Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK So I know you heard that.

I'm in my office working on birthday invitations, Honey and I share a birthday and I'm late getting her invites in the mail, and Peanut is watching TV right off of my office. I hate most TV, that is the one thing I'm looking forward to when school resumes, silence.

Anyway, I hear the noise but I'm not listening to it. Peanut comes walking in my office and says...

Peanut-OK so I know you heard that and I want to explain.

Me-Heard what?

P- That word on the TV, you know the inappropriate one.

M-Well, what word was it?

P- S-E-X. But it's totally OK because it's TV14 so they can say things like that {ummm she's freaking 9 1/2}

M- Furrowing of eyes, pursing of lips, tilting of head, total RCA dog.

P- It's Malcolm In The Middle Mom and it's an episode on "the talk".

M- Mmmm-Hhmm

P- You know you can totally trust me right? And that when I'm a teenager you won't need to have that talk with me. Geesh!

M- I think you need to turn that off!

P- No Mom it's just Nick at night.

I'm kind of listening while I work now and a few minutes later I hear the Mom telling her son it's time for the talk. She proceeds to tell him that there are girls that like to spread themselves thin **wink wink**if you know what I mean.


P- Hmmm-Hmmm

A few minutes later a bashful Peanut slinks into my office and says "OK I'm NOT watching this part, how embarrassing"!

I'm totally listening now and the Mom is now telling him about the first time she had her period!


P- Are you serious?

Me- YES ~ NOW!!!

I tell ya It's So Raven has never sounded so good. Disney 365!

What in the world is going on? You know it's bad when Nick at Night goes adult after 10pm. And I thought it was just Show-time and HBO I had to watch out for!

It's Swappin' Time

**This swap is closed. Please watch for my next one!**


I asked you if I should organize a swap or do a give away Tuesday and everyone that answered said "lets do a swap". So guess what? We're doin' a SWAP!

I'm really not sure how this is going to play out but since I can organize {with a little help from my friends} events for 500+ people I think I can pull this off.

Like I said Tuesday, in a few short weeks I will be celebrating my last birthday. Yes I said my last. No I'm not planning on kickin' it any time me soon I just refuse to age any further than 39. Old {not that 40 is old} people have wrinkles, they're cranky, they yell at waitresses, eat something called an early bird and fart toot with no warning. I REFUSE TO AGE ANY MORE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

With all things good there comes rules and stipulations...

**This is not an "I'll sign up and not send my gift" swap. That happened to a friend of mine and for the record whoever you are, you totally suck! Please only sign up if you intend on following all of the rules! There's not many, don't freak.**

1. You must follow my blog.

2. You must resides in the US to join in on the fun, nothing personal I just don't other swappers to have to pay for International shipping.

3. August 13th is the cut off to sign up. That gives everyone 2 weeks to talk this bad boy up, the more the merrier!

4. I will assign everyone a partner and send out the details and a short questionnaire on August 17th.

5. You must grab my Seriously, it's a Birthday Swap! button {that I made all by myself with a little help from Cincinnati Women Bloggers} and write a post about my swap. {Yes, that is Babes Aunt, she's a freaking riot!}

6. Come back to sign up with Mr. Linky using that direct link. If for some reason Mr. Linky still hates me and refuses to work I'll kick it old school and add each of you myself as you sign up in the body of this post. Please pray that Mr. Linky is in a good mood!

7. Your box needs to be in the mail between August 31st and September 2nd. That gives you 2 weeks to fill your box with a little lovin' for your new friend.

8. Please make sure your gift is no less than $20 but no more than $30.

9. Although this is a birthday swap it does not have to have birthday related items in it. Just give something you would like to receive. Read your partners blog, learn their likes and dislikes it's really not that hard. The last thing a bald man wants is shampoo, get my point?

10. Once you have received your gift please take a picture of the contents, post all about it on your blog and then come back and link up for us all to see the wonderful things you got! I will have a post up by September 4th for you to show all of us what you scored, this will also be a good way to tease the non-swappers!

11. Please be sure to include your email on your response or if you prefer to keep it private email me with it at If I cannot contact you via email I will not be able to send you the needed information. Many of you have already commented using a "donotreply" address this will not work!

I have done several swaps and the most successful have been the ones that Mamarazzi has organized. I attribute her success to her extreme organization and contact with her swappers. I will be following her lead so if you sign up be prepared to hear from me...often!

