Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

OK game on!

Lissa at Whooo's That Girl is planning on Shredding and I want in on the game.

I need to be in a bathing suit in 37 days. Holy Crap! 37 FREAKING days until I need to pack 10 pounds of  my sugar-pie-honey-lovin' in a 5 pound bag! I can hide a lot in a nice pair of jeans but there's no place to hide in a cute little bikini and I use the word little with lots of laughter!

So if you want to get in on the fun go visit Lissa at the Sisterhood Of The Shrinking Jeans for all of the information. 

Oh I almost forgot, there's a contest too but it ends tomorrow at 3p.m. so don't waste any time! The contest is for a free copy of Jillian Michaels DVD, you know that poor little frumpy personal trainer from The Biggest Loser. I know it would be a total curse to walk around every day looking like her but I would be willing to carry that cross for her!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

YEAH it's Monday and that means it's friend Makin' Monday with Kasey,  go visit her for all the details. 

This week is all about sharing. Hmmm do I share? Heck I don't know if I even play well with others. It's a good thing its about sharing a few of my favorite things not actually sharing my favorite things, there's such a difference! 

The challenge is to make a list of 10 things I absolutely could not live without and why.

Ok to make this list not the same as lists I have already shared, my husband, children, friends, dogs...I'm going to try to stretch inside my own head a bit, which is always a scary thought!

1. Quiet. I love the sound of silence. Right now the only sounds I hear are the washing machine spinning, the thumping of the clothes in the dryer, Deja breathing, she's lying next to my chair, and the voices in my head. I do not think I could live with constant noise and chaos around me, as loud and outgoing as I am I need me some quality quiet time!

2. Insulated coffee mugs. I hate cold coffee unless it's meant to be cold. I have them in multiple colors and one for every season and or holiday. I set one next to the coffee pot each night when I get the coffee ready to go for the morning.

3. My hearing. The thought of never hearing my children laugh or my husband say I love you again is terrifying to me!

4. My pictures. I love taking pictures, I so wish I were better at it. My pictures are irreplaceable. I have all of them saved on my computer, an external hard drive and burned to discs. My heart breaks for people that have lost their pictures in floods or fires!

5. My sense of humor and extreme sarcasm. I love that I'm sarcastic and that people find me funny, it's my defense mechanism. When something is going wrong around me I turn to humor every time!

6. Arbonne Figure 8~the whole line! Girls let me just be honest for a minute...I have more cheese on the cheeks of my ass than Publix has in its dairy isle! This crap works, it would be much more effective if I were actually working out, you know moving the jiggly parts is really a must! Whatevah! If I did not use this stuff a small child could actually get lost in one of my ass dimples! For real!

7. Car rides with Deja. She loves going with me and I love having her companionship~she doesn't say much! She sits in the front seats next to me like a human and will sometimes stick her head out of the sunroof. 

8. The innocence and humor of my daughters. Example~ here's a brief recap of our dinner conversation last night. 
Peanut- I want to have kids but I don't want to do the "thing" to get them.
Honey- Oh Lordy, this is not happening!?!? Slinking down into her seat.
Me- Well Peanut you can't have one without the other. 
Peanut- Mommy, you didn't want to do the "thing" did you?
Me-uncomfortable silence, sheepish grin and a sly look towards Babe.
Peanut-Oh...you DID want to do the "thing"...MOMMY!
Babe- How did this happen? Who wants more chips and salsa?
Obviously I have had "the talk" with Peanut. She asked and I gave her the watered down 9 year old version. When a child is old enough to ask they're old enough the hear the truth. If you don't tell them they will get their answers somewhere else and they may not get the real truth. Sadly, I learned that the hard way and it's very hard to undo!

9. Zipp Fizz. I love orange Zipp Fizz with a little Vanilla coffee creamer in it, it tastes just like a creamsicle! I drink 2 a day, it has all my vitamins in it and gives me some much needed energy.

10. Napping. I love a good nap! One of my favorite things is to crawl on the couch under a comfy blanket and sleep for an hour or so. I feel refreshed and ready for the second half of my day. Although this is sometimes not an option because of #9.

Happy Friend Makin' Monday Y'all!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sad Day for Peanut!

