Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was up at the crack o'butt this morning to be at the school for the field trip. 

If you have to get up early in the morning I am so sorry. If you choose to get up early in the morning we can longer be friends because I don't trust a morning person! I feel like I've been up for 72 hours, endured a beating and I think my kids had cookies for dinner! Whatevah!

We had a great day at the park. I played it cool, just following the kids around all day spending most of the day on backpack duty while they went on ride after ride after ride. This is their 8th grade trip, they so did not need a nosey Mom standing over them all day. I even let the girls roll their shorts at their waist totally breaking dress code and I allowed the two couples in my group to hold hands. Oh the horror right?!!? I am such a bad chaperon! At least I wasn't the one that was 30 minutes late getting back to the bus that was booed upon the parents! 

It was a great day for people watching. Man those tourists never fail to deliver do they? My top 3 favorites.

1. 6 year old topless girl with a pacifier. Her Mom saw my shock and awe, I was not about to bring the camera out!

2. 20-something hootchie walking around in a skirt big enough to be a headband with the cheeks of her booty and her white panties hanging out. I did not get her pictures, she quite honestly scared me a little!

3. Grown man in whitewashed jeans and black boots that were way too short and tight, a big ol' belt, a white t-shirt tucked in, with his stomach hanging over said belt and a green hat on. Dude strutted from one end of that park to the other! Seriously!

But I have to say the highlight of the day was when the bird flying in the beautiful blue sky thought I was wearing a target and crapped on my shoulder. Yes, I had a bird poop on me. As if my week hasn't been shity enough! What they say about it being good luck to have a bird poop on you better be the freaking truth! Personally I think the same person that said if it rains on your wedding day it brings you a happy marriage made that up too.  I posted the incident on Facebook and do you know that a friend from school remembered that the same thing happened to me when we were in 8th grade during P.E.? How did she remember that? It did make me laugh though so, thanks Sam!

I'm off to soak in the hot tub for a few minutes before I shower crawl into my bed. Thank God there's no school tomorrow! 

Thanks for all the sweet comments you left on my Debbie Downer of a post this morning. Y'all are just so sweet!

I just couldn't hit publish without sharing a picture or two.

Here is Mr. Dude. I have removed his face, because I care!  You have to give him props for his confidence!

Although this did not make the top 3 it still needs to be shared. I have removed her face as well, I would hate to be stalked and slapped across the face for being not so nice. You should thank me for not showing the front shot, chick's about 60 and braless! I think she had a banana clip in and she has side wings!
 Here's my group of 8, they are such great kids!

I apologize if this seems rude but I really needed a pick me up and this was just what the doctor ordered. I believe drinking would have been frowned upon while chaperoning a school function so I substituted  one for the other and it totally did the trick!

I'm losing my effing mind!??!

Pump for irrigation broke...

Dog in heat, I love that there's no carpet to keep clean...

Chaperon 8th grade field trip...

No school Friday...

Decorate door for Teacher appreciation week...

Air conditioner broke...

Moms night out...

Prepare a weeks worth of Teacher appreciation gifts...

Deal with CRAZY stud owner for the breeding of Deja...

Attend volunteer breakfast...

Work on charity coffee event...

Get things in order for Grandparents to stay with girls...

Prepare for a 14 hour scrap-booking event...

Take Deja to "be with" stud for at least 6 days,(this one is killing me)...

Promotion party for BIL...

Make lunch for 8 teachers...

Intense work "issues" for Babe...

Volunteer selling candy grams at Middle school for 4 hours...

Fight and lose a battle with a migraine, twice...

Birthday party for adorable niece...

Pack for a VERY needed vacation...

Mail swap gift to Caretaker (I haven't forgotten you)...

Take Deja to vet (45 minutes away) for vaginal examination, Progesterone test and STD test (yes I'm for real)... 

All of this has either happened or will happen over the course of 8 days.

Look up over committed, stressed and in need of vacation and you will be sent to me!
I know we're all busy and most of us wouldn't have it any other way. I love to live life to it's fullest. I'm not complaining! I'm simply saying right now it's a lot! So if I am a little off or don't smile or comment as normal please forgive me!

