Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to make this Mommy a happy Mommy...

In 6 easy steps this Mommy can go from crabby to happy.

Here's how.

Step 1: Squeeze the juice of one lime into beautiful pitcher

Step 2: Add the juice of one Florida orange

Step 3: Add contents of Columbia sangria mix and 1 1/2 cups water.

Step 4: Pour in one shot of Brandy for an extra kick

Step 5: Choose a hearty non-pricey California red wine and mix

Step 6: Chill and enjoy!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Friday, January 29, 2010

F-Bomb Friday


It's F-Bomb Friday already?


Wasn't my last post on F-Bomb Friday?

I'm such a bloggy slacker!

This entire week has been a blurr. But I will not bore you with all the crazy details of my week. Nope, not gonna do it. Instead I'll get right to my F-Bomb Friday post.


Who knew it was gonna be about this boy?

Yep, he's pooping water again which can only mean he's eaten something foreign. Oh, the anticipation I feel as I watch each one of his BM's is indescribable. I think I may even give out a prize to the first person that guesses what comes out! No really, take a guess, I'll let ya know if you've won.

And his ears...his freaking ears are still not up. Well, his left one is and it looks great but that darned right ear just will not stand up. The breeder wants me to form it again but he hates it, I really don't blame him, so I'm on the fence. The breeders assistant, in his very broken English, told me the to try cutting a business card to size and glue it down the middle of his ear. So I did that last night and it seems to be working. He's not bothered by it at all and it's doing it's job I guess because that ear is up!

I swear this 72 pound puppy {he's almost 8 months} is going to be the death of me yet...WTF?!!?

He's asleep at my feet with my It's Personal business card in his ear and very, very lucky that I love him!

Go check out Mimi at Living in France to see more F-Bomb Friday posts and while you're there link up your own.

Happy Friday Y'all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

F-Bomb Friday {Yes, I know it's Saturday}

Thanks to Mimi at Living in get to hear about a moment from my week that made me drop the F-bomb.

Lucky you!

Honey has been sick all week. She just has a run of the mill cold but she's been pretty miserable. You how being sick drains you and makes you an ever lovin' biotch? Yep, that's been her...all week. I totally understand and have no room to complain because I'm the same way when I'm sick.

So last night just as I'm getting ready to set dinner on the table she receives a phone call from her tennis coach telling her she's late for a match he's set up for her. A match that she swears he never told her about. So with great attitude she proceeds to get ready to run to the court.

Stomp to bedroom...

Change clothes...

Storm into kitchen and toss racket, shoes and water bottle on counter...

Leave kitchen...

Come back mumbling about coach while putting hair in ponytail...

My Mom & Dad are here witnessing her 15 year old temper tantrum.


Even worse, they were here to witness MINE!

I tell her to knock off the attitude or call coach and tell him you're not coming.

She slings her foot on top of my kitchen island to tie her shoe. I shoot her a "don't do that" look. She ignores my Mommy glare and sets the other one up there. I say "get you're foot off of my counter!" She ignores me, doesn't even look my way. I get shades of's were my temper tantrum comes in...walk over to her and push her in the hip. My intention was to fling her leg off of the counter, making the statement listen to me when I freaking talk to you!



Her planted foot did not inch...but her upper body did causing her to stumble back and fall. She landed elbow first and then crashed hard on her butt. She looked at me with complete shock and horror and tears instantly came.

I had hurt her because I had an adult temper tantrum!


I don't beat my children and if I did I certainly wouldn't post it here for everyone to see but this was ridiculous! Because I, the grown up, couldn't control my anger I hurt my child. Controlling her anger while I lost mine, and the irony in this story would be...?

I apologized immediately, made sure she was ok, which she was, and watched her walk out the door wiping her tears for her match.

Babe turns to me and said "I cannot believe you just did that!" he then leaves to change and follow her to the court.

My parents sat the entire time at the table more than likely praising the good Lord above that their done raising their children!

I, feeling like the worst Mother in the world, served dinner to my parents and Peanut and quickly went to the courts to watch Honey beat her opponent. I'm sure her wins were fueled by seeing my face on each ball that came here way!

I apologized several more times throughout the night and I pray that I will not have another adult temper tantrum again especially with my girls!

Feel better Honey, I love you!

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun is where you find it

The play set is completely down. The back yard looks barren and huge without that massive piece of wood out there! It looks like some serious landscaping is in order come Spring!

