Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes y'all I played bingo last night! I have to admit is was fun and it was all for charity so that made it even better! I didn't win crap, not a single freaking BINGO came from these lips, my raffle tickets never felt the stroke of my fingers, and the 50/50 did not have my name on it {that may be because I didn't buy a ticket but whatever, I forgot}. 

While talking to Danielle just minutes before I had to leave I found out it was cheap wine and beer *yuck* only. SERIOUSLY what the hell are those 2 drink tickets for then? Beer and wine only. Oh stop the bus this just will not do! So what's a girl to do but run to the liquor cabinet 5 minutes before the event starts and whip up a pitcher of Mango Margaritas. Yes, that's right I kicked it old school and BYOB. Now I was classy about it I left it in the car, do not ever mistake me for the type of girl that carries in her own cooler, nope I just sprint to the car and back during a lull! 

Danielle had me filling up her cup and as soon as Kathey figured it out she was in on the action too! Ahhh good times. But seriously I needed something to numb the pain. There are some serious bingo players out there and the acoustics at the venue where horrible! Never have 85 woman been so loud and annoying!

There was the lady with the jet black dyed hair, glasses on a string with her own personal fan that complained endlessly about anything possible.

The lady that so needs to get hooked up for Rhinoplasty!

The lady with the laugh of a freaking hyena that sat at my table.

The "man" that spoke with a sweet little lisp *wink wink*.

The woman that made 1 pass through the pasta buffet, ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets from her friends plate and then made 2 trips to the dessert table. Oh, wait that was me! 

The poor man that sat next to his wife and played with the ladies. Babe would have left the minute he got a whiff of all the estrogen in that room. Actually he would have killed me and then left!

The 2 woman that were somehow able to sit with 2 pigs under their skirts without hurting them. Seriously, I do not know how they did it but as soon as they stood to walk those things where just a wiggling trying to get out!

By the time I got up to leave my panties had made it so far up my behind that if I had coughed hard I would have been able to floss my teeth! I swear just ask Rebecca she witnessed the removal!

Ahhh yes good times! 

Because I know a few of you will's the recipe.

Mango Margaritas
2 cups tequila {I do not use Patron for these because you can't taste the difference}
1 cup Amaretto
1 cup Triple Sec
1 cup lime juice
1 container Mango nectar.

These are the bomb I tell ya and have become my signature drink but be careful they sneak up on ya!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Friday, May 29, 2009

We're Dog-gone crazy!

Life here at Seriously is never quiet unless the dogs are at the groomer. They bark at anything and everything, I swear they hear my troll neighbor fart! I will leave for hours during nice weather and leave my sliders open, I hardly ever lock my doors or set the alarm during the day and I'm always asked why. Well this is why. I have 3 big dogs, two of which are the ever so feared German Shepherd. I've had my good friends a little leery of coming in if I'm not home, I have an open door policy whether I'm home or not they're welcome.

So I thought that today I would share with you, via video, what it's like to be me, the Mommy of 3 very spoiled dogs.

Lots of video footage here, try to hang in there!

This is Peanut getting Alice the guinea pig out of her cage. There is a story that goes with all things rodent and our dogs. Honey had a hamster when she was about 4, she left the cage on the floor of the playroom and went outside to play forgetting to tell me to put the cage up. A little while later I went in for something and saw a pile of what I thought was pillow stuffing on the floor~UMMMM not pillow stuffing~almost dead hamster~lip licking Belle! Oh crap! I had to take him to the vet to be put to sleep because I couldn't watch him suffer. Fast forward about 9 years now Peanut has Honey Bun, an ever so adorable hamster. She had a friend over and the cage was down so they could play with him, Peanut knew the rules, the friend did not, not a good combination! Now Belle, having the taste of hamster in her memory was waiting for this very opportunity. I envisioned it something like an old Tom and Gerry cartoon, she was waiting at the cage door mouth wide open I'm sure of it. Peanut came running screaming that Honey Bun was missing. I went running after her only to see Belle standing there with Honey Bun in her mouth. Poor Peanut collapsed on the floor in a pile if 9 year old emotional mush. Needles to say there are very strict rules with the new guinea pigs! Not too long ago Honey came out with Aphrodite and Babe told her to take her back to her room or lock up the dogs. Honey replies "Oh, Dad she's fine". Babe says, and this is something you will only hear at my house, "if another animal gets eaten by another animal we're not getting any more effing animals". I swear that to be the truth, I just can't make that crap up! So this is what happens when the dogs even hear the cage door rattle. BTW, yes you do hear my precious little Peanut use the word crap and quickly after you hear a CRACK, that was me smacking her little behind.

