes and creamed spinach...even as sick as I am this still sounds so good. And yes after all of that we found room for dessert!

French Press coffee, I had never had this before, it was amazing! Raspberry sorbet, Key Lime cheese cake with raspberry sauce, 12 layer, yes 12, carrot cake, and a dismantled Baked Alaska (pound cake and ice cream) for Cody, finished our night!

It was a slow and relaxing night. Dinner lasted for almost 3 hours, people were still waiting to be seated when we left at close to 11. As we left we were hit in the face with the wealth of Tampa...Valet had parked right out front, a Maserati, a yellow Lamborghini, a red Lamborghini, a red Ferrari and lined behind those were one luxury vehicle after another. Never has a Lexus seems so inadequate!

Sunday was our family Valentine's Day. We had a slow morning and then went out to lunch before we hit the paths at Gator National Park. We walked for a little over 3 hours, nothing says family time like complete isolation in the great outdoors. Even through Peanut much deserved melt-down we had a great day! I was praising God for allowing me to save my dignity by not having to drop my pants in the woods, I still cannot believe I made it!

I hope your V-Day was equally was wonderful!

Honey was not happy that I didn't give her the chance to primp first,
but she's so darned cute even straight out of bed!

Peanut with Daddy's delivery.

Yes, even my canine girls got a little something, fresh dipped
peanut butter doggie cookies.

Here's Babe and I on our way out for our very delicious dinner. My DD took the picture that's why it doesn't show the dress. It's a casual, backless, floor length dress~black top, black and white paisley bottom~ and I had on red patent leather heels. Since I'm only 2" shorter than my DH without shoes I stepped out my 4" heels for the picture and he's wearing boots.

Taking a family hike at Gator National Park.

Honey was trying to find a stick to use as a walking stick, since her sister wouldn't share hers, being a smarty dropped this mamba-jamba log on her toe.

Peanut, always the adventurous one, wanted to climb every thing in sight.

Daddy came across a pile of dried up horse poop and through it would be funny to fling it on the girls with his stick. He couldn't have done this again if he tried, it landed right on Peanut's foot and made its way in under her sock...she lost it! She was turning around here to walk back alone because she was "done with her family"!

Mommy saved the day, I shared my sock for the clean up!

Seriously, how did it get in there?!?!

This is the was she pissed!
I can't say I blame her, I'm not a fame of horse poop either, that's my sisters job!

Monday, February 16, 2009


A quick trip to the doctor, A.K.A Doogie Howser MD, confirmed my husbands diagnosis of salmonella.

I refer to him a Doogie because he looks just like him. I was warned by a friend before my first visit but I had no clue he would be such a dead ringer. He looks all of 18 which makes me seem even older than I am and the fact that some of you have no clue who I'm referring to when I say Doogie Howser is of no comfort either.

With my long list of symptoms he was quick with his diagnosis. He said salmonella and E. coli are so similar that the only way to know for sure which I had was to send out a sample~oh goodie! He then said there was no need to go that route since the treatment was the same. 

Do you know the level of relief I felt at that very moment?

I've never had to collect a sample from myself before (I had a sick baby and had to do it often with her) and the way I see it it's a win, win that I don't have to. 

A win for me~Oh how I would hate to wrap the tank with cellophane to capture my ick.

Another win for me because I would not have to make that walk of same to the counter, brown bag in hand, to give my specimen to the ever so discreet receptionist behind the counter. 

And a win to the poor technician that would not have to open that container! The only place that 'stuff' should go is in a water filled tank of porcelain with the word Kohler printed on the back! BTW-how would you like that job!

So that's actually a win, win, win!

I will tell you that when he was pushing on my stomach I almost punched him square in the face...twice.

'Yep, that hurts' I say.  

Now I assumed that by verbalizing the pain, making a face that resembled that of a cow in labor, curling my toes to the point that I chipped my own french pedicure and white-knuckling the paper sheet was enough to convince him. 

Well I was wrong!

He had to DOUBLE FREAKING check! 


I'm telling ya I almost hit him!

So I'm on some meds and will hopefully be better in a few days. Until then I guess me Mrs. Kohler will remain the best of friends!

**Thank You!**

After I posted earlier today I received several comments and emails of concern and well wishes. It was very thoughtful of each of you to take the time to do that. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you from my bottom~oops I mean from the bottom of my heart!