Before the pieces were picked up Rogue found an alternate use for the slide, his very own outdoor bed. It looks like the dogs will miss the play set too!
{Yes, this is Rogue with only one ear up and if you value our friendship you won't mention it!}

I am thrilled to tell you that Anthony and Bailey cried last night when it was time to come in because they were having such fun on their new play set! I'll share pictures as soon I get them.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saying goodbye is hard to do

Today the girls said goodbye to their play set. It was much harder for all of us than I expected.

Honey said "my weekend hangout with my friends is gone", Peanut said "can we tell him to put it back together".

While I watched it being dismantled I couldn't help but to think that this is it, they're all grown up.

We have given it to our little cousins, Anthony and Bailey, and I know that they will get 10 years of fun and memories out of just like my girls have but we still can't help but to be sad.

Honey will be getting in her own car and driving to find her own fun in just a few months and Peanut is always on the go and has moved onto older types of entertainment. Honestly, the main reason I made the decision to get rid if it was because the dogs run and play in the sand more than the girls and then track it into the house and scratch the floors. It was not an easy decision by any means!

This has forced me to look back on all the fun times we had on the play set over the past 10 years and has served as a great reminder that I cannot stop time. I have just a few short years before Honey is gone and then Peanut will be where Honey is now. I have to say I have a knot in my throat and an uneasy stirring in my tummy!

I love you girls!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe

To the love of my life turned 41.

He looks better now than he did 10 years ago.

I love him more than I did 24 years ago.

He's a hard worker, good Daddy, wonderful husband, smart ass, practical joker and just an all around good guy.

Last night we went out with the gang, minus two, for a wonderful dinner. And today we celebrated the birthday of Babes "birthday buddy", our best friends daughter, and had a great family day.

I love you Babe!

The gang.

The girls.

The guys.

Is there anything sexier than a man with his children?!!?

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

F-Bomb Friday

Mimi over at Living in France has started a new meme...F-Bomb Friday. OK how much do you love that?!!? Oh I cannot wait to see what my memory stirs up or what crazy things from my "ordinary life" will make the cut. Head on over to Mimi's and link up now. Go on what the F are you waiting for?

I was sleeping soundly at 3:30 this morning when a very large puppy, whose name sounds a lot like Rogue, swiped me across the back. OUCH! Again he hit me in the lower back and then in the leg. He cried. He whined. He finally resorted to smacking the sliding glass door with that ginormous paw of his. I get up, turn the alarm off and let him out. He runs to the yard where he proceeds to have the squirts!



I bring him in and put him in his cage for the rest of the night until 4:40 when the heavy breathing and whimpering, of the same dog whose name sounds a lot like Rogue, wakes me again. This time I slip on hubby's Crocs and turn the outside light on and stand out there in the cold to see what happens. Apparently he's bashful because every time he saw me coming towards him he would turn and walk away.

Back inside.

Back in the cage.

Sleeping again...6:10...heavy breathing...cry...whimper...cry.


Back outside I take him for the same routine.

Back inside.

Back in the cage.

Back to sleep when the freaking alarm sounds at 6:45. I'm so not conditioned for this "new baby" sleep pattern.

I call the vet and tell her I believe he has ANOTHER sock in his stomach causing him pain and giving him a bad case of the squirts, that's the only thing getting past the freaking sock! I bring him in for her to feel his stomach and sure enough she feels something this time. In the past it's already been into his colon and on its way out so it couldn't be felt. This time it was there big as day. But where? An x-ray was needed to see where. Of course that 71 pound (he gained 5 pounds in 10 days) asshat would not hold still so a big ol' shot of doggy Xannax was given {I so need some of that}. More
x-rays and there it is. The good news is it's on it's way out.

So, I'm on my way to go pick up a drugged dog and his "let it slide" medicine. We'll see how long it takes for it to come out, hopefully it will be before I drink myself to a drunken stupor and outside!

All of this has certainly made me say "what the F"...more than once!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A whole bunch of nuttin'

* I'm back on my diet and trying to work out again. I have a cruise in 34 days!

* I told a man at the mall today that my eyes were 12" higher than he was looking! He clearly heard me and so did his co-workers that bashed him, hard as I walked off. Why do some menmen do that?!!?

* Deja is breaking the front door from always opening it. No, for real, I have to have someone come out and fix the deadbolt!

* Babe will be 41 in 3 days!