I always wanted a dog that would get in the pool with the girls and now that I have one I'm really not a fan! I guess it really wouldn't be so bad if she couldn't open every freaking door in the house and come in soaking wet. Now she was a bit confused in the video because I'm always telling her NO POOL and here I'm telling her to get in. This is what she does all day long. She gets in and just sits there, if the water level is low enough she'll lay there on the little swim out and enjoy the sun. Crazy girl!

{I am not able to get the description above these videos and they're in the wrong order. I cannot fix it without deleting and re-downloading and that's so not happening!}
video video

As soon as she's done with her swim she comes to open a door. I never know which one I swear she knows this drives me crazy and does it merely to keep me on my toes. She can open the sliders but I locked them this time.


She always runs from one door to the other to see where she can get in. I kid you not she once raced me from one door to the other and when I thought I had won I turned to Natalie with a smile of victory and Deja was at my feet. I didn't lock the front door because I did not know she had figured that one out as well. Please forgive my blonde moment, I held the camera sideways the entire time!


Now this is why I have little to no fear of someone coming in...


The community bike trail runs through our back yard and they hate it! Usually Jewel is in on the action but this times she choose to stay inside. I think she knew it was a setup with Honey and not the real deal. Can you imagine the fun we have with this?!!? We have heard our share of grown men girl scream!


There's a little taste of what happens when you have 3 dogs ~ CRAZY huh?!!?

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stuffed drunk pig!

OK. Yep. That's totally me. I'm a stuffed drunk pig! After my nieces preschool graduation tonight we were supposed to meet for pizza. 2 of the 3 families had to cancel due to "sick" children, some skinny bitches will do anything to get out of a fattening meal!

Anyway, my family still went! I ate so much freaking pizza I could have won a freaking competition! I also drank half a pitcher of sangria. Yep. I'm feeling good my friends, feeling good. That is except for the knot in my throat, the lump in my tummy, and the roll that is hanging over my elastic waist jammies {did you think I was gonna say jeans?}, I can't even take a deep breath! Oh and if that isn't hot enough for ya I'm burping Greek salad too. Yep, did I forget to mention I had salad too. I know, I know as Paris would day "that's HooooootT!"

On another note. I have shared with you a few times how I tell each of my girls that they are my favorite...look what I found while out shopping today.

Seriously! How perfect are these?!!?
Well I'm really freaking beat so I'm off to try to get some sleep, I'm actually tired...go figure right!

Mamarazzi swap

I participated in a swap with Mamarazzi last month and my package came today. 

I was lucky enough to be paired with Lean from Tollesons4him, girls she rocked my gift! I hope she likes what I sent her as much as I loved mine.

Here's what was in my box...

a very sassy purse
a personal journal {tons of detail, I will be making these!}
a devotional book for woman
a book by Sheila Walsh ~ Get Off Your Knees And Pray
the movie Footloose {ahhh the memories!}
a makeup bag filled with...
hand sanitizer
travel size bar of soap,
a mini shower scrunchy
body wash
hand lotion

Holy crow right!??!

Mamarazzi will be hosting another swap soon be sure to go check it out!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Apparently I'm am Asshat because my husband says so!

Babe is in his office doing whatever it is that he does. I'm in mine, working, when an email comes from him. It's linked to the email update he gets from my blog. I see that it's from FMM, the one about how we met. I immediately think awwww he's sent me a love note telling me how much his undying love for me got him through his surgery. How for the last 23 years he has loved being my husband/boyfriend. How grateful he is that I nearly died giving him our two beautiful daughters {true I did}. How there is none other as beautiful as me and that he cannot wait to grow old and grey with me. 


Let me share with you exactly, word for word, what his email said to me.

We met in 1986...not 1996  ass hat...

Yep, that's it. That's what the love of my life had to say to me. I guess the fact that he beat me to the restaurant tonight and had already ordered me a Patron margarita, no salt, will keep him off the couch tonight!

Do you feel the love? 

Seriously just how assholeic is he?!!?