Think of me today as I walk around a very hot, projected 91, Orlando theme park with my group of nine 8th graders. A chartered bus there and back should be just freaking super for this motion sick Mama not to mention the fact that I know I will be drug on the Hulk at last 10 times. I am so making those little boogers ride Red Fish ~ Blue Fish with me! 

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I would like to thank the Academy...

No for real I am very taken back by all of the smart ass comments loving things y'all are saying about me!

Apparently I have made a few of you spit food from your mouth, blow wine from your nostrils, choke on your hot morning coffee and run down the stairs to use the bathroom. Is there any compliment better than any of those?!!? I.Think.Not!

So I have been given two awards today! One would seriously think I was breaking the bank in payments but since the bank is beyond broke, hubby is in the car business~ OUCH, I guess I've actually earned these awards.

Award #1 came from Jen at Harried Mom of Four. Can I just be honest with you? If I were a Mom of four my blog title would be Harry Mom of Four. Seriously, when does this wonder woman of a Mom find the time to bath let alone shave? I'm just saying I would be one Bohemian hairy beast! And I so would have a catheter because going to the bathroom four times an hour I'm thinking would not be an option! With a bladder the size of a pea that's life for me or this happens.

So, thanks Jen for this beauty of an award!
I will pass this honor onto these Super Bloggers:

Heidi at Sacred and Profane -Another Mommy to more than 2 kids. Seriously, do you people not know how that happens?
Debi at Girlzasoulsista I love this girl, never a dull moment when out with her!
Tanielle at The Polka Dot Daisy-Super Momy? You betcha ya!
Natalie at The Brocks Rock This is my "in-real-life" friend! (7 days baby!)
E at Swoon- she's always just so sweet! I aspire to be this nice all of the time.

Award #2 is from a seriously sassy and very pregnant Texan. I bet she has big ol' Texas hair that she only tames down for the pictures she puts on her blog! Becca from The Texas Darlings gave me the Splash Award. Oh how I love me a little Prince Eric so this one I will definitely cherish. For those of scratching your head trying to figure out who Prince Eric is that must mean you have boys or live under a yet to be discovered by Disney rock. Eric is the hottie from Little Mermaid, duh!

She gave me this award because she thinks my blog is alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring. Most of those words can be used after seeing me naked too! **wink ~ wink**

I guess what sucked her in is that you just never know what you're gonna read here. Ya know, I like to mix things up a bit. One day you may get a heart felt post with an invitation to join me at church and the next I'm telling you all about how I peed my pants in freaking Jo-Ann Fabrics. Whatevah y'all, I'm just keeping it real, just keeping it real!

I love this award, it holds a special place in my heart since I modeled for the picture and all. I know, I know I have an amazing waistline and incredibly perky boobies! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

I will share this award with:

Andrea from My Chihuahua Bites- We are so hanging out in December!
Dandelion Wishes- always an uplifting and inspirational post!
Jen at Harried Mom of Four- anyone that parents 4 with a traveling husband is an inspiration!
Kasey at All that is Good- without her Friend Makin' Mondays just wouldn't be!
Kelley at The Lawerences- she's a newly wed come on, how sweet is is that?!!? And she leaves me nice comments :~)

Well there you have it! If I did not share an award with you and you really want it and deserve please let me know, in 500 words or less, and I will certainly send it your way! No, seriously if you want it, take it, what's mine is yours!

Ladies you know the rules, post about your award and then share it with as many bloggers as you want!

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You know there's name for girls that get tagged a lot...slut popular! What where you thinking potty head!

I swear my Momma had another daughter that she has kept from me all of my life, Vivienne.  Let me just tell you how much I dig this chick! She's totally Groovy Gregg! I have no idea how she stayed under the radar as long as she did! When I discovered her she was a little bloggy nothing and now she's this freaking rockin' Blogsphere Mega force! Seriously go check her out you WILL NOT regret it!

Anyway she has tagged me and of course I wanna play!

Off we go...

1. What is my current obsession?

Ummm hello BLOGGING! Although Patron Margarita on the rocks no salt does take a close second!

