Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Could it be fall?

Fall in Florida is a state of mind. I create it with pumpkin spice candles, cinnamon broom sticks, fall decorations and jars of candy corn. We have still had highs in the low 90's this week and with the air being out for almost 4 days I was not a happy person!

Peanut looked at Weather Bug on her ipod the other day and was beyond excited when see saw we would have temperatures in the mid 60's this week. Now 60's here are fabulous since it is usually accompanied with low to no humidity which NEVER happens! Peanut woke this morning complaining of being hot, I had already been outside with Honey so I knew better. I could literally see the wheels turning as she remembered the weather report and ran to the door to check the temperature. Her face lit up and she threw her arms above her head and yelled "YES, it's winter"! How funny is it that my little Floridian truly believes 64 degrees to be winter? I know someone who has forgotten what true winter feels like {she was only 6 when we went took her snow skiing} and is in for a rude awakening when we celebrate Thanksgiving in Illinois and Wisconsin!

I love this time of year! I can actually open all the doors and windows for a few hours in the morning and enjoy the smell of fresh outside air. The down side is I have 4 dogs who love to bark at and chase anything that even thinks of coming near our yard and with the 3 mile walking/biking/jogging trail going through our backyard that's constant! I have yet to train Rogue with the electric fence which means I had to barricade the doggy doors to keep him from wandering the neighborhood. This had made the bigger dogs very unhappy increasing the barking which I did not think was possible! I also have to worry about Deja jumping in the pool and having direct access to the house, there's always a catch isn't there!

I love my pool area, it's one of my favorite places in the house. It's open and spacious it needs an outdoor kitchen but I guess you can't have it all. Babe has done a great job making it look tropical, he's always trying to keep up with the Jones' Johnson's.

This morning I went around opening the sliding glass doors then I locked and moved something in front of the doggy doors to keep the dogs on the lanai. As I moved the outdoor cooler I discovered a snake skin! Now I HATE snakes and you would think that with a screen enclosure and 4 dogs we wouldn't have a snake problem but we have snakes all of the time! Peanut will not even jump in the pool without checking the skimmer baskets first!

So all day while I enjoy the cooler temperature I will be looking over my shoulder waiting for that snake to rear his ugly head!

My bedroom has a large slider and the living and dining rooms have 3 panel pocket sliders. When they are all open the back half of the house is almost completely open.

Now this is a small snake but it's still a freaking snake and is it just me or does that pointy tail-end look like it cool have held a rattler? It's a good thing Deja hates them as much as I do and traps them in a corner barking continually until I can catch them!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Seriously, how long has it been since I've done a FMM post?

Amber is still helping out Kasey and I am so grateful, I love Friend Makin' Mondays!

This week Amber wants to know what can you not live without?

The smack you across the face obvious is God, my husband, my daughters, my family, my friends and my dogs. Those are such no-brainers that I'm not even including them.

So here we go, in no particular order...kind of

Sonic's Diet Dr. Pepper. 'NOUGH SAID!

A sense of humor, life is way to serious. Relax, have fun and laugh even if it's at yourself!

Clean sheets. But not just any sheets. The must be a minimum 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. What can I say, I'm a sheet snob! Some things you just have to pay for and great sheets are one of those things!

Lip gloss. I have to have something on my lip at.all.times. Honey introduced me to Smashbox a few months ago and it's my new favorite. I wear Barley There {not the real name. I just made that up, I'm way too lazy to get up to check}.

There are so many things that I think I cannot live without but at the end of the day they're just things! Right? Health, happiness, love, family, now those I truly CANNOT live without!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Personal

Who doesn't love a little zebra?!!?

I recently did an order for someone that wanted a little zebra without going over the top with it. I think I took care of her desire to walk on the wild side. What do you think?

I painted two 12x12 canvases to hang on either side of this but did not take a picture of them. I also painted a huge H with a scrolly border around it on her bedroom wall. Her Daddy trimmed it out in glossy black trim and it looks amazing! I will get a picture soon and show you the finished look.

She had a birthday party shortly after and I did her canvases and wanted to stick with the zebra theme. I made the invitations and the party favor bags to match. They were filled with spa related items and turned out just precious!

I've been busy with orders, most of which have been picture frames, I love painting these because they're each unique. They make a perfect gift and don't break the bank! Here's a few that I've done this week.