Take a Tour Tuesday

So this weeks tour is of your children's bedrooms. If you want to be a part of the carnival please link your Take a Tour Tuesday post with Mr. Linky, providing he's working today, link back to me somewhere in your post and do your best to visit the other participants. That last rule shouldn't be too difficult since last week there were only 2 people that joined, the rest of you are so on my list! 

Off we go...

This is Honey's room, I love her room! I love it so much that when I had my logo designed for It's Personal I used these colors with the stripes from their bathroom. I'm hoping this look gets us through another year or so but with her almost being a high schooler now, who knows!

She has added the typical teenage collages from miscellaneous teen magazine but since you cannot see them from the door I gave in. The coat tree in the corner was my Pop-Paw's and she uses it to hold her purses, I have no idea where that dang purse obsession comes from!
I ordered these wooded letters of off the Internet, they have since been painted black to match, they were white. I had her choose several words that meant something to her and we hung them on one large wall. There are more in random areas of the room as well.

We had boxes put on her wall, which after seeing Natalie's dining room I'm thinking of doing them somewhere else too, I just love the dimension they add especially with the black paint.

We painted all of her interior doors black, Babe wasn't a fan of that idea but the inside of the house is all mine so I overruled him and had them done anyway. I love them! Honey is a BIG reader and we have run out of room on this little desk area for all of her books. There are boxes full of books upstairs, she refuses to get ride of any of them. We are having a friend come and build a full wall unit with nothing but shelves and a small work area for her and Natalie and I are going to sand her furniture and paint it black over the summer. I will most definitely be sharing all of that as we go!

This is Peanuts room. Can you say PINK? I love bright colors, in case you can't tell. I refuse to be afraid of a little paint. I love the sharp white bead-board and her white furniture~ it's oh so girly! See Jewel guarding her room? There is no way a stranger is coming into their room with that 85 pound Mamma watching! Her sleigh bed is also a trundle which as often as we have other little girls here is such a blessing.

Peanut noticed the cord cover had slipped down but in my quest to keep it real I did not go back and retake the picture. The pale pink lanterns hanging above her bed match her nightstand lamp and the large floor lamp, you gotta love Pottery Bran Kids for all thing girly! I painted the sign above her bed, it has her name on it but I blurred it out for the picture. The armoire is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, I will be crushed when she out grows it!

We just recently moved her furniture around. The flowers behind the mirror were above her bed now they just kinda look silly don't they? I'm thinking the guinea pig cage really adds a touch of class to her decor! If it weren't for my dogs and their love for all things rodent {that's a story for another time}I would have them somewhere else. Maybe I'll make that a ModPodge project with Xazmin, hmm I think I could totally change that and  make it not such a pig with lipstick on!

Her tall dresser was here which is why the flowers are so high, I'm going to have to move the furniture back, but for now it works.

Thanks for taking a tour with me. Now go forth and snap some pictures of your kids bedrooms and hurry back! Next week is the guest bedroom.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Take a Tour Tuesday

I have to say I am very disappointed with all of you! 

I don't care if your house is small, rented or a freaking 7,000 sq ft mansion I want to see it! Now I know I do not even begin to compare to Kellly at Kelly's Korner , she has over 3,000 followers, but she has over 300 people each week participate in her Show Us Where You Live Friday. Last week I had 2. That's sad people. Very, very sad!

So I'm giving you a heads up on what's to come with Take a Tour Tuesday so y'all can be prepared, no more excuses! Think of it this way, you would never show a picture to the world wide web of a room in your house that wasn't clean so this is a perfect opportunity to clean!

May 25th ~ Bedrooms, children's
June 2nd ~ Bedrooms, guest
June 9th ~ Bedrooms, master
June 16th ~ Family room 
June 23rd ~ Kitchen
June 30th ~ Living room
July 7th ~ Office or Den
July 14th ~ Play room or bonus room
July 21st ~ Your choice. What do you want to share? Pool, laundry room, garden, it's up to you. 

Now I want participation people. I'm a very sensitive person, please don't make me cry! 

Happy Monday Y'all!

Friend Makin' Mondays

It's Monday again and thanks to Kasey I have something to look forward to! Please visit her at All that is Good to get all of the details on how to join FFM, you'll be glad you did!

This week in honor of her 7th  anniversary she wants us all to share how we meet our significant other. 

My story is really a Cinderella story...I saw him...I loved him....I married him...we are currently living our happily ever after.