One more thing. I like doing things a little different, a little extra. So I will be randomly choosing one person to get a gift from ME as well! Now how do you like them apples?!!?

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a Statement!

Peanut asked me this morning to sit and watch a movie with her. She wanted to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. Whatever, it was her pick.

We're about 3/4 of the way through the movie, which is very cute by the way, when the Dad says to his daughter..."nothing defines me but you and your Mother".

Peanut asked what that meant. I told her "defining" was what other people saw when they look at you. She says, "ahhh Mommy you define me".

OK does that mean she wants others to see me in her? Oh I hope pray I do her right!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Christmas in July

The ever so fabulous, super adorable, Martha like crafty, Mother to 4 and still barfing pregnant Tanielle at The Polka Dot Daisy is at it again. Because if I were her I would so have the time, energy and desire to plan a give away! But that's exactly what she's doing.

So head on over and check it out and while your at it make sure you enter all of your information under my name so I win, k-pumpkin!

Speaking of give-aways, I'm trying to decide if I should do a give away or try my hand at a swap. What are your thoughts? I would love your opinion! I'm planning on doing "it" mid August in celebration of my 39th birthday because after all I plan on staying 39 for the rest of my life!

Today's schedule includes...scrap-booking{ I have the fever again} afternoon movies with my girls...dinner in the crock pot...more scrap-booking!

Happy Tuesday {again} Y'all!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Get away with the Triangle!

As promised here are a few pictures of my weekend away with Danielle and Rebecca.

Danielle's birthday was yesterday so we took advantage and celebrated her birthday while gone. Danielle is a very monochromatic person, you will find her wearing either jeans or some form of tan bottoms most of the time. Rebecca is the same and usually wears a black top. Can anyone say BORING?!!? So to say shopping for Danielle was a challenge would be an understatement! As I approached the 4th hour of searching I decided to draw up some form of divorce papers for them both if they did not change their boring ways! Honey actually picked out a hideous 80's outfit and said I should give it to her as a joke. I did and you should have seen her face! Rebecca and I did go in and get her several beautiful new tops and I think she was thrilled, so no divorce papers were needed, this year. But I'm sure I will have to threaten divorce again!

I hid the presents downstairs when we first arrived. Do you know Miss Nosey found it and said "oh look there's a present here". I froze. She said "oh, there's a card". I said oh crap! She said "it's to Danielle"! {Danielle just happens to be the fiance to the person that owns the house so she thought it was for the other Danielle}. I thought she was a dumb ass for not figuring it out!

Here's the top, what a beauty huh! The bottoms are black and neon yellow stretch-pants. A classic 80's look that I cannot believe I found at Dillards!

She was a good sport and tried it on for us and because she thinks I will not post the it is!

We went out for a very late dinner and had the best spinach artichoke dip EVER! I swear I'll be making the drive again just for that, it was like appetizer crack! Oh and the margaritas were pretty darn good too!

Here we are after dinner and a few drinks! Even though we were just a few blocks from the house I handed my keys over to Rebecca, our DD, cuz I'm a safety girl!

My Grandparents lived about 15 minutes from where we stayed and since I spent a week there every October and some time there during the summers I remembered a lot of the things on the island. Like sharing a basket of friend clams with my Nannie at the Reel N' Rod. This restaurant leaves much to the imagination, well honestly it's just plain dirty but it's a must do while on Anna Maria Island! {Do you notice their clothes? I love you both!}

The view from the "pier" is wonderful and this was the only visit that I did not get a free dolphins show while there. That's the Sunshine Skyway bridge on the horizon.

Sunday the husbands came out with the girls {we have six, 15-11-9-6-5-1} and we spent the day at the beach. Rebecca had to leave early so it was just the two families, we missed them terribly but since they really don't like the beach {can you imagine} they were fine with it.

Here's Peanut and Danielle's oldest enjoying the sun and sand.

Danielle and her 16 month old.

On the way home we made a slight detour to have dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. This is the sombrero that I had to wear for my birthday dinner a few years back so I thought it only fair that Danielle wore it too. Peanut found it much more fun!

We had a wonderful time and in between all of the eating we did find time for scrap-booking. I was a slacker and didn't get as much done as I had hoped to but it's more than I would have done at home. As Moms we need time away from our children just as much as they need the time away from us, it makes us better Moms. I'm going to try to plan another one in the Fall to celebrate have other Moms to cry with over school starting again! If you're up for a little get away let me know! How much fun would it be to get tighter?!!?