Teacher birthday

First birthday

Friend birthday

Baby shower

The Christmas orders have started to come in so I'm off to paint. But first tell me this, what does a Gator fan do when a Tennessee Volunteer order comes in? I think I may hide a Gator head behind the backing, they'll never know but I will!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Does Daddy's have one too?

Conversations like this happen all of the time here at the Seriously house but I never remember them long enough to share. This one I had to document right away!

Let me set it up for ya. Peanut is sitting on the floor rubbing Rogues belly and giving him some much needed love since he's still not feeling too hot. The rest of us are still sitting around the dinner table enjoying a very yummy Chicken Parmesan dinner.

Peanut: Hey Mom you know that thing that hangs down by Rogues belly?

Me: ummmm yes. Please remember that we have 3 female dogs and that our beloved Gator died when she was only 6.

Honey is now covering her face in anticipation of what's to come and Babe is clearing his plate trying to ignore the curious questions coming from his innocent little 9 year old.

P: You know the thing that's attached to his belly that has like a line that goes all the way to his, ummm, you know, butt?

Me: hmmmm, what?

P: OK. OK. OK. You know how sometimes there's a pink thing that hangs out?

Me: Yes, I know what you're talking about.

P: OK. I'm not talking about the pink thing, I'm talking about the part of him that is attached to his body that hangs. But what is that pink thing anyway?

Me: Well, the pink thing is his penis.

P: What? That's his penis? Then what's this? {pointing to the area of anatomy in question}.

Now Babe is standing there dumbstruck and Honey is really doing her best not to burst out laughing.

Me: Well, that's the skin that holds his penis. His penis is inside of it.

P: Wait, I'm confused!

Me: It's like a sleeping bag for his penis {thanks Amy}.

P: Oh. Oh. Oh. I get it now. Does Daddy have a sleeping bag too?

Honey can no longer contain herself and starts to cackle. Babe, in complete horror, put his hands up and says loudly "enough, enough, enough! We're NOT even having this conversation, I'm going to watch TV"!

P: Well, does he?

Softball, there ain't nothin' soft about it!

Peanut has tried to find a sport that she both loved and that didn't hurt her tender little ankles since she was forced to stop ice skating. This season we're trying softball and hip hop.

She seems to love softball and as long as she doesn't become gender confused I'm fine with it. Please don't get me wrong and send me hate mail, I would love my daughter no matter what I just would prefer that she follow the path that God designed for her when He made her female! There are a lot of girls that play, I know a few, that are girly-girls. But there are more than a handful that I believe have a pin up poster of Chastity Chaz Bono in their room. I'm just sayin'!

Anyway, she is loving her new sport and she has embraced it with all the high strung energy and enthusiasm that defines her.

I believe her coach thinks he's grooming the next Woman's Softball Olympic team. We have practice every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30, Fridays 5:30-6:30 and Saturdays 4:30-5:30. A little much, no? Her first game is Saturday and then that will all change.

She has quite the arm and is very determined a good combination. She is the most inexperienced girl on the team and refuses to embarrass herself. As a result she and her Daddy have been working hard to fine tune a few things.

She wasn't going to let a little rain stop her practice time with Daddy when he came home early today.

I'm a woman that trusts her husband completely. I stood right over his shoulder and told her to aim for me.

Catching the pop fly is not her favorite thing. When I asked her why she was afraid of the ball and what was the worse thing that could happen she said "ummm, duh the ball could smack me in the face". Fair enough!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A new look

Can you tell I get bored easily?

As a child I would move my bedroom furniture around all the time. I also remember taking my little painters pallet, you know the Crayola 8 color watercolor set, and painting a rainbow across my entire wall. If one of my girls did that I would lose me ever lovin' head! I guess I get it honestly, I can remember coming home from school and not being able to find a thing because my Mom had moved around the entire house while I was at school. She would also repaint an entire room, take the mini blinds and drapes down wash them and have them back up all while she ran an in home day care center with upwards to 15 little ones! Did I mention the walls and baseboards would also be washed with a hot bucket of Spic n' Span? Maybe that's why I'm so lazy, she wore me out just watching! She's 69, has killer arthritis and still runs circles around me!

I digress...

So I wanted a new look for my blog, something a little more fall and I really wanted a 3 column layout, I just didn't know how to do it! While I searched I found Three Column Blogger and it was as easy as 1-2-3, I like to give credit where credit is due you know! So go check it out!