Saturday night after church Babe took Peanut home while Honey and I made a Wal-Mart run. I called home for something and Babe sounded tense. When I asked what was up he blurted out "Twinkie's dead".  WHAT? He was perfectly fine this morning, or was it yesterday morning? Either way what in the world! He was so upset that his baby was "in her room crying", he gets so angry when one of his girls is hurt or hurting.

We have no clue what went wrong with poor little Twinkie, he was such a sweetie and only about 6 months old!

So we went out this afternoon on a mission to get a new little pet for Peanut to cuddle with. What we came home with was something I swore I would never have and Babe just shook his head the entire time but knew he didn't have a leg to stand on since he does NOTHING to help in the animal arena! 

So I would like to  introduce our newest family member...Alice, yes from Twilight~my girls are addicted, the guinea pig!

Peanut and Alice 

She makes the cutest little squeaking noise, I hope she's half the "rodent" ( I NEVER thought I would be this Mom) Twinkie was!

Twinkie~Was he not the sweetest little thing EVER?!!?

I love Friday Freebie's with Heidi

Heidi at Sacred and Profane has a Friday Freebie carnival every week and I love this weeks give away! Heidi is also one of my daily reads, she makes me laugh and gives me something to think about every time I log in so go give her a look see. It's a chance to win a free button or signature of your very own from Alexis at Back Archer Designs. Go check Heidi out here and Alexis here!   

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Swap!

OK really get your head out of the gutter would ya! 

If you even went "there" than I need to tell you two things about me.

1. I do not share my ice-cream. Not even with my children, get your own darn bowl sistahs!

2. I do not share my husband. Never have, never will!  Asking or even looking like you want to ask is a quick way for bodily harm to be inflicted on you. Seriously, I will knock that idea right out of your freaking little head! I don't play like that! OK pumpkin!

So, Kati over at Country Girl City Life has put together a swap. Oh how I love giving gifts, receiving gifts is up there on my list of favorites too so this is a total win win!

Head on over and sign up~come on what are you waiting for?!

Friday, March 27, 2009



I completely emptied every draw and  shelf and went through every stack of crap. 

I hung another shelf in the closet, added organization bins to the dressers and gave a ton of junk to the garbage man and my FIL. 

I now have an office that is inviting and will allow me to create without making my skin crawl! 

I'm off to a good start. I have started a new order for baby Caroline, working a a huge order for a family of 3 and my head is spinning with ideas for Thomas' 1st birthday frame! My youngest is getting baptized on the 4th and I'm working on a frame for her room, if you know of a perfect Bible verse for that please share! I also have a stack of orders that need my attention so I'm off to work on those!

While cleaning out the closet I cam across a bunch of old pictures and just because they make me smile I hung them on the inside of the closet. 
The very full dresser is inside to the left.

These shelves are full of completed albums, pages waiting to go in albums and pictures waiting to be scrapbooked. The rule in this house is, if a fire breaks out Babe saves the girls and dogs I shave the pictures!

This dresser is full of supplies that are now easily assessable.


My desk, which is actually our old dining room table, is finally clear of all the crap! I love this table, it's weathered which means I don't care if anything gets on it. See the round white marks? Those are from a baby shower accident! Just picture a beautiful table with fresh fruit and burning fondue pots full of chocolate. Now picture the linens on fire beneath them, it was a near disaster!

Here are the canvas' I made for a local Christian school's Spring Jubilee. They turned out great and brought in a decent amount of money for the school. I try to never say no when asked to make something for a charity.

I choose a Bible verse that I felt was appropriate for each word and wrote it along the top of the canvas. They have solid black sides with black lettering 
accented with gold and silver. 

Off to work...

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Behind the 8-ball

I have been behind the 8-ball all week. Actually it has been chasing me with evil eyes and a wicked laugh. 

Ever feel like that?

Now please understand, I'm not complaining, I know I've got it made but Dang Gina I'm freaking tired!

It was said by someone, who will remain anonymous~her name sounds a lot like Carrie~that I feel working Moms are not capable of volunteering to the level that a SAHM is. That they are less of a Mom because they work. I would like to say that this person is freaking NUTS! Anyone that knows me can tell you that I have ALWAYS said how much I respect and admire the working Mother. They do everything I do and punch a time clock~they deserve freaking medals~Gold Ones~no, no Platinum~An engraved "I'm a Rockin' Good Working Mom" medal~I think I may make a few of those to hand out to my dear working Mom friends. Anyway, I so just got carried away, do you see what a deranged PTSA woman with an inferiority complex can do to me? I mean SERIOUSLY if you're just so fantastic then walk the walk sistah don't just take your Barbie and her really cool Motor Home and run home screaming lies about your playmates. Whatever, whatever, whatever, where was I?