I first saw him while at a teen "night club" in 1996. I had just turned 16 and I thought I was so cool. I was with my friend Todd the first night I saw Babe. Todd was just a friend, after all I had gone out with his brother. His brother, oh dear...Terry was, well there's really no nice way to say it, he was gorgeous but that was about it. Dating him was  like going out with a dry piece of toast and it was over long before it started. Anyway, Todd was sitting on top of the bar and I was leaning on his legs when I looked up to see this boy making an obscene gesture. I ask "who is that"? Todd told me his name, I said he was "a pig". A  few minutes later I asked him to introduce us. He did. We said hi and that was it. He didn't even ask me to dance! Whatevah! He did ask Todd for my number the next day at school, we went to rival high schools, but he didn't call. Apparently Todd gave him my number reversed, the whole "we're just friends" thing was apparently one sided. He claimed it an innocent mistake but since he called me every day I knew better. All week I waited for him to call...nothing. Finally I called him. When his Mom covered the phone and  yelled "hey TT I think it's that girl you've been trying to call all week" I was finally able to take a breath!

We dated for one year and it was wonderful, we rarely even argued, we still don't, and we spent every possible moment together. On my 17th birthday, almost one year into our relationship, he gave me a promise ring. A beautiful solitaire marquise diamond that I wore, with much ridicule from my fellow Seniors, until I exchanged it for my wedding ring 5 years later. We were the couple that was never going to make. I love a freaking challenge! Here we are almost 23 years later!

Just 8 months before our wedding Babe was in a terrible snowmobiling accident and broke his back. I begged the doctor to fix him, to make sure he walked down the isle with me all the while I was reassuring Babe that I would proudly wheel him down if need be. 

On September 5, 1992 Babe stood at the end of the isle I was escorted down. My Mom on one side and my Daddy on the other. My Mom took her seat and my Daddy walked me to his side, lifted my veil and entrusted me to Babe for the rest of my life. We WALKED down the isle as husband and wife and not a day has passed that I have not loved being his wife!

I loved that my Mom was part of  "giving me away". 

This is pulled right from the scrapbook. I so want to do this again. There are so many things I would do different and I'd start with the headpiece and the white tux! Seriously!

In the Spring of '93 we moved to Florida leaving behind my family, his family and our friends. My Grandparents lived 45 minutes from us and he had a few 2nd and 3rd cousins about the same distance away but other than that we were flying our new life solo.

We were together.

We were happy. 

We defined broke!

On August  17, 1994, on my 24th birthday, we had Honey.

On December 21, 1999 we had Peanut.

Today we live happily in this insane house. 

He is my best friend!

Marriage is work but it is so worth working for! Nothing worth having comes easy! We've had our fair share of fights and survived a "hiccup" in 1997. Nothing serious but we learned a lot from it. We choose to use it as a teaching tool and not walk away from the life we had built together.  It taught us to never take one another for granted. To never pass the blame. To take ownership of your own garbage and to always put your spouse first! 

I have to wrap things up by saying happy 51st anniversary to my parent, their anniversary was Saturday. Thanks for the incredible example you have set for me!

This was great idea Kasey...I'm off to cuddle with the love of my life now!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received the same award twice within a few hours the other day. I love bloggyland! It's a place where we as busy women {and men} can come to just get away for a little while. I have been completely sucked into blogging, obsessed at times actually, but I really do love it. I love being able to read a little bit about each of your lives. I love that I can visit with each day while I have my morning cup of coffee. I love that you do not judge me, out loud anyway. I love that when I take a break you tell me how much you miss me. I love that when I'm off my freaking rocker crazy you laugh with me or at me I don't care which as long as you laugh. I just love the whole freaking thing! 

So my two sweet friends, Kelli at Outside My Kitchen Window and Vivienne at The V Spot both gave me this award.

It's the One Lovely Blog Award

Well, exactly what does that mean? By definition Lovely is an adjective that means very pleasant or enjoyable;delightful. 

Humm, does that really describe me? Well if you're asking Kelli or Vivienne apparently it does, man do I have them fooled! If they only really knew me!

If they knew that my head is killing me right now because I just finished yelling at my two beautiful daughters to the point of a near aneurysm would they still find me lovely?

If they saw they way I completely lost it this afternoon when Peanut fell in the pool, completely dressed, completely by accident while at my in-laws just minutes before we had to leave for dinner with friends would they still find me lovely?

If they knew that one of my saggy boobs said to the other earlier today "if we don't get some support soon people are gonna think we're nuts" {thanks Kelly & Sue for that one} would they still find me lovely? 