Friend Makin' Mondays

I'm still Keeping up with Kasey at All that Is Good with her Friend Makin' Mondays. If you want to play along link to Kasey's blog and sign we go.

This or That  is the topic for this week.

1. jog or walk: walk
2. coffee or tea: Both~coffee in the morning sweet tea in the afternoon
3. pepsi or coca cola:Neither~ I'm Diet Dr. Pepper (fountain only please and preferably from Sonic~love their ice!)
4. flats or heels: Heels. I'm 5'8" and still wear heels every day
5. fries or onion rings: ummm Can I choose both!
6. cats or dogs: This is a no brainer, I'm a total dogs person
7. skim or whole: skim~my girls call anything more than skim paint
8. small purses or large: large~ please previous post
9. van or suv: SUV!
10. winter or summer: I'm so difficult because I say spring~when everything has been given a new life!
11. 1 piece bathing suit or 2: 1
12. sit down restaurant or fast food: sit down~ We just had the BEST Valentine's Day dinner at Ocean Prime! OMG!!!!!
13. McDonalds or Burger King: Char grill burps all day, no thank you~ I'm a McDonald girl.
14. White Gold or Yellow: White but really I'm all about getting me a little Platinum
15. Fish or Chicken: both
16. Edward or Jacob: Both! but if I had a gun to my head and I was forced to make a definite decision I would say Edward!
17. Pizza or Burger: Both!
18. apple or orange: Granny Smith please
19. Spend or save: Oh, please I' a total spender!
20. 1 story or 2 story house: 2 story

This is very off topic I know but that's just me and I wonder where my daughters get their ADHD from?

I'm heading to the doctor in just a bit to make sure I don't have salmonella since I have EVERY FREAKING symptom and have been this way since Wednesday~this is day 6 of the constant ICK!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bag-Tag...I'm it

What's in the bag?

That is the question of the hour.

My friend Rhonda at Down Memory Lane has tagged me to play along. I have to say at first I was a little scared, I haven't cleaned out my bag in some time and that is not the norm for me, but once it was dumped on the floor it wasn't as shocking as I had thought.

Now one of the girls that I will be tagging I'm sure cannot say the same. I know you know who you are and don't you dare run to your purse to clean it out! I will know and you know I will know...I'll be watching you, every move you make, I'll be watching you! Kinda creepy huh?!?

Here are the rules for the tag:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!

2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3. Now tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this post so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag.

Here he favorite Louis Vuitton bag. I will admit it I have "issues" with Lv's. But truth be told I have only purchased two of them myself. The first when I was the ripe 'ol age of 21~ my then boyfriend, now husband, made me return it. I cannot believe I listened to him! It was MY money~maybe that's why he feels compelled to buy them for me now. The second was chewed, I'm talking I could put my hand in the opening and out the bottom chewed, by one super cute French leather loving (or is it hating) German Shepherd puppy! Lesson learned, I will save all LV purchasing for my Sweetie~ hey Babe I need a need black one;)

I believe this was a birthday gift two years ago but honestly neither one of us can really remember. The price? Well that is something I think I may choose to forget. Let's just say it was purchased when business was good, really, really good, and that I believe it was more than the average American mortgage...enough said! It is my favorite bag, I carry it more than any other and if I remember correctly I think I loved it so much that when I opened that beautiful brown box I licked it! Oh Yes I did girls, oh Yes I did!

Here are his contents.

*Receipts from yesterdays Nordstroms purchases.
*My discount card to International Plaza (yes R I do have such a thing)
*A LV wallet (there are Imodium AD pills in there, a girl never knows when they may be needed!)
*Aveda hand relief~I could not go without this!
*My business card holder
*A travel package of Kleenex~ it was opened and the tissues were everywhere, I straightened them for the photo.
*3 tubes of lipstick/lip gloss
* 1 lip liner
*1 package of gum
*My prescription
*Movie ticket stubs from my Valentines Day movie with the girls.
*2 pens
*A business card from the sales clerk at Nordstroms
*My Blackberry
*Fastin-Rapid Weight Loss Catalyst (for the record they're not working)
*Miscellaneous wrappers~ straw wrappers, candy wrappers-we went to moves yesterday.

There you have a bag...what's yours look like?

I tag...