Not Me Monday!

I love MckMama but then who doesn't right! Thank you MckMama for this wonderful NOT ME MONDAY we go.

Nope it's NOT me sitting here in front of my beloved Mac blogging while I have two sicks girls in the adjacent room.

I'm no morning person, I have said that a million times before and will say it again a million times more I'm sure! So when the phone rang at 6am this freaking morning it was NOT me that rolled back over and said 'SERIOUSLY, is it that time already'!??! It also was NOT me that rolled the phone up in the padding of the comforter to quiet the ringing when it rang a second time at 6:15 making sure I had gotten up. And when my oldest came in begging to go back to bed instead of going to school because she feels like absolute butt I did NOT internally jump for joy that I did not have to get up! No that would be totally selfish and bad Mothering to silently be ?happy? that your child is sick not to mention just plain wrong!

When the phone rang again at 7, telling me it was time to get Peanut up and ready for school I did NOT beg and plead the good Lord above to stop the clocks for just 5 more minutes! I also did NOT lay in bed for another 10 minutes causing us to be rushed. Nope NOT this Mama!

It also was NOT me that drove Peanut to school, got to the carpool drop off line, saw her color suddenly go from a healthy pink to a clammy white and hear her cry "I'm gonna be sick". I also did NOT reach quickly into the back seat and grab the bag I keep for garbage and throw it on her lap so she would not puke in my clean car. It was NOT me that left the poor patrol standing there in complete 5th grade confusion as I quickly put the car back into drive and drove off with said sick child still sitting in the front seat, tears streaming down her little cheeks. Again, NOT me!

It was NOT me that called the doctor to make a "sick same day visit" for Honey since she is now on day 20 of being sick! It's definitely NOT me that is over having a sick child! Poor thing is miserable! I'm also NOT over the fact that it's "just a cold", something more is going on.

I'm NOT wearing the same thing I had on last night and the shirt is NOT only the same shirt that I wore yesterday but also slept in last night because not only is that gross but it borders unsanitary. I do NOT still have yesterdays mascara on that is flaking on the puffy bags under my eyes. I do NOT have yesterdays hair pulled up in the front in a clip with the back cowlick all catewonkis and I did NOT just use a made up word. I do NOT plan on forgetting that today is cleaning day. I do NOT plan on not washing my sheets today but instead waiting until tomorrow so Babe can enjoy the heavenly fresh sheets with me and that is NOT just an excuse to not do the wash today. I do NOT plan on tonight's dinner being "fend" because a bowl of cereal for growing girls would be wrong since it offers no nutritional value!

I also did NOT come out of my office to check on Peanut to find Jewel all curled up with her. She is NOT the sweetest dog in the world and does NOT know when something is not right. I do NOT love that dog like she's another child!

Come on, have you ever seen anything sweeter?

And finally I am NOT wishing you a very
Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm always a day late and a dollar short!

Slacker, yep that's me!

I've lost my boggin' mo-jo! I'm not in the swing of things and I hate it!

I miss my time venting in front of this beautiful illuminated screen. I miss the connection I share with all my fellow bloggers. I don't however miss the taunting an teasing from my non-blogging friends because you know what I DON'T have anything better to do with my time! So you you know what? POOP ON YOU! I still love each one of you and I really do have plenty to do and I don't have too much time on my hands I just love blogging! So I'm currently searching for balance.

It seems as of late my blog has been nothing but a pity party for one! Nothing but a poor is me bunch of crap. So today, on this beautiful Sunday morning I'm sharing some good stuff!

I just returned from a short weekend trip with my girlfriends where we were blessed with the opportunity to be taught a little Jesus at the Deeper Still conference from Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and the amazing Beth Moore herself. We began each session with an amazing worship time lead by Travis Cottrell and let me tell you he rocked the house! Never did I think you could take an old Southern Baptist hymn, you know the one "please turn your hymnals to page 857, we'll be singing stanzas 1 & 2" and make it current and give thousands of woman {and a few brave men} the chance to! It was uplifting. The words were spoken directly to me. It was a needed short break and the hotel was FREE! Yes, F-R-E-E! After complaining nicely to the right person, no need to tell your story twice to someone who does not hold the power, our room charges were reversed. I was sure to hold my Bible while complaining as to not forget the reason behind my trip and who I was ultimately representing! The manager was more than apologetic, very friendly and made us pay for only our room service. So here's to you Mr.Orlando Marriott Hotel Manager man, YOU ROCK!

