Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maybe I'm just a freak?!!?

Yesterdays post was really meant to be more of an eye opener for all of my bloggy friends than anything else.

I did want the few people who, in my opinion, visit a little too often know that I know. You know? I'm sure they are completely harmless. I'm also positive that no stat counter is 100%.

I will explain why I'm a little on edge about the whole thing, not as on edge as my sisters and one of my BF's are but on edge still the same.

Back in the early 90's I had a stalker. This man made my life a living hell for over a year. He would call me at work dozens of times a day. He would call me as I was getting ready to leave for the night and tell me to drive home safely. He would call my house as soon as I got home to tell me he was glad I arrived home OK. He threatened to do horrible things to me and as his taunting progressed those threats included killing me. To say it was a stressful time for me, my parents and Babe would be an understatement!

We had both the home and work phones tapped. I would have to keep him on the line as long as I could then call a certain number as soon as I hung up to report it. I'm so lucky to have had an understanding boss. We discovered most of the his phone calls were coming from the gas station across the street from where I worked. When I learned he was watching me I went a little crazy! Babe bought me one of the first mobile phones, you know the ones in the huge bag that looked like a military phone? The good news was that if he ever approached me I could have successfully used it as a weapon! It came to the point that I had to call the local police to have them watch me go to my car, follow me home and watch for my "I'm safe" signal.

He new intimate details of my life. I did hair at the time and as things continued we came to the conclusion that he was a client. I washed and cut his hair! The thought made, still makes, my stomach turn!

In the middle of this entire ordeal Babe was in a terrible accident leaving him in a hospital bed with a broken back. Next to my Daddy he was my biggest protector and he was now unable to protect me. During one phone call I told my stalker that Babe was gonna kill him when he caught him. His reply was, "there's nothing he can do while laying in the hospital bed at such n' such hospital with a broken back, and you should be more cautious when you're walking to your car alone at night". It seemed he new everything!

I remember like it was yesterday opening the front door to go to work and noticing it had snowed during the night, I loved the way a fresh snow looked and smelled! Then I noticed foot prints going across the yard towards my end of the house, I was still living at home so I yelled for my Dad. We followed them directly to my bedroom window. He had stood outside my bedroom window! Being a parent now I cannot even imagine the level of horror, anger and helplessness my parents must have been feeling!

We never did catch him, although we have put together enough pieces to the puzzle over the years to have a pretty good idea. Babe and I are pretty sure that I rescued this person from getting a DUI outside our apartment and let him stay with us until morning. We're also pretty sure I danced with him at our wedding. He was caught in "the act" of being a peeping Tom after we moved, found at the foot of someone's bed hours after a party had ended along with a few other allegations. I guess what they say about most people knowing their offender is true!

We moved across the country shortly after getting married and have not heard from him since but the memory of what he put me through is always with me. So I guess that's why when I see the same person/people visiting my blog a little too frequently I get a little creeped out.

To the person that is visiting me often please know that I truly believe you're harmless. I too am guilty of clicking on the same blog more than a few times a day and going "crap, I was already here". I do not believe you are out to harm me or my girls. But perhaps after reading this you'll understand a little more about why this whole things has me just a wee bit wigged out!

I'm off to the grocery store to pick up the supplies to make some yummy cookies and cupcakes. I've opted out of the whole pumpkin carving thing this year. Peanut gags when forced to touch the pumpkin guts, Honey find pleasure in taunting her with them and they will be rotten in less than 12 hours from sitting outside, it's 81 degrees already! They are a waste of money here and although the cookies will do nothing more than add a few unwanted pounds to my ass we have to have some fun activity today and chocolate makes everything better!

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloggy Stalkers?

Like most of you I have a stat counter on my blog. I've never really paid much attention to it, until recently. A friend of mine and I were talking about the wonderful and crazy world of the Internet. A world where most anything can be at your fingertips within a matter of seconds!

So I started looking into the details of my stat counter. Pretty informative stuff I tell ya!

Did you know that it can tell you how often the same person visits your blog? It can tell you what server they used, what type of computer they have and even what size screen they view your blog on.