* Natalie from The Brocks Rock- oh I CANNOT wait to see this!
* Andrea from My Chihuahua Bites- I'm sure hers is full of make-up, lots and lots of very cool make-up!

Everyone else that I would tag has already been tagged;(

Have fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Our second Mom's Night Out was last night. We are 2 for 2 with our goal of monthly Mom time. Our goal is to have girl conversation over the rim of a glass~with no salt please~ once a month. There were only 4 of us last night but that didn't stop us from having a great time. I thought I would share a few of the highlights.

We decided to go to Channelside for dinner before the movie. We all love Mexican and since margaritas are my drink of choice Margarita Mamas was an easy choice. Now mind you Natalie and I had only been there once and it has been years. It will be YEARS before we go again~if ever!


The menu was extremely strange for a Mexican restaurant, they didn't have plain fajitas listed but they did have fajita quesadillas so Alisa thought this was a fair question to ask.

A- Can I get fajitas as an entree?

Server- Oh, ummm, only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Me- can we pretend it's Saturday?

S- You can pretend all you want but the kitchen won't play along. The chef is short staffed on Fridays and it takes so long to prepare......yada.......yada.......yada

A- Ok Can you tell me what tonight's special is?

S- Margaritas ~ Beer ~ It's Happy Hour

A- OK but what is tonight's special?

S- It's Friday, margaritas are the special, you get 4.

What he really said was "listen ladies, I don't want to be here and you're driving me crazy with all of your questions, you're forcing me to actually have to do my job and for that I'm not real happy. Please check your food thoroughly as I plan on spitting in it".

We went on to order our drinks~ 2 Patron margaritas 1 without salt, 1 fruity rum drink and 1 mojito.

S- We don't have the little mint leaves but it's still a great drink.

Great~ sure if you like Scope on ice.

It was sent back.

S- I'm sorry, let me have the outside bartender make the drink for you he's the best bartender we have, the indoor bartender doesn't know what she's doing.

Me- Then why didn't you have our drinks made out here the first time?

S- EXCUSE ME! (mind you this was said with complete attitude and very loud...I was kidding, he apparently failed sarcasm 101). This is what he really said~"note to self spit in her food too".

Our drinks were fair but served in the small Costco brand 8 oz cups filled with ice and they were $10 each. Now I'm not cheap, especially when it comes to my margaritas, but $10~ Are You Kidding Me?!?!

The food comes and here's a brief description of what we were served.

Chips and salsa- A great salsa, one of my favorite actually but the chips were straight from the bag, you could almost taste the Frito Lay stamp.

Jalapeno poppers- barley warm on the inside, actually mine bordered on still frozen.

Cheese bites- pretty good

Obviously we ordered from the appetizers sections~ PHISH and chips, yes that's fish spelled with a ph, just weren't calling out to us!

Mexican spread (I think that's what it was called)- the best thing on the table and it was just Velveeta and a can of black beans thrown in the microwave for 30 seconds and served on yep, you guessed it, Frito Lay corn chips.

We also ordered a taco dinner, we girls can throw down some Mexican! 4 tacos any way we wanted, we ordered 3 hard beef and 1 soft chicken.

We received 4 hard beef.

When Natalie pointed out the mistake~ after 10 minutes, our waiter would literally throw the food on the table and run, he grabbed a napkin from the table and said "put the wrong one in my hand, I'll take it back".

I lost it and laughed at him. He again made a mental note to spit in whatever he could that was coming to our table.

Alisa, Danielle and I grabbed our taco, I was the first to try it.

Yep, they so made a Run For The Border!

Are you Kidding Me!?!?!

Danielle- Is the meat swollen? Is it swollen? I don't eat swollen meat?

Are You Kidding Me!?!?!?

Our bill was $82! A and I had cash N and D had credit cards. We ask "waiter extraordinaire" to please split the balance on the 2 cc's.

S-Oh, I'm sorry but at this time we can't except AE.

N-Of course you can't. Why am I surprised?

We moved onto the movie where we saw He's Just Not That Into You. It was just ok. We expected more but what made the entire movie was the the group of "Moms Night Out" ladies sitting behind us.

They talked to the actors the entire movie. Calling out "WHORE" to the hussy that slept with a married man. And an "Oh No You're Not" to the pig himself right before his unspeakable act.

But I have to say the highlight of the entire night was this...