If they knew that I sometimes totally screen my calls because some days I'm just too consumed with ME to find the time for others would they still find me lovely?

The list of would theys and could theys could go on and on but  that is exactly what blogging is for!  A place to tell it how it is, to keep it real and let it all hang out! I love that! 

So to my very LOVELY friends thank you very much!  

Now I'm supposed to pass this onto some deserving people but I really think we are all deserving of this award for one reason or an another. So if you read this and were able to relate at any level please accept this award, one lovely blogger to another!

And the winner is....

Each participant was given a number in no particular order {thank you Samantha Harris}, those numbers were then entered into The number 35 was generated which which means that eastsidemommy at Idealist meets Reality is the winner!


Eastsidemommy please email me at with your full name and address and don't forget to include the preferences on your frames. Ribbon or no ribbon, yellow chick or blue bird and pink or red Christmas tree. I will have these out to you next week.

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot stay at home Mom looking for love and money?????

Two things..

1. Do I look like I want a job?
2. Does it look like I want a single hot stay at home Mom in my area?

Can someone please explain to me my why I keep getting these emails? I'm sure there are several "well paying at home jobs" out there but really I'm not interested! I'm also well aware that there are several hot woman in my area because most of them are my friends but we really have no desire to hook up even if our husbands beg...continually! Seriously, stop sending me this crap!

Off to shop with Honey and her friend and who knows I just may run onto a single hot woman in the process.

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Freebies w/ Heidi

Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome!

My totally insane friend Heidi at Sacred and Profane has a weekly give away called Friday Freebie. She asked me quite a while back to be a guest host and since I have the complete inability to say no to anyone but my very hot and loving husband here we are!

I hate to let anyone down so the pressure of what to do has nearly put me in the freaking hospital with a hole in the pit of my stomach more than once since I said yes. Seriously, I have been dwelling on this for weeks and have lost precious hours of much needed beauty sleep over this freaking Friday Freebie. No, I'm just messin' with ya but I do want to come through for Hiedi and I want to make this give away so cool that you tell all of your friends to come over to check me out. Then everyone that visits me will go check out Heidi, you see how this works? We are just one freaking happy family living in bloggy-land together.  But I'm tellin' you right now, be prepared to fall on the  floor while holding your who-ha in an attempt not to pee yourself laughing when you visit Heidi. I personally love her Vlogs. Girl can eat a Big Mac like no other! Click on the button below to visit Heidi.

OK we need to pretend this button works, for some reason I cannot get it to link up. So please visit Heidi by clicking HERE or by clicking on the button that looks just like this on my sidebar {sorry Heidi!}

Anyway, the reason why y'all are here is for a Friday Freebie right? RIGHT! 

I know you're dying to find out what I'm giving away, right? RIGHT! 

I'll give you a clue, it's not my husband! For anyone that reads my blog you totally know I DO NOT SHARE my husband although I cannot blame you for wanting to, he is pretty freaking hot! 

Yummy, I know!

Dang, I am so freaking ADHDing right now, I guess the pressure is getting to me more than I thought!

On to the give away...

At 8 a.m. Sunday morning, truth be told it will happen when ever I crawl this 'I hate mornings ass out of bed, I will plug all of the entries into and will announce the winner. So leave me a comment, link to me and Heidi on your blog, let me know if you're a follower, you know the drill.  The more entries you have the higher your chances are of winning so get to steppin'. 

Oh, the prize...

I am working on a 4 pack of picture frames, one for each season. They will be yours just as soon as I finish them. You will have your choice of "to ribbon or not to ribbon". The ribbon is used for hanging and is optional, I have found that some people like to set them in a easel instead of hanging them, it's totally up to you. I do not have a picture of  the Fall frame yet I'm still working on it but it has a scarecrow and pumpkins and a sign that says Happy Fall Y'all {of course it does}. Each 8x10 frame holds a 4x6 picture.

I'm still thinking about the title, it may change, we'll see.

I love the Spring one! I have it with blue birds as well, it's your choice.

This comes with either red or pink accents again, you get to choose.

Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!

Good luck and Happy Friday Y'all!

Slap happy? No not me!

I'm not sure if I've ever shared this or not but I have severe sleep issues. Some girls have irregular periods I have irregular sleep patterns. We all have our crosses to carry.