The 8-ball and being behind it...ALL WEEK 

I have several orders, and give aways, to complete for It's Personal and I have felt completely distracted and unproductive in my office. I have wasted hours behind the computer reading about the wonderful lives of my blog friends, well honestly I've kind of been laughing at some of you. It's just so hard not to,  it was 88 and sunny here today and some of you are in the snow and well, that's just plain funny, I don't care who you are! Again, do you see my attention span? It's gnat like. I'm so sneaking my daughters ADHD medicine!

Umm, Umm, Umm...

My office, yeah right. It's a complete wreck! I was actually fearful of it being condemned. I like to keep a clean and organized house and usually you will find it in order if you just pop in, well everything but the floors. I have three large fur-balls for dogs and this dark wood floor that I had to have, that I really do love, well it's like wearing a black shirt everyday and having dandruff like Ally Sheedy on Breakfast Club...ahhh now you see the issue. Anyway, I decided enough was enough, I had to clean-sweep my office. I took before pictures and they just may be too horrifying to show, I'm telling you it 's bad. I wouldn't want to give anyone hives, anyone who's name sounds a lot like Danielle, so I'm on the fence with the whole sharing of the photos.

So I have spent the last day and a half in my office. I dumped every drawer, every shelf, every basket...and...I opened the closet. I so hear the music from Psycho in my head right now. Even Danielle said "Oh no, you went in the dreaded closet" now that's a friend people. 

Oh yes I did girls, Oh yes I did!

They say it always gets worse before it gets better and I'm here to say whoever "they" is speaks the truth. I'm still sitting amongst piles o'crap after taking 4 bags of garbage to the curb tonight along with a useless plastic storage bin. It's 1:15 and I'm so tired I feel as if my eyes may be bleeding. 

Coming into a clean and organized office will remove all of  the background noise and will allow me to focus on getting my work done. So as Martha would say~"it's a good thing".

I have decided to post the before pictures only as incentive to finish this room tomorrow...today. Please sisters, I'm begging, don't judge me to harshly. I will however grant you permission to laugh but only if you are one of the poor souls stuck in the snow~snicker*snicker*laugh*laugh!

This is a head on shot of my desk. There's no room for anything. You can see that my Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper's on top of the printer, is that just screaming accident waiting to happen or what?!

This is to the left of my desk next to the door. Craziness, pure and simple craziness!

To the right of my desk, see the dreaded closet to the back. Crap is everywhere, I had to tiptoe over stuff to get to my freaking chair!

I will finish this room tomorrow after my Esther study. It's been an incredible study and tomorrow is our last day~if you can take this study I highly recommend it! Come back later tonight night to see my completed project!

Happy Wednesday Y'all

Monday, March 23, 2009

100th post winner~Award~and FMM

**100th Post Winner**

OK I know you all have been sitting around with baited breath longing for this awesome contest to end so you could see if you're the lucky winner.


If not just humor please people!

I had more entries than I anticipated and through those entries I have made some new friends. A great big WELCOME to all of my new followers and an even bigger thank you to all of my "old" followers that plugged me shamelessly on their blogs! 

So there were 23 people that signed up to play with me and from those 23 people came 65 entries.

I did have 2 of you earn 5 entries, the most possible, so I have decided to send you a gift as well. Ya know, cuz that's how I roll.

So I used random.org at mid-night last night the winner is... Mandy!  I have contacted her and she has decided to have her frame be a 1st birthday frame for her most adorable son Thomas. I will post pictures as soon as she has received her package, I would hate to ruin her surprise. 

The additional winners are Kasey & Kim. These two ladies each earned 5 entries in the contest. They left me a comment, they are both current followers, they left me a huge shout-out on their blog with a link, and they guessed my word as SERIOUSLY! 

Thanks for playing along, I hope if you signed up for the contest you will come back often.