2. Which item of clothing do I wear most? 

Black yoga pants. They so go with everything! They can go from the dryer to the bed to the car for morning carpool and if I'm lucky they will be my best friend for the rest of the day! Just slap on a clean t-shirt and I'm good to go!

3. What's for dinner? 

What I want is FEND. That's what my girls call it when I don't cook and they have to "fend" for themselves. What I'm making, I have to be honest I have no freaking clue! Whatever looks good in the meat section when I walk through it in a few hours. We only at carbs once a week so it will most definitely be either chicken, beef, pork or fish ~ well not  fish that was tonight. I know, I know its just so freaking exciting you want an invitation for dinner dontcha?!!?

4. What am I  listening to? 

Busted. I am making this a scheduled post so I can be at the school all day tomorrow, you know being the volunteer extraudinaire that I am takes a little work. So I'm listening to 24 and wanting to crawl into the TV and strangle Tony ~ he went freaking rouge ~ Asshat!

5. Say something about the person who tagged me...

I already did. MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA were you not listening. No, seriously she is an absolute riot. I truly wish I could hang with her in real life, although I think we would find ourselves some serious trouble! She has a cabin, she has three precious boys, she married her lobster (ask Phoebe) she does not want to be tagged in the prom picture but I KNOW she already has been and is just choosing to ignore it,  she shares my love for Patron and is stupid funny(that's a good thing for those of you who don't speak Shawn)! As my daughter would say "she's the beast, no not best, beast at funny".

6. Favorite vacation spot?

I love the beach so anywhere warm, wet and sandy. But I have vowed not to choose my favorite until I have been everywhere once. 

7. What am I reading right now?
The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It's been a little tough to get into but I'm in and I'm hooked. I'm missing Edward though Jared just isn't doing it for me.  Yummmm EDWARD! 

8. Four words that describe me?

Outspoken- I always say what's on my mind! ~ Crazy- Seriously, I am the life of the freaking party didn't you get the memo?!!? ~ Loyal- I will fight to the end for someone I love! ~ Distractable, is that even a word? -I cannot focus on any one thing for any length of time, I so have ADD!

9. Guilty pleasure?

Being lazy. I swear if I could I would lay around all day sipping on something cold that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy while someone else did EVERYTHING else for me! Sadly, I cannot do that so I would have to say, Lindt dark chocolate truffles, Patron margaritas and chips and salsa, the spicier the better! 

10. First Spring thing to do? 

Book summer camps! I'm joking...kinda. I love being home with my kids, we are complete beach bums for 8 weeks! Ummm, I don't really have anything I always do. My house is always perfect, straight from Better Homes and Gardens magazine usually straightened so no deep cleaning. Really this one has me stumped!

11. What do I look forward to? 

Climbing into my bed on Monday night. The sheets are clean, the house is clean, I am clean and dead freaking dog tired! It's the best night sleep I get all week! I am however looking forward to my trip to the DR in just 8 days! Adults only, the beach, the sun, a drink in each hand and some much needed uninterrupted mattress dancing with Babe ~ oh yeah you could totally say I'm looking forward the that!

Now the task of choosing who to tag.

Red Rover, Red Rover let

Natalie at The Brocks Rock

Come over!

If you want to play too that's super, the more the merrier! I'm not a formal invitation kind of girl!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh No I di'ent

OK for the record I'm beat, dead on my feet from cleaning this house all day. I suffer with sleep issues, thanks Dad, so me and Mr. Tylenol PM are like this** visualize me twisting my fingers together**got it? Good!

But for the record, just to set things straight because I do feel the need to be honest with you I did NOT just go the the fridge to grab a bottle of water to swallow said pills and see that ice cold gallon of milk sitting there. I also did not see the bottle of yummy chocolate syrup sitting next to it. And I most definitely DID NOT squeeze some chocolate directly into my mouth and then sip little sips of milk right from the gallon shaking my head before each swallow because that would be totally gross, and completely unacceptable!

Good Night Y'all!

Friend Makin' Monday Baby!

It's M-O-N-D-A-Y and that means it's Friend Makin' Monday with Kasey. Go visit her to get all of the rules and sign up to play, it's tons of fun!

This week is a good one! 