I truly hope y'all are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

I'm baaaaack!

I'm back from my very wonderful time away with my Triangle. We had a great time soaking up some sun, eating, scrap-booking, eating, laughing, catching up, eating. Seriously, I gained 3 pounds in 3 freaking days, I'm back to some serious healthy eating starting today! I will post a few pictures tomorrow but right now I need to wrap this post up and make a MUCH needed trip to the grocery store!

While I was away I was given two very cool awards! Thanks you so much Janine from mzbehavin and funnyrunner from LLOL {Literally Laughing Out Loud}!

I received this one first from LLOL and the rules are to pass this beauty along to 15 of my favorite blogs.

So here we go and just as Samantha Harris would say, in no particular order...

Natalie from The Brocks Rock- One of my in real life BFF's

Vivienne from the V-Spot I know you received this as well from funnyrunner but you're gonna have to just deal with another one!

Janine from Positively Neurotic Me - This chick is fun-nay!

Debi from Girlz A Soul Sista! - Another one of my in real life friends!

Kasey from All That Is Good- this girl so deserves this award! Make sure to visit her Mondays for Friend Makin' Mondays!

Xazmin at This Is The Year- Always inspirational!

Tanielle from The Polka Dot Daisy- She so deserves more than I can give her-like a Morning Sickness Queen button or something!

Jen form Harried Mom of Four- Again she deserves an award for having 4 active kiddos!

Cadance from Our Life In Perfect Cadence- My Red White and Blue swap partner extraordinaire!

Amber from aefilkins- I will so be joining her Extreme Makeover {Me Addition}!

Becca at the Texas Darlings- I love this true blue Texan!

Heidi from Sacred and Profane - This Friday Freebie chick vlogs her nasal cleanings ~ For Real!

Shawn from the Swaneesinger- We share a name and I totally I love her!

Maggie from Sitting On The Mood Swing At The Playground- One of my new favorite "must reads"!

Rhonda at Down Memory Lane- A blog I love to read and a Facebook comment I always appreciate!

WOW! That was a lot of work! I love all of these ladies so please be sure to go check them out!

My next award came from Janine at Positively Neurotic Me. Now she did send me an email first letting me know that this particular award uses the "F" word. Now I'm not proud of this but I have dropped the "F-bomb" more than a few time. However, I do not want to display this on my blog because it is offensive to many plus my parents and daughter read my blog! So I took it and blurred out the bad word and will place it on my sidebar that way. Thank you Janine for thinking of me!

I would like to share this with all of you because I think you are all effing fabulous!

Happy Monday Y'all

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Stand Corrected....

I am making a retraction...

We are at the beautiful house on the beach in Anna Maria Island and I have been corrected by my ever so wonderful friend Rebecca, you know the "be nice" friend.

She would like everyone to know that she has better fashion sense than....wait I'm being corrected as I type. I know, perhaps I should freaking hand her the keyboard...

Introducing REBECCA...

She does not play well with others!

Here's Danielle... Rebecca has been here for 30min. and we have already told us to "be nice" about 3 times. We could have used her reminders today while Shawn & I relaxed on the beach- the endless people watching was priceless. Rebecca wants it known that she {no longer} wears capris & sneakers but that we can announce that she buys shirts at Walmart {occasionally}. I have to go for now because Shawn is so proud of her own humor that she has just pissed herself!

Do you see why I love these girls?!!? I'm off to change my pants!

Happy Thursday Y'all

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get away with the Triangle!

What is a Triangle you ask? A Triangle in my dictionary is Shawn, Danielle and Rebecca! We, Danielle and I, Rebecca is way too nice to be so mean, call ourselves the Triangle because many have tried to enter this friendship and make it a "circle of friends" but it always turns into the "Ring Of Fire". Yep, a Triangle is my favorite shape!

Don't get me wrong all of my friends are friends with one another but the dynamics of this particular friendship work best with just the three of us ~ we are more like sisters than friends. For example

Shawn-Does my ass look huge in this?

Danielle- um Yes take it off and never put it on again!

Rebecca - No! **tisking and rolling eyes at D while telling her to "be nice"** it looks super on you!

R- can I wear this? {capris and tennis shoes}

S&D- **in complete laughter** "Oh Sweetie, we love you and NO!