Asleep on the couch at 9p.m. ~ yep that's me.
Awake reading blogs until 3a.m ~ yep that's me.
Up and ready to go at 7a.m. ~ NO that's never me!

This week I was up until 3:15 on Monday, 1:30 on Tuesday and 12:30 last night. I was awake at 7 each morning, ok 7:15, to get the girls off to school. I am beat. I HATE THIS! This morning I came home from taking the girls to their respective schools and I had 2 hours before I had to be back at Honeys school to volunteer for 3 hours so thought a quick nap would do me some good. I curled up in bed and set my ipod to wake me up at 9:30, giving me 30 minutes to shower and get ready. Thank God my dogs barked and woke me up at...10:15! Holy shit I screamed, I only had 15 minutes to get ready and be at the school! It's a good thing the school is only 3 minutes away but I had to make myself presentable, Honey would kill me if I showed up with bed head still in my jammies! I jumped in the tub and used the dog hose to wash and rinse so I could keep my hair dry. Yes, I said the dog hose, don't judge me people, this is a judgement free zone! I flat ironed my hair, washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed and was out the door in 20 minutes. I applied my makeup while I drove there, I know, I know but whatevah I was freaking late! I didn't even have coffee or the time to run through Sonic. I do however have some hairy-ass legs. I must shave every day! 

I'm now working on some It's Personal pieces for a charity event and for tomorrows Friday Freebie with Heidi, be sure to come back tomorrow I'm guest hosting, and I think my eyes are bleeding. 

As busy as I am and as long as my to-do list sitting in front of me is I still for some unknown reason decided to turn the web-cam on. I was laughing so hard a baby poot snuck out! Sometimes I define stupid. I do feel the need to make you laugh because like I've said time and time again everyone deserves a good laugh everyday even if it's at my expense. So, here you go! 

Scary x-ray effect

Remember the cartoon from the 80's with the Brain?...ha that's me!

I can say this because I have a cousin that's a little person...I so look like a little person!

I volunteer with a lady on the PTSA that looks a lot like this, but her boobs are way bigger and she's not very social!

I'm off to finish painting and hopefully will be in bed by 11. 

Thanks for sticking with me through my insanity!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My swap package arrived and I love everything! Tawnya is such a great gal, I love her outlook on life. She's a real go getter, that's for sure. Go check her out and tell her I said hi!

Girls she nailed it! I love Mexican food! Truth be told I usually stick to just the liquid food but girls she has hooked me up. As luck would have it her husband is Mexican so I now have a box full of wonderful Mexican spices that I have absolutely no idea what to do with...but she promises to walk me through everything since I am somewhat challenged in the Mexican cooking department. My talent with anything Mexican begins and ends with my complete ability to make them stop, drool and stare. I'm not so sure what it is but I am total Mexican eye candy!

My box was packed with goodies...
a huge paper pack to support my scrap-booking habit
a very cool apron of sorts {I am so making more of these!}
Mexican candy
Mexican spices
and pasta

 Tawyna just promise me that whatever this makes it will go with a Margarita and we're all good!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He-Woman Man-Hater Club & Hello Nordstroms, can I speak to the manager of your shoe department please.

I attended a "Ladies" coffee this past Saturday. Last year Natalie and I co-chaired this event with two of our very dear friends. It was ridiculously successful, raising over $5,000 with only 15 {I think} tables. 

Here's the premise. Each table hostess decorates a table and invites 7 of her friends to sit at her table. Coffee or tea is served along with lunch and a dessert. Each attendee brings a gift card to a local discount store or gas station valued at $25. These cards are then passed out to local families in need through The Greater Brandon Community Foundation's Angel Program. It is a great program that helps support over 90 families in our community suffering from cancer or other catastrophic events. It's a great way to raise some money while enjoying a little "girl" time.

I know it's hard to see all of the beautiful tables but I did not bring my camera, so is the best I have, I lifted it from Facebook.

My Mom came with me because she supports everything I do from walking for almost 18 hours on my Relay For Life Team to being me decorating assistant in major events. She is unconditional and my best friend! 

Natalie and I sat at the same table and we both got laid! HA! Obviously it was a luau themed table. She sang at the "Ladies Coffee", and did a wonderful job!