Do you find that to be interesting or disturbing?

I've said this before, I live an ordinary life. PTA meetings, softball games, tennis lessons, dance classes and couple of date nights thrown in few times a month. I know I have 4 crazy dogs and that they are always good for a story but am I so interesting that someone would want to view my blog upwards of 12 times...A...DAY?

I would like to think of myself as a tantalizingly interesting person who has the ability to captivate the average Joe with my hysterical stories leaving them chomping at the bit and begging for more but seriously that's just not the case!

After I looked in to the stat counter details a little more I noticed that I have a few admirers, two of which live fairly close to me. Now I must ask these people, why are you coming here so often?

What exactly are you looking for?

My stat counter tells me that you are coming here either by directly inputting my blog address or via yahoo search. It also tells me your general location. If I'm so inclined I can search your exact location and even reveal your personal information.

Did you know that?

Does that creep you out at all?

Guess what? The fact that you are coming here so many times a day creeps me out a little! So if that is what you are after I'm willing to waive the white flag. You win! I don't like being stalked, I tried it once and really wasn't a fan, it's very emotionally and physically draining!

I would like to know why you're coming by so often though.

Is it because your the self appointed spelling and grammar police and you're reading my posts looking for errors? I already have a friend that emails when I mess up, thanks Viv, so I'm covered on that front.

Are you coming here so often because you simply cannot go more than a few hours without seeing me? I know I'm cute and all but there are other sites out there where you can look at and even talk to pretty girls and I believe their prices are somewhat reasonable!

Are you a frequent visitor because you're just innocently looking when a new post is up? If that's the case I totally understand. So can I suggest coming once in the morning, say around 8, if nothing new is up come back in twelve hours. If there's still nothing new than try again the next day.

If you are coming back because you want to visit another blog that I have on my blog roll that's cool. I have a solution for that one too. Google Reader. You enter in all of your favorite blogs and view them all there, it's just that easy.

So there you go, a few suggestions to help you not appear to be a crazy blog stalker.

Oh, there are two more reasons, actually three, that I can think of that would make you want to visit my blog so frequently. So I will offer you both a reminder and a warning. I DO NOT SHARE MY HUSBAND AND MY GIRLS ARE MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MY OWN LIFE.

So there you have it my dear Seriously Shawn stalker. I've laid it all out there for you and now you know that I will be monitoring my blog and it's visitors very closely and if this trend continues you'll be the first to know that I've had enough. Sound fair?

I guess all those people that say talking about your issues helps are right. I feel so much better!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Friday Freebies

A few weeks back I helped Heidi out with her Friday Freebies. Well I wanted to wait until the winner received her gift before I posted it here.

Danielle picked bag #2 which was the Halloween bag! It did not include the scratch off Lets Make a Deal lottery ticket because Florida, or at least the places I stopped, does not sell them. But you know what I figured? Danielle has already struck the lotto because she has me for a in real life friend! Danielle was my fair and square winner and she is also one of my very best friends. Now tell me is this one lucky chick or what?!!?

I just loved this bag!

The goodies...a wooden Halloween sign, plates and napkins (like me, Danielle puts themed napkins with matching spoons in her little ones lunch box-it's the little things), a hand painted picture frame from me and her favorite, Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins (these are only because her ass is smaller than mine and that simply will not due!).

So do you see the Friday Freebie loot you could be winning? Hey, Heidi if you're reading this I will be more than happy to be a regular "Friday Freebie Helper" if you need me.

And guess what? It's Friday...right now! Yep, really it is. So head on over to Heidi's to see what fabulous stuff is being given away this week!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Am I the only one that...

I really need to know if I'm all alone here!

Am I the only one that....

...spends a little extra time with the razor before her OB appointment?

...thinks baby Riley is one lucky little girl?

...has more bills than money?

...has a to do list that requires a 34 hour day?

...has no time to vacuum every day? GROSS!

...thinks this redefines lazy? (not the remotes, the fact that they have been set in front of their proper place, this kills me!)

