Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's still crazy around here but really when is it not!

Getting back into the swing of a school schedule and trying to make sure I don't drop the ball with any of my secretarial duties with both schools has been a tough adjustment. Usually the only time I see the number 6 on an alarm clock it has a pm after it but since I have a high-schooler now and she has to be out he door by 7 that has all changed. I'm beat! I can't seem to wake up and have given up my 44oz of Diet Dr. Pepper {again} in hopes of not having to wear clothes from my fat drawer any more so there's no caffeine to help. I'm a freaking mess I tell ya, a freaking mess!

So with my very exhausted brain I'm taking the easy way out and posting about Rogue, he's just so cute and a no brainer to post about.

Today is day 15 with our newest addition and it's been a whirlwind to say the least! I have to admit I actually forgot we had him one day and went off shopping with the girls...for HOURS. Poor baby peed and peed when Babe got home to let him out. I'm such a bad doggy-Mama!

The reason behind getting Rogue was so Deja would have someone to play with and it's worked brilliantly, they truly love one another. He doesn't seem to even notice Jewel and Belle, well Belle I think is his favorite because he can totally torment the piss out of her. So just like any good little brother he does so as often as he can.

I captured him this afternoon in full torment mode, I helped a little for better filming. Now please ignore my annoying voice, why I talk to them with a high pitched twang is beyond me!


I have been working with him for the last 2 days and he is doing wonderful! He comes when called and usually sits when told. Now if I can only get him to use the potty bells to let me know he has to go out that would be great, I'm tired of cleaning up after him!


All that play is simply exhausting, he's too tired to eat.

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What to say, what to say?????

I've been gone for so long and have been so busy that I'm not sure what to post about first!

10 days with my nephew?

New puppy?

First day of school?

Birthday brunch?

Yes, birthday brunch it is!

As you may or may not know I share my birthday with Honey. For the last 15 years it has been all about her with the exception of my 35th surprise party that she helped throw. I'm a big girl and do not need to make a big deal of my birthday, my daughter is the star of that show!

My friends always go out as couples for one an-others birthdays, this year scheduling was next to impossible so my sweet, sweet friend Natalie hosted a birthday brunch in my honor! I have to say I felt so very special and loved and was so very touched with every last detail, her time, energy and love for me was evident!

I sat with 7 of the most important ladies in my life for about 3 hours and just had an incredible afternoon!

Thank you Natalie for opening your home and hosting such a wonderful brunch.

Thank you Mom, Honey, Alisa, Danielle, Pam & Rebecca for being so very special to me!

I love you all!

The table was set so beautifully!

I'm a firm believer in the "little things", they so make a difference!

Personal stationary as a gift for each lady, nice touch!

And I received FABULOUS gifts!

Without these ladies I would be lost!
Natalie, Pam, Danielle, Alisa, me, Honey, Rebecca and my Mom

I love my girl and my Mommy!

Thank you Natalie for your unconditional friendship, my daily dose of crazy and for always keeping it real! I love you!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm on a mission...

OK so I have officially had enough!

I have had a great summer with my girls! We've done a lot of fun activities but sadly most of them included food! Last year I gained 3-4 pounds over the summer and never took it off. This summer I have packed on a whopping 9 pounds. You do the math people! This is not an option! I had to go to the fat drawer this morning for jeans, again, not an option!

School starts tomorrow and so does my routine. Now I'm not a routine kinda girl but I'm gonna give it a try. I'm going to sit down tomorrow in my quiet house and work out some type of schedule, a schedule that will include some time for me to work out and since I'm a SAHM Mom with both kids in school all day that shouldn't be too hard to do! Wish me luck would ya!

In my schedule I'm going to work in blogging. I need to get a grip on this addiction. I was spending way too much time in front of the computer and it took the summer break and spending some time with my nephew to realize how much time I was really spending here and how much I really am ok with less.

I do have some catching up to do and will be back tomorrow with some pictures of V's visit and my beautiful Birthday Brunch that Natalie threw in my honor! I certainly am blessed in the friends department!

I'm off to iron Peanuts pants for school tomorrow and do the prep work for breakfast which includes setting the timer on the coffee pot for the crack O'ASS in the morning. Who gets up at 6am and doesn't mind {that was not directed to you Pam because we all know you're just not right}?!?!

And just because we all need a little cute. What's more cute than babies and puppies? Babies and puppies together of course.

My sweet niece Emma and Rogue-aka the terrorist {more on him later too}.

Rogue thought her toes were tasty!

Happy Late Monday Y'all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We define busy!

I've been a little MIA huh?

School starts in just 5 more days and we are trying to cram as much excitement in these last few days as possible. Plus I've had my nephew here {the one that has two broken wrists} and that has been such a treat that I haven't wanted to hide away in my office.