List 4 things you love about each sense and one thing that you don't. It's that easy!

Off we go...

1. I love the sounds of my girls giggling. They fight more than anything so their laughter is pure bliss!
2. My husband telling me that I"m beautiful. After 23 years I still haven't grown tired of that.
3. The sound of the mall. All the chatter and the registers ringing, it means I can shop again!
4. A good ol' thunder storm. I love the howl of the wind, the crack of the lightning and the bombing thunder. It means a day of relaxing and I love it!

1. People belittling their children, I have to admit  I'm not exempt from this from time to time, I am human after all. They all deserve so much more! 

1. My hubby as he's leaving for work, he smells so darned good.  Some days I swear he's marinated in his cologne but as the days goes by and I can still get a whiff of him it's nice!
2. Fresh cut grass.
3. Rain on a hot sidewalk.
4. My girls. I don't care if it's a fresh from the shower clean smell or a right from the backyard stink. I feel blessed that I still have them to smell. 
1. Poots ~ That's what we call flatulence in our house, we have girls and I hate the word fart! Really, they're just not friendly! 

1. My husbands hand in mine.
2. The sweet soft cheeks, face or booty I don't care, of my girls. How does their skin stay so soft?
3. My dogs. There really is something healing and relaxing in petting a dog!
4. The credit card swiping through the machine. Ahh shopping is such an invigorating feeling! Retail therapy is the best!

1. The slap on my hand when Babe sees the credit card bill and takes them all away from me. **Pout-Pout**

1. An ice cold patron Margarita with NO salt.
2. Ice cream. I'm not picky as long as it doesn't have marshmallows in it I'm good to go!
3. Chips and spicy salsa with a little guacamole. MMM-mmm I love me some Mexican food!
4. Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles. Dang Gina I'm salivating at the mere thought!

1. Anything raw. I hate sushi and can hardly watch as Babe shoves that way too big piece of whatever that crap is in his mouth!

1. The happy smiling faces of Babe, Honey and Peanut. Family time with a teenager is hard to come by so I try to cherish it!
2. The beach. Love the water. Love the Sand. Love the cooler next to my chair. Love my tan skin when I come home!
3. A clean house. It means I've done my job and now I can crash.
4. My siblings all together in one place. It doesn't happen often so when it does it really is a sight to see!

1. The number on that freaking scale! Will it ever be the one I want to see?

Yes, those are all pictures of pieces of me. I was feeling a little sassy this morning!

Happy Monday Y'all!

...with her fingers in the shape of an "L" on her forehead

The fact that I have no one that wants  to Pay It Forward with me cuts me deep y'all really, really deep!

Whatevah, I'll just go back to holding my fingers in the shape of an L on my forehead since obviously I'm not a Rock Star and don't have  my Groove On like I thought!

Insert very sad pouty face of Shawn here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pay It Forward

I have seen this a time or two and always wanted to's my chance thanks to Tanielle.

Here's the skinny on  "Pay It Forward"

By participating in the Paying It Forward challenge I have vowed  to make a homemade "something" for 5 lucky bloggers. They, in turn, agree to host the challenge on their blogs and Pay It Forward to at least 5 lucky bloggers. By doing so it's like that Breck Shampoo commercial from the late 70's "And she'll tell two friends, and she'll tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on. Did I just totally age myself or what?!!?

Oh, this all has to be done within 12 months. 

How do you win? 

Hmm good question!

That's the easy part, the first 5 people that leave me a comment telling me they want to participate win. It's that easy. Easy, peasy right? Just remember that by doing so you are agreeing to Pay It Forward and will do this same challenge on your blog.

Remember, you must make a post, link it back here, leave me a comment telling me you're in and then sometime in the next 12 months, I totally love that part, I will send a gift to my lucky winners. 

I will however tell you that it may take some time for your gift to get to you. I'm still working on one for Kasey and Kim so I do ask for your patience but I promise it will be sent! I will also say that "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit". In other words I will totally send you something that I love but cannot guarantee that it will be something you love. If you love it tell me all about it. If you hate it please keep your lips zipped!

Ok so scram. Get out of here. And go Pay It Forward on your blog. Just come back soon, it's the first 5 then my borders will be closed!