...thinks this is the cutest Zombie ever! (trial run for Saturday night)

...finds it funny that my OB said "there's nothing wrong with your breasts" "why would you want 30 year old boobs on a 50 year old body" "if I were checking you out, which I wasn't, but if I was I would say you have nice breasts and not to worry about a thing".

...has a husband I love madly? Mine sent me the sweetest hand written letter in the mail yesterday. I'm still soooo in love after 23 years!

...thinks that items like these are better off never resurfacing. Guess what, it's too late!


...thinks bobble heads are stupid?

...can't help but to get up and dance when I hear this song? (the video is mildly disturbing but I love this song!)

Well am I?

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The jaws of life...

The Jaws of Life...Hmmm what could I be referring to? If you guessed that it's time for my "yearly" visit you would be correct!

I am so looking forward to the jaws of life being inserted into my tender parts, cold hands prying my knees apart while the ever so famous words, "try to relax, you may feel a little pressure" are spoken in a sweet and tender voice.

"Try to relax...A little pressure"? Are you effing kidding me MR. Doctor? Please do tell, when exactly was the last time something 5 times the size of your hole was inserting inside of you while a spot light was shinning just 6" away from your no-no places offering the audience (aka, a nurse) a birds eye view clear up to your tonsils? Oh, wait I already know that answer...freaking NEVER!

This appointment is so far up on my top 10 things to accomplish in a 12 month span that I've gone almost 36 months since my last visit. I know, I know that's horrible and I should be ashamed of my self yadda, yadda, yadda! WHATEVER! This doctor is so freaking hard to get into that I just gave up trying. Lame excuse I know, I'm going today so no lectures OK.

I called to see when his next available appointment was 3 weeks ago and they said February 24th. I nicely replied, 'and that is why I will be sending a request for my records to be sent to a new doctor'. If I had known the impact those words held I so would have said them years ago because in less than 5 minutes I received a call letting me know they had a cancellation for an October 28th appointment. It's a good thing I love this doctor, I would so not have the patience to deal with this kind of crap with anyone else!

Being that it's been almost 3 years since I was violated, left feeling empty, lonely and needing to be held examined with the caring tender hands of my favorite OB/GYN I was told I would need to fill out new paper work. Paper work that the receptionist was kind enough to mail to me so I did not have to get to my appointment 30 minutes early to fill out while sitting amongst all the pregnant woman who have that annoyingly beautiful glow, look way cuter than I ever thought about looking, have trendy, hip maternity clothes, whine about having gained 12 pounds over the last 7 months and get up to pee every 5 minutes. And don't even get me started on the "mature" patient that has no tolerance for the long wait, who always sits next to me when there are 35 open chairs scattered around the room and somehow mistakes me for someone they can complain to...loudly...with a Starlite Peppermint candy slopping around in their mouth! What part of me reading a book with my i-pod blaring away says "I care"?

I just filled out the paper work, which reminded me of buying my first home, and found a note to "please view video". There's a freaking video that I have to view? A video all about how I must sign away my rights to seek legal council and have my case heard before a judge and jury if I, I don't know, go in for a routine tubal and come out with man bits? Super...where's my pen?

Gone are the days of simply going to the doctor and paying him to cop-a-feel!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You still have 4 days to check your ta-tas!

<span class=

Oh and for the record, my panties and bra will be folded and hid in between the layers of my clothes. Why I'm not so sure. I was told that it was a Southern thing so I guess after 16 years this Yankee has officially been converted into a Southern Belle. Well hot damn!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Translator needed!

I live in a small rural area, country by most standards. We have two nice grocery stores, several gas stations, more banks than we need, neighbors (not immediate) that have free range farm animals in their front yard and some of the best schools in the state. I love my little piece of Florida.

Disney for the day? Sure no problem.

Beach all afternoon? Absolutely!

Shopping? You betcha ya, we've got several wonderful malls just 40 minute away in any direction.

Post office? OK you've got me on that one. This is where the rural country aspect of my location is beyond evident!