Peanut had her first Hip Hop class yesterday afternoon and then Honey and I headed to the high school for freshman orientation which was total slap across the face because I am just not old enough to have a high schooler! The Botox proved it, my eyes and forehead are as smooth as those little hootchies walking around in shorts up to there! We have another event at the high school tonight where we walk class to class and meet all of her teachers. That is after I meet Peanuts 4th grade teacher and work the PTA booth at the elementary school but before I head over to the ball field to make sure I have Peanut all registered for fall ball. Deep breathe! I know I'm not alone in this rat race, we all love such hectic lives!

I'm watching Natalie's kiddos for the next two days while she and her hubby head off to enjoy a little alone time for his birthday. Honestly Nat's more worried about Wild Child than Babe and I are. We're sure he's gonna be golden for us! In fact we're so sure that we're taking them with us for a family dinner to Toyko Japanese Steakhouse tomorrow night and then tubing down the Rainbow River all day Saturday! I'm going to buy a waterproof camera today so I can capture all of those memories!

Sunday my sweet friend is having a birthday brunch for me with 7 of my nearest and dearest! I'm so excited to see what all she has planned for me! I'll be sure to post all about it next week!

What else have I been up to? As if all the parties and a teenage boy that can eat double his weight aren't enough!

Tuesday night I surprised the girls with tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert. I have to say that was the loudest concert I have ever been to! I laughed at Danielle when she suggested I wear earplugs. Well I'm sure others were laughing at me when I ripped pieces of napkins and shoved them in my ears! I think it was the screaming girls more than the acoustics, it was crazy! And I thought the girls were loud opening night of Twilight?!!?

Peanut, signing the tour bus. No that's not her number!

Seriously, how beautiful are they?!!?

Too pretty for their own good!

Me and my girl!

We had a blast! Look at those crows feet...oh wait there are NONE!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have Survived!

Well I did it! I survived not one but two birthday parties this weekend. Saturday night we had eighteen 14 & 15 olds here. I think I forgot what teen parties where like.




Then we had our family and closest friends over tonight for dinner. Not just any dinner, Fiesta! Fiesta is something that we have been eating for years. It's usually on the menu at each birthday party and is always eaten when my family is together which sadly doesn't happen often enough.

We had a great day visiting with my nephew V. This is the nephew that broke both his wrists a few weeks back. He posted on Facebook last week that he was bored bored bored. My sister had told him she would share her frequent flyer miles with him if he wanted to make the trip down, he did and so he's here! He wanted to be here for his little cousins birthday {how sweet is he?} so Babe picked him up last night at midnight and when he walked threw the door last night this morning Honey was stunned {she was asleep} and said "what the freak"? Peanut was for the very fist time in all of her 91/2 years SPEECHLESS! V called my Mom from upstairs while she was helping me cook on her cell and was talking to her, she had no clue. When she asked when he was gonna come down to heal in the Florida sun he said turn around. She turned {after some confusion} and just started crying. I love surprises!

It's been a busy couple of days and tomorrow is no different.

Tomorrow is not only my birthday, it's Honeys too. Yes we share a birthday and I love it! I have to be at the high school at 7:15 in the morning to serve the teachers their back to school breakfast, I tried to pull the birthday card but no such luck! Then I'm taking my girl to our favorite sandwich shop in Tampa for a Golden Gate sandwich then it's out to dinner with Babes parents for my birthday. I don't like to share parties with her, that's the one thing that's ALL HER!

Here's a look into the last 2 days.

My beautiful girl on the night of her party.

Her birthday spread, pizzas where in the kitchen.

Which included these amazing cupcakes.
The three amigos started the night off by jumping in with her clothes on. Crazy girls!

Then they ambushed her with cupcakes in the face which turned into a food fight!

Her cake tonight followed the zebra theme and was INCREDIBLE!

I hope all her wishes come true!

V got in the pool and I was a nervous wreck the whole time, those wrists are still healing! Take a look at those scars!

More birthday goodness to come tomorrow....

Happy Sunday Y'all!

~ Fiesta ~
Pinto beans, slow cooked for hours leaving them nice and think and saucy.
Hamburger meat
Shredded lettuce
Diced Tomatoes and onions
Shredded cheddar cheese

It's like a taco salad only way BETTER!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pampered Pooch!

We are so in love with out new little addition that I'm afraid you will be seeing a lot of him in the months to come!

He is a total piss! He grabs hold of my jammie bottoms or my long dresses and shakes his head back and forth while growling. He stands up to Belle and barks back at her. Her chases tennis balls and already thinks he's 80 pounds! Unfortunately he also thinks my wood floors look like grass...