40 is so the new 30!

One of my very dear friends celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday. We all went out for a very yummy, long, but yummy dinner at a great Greek restaurant that served a pretty darn good Sangria?!!? 

After we came back to my house for dessert. My Nannie has the best recipe for Carrot Cake EVAH, so that was her choice. We had a great night with wonderful friends and I think these pictures will speak for themselves but just in case they don't scream the obvious, we all look smokin' for a group of 40 or nearly 40's!

Happy Birthday Alisa!

Alisa and her hubby Cody.

Pam, Alisa, Me and Natalie ~ We all wore black in her honor!

One would think that with a closet as big as Natalie's she wouldn't wear the same jeans as me!

You should see the clothes that these two girl own! SERIOUSLY! How did they wear the same top? It was pretty funny when Nat showed up in a combination of the two of us!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Friday, April 24, 2009




I went to prom my sophomore year with a friend, there's no way that pictures going on here, and to my Junior Prom, Babe's Senior Prom and then to my Senior prom. The last three were all with Babe. We have been together since my junior year. I totally stole the STUD from the rival high school, those girls so hated me! 

So with any tag there are some rules that must be followed, here they are.

1. Leave me a comment guessing what the year was. Be nice or I will hunt you down!

2. If I tag you you must play along. You may do it with grace and dignity or you can go down with a fight like I did. Either way you have to play along!

3. Let everyone know if your date is now your husband, if not find his pictures we want to see those too! If it's not your husband, where is your date now?

Here are the 5 lucky people I have tagged.

My new SWAP partner over at Tollesons 4 Him
My other SWAP partner Caretaker at The Life os a PTSD's Spouse

My last 2 choice are my 2 newest followers. Sorry girls but I want to learn more about you. Please forgive!

Amber at ae filkins

This is my high school...yes we were known as the children of the corn. Did you think I was joking? I told you it was in the middle of a freaking corn field! Can you see all of the heavy equipment machinery in the background? Green Acres people...Green Freaking Acres!

This is me and Babe for his Senior prom, yes we have been together for almost, if I tell you you will figure out what year this is. As if the big bow on the ass of the pink lame dress isn't a dead freaking give-away! Now my Mom made that dress and I loved it, I loved it almost as much as my full bangs!

Here we are at my Senior prom. Honestly this is the only picture I have. I have no clue where the rest are and there were some doozies trust me! I do not remember being that freaking fat. It's looks like I was afraid of not making the long winter ahead so I stuffed my cheeks full of whatever was in front of me! Now just in case you're wondering no that is not Guido the Killer Pimp that is Babe wearing Ponch, or were they Jons, sunglasses. And yes I have on a hat and gloves. My parents about broke the bank to get me that getup! At least I didn't have to wear the hoop skirt...this year.

This is just so I can leave with my dignity in tact! We've been together for a very long time and thank God we've gotten better with age! Do me a favor, enlarge this picture so the last thing you see is our hotness!


Warning Warning ~ Danger Will Robinson!

I am sending a warning out to all of you, my faithful readers. You few wonderful people that think I am sassy, funny, trendy and dare I even say cute. All of that is abut to change.

I have been tagged. Usually I love these things but honestly I have been grateful to have not been included in on this one. 

It's a prom tag. SERIOUSLY Cadence you're a dog for starting this and Kasey you're a  bigger dog for sharing it!

Now my sister-friends that have seen these pictures are already laughing because they know the horror that is soon to be my fate!

You see, I have not always been the person I am today. My family has said I'm a bit uppity now, even a little bitchy. I don't agree, after this you may!

Truth be told I may have been known to walk barefoot through a cow pasture trying to be the first to find the "warm" cow patty. As I've said before I always win. So yes, that would mean I have had fresh, hot, cow crap squishing between my perfectly pedicured toes before. 

I was a corn fed Mid-Western girl. My high school quite literally was in the middle of a corn field. Now please don't misunderstand, I'm proud of who I am and where I came from. I had a fantastically brilliant childhood full of lots of crappy memories, pun completely intended, but as much as I love and cherish my past I have learned to embrace, appreciate and adore my life today. 