My post office has 2 counters that have been manned by the same three women since I moved here 7 1/2 years ago. These woman are as nice as they can be but, nope, I'm just gonna leave it at that! My little Post Office does not offer the ever so wonderful self mailing machine. You know the one where you set the box on the scale, enter in the address and it prints the mailing label for you then all you have to do is simply drop the box, providing the package fits, into the bin. Oh how I love the convenience of that machine but if we had one I would be denied the pleasure of talking to "Madge, Pearl and Florence" !

I digress.

I ran in this morning to mail a priority mail package and as always my little post office delivered my comedic relief for the day. Let me take you there...

I ran in, in a hurry as always and there were two people in front of me, as always. One lady makes her transaction and is out of there within 2 minutes, the other lady not so much! This poor lady, I'd guess her to be 32ish, had her hands full trying to fit her new baby gift into a flat rate box while juggling a very rambunctious boy who is probably 2. He was all over the place and she really was trying her best to control him, we've all been there. Where you can feel the stares of others burning holes through the back of your head. Where you're just waiting for someone who has no clue as to what kind of day you're having or just how far that precious little boy has pushed you to say something. Where you just want nothing more than to run and hide from all of the "I would never allow that type of behavior" onlookers. She tried her best, she really did, but I have to confess I snickered. Not out loud but I did smile. Sorry but I have been there before with my darling little Peanut so I felt entitled to do so. I have been pushed to the edge and back more times than I care to remember. So my snickering wasn't so much directed at her as it was her situation and the memories that it brought back. She took her son by the arm and quietly said something in his ear then he said "hey do not say that to me... I hate this place ...I wanna go". Her face was flushed and I could almost feel the heat radiating from her when she leaned down and said something else to him and his reply was "you are not gonna beat my butt"!

I died right there on the dirty floor of my little country bumpkin Post Office...I died!

While all of this is going on inside the automatic doors another lady had her hands full just outside the doors in the PO Box area. It seems that little Brianna had Mommy's PO Box key and didn't feel like giving it back. What she did feel like doing was getting close enough to the doors to make them open and then squeal in delight. Instead of going to Brianna and taking the key from her the Mommy opted to stand in front of her box and yell "Brianna bring me the key. Brianna, the key, bring it to me. Brianna now, bring Mommy the key"! When little Brianna opened the letter drop box with the key in her hand I thought her Mommy was gonna explode.

Again, I snickered!

I snickered all the way out the door.

Now it was a last minute trip to the Post Office so I wasn't really looking my best. Yesterdays hair was pulled up in the front with a clip, I had on a basic pair of shorts with a white t-shirt. I did have make-up on and my teeth were brushed but other than that I fit right into my little Post Office! I do believe I even had a little double bubble going on. Double bubble. What's that you ask? It's where your bra is a little too little for your ta-tas so they gush out causing a double bubble. Yep, I had me some double bubble going on!

So, I come walking out looking shades of sexy with a huge smile on my face, look up and make eye contact with a man heading in to do his mailin'. He looks me up and down makes eye contact again and says "hi, how are you"? I reply with a smile and a giggle 'fine thank you, how are you'? I never missed a step, I was still enjoying the state of euphoria the "I'm so glad that wasn't me" moment had given me.

This is where my need for a translator comes in.

This man, from the depths of his throat said bellowed, MMMM ~ MMMMM!

I grinned even bigger, got in my car, took a sip of my beloved Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper and backed out of my parking space. When I looked in my rear view mirror he was standing in the same place he was when he gave me the ever so respectable MMMMM ~ MMMMMM licking his lips! Like dramatically licking his lips. Y'all he was licking his lips like I do when the powdered sugar from my carnival funnel cake has gotten on my face!

So I ask you translators out there, was he

A.) telling me in man speak that he was hungry and asking if I could spare some change for his lunch.


B.) telling me "me likey your Double Bubble"!!!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Battle of the Books

Peanut is in the 4th grade and will be participating in Battle of the Books this year. Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program for 3-12th graders, only 4th graders participate at our school. Certain books are assigned for each grade level, the kids read the books and are put through several rounds of testing to see who knows the most about the books. The winner from each class goes to battle it out school wide, then county wide and finally in the finals.