I've lost 10 pounds and it hasn't been able to find me!

The pile of dog medicine is more than half way gone!

And my last good thing for the day is this.

The hysterically funny Vivienne gave me this award back in August and I'm just now getting to it, please forgive a girl Viv! I need to pass it onto 4 others, no hoop jumping this time just plain ol' sharing. So here ya go, I'd like to share this with

JennyKate at This That and the Other because this award makes me think Twilight and she's fanatical!

Jen at Harried Mom of Four because she's finally out of the Twilight closet!

Natalie at The Brocks Rock because she's a closet Tru Blood fan


Kristen at...and all that Hoopla because she just plain deserves it!

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm stuck in Quick Sand!

I so feel like I've walked right into a huge quicksand trap! I can feel the sand rapidly traveling up to my waist, soon it will be chest level making breathing a little more difficult and eventually it will be over my head!

What do you do when you're sinking in quick sand?

I so wish I had someone standing on firm ground I could throw a rope to! But you know what I have discovered? I have surrounded myself with others just like me and we're all in that same freaking quicksand trap and we're all looking for someone to throw a rope to!

We all don't know how to say no.

We all take on too much in the name of "doing good".

We all burn the candle at both ends and take our exhaustion out on those we love and cherish the most.

We all do it!

Don't we?

If you are one of those Super Moms that can juggle 15 balls while frying the bacon more power to ya and send me your secret will ya!

I told my Mom 3 weeks ago, ' I promise I'll have more time as soon as school starts'. Never have I been more wrong!

Schools on it's third week and I'm treading water here. I truly believe once I get all my Secretarial things in order at both schools it will slow down but right now I'm trying to become acquainted with my job duties and do them to a level of excellence so that I can be proud of what I do. I do not like mediocracy!

Add to all of that a sudden rush in It's Personal orders {NO complaints there} and a puppy that is being more puppy than I can deal with! It's no wonder I have a zit on my chin that NASA has mistaken for a new planet and my shower drain is full of the hair that's falling out of my head!

The latest in the ongoing Rogue saga...

Holy medicine Bay-Man!

Yep, $300 worth to be exact. It seems that my little bundle of energy with ears that will not stay up has come down with Giardia. We have had an unusual amount of rain this summer and as a result the vet said the cases of Giardi have gone through the roof! Now he could have caught it from one of the healthy adults that's a carrier and since he's so little it made him sick or he could have caught it from drinking from a puddle or cleaning his wet paws. How really doesn't matter we just need to fix him. He has diarrhea that goes beyond any description of stink I can come up with, thankfully this morning after just one dose of medicine it had dramatically improved!

As a result of him having this ALL dogs must be treated. ALL dogs must be bathed. ALL bedding must be sterilized. ALL floors must be sterilized. ETC...ETC...ETC...

Now lets add this to the mix. While at the vet he started to throw up, something he had not done yet. What came out? Go ahead humor me and take a guess!

Not one but TWO socks!

Did I buy a dog or a goat?

Luckily my vet has a new puppy that also likes socks so she is more than understanding and says it happens more than you'd think. Ummm NOT TO ME IT DOESN'T!

So once again the girls got a lecture about keeping items off the floor and their bedroom doors closed until he has outgrown this stage. OH Lordy I hope that's soon!

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Beth Moore conference and am so looking forward to a little time away with my favorite ladies. Would it be wrong to pray hard that I return to a 100% potty train puppy that hasn't eaten anything other than his kibble?

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's finally up?

Well at least one is anyway.

He's been holding one ear up at a time for just a minute or so, it must be so exhausting! I can't wait for them both to be up all of the time!

He's just a mess, but we love him!

He still is mistaking my floors for grass. I can take him outside every 20 minutes and sit there for 5-10 minutes and he will not poop, pee is no problem, but as soon as he comes in the house or is on the pool deck he goes! It's really making me crazy! I guess it's that whole "boy thing".

He's not a big chewer, although he did get the lever to the recliner.

He comes when called, usually.

He's scared to death of the pool and while I was grocery shopping last night he was given a bath and I guess he's no fan of that either!