I'm trying to capture him on video barking at Belle because it honestly is the funniest thing ever.

Tomorrow is Honey's 15th birthday party with her friends, I'm having fifteen 14-15 year olds here so I'm off to lock the liquor cabinet. Just kidding they're good kids but I do have a lot of prep work to do. But I have to share some pictures of my new baby!

We need to watch him with Belle, she's old and sick and with her hearing being shot she can't hear him coming. Just like all kids that visit he loves Belle and she is less than tolerant!

He sleeps all night through in his cage but just like a new born goes back to sleep with me after I take him potty. This is Dejas space and her feeling are a bit hurt that she has to share the bed with this new little invasion.

The girls fight over him, he is one pampered pooch!

He loves the tennis ball. I bought 4 mini squeaky balls and he has already broken 2 of them!

After all that playing he's so tired that he eats while laying down!

Seriously! Do you see why we're so in love?!!?

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'll take a little Botox in my birthday box please!

It's my 39th birthday in just a few days and I'm not goin' down without a fight! I am a firm believer in doing what you can to feel better about yourself. Anything from Botox to surgery if it will make me happier with what I see when I look in the mirror then I'm in! Let me just tell ya' that if it weren't for my blood clotting issue I would so have nice set of round perky ta-tas! I'm very envious of my friends that have perfectly perky boobies! I would love nothing more than to not have to search for days for a bra that works with the new backless cocktail dress I bought! I wouldn't go all free and sassy often but on the occasion that it was needed it would be so nice to go braless and not look like Deputy Dogs sister! You know with my eyes all droopy from my boobies pulling my skin down. Speaking of skin! When did mine get so "loose". I mean seriously I don't think it was that long ago that I could apply a nice thin, even line of eye liner on my top lid. Now I have to hold the skin taunt so the wrinkles don't jack it up. WTF?!!?

So this morning as I was getting ready to take Honey for her yearly skin check at the dermatologist {she had abnormal cells on a mole removed when she was 5 and now is a "high risk" melanoma patient, one was taken for biopsy this morning I'll keep you posted} I thought, hmmmm I wonder if they can squeeze me in for a little birthday Botox? Guess what? THEY COULD! I was so excited I could hardly wait to get there! I've have Botox twice before and was thrilled with the results, like I said I'm all about doing something to make me feel better about me! I hate looking in the mirror or at pictures and seeing the proof of my age around my eyes! They gave me a discount because we're such good patience and because it was a birthday present to myself. Now you will not be able to see the full results for 3-5 days but I can already tell on the forehead. This was the first time I did my forehead, I just hate those horizontal wrinkles! I've had a killer headache since it was done but I'm sure I will wake up tomorrow headache free and lovin' my new more youthful looking self! Babe just shakes his head and says "you put rotten mayonnaise in your body."

I thought it would be fun to share what it's like and the doc said she had no problem with it so here ya go...

Check out those crows feet!

and those creases in my forehead!

The needles are very small and only pinch a little but I'll be honest there are a few places that are a little more uncomfortable than others!

The appearance of bug bites is left behind about 15 minutes.

It's worth the results. I'll be sure to show you next week. And Honey took great pleasure in not only taking pictures but video as well. I'm working on editing it so I can show you that too!

Happy Thursday/Friday Ya'll!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Really, what's one more?

Do you have any idea what all this is?

Yep, that's right it's dog training treats, a leash and collar and baby toys!

For what you ask?


We have been wanting another dog for a while now. Belle is hanging in there but honestly every day I expect to lose her, she's 13 with some serious health issues. I dread that day, more for Honey than anyone else Belle is clearly her dog! Jewel had a playmate in Gator, they were best friends and when he died Jewel just didn't recover so we got Deja. The 2 year age difference really is a big deal since Jewel is an old 8. So now we have a 13 year old that just sleeps ALL DAY LONG, an 8 year old that has bad hips and limited energy and Deja my 2 year old bundle of energy that so wants nothing more than to play! So what's a girl to do but get her favorite 2 year old a "toy". We made a 3 hour {one way} drive two weeks ago to look at what seemed to be a promising puppy, it turned out to be nothing more than a waste of time that brought Peanut to tears because she didn't get to bring home a puppy. So I found a local breeder that I trained with when Gator was alive that had a liter with three males that would be ready to come home September 23rd. SOLD! We would have pick of the liter and we were thrilled! Well she called tonight to tell me that she has two nine week old males that she planned on keeping but had made the decision to get rid of one and thought of me first. Babe and I talked it over alone and then with the girls and decided that having him for a few weeks before the girls go back to school would be a bonus so we will be going to pick up Rogue tomorrow afternoon.