We bought all of the books and she has been a reading machine for months.

A friend of mine put together a book club for some of the 4th grade girls in our neighborhood. We meet once a month and discuss two books, yesterday was our turn to host. Peanut choose Lemonade Wars and A Crooked Kind of Perfect. Cute books, I recommend both of them!

I love doing things like this and wanted to share the idea for anyone out there that either has or will have a Battle of the Book participant.

I didn't go over the top with food because it was right before dinner. We had a fruit bowl, cookies and of course lemonade!

I did put together a goody bag for each of the girls to take home. They each got a pair of socks (the cover of A Crooked Kind of Perfect has socks on the cover), a packet of on the go Country Time lemonade and two iced cookies made to match the cover of each book.

We all had a good time discussing the books even if a few most of the girls acted buck wild as soon as their mothers dropped them off. It provided me with a perfect opportunity to tell Peanut that is she EVER acted that way in some else's house I would beat her to within an inch of her life!

There are 3 or 4 bonus books that I will purchase if she finishes these in time. Now that's a serious stack of books!

The spread.

Two very cute cookies, a lemonade packet and a pair of crazy socks!

I quizzed the girls on their knowledge of not only the two books they read this month but also the two from last month. I randomly wrote down sentences from each book, read them and as soon as they knew what book it was from they would yell it out. They did not get one answer wrong. Their retention shocked me!

The joy of reading is something both of my girls have. I love that they read. They read of the time, never go anywhere without a book and have their own personal libraries to prove it!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Words Saturday

Kind acts can make your day!

Last Saturday was Honey's homecoming. She organized all but the dinner reservations for 16 of her friends. Everyone met here and then the drivers took them to dinner and the dance. It was a nice thing for her to do but something that she didn't think twice about doing. All of the parents where very grateful that we opened up our home for pictures and a general meeting place, that was something I didn't think twice about.

I went to the mailbox today and along with the Loft coupon I've been waiting for (shopping is on today's agenda) was a card addressed to Honey and I from a name and address I was not familiar with. I opened it and this is what it said.

Honey & Shawn

Thank you for coordinating things for homecoming. I hope you can use this to take an afternoon and relax together.

There was a $15 Starbucks card in side! I swear people still shock the crap out of me all of the time! I know where Honey and I are sneaking off to tomorrow morning!

How very thoughtful of this Mom to take her time to write us a note and include a gift of gratitude! I so want to write a think you note for her thank you note!

I hope someone makes your today a little better or better yet you make someone else's a little better. I'm off to pay for someone's Route 44 at Sonic!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A ride with Peanut

While taking Peanut to school this morning I told her to watch her side of the road for her sisters text book.

That confused her and I can totally understand why. So I explained to her that Honey had called me this morning telling me to look for her book because she thinks she may have left it on the hood of the car because she cannot find it. I told Honey, "wonderful! that book is 65 freaking dollars! If you lost that book you're paying to replace it not me". I may or may not have been using a louder than normal voice.

So anyway I tell peanut to look for the book. She shakes her head back and forth and says "tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk....teenagers these days" .

While she's looking out the window for the book she sees a lawn maintenance crew and say "I would really hate to have that job". I asked why and her reply was "because that jumper-suit thingy they have to wear is just plain ugly"!

Yep, that's my kid!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling all Twilight fans!

Jen at Harried Mom of Four is having a pretty wonderful give away. It's not just any give away. No no no! It's a sparkly Edward give away!

Hmmmm I wonder if she would throw in a little Jacob too! I love me some Jacob!

The mere thought is making me a little tingly, I'm just sayin'!

Then there's this little piece of bloggy heaven.

Hil at Simply Yours Designs is giving a-way a brand new look! How exciting is that?!!? I have wanted a new look for a while now so DO NOT click on the button below and enter to win cuz I wanna!

Cute Blogspot Designs

Go check it out and good luck to you all!

Dear Someone

Dear Anonymous Someone:

I apologize for my delayed response to your comment but I was so very busy living my life yesterday that I did not have the time to devote to you.