We had our first big scare with him last night, it's a good thing I came home when I did! I wish I had thought to take a picture of what I pulled from his throat, yes pulled from his throat! I came home and Peanut greeted me with a call "CALL MISS ELLEN {our vet} Rogue has gum, pink gum and it wasn't me because I don't chew pink gum".


I come around the corner and Babe and Honey are struggling to hold him down to see what's in his mouth. I sit on the floor, at this point not worried, and see what appears to be an Airhead stuck to his teeth and the side of his mouth. Now, he's one strong and scrappy 24 pound puppy, it took Babe and I together to hold him down and pry his mouth open. I was finally able to grab hold of the mystery pink stuff and pull. It didn't move. I grabbed a gain and pulled a little harder. Still nothing. At this point Babe is afraid of hurting his jaw and I'm terrified of pulling his throat, lungs, intestines or whatever out his mouth while the girls watch in horror. I pull a little harder and it's as if I'm a freaking magician, it just keeps coming and coming! Y'all, I pulled out a pair of panties! Yes, dude tried to eat panties! There was only about 1 1/2" of fabric in his mouth the rest was already down his throat!

I called the vet and she said to watch him but that he should be just fine, hers eats socks all the time! Really do I have a puppy or a goat?

We then had a talk with the girls about the importance of putting things where they belong! Having a puppy is so much like having a baby running amuck, it's so easy to forget.

He's keeping me busy that's for sure!

It's a good thing he's so darned cute!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love my dogs but come on!


We went shopping today looking for the stuff to make our own urn style feeders. We found earns that would work but only 2 stainless steel bowls. While searching online for 2 more matching bowls I found the original ones I wanted for MUCH LESS than I can make them for! Where was this place last night when I was endlessly searching for them for cheaper? If you're an animal lover go check out


Having four dogs and a mild case of OCD can prove to be a challenge during feeding time. The bowls must match and be on coordinating mats so they don't scoot across the wood floor scratching it.

When we added Rogue to the mix I had Dejas puppy bowl that matched the other three so Rogue has been using that. I have gone back to Petsmart several times looking for another matching mat and the larger such luck!

Last week an overzealous Deja knocked her bowl off the counter breaking it into a million pieces. Great, now I need 2 new bowls.

Back to Petsmart again, surly they have gotten bowls in by now. Nope not so much. And guess what? That's a pattern they will no longer be carrying. SUPER!

Are you freaking kidding me?

So it looks like I will be buying 4 new bowls and mats.

Because I have large breed dogs that have a high risk of bloat they really should be eating from elevated bowls. So, OK I'll get them elevated bowls this time around.

While searching on line I found the most beautiful dog bowls I have ever seen! Yes, I said beautiful. It's like a decorating piece not a dog feeder. It's something I could actually leave out and not hate looking at every day.

Don't you agree?
I'm all set to buy 4 of the black ones, since my dogs are in the large/extra large category, until I see the price.

Those suckers are $79.99...EACH!

I swear some people have more money than sense cents!

I'm now on the lookout for potpourri holders or candle sticks that I can transform into these. In the mean time Deja will eat from the stainless steel mixing bowl pulled from the cabinet and Rogue will continue to eat from the puppy dish.

My search also lead me to some pretty outrageous bowls. My personal favorite is the Bark-A-Rita bowl. It even comes with a plush squeaky lime! Instead of a candle stick maybe a trip to the local Pottery Patch is needed?!?

Poor, poor, deprived pooches!

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

2 down 2 NOT to go!

Well it's official the ick has reared it's ugly head at the Seriously house!

Honey has not been feeling to hot for the last 3-4 days. She went to bed Wednesday night faking being OK so she could go the the football game last night to watch her BFF cheer, no school no activities. She woke yesterday talking through cotton balls and generally feeling like junk.

Babe woke yesterday and the first words out of his mouth were "Oh No, I'm getting sick". He stayed home from work, something he never does and actually went to the doctor, 2 signs that he really IS sick. The doctor somehow diagnosed him with the flu with no formal test, that's still a mystery to me but hey I don't have the letters MD after my name so who am I to say anything. Does anyone else her the quack of a duck?

A trip to the doctor after school yesterday for Honey produced negative strep and flu tests just a bad cold, a flu shot for each girl {oh what a thrilled Peanut I had} and a very pissed off 15 year old when per Mamma's orders she was not allowed to go to the football game.