Xazmin at This Is The Year has given me an award. She thinks my blog is fabulous! Guess what so do I, but not for the "full of myself" reasons you may be thinking. My blog is fabulous because through it I have met all of you! It is way for me to keep up with my friends and family who I don't get to see or talk to very often, it's a way for me to meet new friends and it's an outlet for my sarcasms, frustrations, and sometimes my anger.THANK YOU XAZMIN!

I need to pass this fabulous award onto some fabulous people, so here we go.

1. Lissa at Whoos That Girl- this chick is funny and totally real. I completely believe that we would so be real life friends if given the opportunity!

2. Debi at GirlzASoulSista- this is without doubt the funniest lady I have ever had the privilege to call my friend!

3. Natalie at The Brocks Rock-without her my life would be horribly dull~ I LOVE YOU FRIEND! 

4. This may be against the rules but I am giving my last award to Amy ~Danielle and Sheila. These ladies do not have a blog but they are seriously fabulous still the same! They read my blog (and others), comment on my blog and are nothing less than FABULOUS woman. Now go out and make a freaking blog will ya!

**Friend Makin' Monday**

Want to play along go visit Kasey for all of the rules~ it will be fun I promise! 

This weeks FMM challenge...10 things I am super thankful for.

1. I am of course super thankful for my God. Isn't he amazing! I know I would be so lost if it were not for His unconditional love and the endless amount of forgiveness and grace he gives me DAILY!

2. I am super thankful for my hot husband who drives me incredibly insane, does things that make me madder than mad and then make me forget all about them (usually~I'm still waiting this time) with the sweetest act of love and kindness, like wearing a Twilight shirt because he knows his "girls" will love it!

3. I am of course super thankful for my two beautiful daughters! They too drive me completely insane but my world would stop without them!

4.  I am super thankful for my extended family. I love my parents, my siblings and their spouses, my nieces and nephews, my great-nephews, my MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL and my cousin and her sweet children. Do you know what a blessing it is to be able to have a mixture of these people together at any given time and for them to get along?

5. My girlie-friends. They so keep me in check. They bring me down a notch or two when needed and lift me up when I've been beaten. I so love me some girlfriends!

6. I am super thankful for my freedom. Look around us people, we so take this for granted. There are men and woman dying for us everyday to give us the freedom that we have. Thank you to those in uniform and thank you even more to those that share their loved ones with us. I know I could not be a military wife and the thought of one of my girls fighting across the seas...no way!

7. My home. I have a beautiful home that I hope and pray is a safe place for my children. It's a place full of laughter when our friends are over standing around the island in the kitchen eating way too much yummy food. Thank you Babe for giving me the privilege of staying home to take of of our home!

8. I am super thankful for the health of my daughters. I have the honor of knowing some Mothers who have buried their children. Let me just tell you what amazing woman these are! I would not have a sliver of the strength and faith that these ladies posses. As I have seen their hearts shatter into a million pieces I am beyond thankful for the health of my girls!

9. I am super thankful for Mondays. This is my day to stay quite, no phone(usually) no TV no music, no fighting girls. This is my day to wake up slow, enjoy a cup of coffee and then roll up my sleeves and clean up the evidence of a weekend home with my family. This Monday, I am still sitting here in front of the computer amongst the mess and the clock is ticking, only 3 hours until the bus gets here, I best HURRY!

10. And finally, like so many of you, I am super thankful for blogging. This is my outlet, my time to escape and my place to say what I want, thanks for listening!  

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight DVD Release!

I'm too old for this crap!

I did not go to bed last night until 3:15~my body is hating me right now, bad.

Here is a recap of our very Edward filled night.

Honey and her friends came here after school and I had their Twilight bag  and bucket of Diet Dr. Pepper waiting for them, you so would have thought it was Christmas morning, they begged to tear into it. I was fearful of disappointing them. I didn't. They were thrilled to get all of their goodies, I'm a big believer in the little things and I guess they agree.

So they hung out until time to go pick up the movie. Last minute I received a phone call from my cousin telling me that Blockbuster was getting in on the Twilight action. Who new? So I quickly gave them a call and this sweetheart of a lady took my preorder and payment over the phone. Not only did she save me an extra 20 minute trip but she also guaranteed me a copy, above and beyond I tell ya, above and beyond. 