Thank you for leaving me such a wonderful comment Tuesday night, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Why? Because you proved my point that nasty people are out there and they love to hide behind that anonymous button!

I would love to be able to write this to you privately but since you took that option away by hiding behind the Anonymous screen I cannot.

Just in case you have forgotten what you wrote I took the liberty of cutting and pasting your comment, it is in light grey making it easy for you to follow.

I am confused, also!!! You write about if you don't like a blog..don't read it; but then you go on and about a blog you don't agree with? Why don't you just not read it? I did not go on and on about a blog I did not agree with. I simply stated that there are many blogs out there that I do not care for because in my opinion their focus is on negativity and viciousness. It's their right to write what they choose and mine to disagree with what they say. Leaving nasty comments or linking to their ugliness on my blog would only add to their joy and make me just as guilty.

You go to a CHARITY EVENT and take PHOTOGRAPHS of people you feel like should have "looked into a mirror before they went out" talk about how their hair looks (not up to your standards) and so forth. I wonder how ALL those poor unsuspecting people would feel if they knew you and your friend were blogging about them. You have a lot of nerve!!! Stop and think about what you continue to do. You are correct I did recently go to a charity event and pictures were taken. These pictures did not reveal faces or the name and location of the event. Does that it make it OK? No! Are those pictures are my blog? No! Did I say I was innocent of being catty? No! Did I say actions speak louder than words? Yes! And that is why my less than kind post was removed within 24-hours.

Do not delete this, either-Read your post again, read the post you wrote about your recent night at the charity event-did you even get for a single minute anything about, (assumed name of charity removed by Shawn), or was it all about the dress and hair and entrance you made?? I work on committees, co-chair and attend many charity events and enjoy doing so! I always leave these events feeling blessed beyond measure to be a part of something so incredible and love to be able to offer what support I can. As for my hair, dress and entrance. My hair looked the same that night as it does every other night, I have good hair, sorry. My dress, like the majority there, was beautiful and I felt wonderful in it. If feeling good about yourself is something you are not accustomed to than I'm sorry for you. As far as my entrance is concerned I walked in on the arm of my handsome husband with my beautiful friend and her husband at my side. I feel no need to apologize if our entrance made an impact on others, especially you! Your comment was made 8 days after the pictures were posted and I must remind you that it was up for less than 24-hours. Clearly my appearance impacted you...jealous much?

Read the two post again and wonder why people would be so inclined to write a blog about your kind-PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!! "Your kind"? I'm curious as to what that is. If it's someone who takes pride in their personal appearance, loves her family and friends, finds joy in helping other, has the ability to recognize when they have done something that was in poor taste and then does what is necessary to make it right, basically practices what they preach, then I'm perfectly fine with that label! I am officially "That-Kind". I may even make an award and pass it out to others of "My-Kind".

Listen to all your bible studies!! It's very interesting that you would say that since I do not recall mentioning attending a Bible study since September. Would it be a fair assumption if I considered you a blog sleuth? Someone who reads blog after blog waiting in anticipation for an opportunity to present itself for you to strike and dish out a little venom through an anonymous comments. For the record, I do listen to my Bible studies and I have learned a lot. I have learned that we will all sin and make mistakes. We will all act in a way that is not pleasing to others, especially God, because we are all sinners. I have learned to ask for forgiveness when I have done something wrong, to learn from it and move on. I have learned that being a Christian who attends Bible studies will not make me perfect. I have learned that like you I am only human. I am a human with a good sense of style and a good sense of humor. A human who will never not see the humor in a pair of sparkly-star boots worn with a formal dress and not a Halloween costume. A human who still finds hair from 1973 worn in 2009 funny. A human that loves to look good and one that feels no need to apologize to you or anyone else for any of it!

Anonymous Someone, please feel free to come back as often as you'd like and leave me more comments but please do so without hiding behind the screen of anonymity! If that's too much to ask then please consider my blog to be one you don't agree with and simply DO NOT COME BACK!

By request here are a few pictures from the evening.

Me and my handsome hubby!

Me and my beautiful friend, who by the way did not post any pictures on her blog!