I love my friends and feel blessed every day that God placed them in my path!

So we are off for a 4 day trip to the beach where we will be soaking up a little sun and doing a ton of scrapbooking {laugh it up Alisa}, scrapbooking until 3 a.m. is so our forte! I'm bringing my Mac, for the pictures of course, but will hopefully sneak a little blog time in here and there.

OK, I'm off to pack ~ here are a few things you will NOT find in this gals luggage...

White cuffed socks and tennis shoes
Capri pants to wear with said shoes and socks
A Banana clip

But you have a pretty good chance of finding...

A Sangria mix or two or three
A bottle of Patron
A how to not be so judgmental self help book or two or three

My very bestest girlfriends in this great big whole wide world who I love more than chocolate or a perfect margarita life itself! {I so love Junie B. Jones she throws proper English to wind and walks on the wild side! I'm gonna start being more like her!}

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

I ♥ Faces

How ironic is it that the I ♥ Faces challenge this week is feet? I did my " I'm fat and feeling sorry for myself" post yesterday and went back a few minutes later to add the picture. I have never participated in I ♥ Faces before but I thought this one was too good to pass up.

Since this is the same picture from yesterday I have edited yesterdays post, it now has a new picture.

Please go check out I ♥ Faces it's such a cool site!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've said it before but this time I mean it...I think

I know I've said this once or twice before but this time I absolutely, positively mean it ~maybe.

We went to the beach today, a family favorite, and I swear a few people mistook me for a beached manatee!

I sat there and read my new book, Dead Until Dark, trying to ignore the uncomfortableness of the rolls hanging over my bating suit. I laid there in a state of denial and it worked for a little while. It worked while I ate the most incredible slice {ok slices} of double decker pizza for dinner and then I got a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. I have back fat! I have freaking back fat hanging over the back of my very adorable black and white tie dye dress. BACK FAT People! Can you hear the little Aflac insurance duck quaking now? I sure as hell can!

I have tried to convince myself that summer is all about taking it easy and eating ice cream on hot days. Who am I freaking kidding I'm a Stay At Home Mom living in Florida. I'm like 5 miles from the equator, taking it easy is part of my "job" and every day is freaking hot here!

I have tried to say it really doesn't bother me that I'm a little "thick". Well it does...a lot!

I've done my best to blame my bad leg on my lack of exercise but it's not gonna feel any better if I just sit around all day eating boxes of Dibs. For the record, I may have to hunt down the person responsible for Dibs, especially the single serving pouches, and inflict some serious personal injury on his or her sorry ass. Those little suckers have two servings in one little bag not one. So the "140 calories" stamped on the bag is nothing more than a big ol' load of crap. Those jokers are adding lumps and bumps to my body where lumps and bumps should never be! {I have a serious blood clotting issue and my veins no longer move the blood back to my heart. Forcing me to wear a very ugly, hot and uncomfortable stocking that goes to my upper thigh every day. Yes, I am too sexy for my stocking}

Maybe I need to move to a colder climate where jeans can be part of my every day attire. I can hide a serious amount of junk in a nice pair of Ms. Me or MEK jeans! Ever hear the expression ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag? Yep, that's me!

Or perhaps I need to stop looking for excuse after excuse for not working out, get back to my healthier diet and lay off the sauce. Sounds easy enough right?

Or I could take drastic measures and just dump all my fashionable skinny friends and start hanging out with those hard core PTA Moms Parents!

Here's a picture from this afternoon. One because I'm not a fan of posts without pictures and two because it's a super cute picture!
**New Picture**
Honey is always such a good sport when it comes to being a prop for my picture addiction. Tell me, how relaxed would you be laying on this beach?!!?
Happy Sunday Y'all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where's Waldo Shawn?

OK so you are never going to guess where I am.

I am at the Florida PTA/PTSA Leadership Conference.

I know right!

I have to say that I do my best to not fit the stereotypical PTA Mom mold even though I serve on the PTA Executive Board at both my girls schools.

Since I am filling the Secretarial role at both schools, something I have never done before, I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn something new.

Boy, I was wrong!

Well, not entirely wrong.

I have learned the following...

I'm much hotter than I give myself credit for.

It is still NEVER OK to wear capri jeans with tennis shoes.

A giant Minnie Mouse head should never be embroidered on a jean overall dress.

My husband is one Lucky Man...clearly!

Some hair salons still give perms.