Why all the quotation marks you ask? Good question! It seems that a few men in our  charitable circle found our "Ladies Coffee" offensive. They felt they should have been  included. Now these men are wonderful men. Men that go above and beyond in every situation. These are our go-to men but seriously, this is a freaking "Ladies" event! Oh, for all that is holy in this world take your penis and go cry me a freaking river will ya. I don't ask to play in your charity golf event, or your freaking stupid clay shoot or your poker run! We had to change all of the print from a "Ladies Coffee" to a "Spring Coffee" so they could attend and when I say we I mean me. Since I was in charge of all the print I had to do that and I have to say if you cannot tell I was a bit bitter about it! I was seriously peeved by this. I know money is money but I say if they wanted to be a part of it that bad they should have sponsored a "lady" that would have loved to come to escape life for just a few hours. A "lady" that doesn't have an extra $25 laying around. I don't know, here's an idea, maybe a  "lady" who we are currently helping , a mother of a child battling cancer or the wife of a recently paralyzed husband with 7 home-schooled children to care for {true story}. Now there's a thought! GRRRR!!!!

To make thing even worse they mocked us! OH YES THEY DID! They freaking mocked us! I walked up to the front doors and there was a camping chair in the grassy area near the door with a turkey fryer and a green Coleman's cooler. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? They freaking deep fried their lunch at OUR LADIES COFFEE! And their table! Their table was a complete nightmare! It was decorated like a freaking men's camp ground. They had a stuffed turkey as the centerpiece. Ketchup and mustard in the store brand containers just sitting on the table, they couldn't even step it up notch and buy name brand condiments! Now don't get me wrong I love a good cookout but my Momma taught me that there's a time and place for everything and this my friends was neither! I had to lift this picture off of Facebook too so its not the best but hopefully you can get just a glimpse of the tragedy!

For the record, I am officially going Little Rascals on their asses and forming a 
He-Woman Men Haters club! Wanna join? 

I had to give a 30 second snippet on an upcoming event Natalie and I are doing called Cupcakes and Cocktails. It is a "LADIES" only event were we will wear beautiful cocktail dresses and sip on signature drinks and just be beautiful and girly! Like the coffee the entrance fee will be a gift card that will go to our charity. Great idea huh? This one is all Nat! 

So just prior to sitting down my shoe broke. My very freaking expensive {bought back in the day}, snazzy banana yellow, only been worn twice shoe, from Nordstroms broke! When I say broke I mean it freaking came apart. I almost had a ballerina slipper on the left foot and it sounded like I had on a pair of beach flip flops. 

I was wearing a very cute black and white dress and with these yellow shoes and a yellow clutch, it was just perfect if I don't say so myself!

Then this happened. Are you kidding me?!!? I am so calling Nordstroms as soon as life slows down  just a bit.

So I flip-flopped my way to the front of the room to the podium, which just so happened to be right next to the tacky men's table, to make my announcement. I talked about the event and then calling the culprit by name I told him that it was a "LADIES" only event but that if he really wanted to attend I may have a dress in the back of my closet that would fit him because cocktail dresses and stilettos are mandatory!  

It's a good thing my husband found their humor to be in bad taste or he too would be on my list and right now that's not a good place to be!

Happy Wednesday Y'all! 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wadda ya think?

I have been thinking of doing a home tour and having a Mr. Linky so y'all could join the fun.  I read Kelly's Korner, who doesn't right, and she started a home tour of sorts a few weeks back. I thought I would join hers instead of doing my own but I never got around to it. I have had someone ask me to post pictures of my home so now I'm back to thinking it could be fun. So here's my question, would you like to join me on Take A Tour Tuesday? 

Each Tuesday for the next 9-10 weeks we will Take A Tour of other houses. I love good decorating ideas and this could be the perfect place to find 'em. If we see something we like we could ask all the how and whens. What color paint is that? Where did you buy that? How did you do that? Could be fun huh?!!?

So in alphabetical order we can work our way through our "friends" homes. If you're interested let me know and we'll get started next week. In the mean time I'm going to show you my bathrooms...Ya know I'm gonna go ahead and add Mr. Linky just in case y'all are interested. Please don't leave me hanging like a big fat Bloggy Loser!