I wake up this morning eat a piece of bacon and take both a vitamin C and a Zinc because I cannot get sick!

Babe takes Honey to school and calls ten minutes later to find out where the clinic is, she has thrown up and needs to come home. OH NO!

Peanut hears this and quickly runs to her sisters room to unmake her bed and pull the covers back so she can come home and crawl right in. It's moments like these that I know I have done something right!

I now feel nauseous and a little light headed and have to lay on the couch.

Peanut she's me and says "Oh great, I'm not coming home from school today!"

I take Peanut to school, feeling much better but a sore throat is a brewin', return home to Honey in bed mortified that she threw up at school. Being the girl, the freshman girl, that threw up at school is not a good thing so I was relieved to find out that at least she made it to the bathroom! On the plus side she looks a little better than death which is always a good thing!

Babe is home for his second day still feeling like crud and watching TV way too loud. Who new the flu also affected your hearing? He's taking his Tamiflu and laying low all day, lucky me!

I'm on round 2 with my fight against the laundry, have started the dishwasher, made the beds, fed the dogs, emptied the garbage and it's ony 8:30!

I'm way to busy to get sick. I have a vet appointment with Rogue in an hour, have SEVERAL It's Personal orders that must be finished today, minutes from 2 PTA meetings that have to be typed and distributed and softball practice tonight. So please say this with me...



Happy and HEALTHY Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wanted- The safe return of my Blog-Groove!

For the past, I don't know 4 weeks, I have been in a total blog slump.

My life is boring and monotonous. I do the same tasks everyday and none of them are very sexy or blog worthy.

School is totally kicking my ass! I am NOT a morning person so when the phone rings at 6:15 to wake me up I all but curl into the fetal position and beg for it to stop!

The puppy is good, I love him to death but I never thought it was possible for anyone or anything to pee more than me! I'm constantly standing outside in the blazing hot sun watching dogs do their business while doing the pee-pee dance.

I'm straight-up exhausted just looking at my calendar and to-do list! God bless you Moms who have more than 2! How do you do it?

We're 10 days into September and I don't have my Fall decorations out yet. In Florida, season changes just don't exist they must be created!

Dealing with a family in Peanuts class that does not celebrate ANYTHING and therefore believe the other 19 kids should not either is going to prove to be a huge challenge for this homeroom Mom!

Really? Non of that makes for a tantalizing read! So please be patient while I'm searching for my blog-groove. If I'm not mistaken I left it with my sanity and I'm so hoping they both turn up soon!

In the mean time I will share with you a quote from the beautiful album that Becca sent me in my Birthday Swap package and call it a night! She hand wrote quotes and Bible verses and put them in an album for me to read~"Quotes to Live By~how sweet was that?!!? I think the very first one she put in there is absolutely perfect for me right now! Thanks Becca, you are a wonderful person and I so appreciate your friendship!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...

It's learning to DANCE in the rain...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love a good deal!

So we are really wanting to get away this Thanksgiving and since I have not been "home" for any Holiday in almost 16 years we're heading north!

It was Babes idea to go back to our stompin' ground and hang with the family and visit old friends. I thought it wouldn't happen, you just don't book airline tickets for 4 over a Holiday without breaking the bank!

Well, our trip was so meant to be! Babe checked his email first thing this morning when he got in the office and for some reason he also checked his spam. Do you know what was in there? An email from offering specials to and from our exact cities! Now tell me that was not meant to be?!!?

He jumped all over that special with his cat like reflexes! We book 4 direct flights, and not at crazy hours, for the price of 2! I'm am so thrilled to sit around a table for Thanksgiving dinner with MY family! I'm tellin' ya my sisters and brother and the rest of the gang are just what I need!

The girls are so excited to spend 9 days with their family, they can hardly stand it! Hey, Aunt LaLa, a count down calendar would be pretty cool for you know who, she's already driving me batty!

With 4 dogs to leave behind kenneling would cost more than the trip itself so traveling would not be an option without my parents. They move-in while we're gone and take care of their Grand-dogs, my Mom even sits on the floor with sweet ol' Belle to get her to eat in our absence. Now that's love!

Thanksgiving in Illinois/Wisconsin...I'm gonna freeze! But the thought of bundling up in a big sweater and sitting around the fire pit is SWEET!

I'm so looking forward to a little of this, plus a one entire missing family, in just 70 days!
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