Some woman have never soaked their feet in a pedi spa.

These people mean business. If the schedule says the meeting starts at 11:15 they mean it starts at 11:15. So you can imagine how well me walking in with a Starbucks Double Shot at 11:23 was received!

Some store is still selling banana clips! I swear, I can't make this crap up!

And that alcohol makes all of the above very funny! But that's just an assumption because I would never sneak off campus with another PTA Mom for a margarita during lunch break...NEVER!

OH, I also learned that if I wear a character in a Captain Underpants book my name would be Poopsie Gizardfanny. Can someone please tell me what the flying fun that has to do with PTA.

By the way, I wore 4" heels all day and was starred down by a few of my fellow PTA Moms wearing the ever so fashionable Birkenstock sandal. I was also informed that I was NOT a PTA Mom I was a PTA Parent...I am so glad that PTA Dad Parent cleared that up for me!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No dictionary needed!

{Beach bums July 14, 2009}

{Doesn't everyone sleep with a 65 pound dog and her baby?
July 4, 2009}

{Lightning strike June 30, 2009}

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can you make it stop....PLEASE!

I really would like it if my world would just slow down a bit.

I know I really have nothing to complain about!

I have a wonderful husband that loves me and that is employed. My children are healthy in every area that really matters. I have a house. I can afford to go to the grocery store. There's the proof that I have nothing to complain about.


You so knew there was gonna be a but didn't you?

Honey was messin' around with her friends Sunday night and stepped on the bracket that holds the closet doors to the floor. She came to me with a huge cut on the bottom of her foot, I'm saying like every bit of 4" long! There were a few places that were pretty deep and I thought she needed to have it stitched. I can over react just a bit even though I stay very calm on the outside. Babe thought it was fine so I said we would go in the morning if it was still bothering her. I ended up taking her in Sunday morning and she did need to have it stitched. I had no idea there was a 12 hour window of opportunity for stitching a wound, this is our first stitching experience in almost 15 years! The doctor said he would put in 2 large stitches to keep it from reopening but had we come in Sunday night he would have given her 7. She is now on crutches because she cannot put any weight on it due to the location and I do believe she's milking it for every ounce it's worth! Can't say that I blame her!

Me and Honey enjoying our Sonic addiction together the day before.

Getting ready for the stitches~she looks all torn up doesn't she!

2 little stitches but that cut goes all the way under her big toe.

She's always wanted a broken leg and crutches~extremely odd I know~I think she has now changed her mind!

I'm done, really I am! But it seems I've once again tagged my sweet friend Xazmin! We really need to set this circus down!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The 7 sides of my heart

I've been tagged a lot since I started blogging. I love being tagged, it reminds me that I have friends out in the bloggy world that thought of me.

The blog world is so very amazing, isn't it? I have connected with so many woman that I truly feel are my friends. Woman I would love nothing more than to sit down with a cup of coffee or margarita and chat for hours with. I was thinking just today when I referenced one of my "friends" that the blog world is a lot like Internet dating, I don't think I will question those relationships again as much.

Anyway, my friend Jen at Harried Mom Of Four has tagged me with something that really is going to take some thought!

I was asked to use as much creativity as I could muster to show my heart in...
a picture
a poem
a song {or piece of music}
a phrase {or quote}
an item of clothing
a place
and a Disney Princess

That's a lot of thinking! Here's what I can come up with.

**A Picture**
I love taking pictures. I have so many that I thought of immediately, my wedding day, the birth of my girls, my family, my dogs but this one won.

This was taken just a short time ago during our trip to the Dominican Republic. It really sums up my relationship with my hubby. Although it's not a very flattering picture of either one of us I love that I'm looking at him the same way I did almost 23 years ago. My Nannie taught me to nurture my relationship with my husband because when my girls are grown and gone if I've always put them before him I will be alone. What wonderful advice!

**A Poem**

This one is very difficult for me as poetry really isn't something I've ever enjoyed. What came to me was a poem I wrote when my Poppaw passed away. I wrote it in calligraphy myself and it sat in a frame next to his casket. When my Nannie passed my Mom gave it to me. Without finding it I believe it ended something like "we will always remember is white hair and blue eyes, please Lord take care of him as he enters Your skies".

**A Song**

Again I thought of my marriage and the song that Babe and I danced to the first time as Mr. & Mrs.