Danielle and I walk into the bathroom after the movie and were hit in the face by a very distinctive odor.

D- Oh...Oh...What is that smell? Why does it smell like fish in here?

SERIOUSLY! She opened the door. A door that was calling my name and I had no choice but to walk through it.

Me- We are standing in a room where 12 woman have their pants around their ankles and you want to know what smells like fish?

I just couldn't resist! And that my friend was the closure to our evening!

Moms Night Out

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I still have the ICK!

Well 7 days and 1 round of antibiotics later and I've still got it. 

I have officially been run through the gauntlet of The Ick

I still feel like "I'm gonna blow" at any given moment and the scary part is I'm not so sure which way it's gonna be coming from, if you know what I mean! I have a very nervous stomach, my hands have the jitters, my head is spinning, nothing sounds good to eat but I'm hungry. Ya'll this is not fun! And NO there is no way on God's green earth I'm pregnant! 

What started out as just not feeling right turned to strep throat and a sinus infection. Which snowballed to an ear infection, swallowing through a ping pong ball, talking through cotton balls and breathing through a piece of cellophane. Have you ever tried to breathe with that film on the back of your throat? It is so not pleasant. Heaven forbid I cough sending that crap flying onto the back of my tongue! Are you kidding me! Do men really cough that stuff up and spit it out on purpose? It's enough to send shivers up and down my spin and use whatever is handy to wipe my tongue, which yes has included the tail end of my shirt a few times this week(I was wearing one of Babe's). 


All of that lead to a stomach bug. Not bad enough to cause me to be bed-ridden but enough to keep me house bound, visiting a public bathroom to do my "business" was not exactly high on my list of things to accomplish in the year 2009! Did you know it was possible to dry-heave through your booty? Oh what a lovely picture I'm painting for you I know but sharing has always been my gift! As my daughter would say TMI Mom, TMI!

On the plus side the scale is my friend again. I guess not being able to keep water in ya is a sure fire way to bid ado to a few of those unwanted pounds!

My sweetie of a husband has made reservations at a new restaurant in town for Valentine's Day dinner so hopefully by Saturday I will be able to eat. Now I just have to find something cute to wear!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Friend Makin' On Mondays

Kasey at All That Is Good is continuing her mission to Make New Friends On Monday's. I am going to participate again this week. If you want to join in on the fun just link to her blog and she'll hook ya up.

The task for this week is..

Answer the following questions:

1) My favorite book is: Twilight ~ Hands down. All the Trotti girls love Edward!

2) I drive a: Black Lexus GX470 (don't be a hater, my hubby works for Lexus)

3) My favorite type of food to eat is: I love Mexican, nothing beats a big ' bowl of chips and salsa and an ice cold Patron margarita ~ on the rocks ~ no salt! But if I'm being honest, I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to eating!

4) My favorite dessert is: I love any kind of cake but again refer to #3. This is the cake from my parents 50 wedding anniversary, it's ALL edible!

5) My favorite movie is: Return to Me. I cry every time! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie!

6) When I go to Starbucks I get aIn the fall it' a Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice latte any other time it's a Caramel Macchiato.

7) My favorite vegetable is: Broccoli cooked in chicken broth ~ no butter ~ no sauce!

8) My favorite thing to wear is: JAMMIES~ My favorite are Jenni Jams

9) My favorite color is: It changes with my mood. My house is decorated in olive green, gold and red and I love to wear black mixed with bright colors.

10) I decorate my house in this style: Classic~Traditional

11) Right now I'm reading: The Host...I'll be honest I haven't gotten into it yet it's kind of a stretch for me.

12) If I could vacation anywhere I would go to: Well I'm excited to go the The Dominican Republic with my friends in May....the count down is on! But my dream vacation is Australia!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

This is the best Mother a girl could ask for! I love that she lives close, I love that she calls my husband her son not her son-in-law, I love that she is so good to my girls and I love that she had "issues" with birthday #69!

I can only pray to look this good at her age. Oh, I also love that we're both sporting some sassy scarves!

Happy 1st birthday Anthony & Bailey. These precious little babies will turn one on Monday. Are there cuter babies anywhere? I think not! Here they are getting cleaned up after experimenting with their cake. He was not a fan, as you can see by how clean he stayed, she obviously dove right in!

Little man ~ ya gotta love the hair!

Miss Bailey~ the total pink princess!

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