We were at Blockbuster by 12:05 and there were only about 10 people in front of us, we did drive a little longer to go to the small town location though, my plan worked out. Others waited in line at Wal-Mart for hours! We were home and watching the movie by 12:45.

We rushed home and got all set up, Peanut was granted permission by her big sissy to watch it with the big girls and do you know that she was the only one that never "rested her eyes".

The movie was of course wonderful, B acting and all. But I do have to say that the highlight of my night was when Babe walked into my office wearing his very own Twilight t-shirt. OK, how cute is that!?! He said he didn't want to be the only one in the house not in on the party. Now, that's a great Daddy and one HOT husband if you ask me! He also bought Honey an Edward throw and while she was out with her friends he took it and spread it across her bed. OK on three...1-2-3 awhhhhh

Twilight goodie bag

The girls were diggin' it!

I found a Twilight board game, not so sure what Honey is doing here? Could she be kissing the box?

This is what was in the bag. 2 bags of Doritos, a container of Salt and Vinegar Pringles, Whoopers, Milk Duds, Sour Skittles, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, Junior Mints, Twizzlers, Reese's Pieces, 2 buckets of popcorn and 4 Edward keychains. 
Dang Gina~how did they ever fall asleep?!?
Let the Edward swooning commence.

Yep, they're out...

But not Peanut. She is a super obsessed 9 year old who cannot wait to read the books!

Sorry people, he's all mine!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Betcha Didn't Know...

One of my new friends, "E" at SWOON participates with a little thing called Betcha Didn't Know with Audrey at Barking Mad. Since I cannot seem to unbury myself from underneath this pile of self pity and I feel nothing less than crappy, I am definitely not good company today, I have decided  not to play along with Thankful Thursday, I will save it for a day when I actually feel thankful. 

Oh, I know boo-hoo poor little Shawn. This is really when I need to pull up my big girl panties and move on but I plain and simply just don't feel like it! 

While I was visiting Barking Mad I saw that she is having a stellar give away, that is if you're a Twilight fan, but who isn't! It just so happens that I am a fan, I'm one of the on the fence fans since I do not prefer Edward over Jacob or vice-versa. Lets just say I wouldn't turn either one of them down...for a nice cup of coffee and stimulating conversation that is, sheesh I'm a happily married woman for goodness sakes! 

So if you're a Twilight fan or have a daughter that is run on over to Barking Mad  and sign yourself up but just don't be too disappointed when I win~ ok pumpkin ;)
The DVD gets releases tomorrow at midnight and my daughter, 6 of her friends and I will all be in line waiting for our copy. We will then be returning home for a night full of my, or um their favorite men, Edward and Jacob. I hope my husband doesn't plan on sleeping because there is really no way I am going to be able to control the screaming that will be coming from me, oh um I mean those girls!

If you haven't read the book DO NOT WATCH the movie. You have absolutely have to take the journey through the pages first!

So onto Betcha Didn't know...

I Betcha Didn't Know that I'm living my dream!

I have been with Babe since 1986, I had just gotten my drivers license when I saw him at a teen-club, yes a teen dance club!  Everyone who was anyone was there every Sunday night rocking out to a little AC/DC~ You Shook Me All Night Long!

Anyway, I saw him and had to meet him, even though he was being a pig, at least that hasn't changed ;). I had a mutual friend introduce us and that was it, just an introduction, not a dance offer or a number request, just a hello. Seriously, did he not see just how cute I was?

Our friend kept assuring me he was interested and that he gave him my number but he didn't call. Well being the assertive, take control kind of girl that I am I called him. Imagine my relief when his Mom did a horrible job of covering the phone when she said hey "T" it's a girl, I think it could be the one you've been trying to call all week. Oh sweet relief! It seems our friend liked me and gave him the wrong number, asshat, he almost came in the way of my destiny!

That was September 1986. 

In September 1992 we were married~we were just 22 and 23. 

Against all odds we've made it. We've had our share of bumps in the road but through it all we have stayed true to one another and ourselves and have fought hard to make a relationship last in a time when it's just too easy to have it dissolved.

So yeah, I'm living my dream. I have a hot husband and two beautiful daughters. I'm blessed beyond measure to be able to stay home with them, to be homeroom mom and serve on the PTA (sore subject right now!). I love my job as a Domestic Goddess and am so very grateful that he works as hard as he does to provide for us so I can live my dream! 