We used to camp. Now if it doesn't have 5 stars before it's name it's simply not an option! I am exaggerating, some, but I have grown up and changed... a lot,  as we all have! 

It helps that shortly after Babe and I were married we moved 3,000 miles away! My home town Wal-Mart best seller is still Maybelline's electric blue eye shadow! Y'all, I kid you not! And the girls I graduated with still have mall bangs! You know the big ol' rooster tail held in place at the top of your forehead with half a can of ozone destroying Aqua Net! Sistahs need some fashion intervention! Kasey, Andrea are you in?!!?

Am I painting a clear enough picture for you?

So with this disclaimer I will come home after I  volunteer at Peanuts school and search for those stunning pictures. But I do fear they may be lost...forever!

Happy Friday Y'all!...for now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Don't Know What's In My Head

As always buckle up cuz this can be a scary journey!

Why does the person that is trying to cough up a Gecko (thanks Danielle) always sit behind me at church?

Why do some woman not understand ~ I DO NOT SHARE MY HUSBAND! I will run your sorry ass over if you try that shit again, understand pumpkin? That ring on his left finger is there for a reason. And in case you haven't been told, I ALWAYS win!

Fruit flies. WTF? 

Did you miss the class? Everyone knows that 40 is the new 30. So when someone says they're 40, or close to it, the proper response is not, "Wow you don't look that old"! 

When is my husband going to understand that as long as I have checks I have money?

Is it normal for your lips to tingle after 3 drinks? Strange mine are. My head is kind of spinning too. Hmm, I guess it's been a longer week than I care to remember.

Sat in the sun today. Have a slight sunburn. Was ogled by the Mexican lawn men next door. Fair exchange dontcha think?

If you are told "dang you're beautiful" by the strange man sitting outside of K-Mart counting the birds while cleaning his fingernails with his pocket knife does it really count? If so, I am one Beautiful woman...he said so!

I am totally freaked out that my little girl is going to high school next year. Do you know what I did in high school? Dad, I know you're reading this, your little girl did nothing, I am innocent!

In my head I am a rock hard size 4. In reality I am a sunburned size 8, if I'm lucky a 6, who sat in the sun too long today and has "stripes" on her tummy where the blubber rolled pieces of skin into it's protective shade. 

I need my vacation! My husband needs his vacation! How much longer do I have to pretend all is good when all is clearly NOT GOOD!

Calgon take me the freak away!

Happy Thursday Y'all...or not I really don't care today!

Apparently I need Viagra!

I did my best to fill Spring Break with lots of fun activities. You know doing my best to redeem myself of the horrible mothering over the past few months in just a few short days. I looked outside one afternoon and it was windy, almost hurricane like, hmm what a perfect day to fly a kite. 

Now I have never been able to "get it up", ever. I have always had to rely on my husband or Brother-in-law for all kite flying fun. It obviously is a male ability!

But with winds like this how could I not Get It Up?!!?

I bought a super cool kite that came with idiot proof flying instructions. Well let me introduce you to the village idiot!

Yes, I attempted to fly the kite near the house, the trees, the play set, the neighbors house and their trees while refusing Peanuts advice to run. Things on this body move and jiggle that have no place moving and jiggling when I run! I'm just saying.  That's why when I do run it's early in the morning or once the sun has set as to not traumatize my neighbors!

Anyway, this is what happens when the village idiot flies a kite near the house. 

and the shrubs

and this is the face that Peanut makes when she knows Mommy can't see her when I say "Dammit, do it again...DO IT AGAIN!" (her friend was the event photographer). Ahhh such good times for my little Peanut and her "special" Mommy!

For the record Babe took her out yesterday with mild winds and was successful in his launch of the kite from hell. So, like I said I need to either forget about ever flying a kite again or go pick up that prescription of Viagra.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday Baby!

Yeah for Monday's!

This week Kasey has passed the torch to Andrea with My Chihuahua Bites and she has done a great job go visit Andrea for all the details on how to join in on the fun. It's all about your crushes this week, not just any crushes your celebrity crushes. Come on who doesn't love living in a bit of a fantasy world once in a while? I'll have to admit I'm not much of an "ohh he's the one" kind of girl but I do have an appreciation for a fine piece of meat beautiful man when I see one, I did marry Babe after all!