Showing that it's always OK to have a sense of humor!

Now head on over to Shortmamas to read more Dear Someone's!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Color me confused!

I don't consider myself naive but I'm definitely not worldly either, some things still shock the crap out of me!

I'm just a regular run of the mill SAHM.

I serve on the PTA.

I drive my kids to their respected events.

I work the concession stand when it's my turn.

You can almost always find a french fry, or two, in-between the seats of my car.

I cook dinner, most nights.

I enjoy a girls night out but love date night with my husband more!

I like to look good and love getting respectable comments telling me so.

I can be catty and judgmental but I'm also sensitive and caring.

I love to do for others when I can and try not to take that joy from someone when they want to help me because nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal from a friend when you're sick!

I love to blog.

I love to read other blogs, when I have the time, and that is what brings me to today's post.

I was recently told about a blog I had never heard of. A blog that I will not disclose here for two reasons. First, I do not want to become the next victim and secondly I don't want to provide the author(s) anymore exposure or recognition. Some blogs are created with the sole intent to hurt someone else and this is completely mind boggling to me!

A few months back I was searching for a very popular Christian speakers blog. What I found instead was a blog that appeared to be dedicated to ruining her reputation. A blog that I'm sure was written by someone who did not have a personal relationship with her.

I am thoroughly confused by the people out there that are hiding behind their computers waiting with baited breath to inflict some form of pain on others. It shocks me and I am seriously shades of confused!

I truly had no idea there were so many "haters" out there! People who find joy in bashing others. People who have the time to go sleuthing through blog after blog in search of something, anything, that can be used to make their blog seem more interesting. People who are apparently so insecure and unhappy with their own lives that they feel the need to search for flaws in others or worse make things up by reading in-between the lines.

WHY would someone do this and WHO has that kind of time?

Like me, some of these haters claim to be SAHM's. I'm speaking from experience here, I'm crazy busy and don't have enough time to shower some days much less lurk around blogs in hopes of finding something dishy enough to post about on an anonymous blog.

Yes, these blogs are anonymous. They are run by people that wish to keep their identity a secret. Well isn't that nice, I'm sure the people they are openly bashing would appreciate the same level courtesy! A disclaimer on the sidebar stating the author(s) of the blog are not liable for the comments from its readers just isn't enough!

I have an idea, why not try being nice by not hosting a forum that encourages the bashing of your fellow bloggers!

Blogs are like a radio, if you don't like what you're reading simply click on the little red X and turn it "off"! If what you are reading is offensive to you don't go back. It really is just that simple! I have visited several blogs that are a little too much for my taste so I have made the decision to not go back.

We all don't have to agree. We all don't have to like the same clothes or genre of music. We all don't have to have the same political stance, religious background or skin color. But we all should be respectful of one another don't you think?

There are so many vitally important things going on in this crazy world to worry about. Hungry and homeless children, many right here in America, a national debt we may never recover from, a potential health care crisis, being politically incorrect by saying ONE NATION UNDER GOD, living in fear because your husband, wife or child is serving our country and you may never see them again, the list could go on and on. Who shops where and how often really shouldn't be a concern?

As I stated above I'm not innocent of being catty. But I have never intentionally hurt someone else. I have never named names (or blogs) or pointed fingers. If I have a problem with you I'll let you know, after all that is what we are instructed to do, and please do the same to me if I have hurt or offended you.

I have recognized my cattiness as immature and unnecessary behavior although my offenses are not nearly as bad as what you will see while watching an episode of TLC's What Not To Wear. I am however fearful of what I can teach my girls through my actions. Actions speak louder than words! The example I have set from time to time is not one I am proud of and I will be much more cautious from here on out!

But there are so many people out there that just don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. Hurting others is never OK. They're like hunters lurking in the tall grass just waiting for the right moment to pounce.

I can almost visualize these people all dressed in cammo, completely miserable in their own skin, unhappy in their marriage or careers just aching to have what someone else possesses and willing to take someone else down all to make themselves feel better even if just for a moment. I want to grab these people by the shoulders and shake them back and forth and tell them the misery they have with themselves is gonna be waiting for them.