Looking back at my senior yearbook under dreams and goals mine says "to marry Babe and have a family". Me living my dream? Oh yes I am people, oh, yes I am!

...and they lived happily ever after!

Happy Thursday Y'all

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give away and What the Heck!

So my friend Tanya at Miller Racing Family is doing a give away and I Dare You to go check it out, it's a good one!

I have had so many "what the HECK" moments today  I thought I would share a few with you.

* I went to the dentist this morning for my semi-annual cleaning only to find out that I have missed an appointment or two, or 10.  Yes you did read that correctly I have not had my teeth cleaned in 5 years! I know, I know super gross! But I have a deep seeded fear of the dentist along with anything that makes a high pitched drilling sound. I'm sure it has a lot to do with that very traumatic childhood experience that left me with no teeth...then gnarly teeth for years! You can see from my picture I really didn't have 7/11 teeth I do take good care of them myself but still, yuck! I hereby vow not to let that happen again!

What the HECK!

* While in one of my neighborhood Wal-Marts I came across a lady, also an employee, holding her false teeth in one hand while she cleaned the I don't know, mouth yuck or her lunch out with the other. YES SHE HAD HER TEETH IN HER HAND! Let me just say that there  are 4 Wal-Marts all with 10 minutes of my house, this is by far the most disgusting of them all and I go there only when absolutely necessary! I had to pick something up to put in my give away box from my give away last week and this is the ONLY place that carries this item(Amanda please let me know when you get your box. I hope you love it I know I would)). I seriously felt the need for a scalding hot shower when I left, antibacterial wipes just weren't cutting it!

What the HECK!

* After researching Jonas Brother World Tour tickets for my daughters I found the the cheapest tickets were selling for $144 and the most expensive tickets were $773...EACH! I so wish my husband still advertised with the paper that has a suite at that venue! Interestingly enough there are limited tickets available in all price levels! Who in the world is buying tickets at those prices and just who the heck do Nick, Kevin and Joe think they are?

What the HECK!

* I have been completely blindsided by a woman on the PTSA board that I serve on. This person thinks I have been unfair to her and have said things about her that I HAVE NOT said. She has out and out lied about me in an email that she sent to the other women on the board. I am so glad there was someone with me at the meeting where I  supposedly said all of these things who can set the record straight. I am a very think skinned person and I do not get my feelings hurt but this lady has kicked me in the gut and actually brought me to tears today. Now I'm just mad that I let her control me like that. I will not defend myself, others that were there will do that for me, I refuse to stoop to her level. So I'm taking my own advise, like I tell my girls "don't engage...rise above". Harder said than done thats for darn sure!

What the HECK!

This actually happened last night but it was such a What the HECK moment that I feel compelled to share.

 Adam Lambert ~ Ring of Fire ~
Enough Said!

**Ok I guess the youtube link is down, if you didn't see it last night you HAVE GOT TO GO CHECK IT OUT** 

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's Freaking Next AARP????

Look what I found in my INBOX? 

Are you freaking kidding me?!?!!?

I want to start a complete investigation. I need to know just who the flip sent this company my email address! I demand to know!

What I really want to say is WTF! Do I look old enough to receive an email for a magazine called...

As We Change

On second thought~ DON'T FREAKING ANSWER THAT!

Not since I was called Natalie's Mom by a "kitten" in Panera Bread a few months back have I been so insulted! I mean really, I have my daughters friends telling her that I'm hot. Now I know that too is almost equally as disturbing and wrong but come on is there no middle ground anywhere in freaking sight people?

I refuse to go down without a fight and I for one will be writing this company and telling them that unless they want to deal with the wrath of millions of very emotionally fragile 30-something women beating down their front door they better do some type of Gallup poll to weed out the "still monthly bleeders" from the "dried up blue-hairs"! 

Please tell me this is some form of cruel joke? You know like the time in high school when Charlie-oh sorry Charles and his gang of dorks (if I had only been able to see as them as that my freshman year would have been so much easier) sent me a subscription to some weight-loss/exercise magazine. Wait, is Ashton Kutcher himself behind this...Am I being punked in my own office?~Dang I haven't showered yet today and I always look cute for my peeps~ where are those freaking cameras?

Here's what the email looked like.