So here's the deal. Who are your top 5 celebrity crushes? What celebrity makes you drool?

This first one has been my guy for years, seriously years y'all just ask Babe he'll tell ya!

1. Absolutely, positively, no competition or debate it's Antonio Sabato Jr.  Seriously, you could pack a picnic lunch in those dimples! Oh for all that is holy in this world!

2. Paul Walker. UMMMM hello and excuse me please! From the gentle side of him in 8 Below to the more aggressive side in the Fast and the Furious a girl just can't go wrong. Let's juts say he's totally yummy shall we!

3. Dwayne Johnson ~ The Rock ~ Hottie McHotterton ~ They all work. In his own words he's Ridiculous!

4. Eddie Cibrian. Is there some type of pattern forming here or is it just my imagination? What can I say I love me some Italian men. I love dark hair, dark eyes and obviously dimples. I know Paul and Eddie have light eyes but I guess it's a flaw I'm willing to let slide.

5. Derek Jeter. I'm not a baseball fan, there's just not enough action for me but as I have proven I am a fan of those dark haired dimpled little hotties. So how could this list not include Mr. Jeter.

Ok there you have it now I'm off to take a cold shower clean, it's Monday so that means it's cleaning day here at the asylum. Ahh, the pure unadulterated joy of Monday!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grateful, yes that's me!

Vivienne at the V-spot has given me the ever so beautiful lemonade stand award. I am already the proud owner of this award but since it has been given to me again I without doubt need to share with you how it came to be mine.

I found Vivienne a few weeks back or she found me ~ whatever. You know the drill, we're never really sure how these things happen but they do and now we're long lost BFF'S. No for real this chick is super funny and shares my love for Patron, we would so be a couple of drunk Mommies if we lived close!

For some reason she has read between the lines of my smart mouthed sometimes racy blog and sees some resemblance of gratefulness here at Seriously-Shawn. I hate to be a disappointment so with no further we go.

I am to share with you a couple of things I am grateful for so in no particular order here they are.

*I am grateful for the very uncomfortable roll that is hanging over my jeans making it nearly impossible for me to take a deep breathe right now because it means I just had a great meal with my family and wonderful friends.

*I am grateful for this calamity I live in. Some people would call it too much, I know I often do, but in spite of the yelling that I hear right now from one daughter to the other it means my girls are healthy and here with me. They may not see the light of tomorrow but for right now they're here.

This picture is old but I promise nothing has changed!

*I am certainly grateful for my hot hubby, the one I have loved since the first time I saw him in September of 1986. The one that always sees the car at a dead stop in front of us while he's driving at warp speeds, after all he drives every day without my assistance therefore he does not need my help when I am in the car with him.
* I am grateful for my filthy dirty house because it means I have had fun all weekend with my family and have not stolen that time from them to clean.

*I am grateful for my dogs, this is Deja, and McDonald ice cream. Yes we are sharing an ice cram cone but I promise she stayed on her half! Beside this way I only had to claim half the calories!

*I am grateful for alcohol because without I would be a very sad and lonely lady. I am also beyond grateful for my Xanax connection because without her I would be a complete blubbering idiot! Thank you MLM, you are my life saver and I love you more than you will ever know!

*I am grateful to all of my girlfriends who put up with all of the above. They do it because they love me and honestly I'm not so sure why they do. They could walk away at any given time and yet they don't. They call me when I need the phone to ring, they drop me a note in the mail when I feel like all there ever is are bills in there and a gift with a love note usually shows up when I feel all alone, their timing is always perfect. These girls pick me up when I cannot stand alone. They would raise my girls if I could not and if I were in a coma they would never, ever, ever let my womanhood grow out of control!

Now I'm supposed to pass this along to 10 deserving bloggers. Since I have already done that I'm just going to say this, if you're grateful for anything and want to share with the rest of us what it is grab this sassy little button and make a post all about it. Please make sure you let me know if you are because I want to read all about it!

Have a wonderful night, now go be grateful about something!

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