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I am very late getting my Halloween decorations up this year. It's been bugging the crap out of me to not have it done but I honestly haven't had the time it takes to unpack 4 huge Rubbermaid bins and 2 shelves of fragile items the right way. So it's just been sitting in my dining room causing me to be more irritable than usual for the past week.

Tonight I finally have it almost 100% complete!

I love decorating for Halloween!

I transform my house from it's everyday look the first of September and it doesn't go back to normal until the first week of January. In September I pull out all of my Fall decorations, leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows and candles. In October out comes Halloween. Fall makes another appearance in November and on December 1st my house is a winter wonderland! Come January I'm ready for things to return to normal and I always try to place old stuff in new places to make it look like I've redecorated.

This year I weeded out all of the kiddy decorations and went a little spookier. I still have a few things that my girls have asked me to put out I'm just trying to deiced if I'm going to use them and if so where.

Here's a look inside...

The front door has the new specimen art I made last month and a new black pumpkin. I'm going to put something on the pumpkin in white vinyl I'm just trying to decide what I want to say. Welcome, eek, our last name or maybe Go Away like Vivienne, my crafting idol did.

Since this table is one of the first things guests see I always have a family picture on it. Last years picture from whatever season or Holiday we're in is what I use. This one is of the girls last Halloween.

From the front door the formal room is straight ahead. Like the table at the door this is one of the first things seen by guests. I try to change the round table up but find myself reaching for my favorite Halloween trees and candle sticks each year. The trees and the garland on the table and mantel have a purple glitter to them that you can't see in this lighting. I love purple for Halloween!

My newest additions are sitting on the couch. Now that they're out of the closet I can't figure out what to do with them!

The fireplace is also in this room. I love playing with the mantel I just wish it was a little bigger, it's hard to find things with a base small enough to fit.

Here's a closer look. I found potion labels and had to have them. I picked up a few bottles at the Dollar Store, mouth wash, aftershave splash, witch hazel, etc. to stick them to.

Candles in the dining room reflect off the glass and mirrors and are a must.

I painted an old container black, while it was drying I sprayed silver hair glitter on it and did the same to a bunch of sticks Peanut collected for me. Now I have a new centerpiece that sits on top of the table runner that I made several years ago!

Each room kind of has a theme, I went with spiders in the dining room. I found this beaded spider lamp in the same box as the table runner along with a few other odds and ends that had been missing for 2-3 years. I was beginning to think I was crazy and that I didn't really have the things I couldn't find, especially since Babe was so adamant that he had gotten all of the bins out of the garage attic.
I finally went up there myself...guess what I found!

This haunted tree was also recovered.

Down the hall from the dining room is the "black" bathroom, laundry room, both girls bedrooms and the stairs. The black bathroom is very small so a few pumpkin candles and a lamp is all it can handle.

While I was down there taking pictures I checked on the girls. Poor Peanut, I'm not sure how she's sleeping with this moose in bed with her especially wearing that stupid cone! Look at her neck, he has his paw around her! Too freaking cute!

Into the kitchen...

There's a mixture of several things in the kitchen but skulls and bugs are most prominent.

I used the hurricane full of skulls and moss as a prop at a school event so it's looking a little rough. It was layered with sand {I didn't want to buy a 10# bag of sand so I used turbinado sugar}, mini skulls and moss and looked very cool. I dropped and broke the large skull and was about to throw it away when Honey suggested filling it with moss and bugs. What a great idea!

More moss and bug filled canisters on the kitchen table.

Haunted houses in the living room

and witches in the pool bath.

Now if I can just find a place for "Bob" and "Fred", Peanut named the skeletons, I'll be good to go!

Happy Halloween!

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shortmama said...

Wow you really went all out! Very cute!

I dont decorate for Halloween but I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate fall stuff into my beachy living the time I figure it out it will be time to decorate for winter!

MiMi said...

Your house is AMAZING and the decorations look great!
Also: I can't resist...seems like everyone has skeletons in their closets. Glad you let yours out!
Hahahahaha. LAME.

Stacey said...

Love it all! Wish I had the space to decorate more.

La Tache said...

I LOVE your mantle!! SOOO FUN! Halloween is a great holiday!

jennykate77 said...

Your house is just so freakin' gorgeous!!! Ok, so I love the decorations. They're so chic...yet spooky and fun! That pic of Peanut and Rogue is so so cute!! How sweet!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!♥

Becca said...

I looks SO GREAT!!!! I love how each room is decorated! I have never gotten into decorating for Halloween but this year every house on the street has decorated! Nothing like peer we hve cobwebs and tombstones and bones and spiders...the kids love it!


Vivienne said...

I love it all!!! Your home is absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous, I tell you!!! (I love the pic in the middle of it all w/ Rogue stepping on Peanut's neck while she sleeps!) I'm off to the Dollar Store to copy a few of your ideas.

(And thanks for the love, btw!!)

Myya said...

Ahhh-Mazing! I love ALL your decorations. What great ideas you have & have created. Man, I could look at your house all day long, it is beee-u-ti-ful!!!!

Sami said...

I still haven't put out my one and only Halloween decoration. Plus, my front door still has last year's Thanksgiving vinyl on it. Hey! In a week it'll be seasonal again, right?!

Mamarazzi said...

love all of the decor...i really need to add to my collection!!

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