Now I am no longer a rock hard kitten, not that me and rock hard were ever used in a sentence that my husband didn't put together, but do they really think I'm going to wrap that picnic blanket around my waist? Are you kidding me! After reading the description this a "waist slimming" bathing suit..really and I thought it was left over scraps from my Nannie's sun rooms curtains. Waste not want not!

Lets take a closer look shall we.

Lets move on to the little pictures at the bottom...

Now I will admit that my ONE crazy black chin hair has procreated like a family of nothin' better to do on Friday night bunnies and that my pregnant induced stache is still hanging around but this, this has crossed the line! Do you see that the picture under Personal Care has some form of twisted, braided metal torture device in it?~Is this to tear those wiry little hairs out? Have you had your arms hairs get stuck in the links of your bracelet or watch before? Oh for all that is holy that hurts like a Motha and it's just arm hair! Oh hold the phone Jack my stache and chin hairs are just fine without you!

But I guess if I want to FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, LIVE BETTER and all at an up to 85% discount I should rip up that nasty threat letter and fill up my shopping cart. NOT!

**Disclaimer, if you are a As We Change customer, I apologize and we need to talk because I see a fashion intervention in your very near future!

Happy Tuesday Y'all

Monday, March 16, 2009

Post # 100

100th POST!

I started blogging on June 12, 20008 and it has really sucked me in! It is an addiction and I am somewhat ashamed to admit how many hours a day I spend doing it!

Anyway, in celebration of my 100th post I will be doing another give-a-way!

I just did one last week and the winner to that one is AMANDA she guessed that we were at the Strawberry Festival. Amanda please email me your full name and address and I will get your prize in the mail this week.

So if you would like to enter in this give-a-way there are several ways to get your name in the "hat" more than once. I haven't decided how the winner will be chosen, it honestly depends on how many entries I receive but I can promise you that it will be legit~ I'm an honest Southern Baptist girl~but please don't hold that against me!

1 entry if you leave me a comment

2 entries if you're a current follower

1 entry if you become a follower

1 entry if you link to my blog on yours telling your readers all about SERIOUSLY'S give-a-way! Please make sure you let me know you have done this  so I can verify.

1 entry if in your comment you just happen to use one of my favorite words(this word has already been decided on and will not change~I promise)

So there you have it~ 4-5 possible entries per person! 

***This contest will close March 22nd at midnight!***

What could you win you ask? 

Well I have thought about that and have decided to give a way a One Word picture frame from It's Personal. I also have a friend that owns a hand-made jewelry business and she would like to add to it plus with me there will definitely be a few extras!

One Word Picture Frame of your choice, meaning you choose the colors and the word (if you ask real nice it can be words ;) ) and I will make it personal for you ~ After all it is It's Personal people!

This is just a piece of Debi's jewelry that Honey wears all of the time~too adorable!

Good luck and

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who me?

Honest? Well I've been called a lot of things and this one is dead-on!

I tell it like it is, like it or not. Surprisingly most people do like it. There's no grey area with me. This could be considered a character flaw to some~but whatev!

So Kasey sent me this award and to be honest to date it's my favorite because like I said it's really me! Thanks Kasey you rock girl!

These are the requirement...
1. list 10 things about myself
2. share the award with others

Easy enough right, here we go...

1. I hate people that think they are superior to others! We all bleed red unless I "stupider" than I thought!

2. I could sit at the beach and do nothing for hours upon hours! 

3. People watching is one of my favorite things to do. Although it does force me to be very judgmental not superior just judgmental.

4. If I was granted three wishes on of them would be to be able to sing. My husband thinks that's a waste but I hate not being able to carry a tune in a bucket! At a birthday party for Peanuts teacher Friday she was embarrassed of my singing. For real, my girls used to put their little baby hands on my mouth while I was rocking and singing them to sleep. It's beyond sad!

5. I use humor and sarcasm in almost every situation. 

6. I lost my 2 front teeth in an accident when I was in the 2nd grade. Yes, they were my adult teeth that had just come in, it was an ugly site. Lets just say there are limited pictures of this then very anorexic looking, cowlick haired, ill fitting false teeth wearing little girl!

7. I knew I was going to be with my husband after just a few dates and I was only 16. That's just 2 years older than my daughter is now. Lord help her if she brings home her "future husband" in 18 months! 23 years and still going strong!