People, just because you add LOL after a piercing comment doesn't make it hurt any less. Just because the person you have attacked doesn't use their real name on their blog doesn't protect them from experiencing real pain. Our keyboard is our tongue and words cut like a knife. Just because they're not actually being spoken doesn't make them any less painful.

I for one wish the anonymous comment was not available. The only thing it offers is an opportunity for the miserable to strike. It's a screen of protection for the cowardly to attack the unprotected.

I personally have not been attacked and I hope I never am. I am a strong woman who is somewhat thick skinned. But like the majority of us I still have the need to be liked. To be accepted. Being hurt by someone who has no idea who I am but feels they know me because I choose to leave bits and pieces of myself on this forum is something I never want to experience!

If you happen across a blog like the ones I have described I ask that you think twice before leaving a comment. Whether you agree or disagree with what was said you're only fueling their fire!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, October 19, 2009

She rocked those shoes!

Homecoming has come and gone and so has the "my life will just come to a complete stop if I don't...." drama that was attached to it.

Saturday was a fun filled day spent with Honey, her best friend and her Mom. It started at 9:45 with hair appointments and ended at 8:30 when we dropped them off at the dance. I then snuck off to celebrate Natalie's birthday with her while Babe went to pick the little darlings up at midnight. Yes, we had the nerve of enforcing a midnight curfew on our 15 year old and her BFF, whose Mother agreed with us, making them "the only ones" that didn't go to the after party. These kids were getting picked up at 2AM! To quote my husband "Nothing good happens after midnight"! Plus she's 15 not 18!

Homecoming is a right of passage for every teenage girl and served as a good old fashion "schoolin' " for this not so teenage girl!

Sadly, I think I had forgotten just how stressful being a teenage girl can be! The pressures to be smart, thin, pretty, popular, to have perfect hair and teeth. To posses the strength to say yes to the right things and no to others all to avoid being labeled a slut or a bitch. To be nice to those that are not nice to you, to turn the other cheek and offer forgiveness when you are hurt. To stand firm in your convictions and to maybe just maybe help a friend that is straddling the fence putting her reputation on the line because she wants nothing more than to be noticed, loved and accepted. The fear of not having a boyfriend when all your friends do. The fear of losing your best friend or worse having her say something about you behind your back. The list of all things traumatic for a teenage girl is endless and truly mind boggling and I had honestly forgotten!

Those are the things that I do not miss about being a teenage girl. Those are the things I so wish I could endure for my daughter so she would not have to walk that scary path and experience the hurt that is sure to come. The pain of her first broken heart not to mention watching the helpless look on her Daddy's face when he learns there is nothing he can do to make this one better is something I wish I could make never happen. I want to tell her that although all of these things seem life altering now in 10 years they will not matter or even be remembered. But I cannot tell her that just as my Mother couldn't tell me. So I guess homecoming is just what I needed to remind me that she is me 24 years ago. And she feels just what I felt when I was a freshman girl only magnified by 10 because of this ever changing, scary, crazy-insane world we live in!

All of that to say Honey looked beautiful from head to toe and that she totally rocked those 4 1/2 stilettos!

My girl has a ton of hair! We had to have it done early because our stylist was flying out of town. It didn't work out to good all the curls fell out and I had to re-curl it but it still looked amazing!

Next we went for pedicures, even the Moms got one. After putting up with these two for the last month we deserved an hour massage too!

Then came makeup. This is a horrible picture, she did not go work as the rodeo clown I promise it's just bad lighting and her hair was pinned up in a failed attempt to keep the curls!

The finished look!

Getting the corsage with a little help from her BFF.

I love these two girls!

The crew!

This is the best picture of the night, I love all the parents taking pictures! The kids now know what paparazzi is!

Walking into Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse.

They smelled a little of fried rice when we picked them up but it's so worth it!

To all of you Mom that have little girls, the best advice I can give you is to pull out those yearbooks and take a stroll down memory lane. That will certainly bring you back and hopefully remind you that all of the "Life Or Death" experiences your daughter is having you once had too!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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