We did a remodel last year and the pool bath and the powder bath were redone. I absolutely love my pool bath! It's like freaking bathroom eye candy! I love the powder bath as well, it's very elegant. I've repainted the girls Jack-n-Jill bath a few times, this is my favorite so far, and I love that one too even though it needs new lights desperately! I like, not love, the playroom bath. Peanut is really the only one that goes up there so I let her choose the theme. Now my bathroom is another story ~ I HATE IT!!!! It is the only room in the house that is in it's original condition, we bought our home after the people that built it were forced to move out due to a job loss. I would like to add that these people really had no taste what so ever so in a way it was a blessing. A lot can be done when you're working with a blank canvas, everything was white. White walls, white tile ~ EVERYWHERE you looked you saw white. It was freaking sterile!

Well here we go, week #1 of Take A Tour Tuesday 


This is the pool bath, my favorite room in the house next to my kitchen. I found this glass top vanity at a local furniture store and just had to have it. The room was done 100% around the sink. 
I had the glass tile cut down and used as a border in the entire room but left it full size and raised it on the inside of the shower. On the opposite wall there is a cutout that holds all of the shampoos. I hate the master bath so much, this is my bathroom!

This bathroom is located off of the family room and I hated that the toilet was the first thing seen as you came around the corner. I had our contractor build this half wall to help conceal it. I wanted the wall to also serve as a storage unit, toilet paper, magazines, shampoo etc, but when he gave me the price I said no thanks! 

Here's a close up of the vanity. It's hard to see but under the glass is painted in gold and green metallic paint.  Do you see why I had to have it?!!? Yummy! Oh, all of the drawers but the top are functional and the sides swing open, what a bonus!

The powder bath, I love this one too. Babe is the one that had to have the black toilet and I'm so glad he did, it adds such class to this very small room. The doors open on this vanity as well.

This is located off of the laundry room and next to the staircase that goes to the playroom. We had a wall removed and spindles added during the remodel, you can see the spindles in the mirrors reflection, the black flows nicely here!

The playroom bathroom is upstairs and is hardly ever used. In fact when my family came in town for my parents 50th anniversary my sister informed me there was no hot water up there. At the time we had lived here for 6 years and had never used the tub or shower. Like I said Peanut picked this theme, cute enough for a play room right? Besides who doesn't like to Monkey around a little?!!?

The girls share a bathroom, this is the cause of the majority of their fights. Peanut is 
{or was} a complete clean freak and Honey, well she's just isn't. It's a fairly large bathroom, one would think they could keep to their own side but not so much. I can see that Brady Bunch episode now, maybe a roll of tape is in their future...but who gets the shower and toilet?

I had the bright idea to paint stripes...ummm NEVER AGAIN! They were supposed to be in the shower/toilet area as well, that never happened! I loved this so much that I had my logo for It's Personal done the same way but in different colors. 

The colors are off in the pictures, they are white, black, baby pink and bubble gum pink. They look orangy here, ick! I could not find a shower curtain or window treatments to match so I bought a black shower curtain added some ribbon and tassels to the top and voila. The window treatment is the same I just hemmed the shower curtain to fit. 

The master bath is last. I really do hate this room! It needs a lot of help that just isn't going to happen any time soon. I think If I could just replace the lights, tear out and replace the tile, get new sinks and faucets, new cabinets, re-tile the shower and get a new glass enclosure it would be perfect! The tub is fine, I love the tub!  

It looks a lot like a bowling alley as you walk around the corner. Closets on either side of this very long hallway. What were they thinking, such wasted space! And there's that dreaded window, the one that Babe opens in the morning for the garbage men to see me in all my morning glory!

We have separate sinks which absolutely thrills me! Babe and I are very much like Peanut {me} and Honey {him}. There is usually nothing on my sink but hand soap and my facial wash, his is a blue bloody disaster! Plus he uses enough hairspray that my feet would stick to the floor! There are those beautiful Hollywood bulb lights, you gotta love those!??!

It's hard to tell in the picture but this shower is huge! It's so big that I have chicken skin during my entire shower. Have you ever shaved goose bumps ~ NOT FRIENDLY~ that is why I use the pool bath.

Ahh the tub, I love this tub! It's a sunken garden tub, no jets but that's ok. I just noticed that the towels are uneven, I will have to fix those before I go to bed or I will not be able to rest!  Remember that Julia Roberts movie with that crazy husband? I'm not that bad, although my pantry is alphabetized... 
Well I hope you enjoyed my first Take A Tour Tuesday. I want to see your bathrooms too so please join the fun! Use Mr. Linky to link to your Take A Tour post, link back to my blog in your post and please do your best to visit as many participants as possible. We all love to feel loved!  

Next week...Bedrooms.

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!
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