This is evidence that I am a product of the 80's! This isn't the version we danced to but the it's the only one still available for embedding.
o /span>

**A phrase or Quote**

I'm not a big fan of liars. I've had a couple of friends in my life that felt the need to lie about, well, everything, we are no longer friends! Honey is always searching for quotes and writing them down. A few years back I collected several of them and had them printed and framed for her. This is one that stuck with me.

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything...Mark Twain

**An item of clothing**

I have a sweatshirt that my MIL made for me when Honey was 5 months old. It's her little feet and hands made into reindeer and it says Mommies Lil Deer on it~so precious!

However more recently this t-shirt about sums me up!

**A Place**

I love to travel with and without my girls. I love family trips, girls weekends and I love get-a-ways with Babe. I've always said I don't want to go anywhere twice until I've been everywhere once. Babe and I spent about a week there in 2003 with his company and it was just incredible. We stayed in a beautiful cabin. We went white water rafting, hiked for hours, saw snow in June, went fly fishing, yes I fished. I drove through Yellowstone Park while Babe went fishing again {once was enough for me}. I peed in the woods next to a bear paw print and was forced to wear matching American flag shirts while horseback riding with the rest of the people on the trip. Can you imagine 30 people all in matching shirts on horseback? I'm sure we gave the ranch hands a good laugh! Anyway, I would back there in a heart beat, preferably during snow season with the girls so we could ski!

Here's proof that I did fish. I never really touched the fish or the bait but I stood next to the stream with a fly rod in my hand so I say that qualifies as fishing. I'm with the fishing guide, that's nit my hubby. Get a load of the red hair and the extra 30 pounds I had packed on! Dang Gina, step away from the freaking ice cream!

**Disney Princess**
Well my favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, I just love that movie but I wanted to see what one of those online tests would say so I took the Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like test and it says I am Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Hmmm interesting.

So now I get to tag 6 friends to play along. I really cannot choose just 6 of you so please accept this invitation and play along...all of you!

Happy Sunday {Night} Y'all!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the winner is.....

Drum roll please......

The winner of the beautiful dog bed from is....

# 12

Let me tell you how the winner was chosen. Each person that entered was given a number in the order that they commented, if they qualified for more than one entry they were given that many numbers.

Example-Vivienne was the first to leave a comment. She qualified for 2 entries, 1 for leaving a comment and 1 for being a follower so her numbers were 1 & 2. I then entered the number 35 {the total qualifying entries} into and it gave me the number 12.

The number 12 matched up with the 5th person leaving a comment {that wanted to win}. She left me a comment {1 entry}, is a dedicated follower {1 entry}, posted about the contest on her blog {1 entry} and visited and told me her favorite item {1 entry}. Her numbers were 11*12*13*14

So the winner is... Xazmin at This Is The Year !

Please go visit her blog, she's amazing, and tell her congratulations!

**Broken Bones R Us!**

DAD- My Dad had hip replacement June 30th and is doing wonderful, thanks for the prayers! He is making his first journey out of the house tonight, he's coming here for dinner!

Nephew-I wanted to give another update on my nephew, so many of you are emailing me and inquiring I wanted to send an update and a great big THANK YOU for all of the prayers! He is doing much better and is on his 6th day of keeping his arms above his head, he has 9 more days to go!

Newest broken bone- yes there has been another! Honey was babysitting last night when I got a call from her. She was very calm and was handling the situation just as I would {I'm so proud!}. She was watching 3 of the 4 children that she watches on a regular basis and had them on the trampoline...see where this is going...the 5 year old doesn't like to jump but likes to hold onto the net and bounce with her siblings. She came down wrong and rolled her ankle. Honey, who was watching not jumping, carried her inside, applied ice, and called me. I had her call her Mother, I was on a date with my Hubby. A neighbor and good friend {thanks Alisa} came and brought the little girl to the urgent care and waited for the Mom to get here. Poor baby broke her tibia, another bone across her ankle and jammed her heel. The Mom has reassured Honey repeatedly that this would have happened no matter who was home and is not in the slightest bit upset with Honey. I stayed with the sleeping children and a guilt ridden Honey until the parents returned from the hospital at 2:30 this morning. Good surgery! Bad weight on the leg for 3-4 weeks and a hard cast for the next 6-8. This would be yet another reason why Babe HATES trampolines!

Please be safe this weekend! I DO NOT want to hear of any more injuries for a while...I've had my fill!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

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