8. I have the need to be liked. If I even think someone doesn't like me it will drive me crazy. There's this lady at church and I swear I have done nothing but be nice to her and I don't think she'd pee on me if I were on fire. Perhaps she's just not a fan of my honesty!

9. I have a blood clotting condition. I'm supposed to wear these ever so sexy support hose every day~umm hello, I live in Florida and they are neither comfortable or fashionable~ I try to be good but I can't say that I have been for the past month or so~oops!

10. I have three dogs and love them like they're my children. The smell if their paws is on my top 100 things I love list~ let the judging commence!

I'm adding an 11th because this was one of Kasey's and I absolutely LOVE it!

11. Laundry is the devil. Is that not the truth!

Now I choose the girls below for this award...take it and spread the love girls!

Looking forward to Friend Makin' Monday tomorrow!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Makin' some changes

It has been brought to my attention by several of you that my most recent posts do not come up on your blog roll. I have tried and tried, no really that's what I did most of  yesterday, to fix it with no success.

I am a firm believer that nothing happens by mistake, I think that it is true with this as well, let me explain.

When I started this blog, 98 posts ago~watch for #100, I was very green in the blogging world, I really had no clue it is what it is! So as you know I have my last name as my title, email address and my beautiful girls are listed with both pictures and names~what was I thinking? I was cautious to not list our exact town or their school but really what good was that?

It has been some time now but I did receive a very disturbing comment from a less than, well I'll be honest he was a freaking pig! I let it go and blocked him from visiting but it still at times haunts me. It was just a week or so ago that one of my best friends acquired a new follower on her blog. Me being curious, sounds so much better than nosey, followed him. He too was a pig (a different one) and is now blocked from her blog. When you can trace a comment or a follower and "find young girls in your area" ~ "sexy teens waiting for you" etc...are links on their blogs being green turns quickly to being real. Pair that with my broken blog roll and you can see why I truly believe I am being told to move my blog. Now I know this is no sure-fire way to protect them after all I know if someone wants to trace me or my children or heck even my hot husband they will find a way but I have to do my part to protect them.

The hard part...what the heck should I name it? I tried every possible thing I could think of and Natalie even helped but nothing really me was left. Words or phrases I use often were all taken and many of them are not even been used, some never have been. I so wanted to write them asking them to cancel their blog so I could grab that name I mean really people as my Pop-Paw would say "shit or get off the pot"  but whatev. 

So, I am trying to find a way to send all my current blog to the new one, I think I found a way but I am a little nervous to hit that send button. I will be working on it a little this morning while my house is still sleeping, oh how I love Saturday night church so we can sleep in on Sundays! Obviously I will not have a link here to my new blog but I will email all of my followers, yes all 14 of you, to let you know to make the change. 

I know all of you will completely understand as you all have families as well and raising these two beautiful girls in today's world is so dang hard!

Watch for an email from me!

Happy Sunday Ya'll

Friday, March 13, 2009

A little of this and a little of that...

I am so glad it's Friday ya'll. I am so hoping for a relaxing weekend! Even more than that I'm praying that we can make it through without someone getting sick again, I feel as if a padded room is in my very near future if not!

I had a couple of new It's Personal orders that I wanted to share. I love, love, love doing invitations, especially for little girls! I love all things girlie and to think I so wanted a boy. God certainly new what he was doing when he spared me the whole Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails thing!

This is for little Emma's 1st birthday...oh so cute!

Morgan had a very cool Pink & White party. I would love to see what all her Mommy did for that one. I just love themed parties don't you?

A family picture frame. One can never have enough options when it comes to displaying family photos!

Friday Fill-in. I found this over at Fox Tale Follies and thought it would be fun to play along. Just copy and paste the bold words, complete the sentence in your own words and you can play too!

1. When I look to the left, I see the play-set in the backyard.

2. The living room is the room that has the best view in my house.

3. Let me learn that God will always find a way to let it work out.

4. I need to learn how to get things done dirt cheap and like it.

5. Voting is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share.

6. If you have any means to let me go shopping with no limits please feel free to make it happen!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having Fiesta with my Mom and Dad, tomorrow my plans include painting It's Personal orders and sitting around the pool and Sunday, I want to enjoy family day!

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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