After seeing how HOT Channing Tatum was in G. I. Joe the girls and I really wanted to name him Duke but Babe was adamant that we stick with Rogue, our original name and since he will be Babe's only Son I conceded!

But seriously, can you blame us girls for trying? Eye Ca-ca-ca-candy!

Now tell me, is this just not the cutest little puppy face you have ever seen?!!?

I'm way too excited to sleep and just keep hoping and praying that Deja will be equally as excited! Will post all about it tomorrow!

Here's one more just because he's just so freaking adorable!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shark attack? ~ well maybe not!

I'm back from the beach a little early and sadly will not be returning to that resort again. Ever! Here's why...

**No parking for car #2. We always park 2 cars since Babe comes straight from work to meet us. They wanted him, or me, to park at the public beach access or the CVS across the street. Babe is in the car business and was driving a car that was, lets just say pricey!

**Our room was only for one night, they were booked for the second. WTF?

**They were doing maintenance on the room either next door or above us complete with drills and saws at freaking 7 a.m! {lunch for 4 was their attempt at pleasing me}

**No clean plates at the breakfast buffet and when Babe told the waitress I thought she was gonna tell us to just use our hands. RUDE!

**Only 1 beach cabana per room not 2 like last year. 4 people, 4 asses, 2 chairs. I'm no math wizard but that doesn't add up. Cabana #2 ~ $30 for the day!

**Super huge, very cool, water slide, the reason we come really. $2 per ride or $20 for an all day pass. Peanut rides it until she can't catch her breath, it keeps her busy allowing Babe and I to relax in the sun. This year, ya know since we all have so much extra money sitting around from our ever so booming economy the price went up to $35!

**The pool that we only visit when Peanuts whining has gotten the better of me was cloudy. Can you say Yuck?!!? And Why?!!?

**Our room key was deactivated before checkout making a trip to the ATM and the need to carry cash a must.

**OH it gets better. They charge an additional $25 resort fee for the amenities! So glad I paid extra to walk on those scalding hot brick pavers to and from the questionably sanitary pool!

Anyway we made the best of it because after all we were together. I was with my favorite people at my favorite place. 'nough said!

No wonderful pictures of less than perfect bodies in less than adequate bathing suits to share this year. It seems the military convention that over took all of the rooms and parking were staying inside and not using the beach.

I did however offer a little show while riding the slide with Peanut and Honey. I'm not comfortable in a bathing suit so for me to take my cover up off and walk all the way to the slide, get hosed down by a 17 year old boy who I'm sure was thinking "Holy Crap you can have dimples there!?" and then shamefully climb 50 inflatable stairs to the top of the slide was really not my idea of fun but I like to think I'm a good Mom so I did just that. Let me just add that by the time I got to the top I was breathing heavy and actually thought I was gonna pass out, it was so freaking hot! I pulled the "no it's OK, let the little kids go first" card while I caught my breath. The slide was a ton of fun, in fact if they had a chair lift to get my outta shape behind back up there I may have considered purchasing a wrist band for myself! So I come flying down the slide with no control landing all the way at the end. I hear Babe and Peanut just cackling and I feel my bottoms all.the.way.down. but I do not have the ability to pull them up! I just laid there praying that the crowd of people that gather to watch didn't just see my exposed ass! My darling hubby was of course there to capture this Wonder Mom moment.

This photo has been cropped for your safety!

Costs of a beach side resort for 24 hours ~ too much!

Cost of sitting beach side one ass to a chair ~ way too much!

Cost of seeing your Mom sliding out of control, ass exposed ~ PRICELESS!

Honey was way too cool for the slide but did go down once with me.

Peanut is just crazy! I think the only thing touching the slide here is a small part of her left arm.

My girls have gills and we love to swim. We usually swim out the the sand bar and hang out there for a while. This time was really no different we played football until my arms aches today and just had a great time being together! I do have to say that after reading all about Vivienne's near death experience with the shark {go here for the whole story}I was a little more cautious while in the ocean. Well OK honestly I never gave it a second thought because after all I had with me my ever so strong hubby that would undoubtedly rescue us all from the hungry jaws of any shark!

I did see flashes of poor Vivienne swimming for her life as we were leaving and could not resist taking this picture.

I also have to admit that I emailed her telling her that I was attacked by a shark while gone and that I would post all about it today. She, being the sweetheart that she is, emailed back immediately with such concern for not just me but my girls that I had to let her off the hook. Sorry Viv for being, I quote, A TURD but I just couldn't resist!

One last thing. Don't forget to sign up for the SWAP, there's only a few days left before it's closed. And if you've signed up but haven't followed all the "rules" please do so before I'm forced to remove your name. You can email me at
with any questions.

Happy Monday Y'all!
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