* If Rogues ears don't come up soon I'm gonna have to seek professional help...for me! If that dog gets implants before me I will have some serious "issues"!

* I bought a HOT pair of red heels to wear Saturday night for Babes birthday dinner! They could be my picture of the day tomorrow.

* I tripped over Rogue in the pitch dark Monday, landing directly on both knees. I now look like a little girl with green bruises on her knees. Freaking dogs!

* Bible study started today and none to soon, I am needing my "Jesus time"!

* My sister will be...older in 2 days. I love you She!

* I haven't made my bed since, oh, ummmm...Sunday. I'm starting to itch a little.

* I love my life! My husband, my children, my dogs, my house, life is good!

* How did I get on another PTSA nominating committee? After last years fiasco I swore I would never to it again. Learn from me people, never say never!

* It's after 6 and I haven't even started dinner. I'm thinking there's a lot of vitamins in

* I want to meet my bloggy friends! Anyone up for a little get away this summer?

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes, I changed my picture!

Man y'all are good!

I did change my profile picture but NOT my Google picture. As I was creating my new Seriously 365 blog I thought I was editing just that profile, little did I know they change together. I was shades of pissed! I loved my little profile bio but my memory is mushy so I was unable to write the same thing again, so that too is different!

It's still defining cold here. I'm starting to think I'm living back in Illinois. We had no power for almost 8 hours this morning, I felt like a homeless person walking around Publix and Walgreens just to stay warm! It was fa-fa-fa-freezing in my house.

I am beyond grateful to Alisa who opened her home to the girls and I at 7:30 this morning {I waited until the sun came up to actually get out of my warm bed} and made me coffee so I could get my little darlings off to school a little late but there.

I will be showering and blow drying my hair tonight just in case, I have a meeting tomorrow morning and showing up levels of stank with bad hair just will not do!

Stay warm!

Seriously 365...

I'm trying my best to keep up with my new 365 Mommytography challenge. To help keep everything organized and not bore you with all of my pictures I have created another blog, "Seriously 365" will be my new forum for all of these pictures. Please go check it out when you can!


Would you?

It's COLD here. Cold. Cold. Cold! Now I know it's not below zero and snowing but this is Florida ya'll and temperatures in the low 30's for a week is freaking cold!

Fire wood is being sold at almost every corner. Luckily I have a gas fireplace so there's no need for wood. But if I needed fire wood the question is would I buy it here?

Babe is a huge Packer fan so Honey and I decided to get out while the getting was good before the game and it's a good thing we did! We ran a few errands and then had dinner together. It was a great time, I love when the two of us can enjoy one anothers company without me being a crazy yelling Mom and her being a know it all moody smart mouthed teen-ager. We had a great dinner! It was on the way home that she spotted this sign. Honesty, I didn't believe her but she convinced me to turn around and well, I owed her an apology! I didn't think to have her take a picture of the other side of the sign but I should have because it was spelled right on that side. That poor person is just so confused! Bless their cold little heart!

Really I have laughed at this sign on and off for the last few hours!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mommytography 365

My first week in the Mommytography 365 challenge and I'll tell you what, I've woken every day thinking about what picture my picture of the day will be. It's harder than I thought! What lighting, what angle, what topic, what, what, what. I'm hoping it gets easier not harder as the days/weeks go by. I'm really going to have to up my game after viewing some of the other pictures, there's a lot of talent out there! It's not too late to join in, just click on the link below and go take a look.


Just like her big sister Peanut loves to read! It's been cold here in Florida. No I mean, it's really cold, we woke to 31 this morning! So when she saw the warm inviting fire burning in the fireplace place she couldn't resist taking just a few minutes while her chicken tortilla soup {yummmm} cooled to read in front of it.
January 4, 2010


With the colder temperatures the dogs want to run and play in the morning, even Jewel is enjoying the change. Poor old girl needs to take breaks to catch her breath, I so feel her pain!!
January 5, 2010


Rogue loves ice! He'll come running from the other side of the house when he hears the freezer door open. I was making iced tea, left the door open and turned my back for just a second. That;s all it took for him to help himself. **Attention all visitors, you may want to bring your own ice next time!**
January 6, 2010


Science night at Peanuts school,could they have picked a colder night?!!? MOSI brought out two of their high powered telescopes for the kids to look through. Since I was one of the parents that did not send in an RSVP we were one of the last to use the telescopes. It worked to our benefit because we were able to see both and Jupiter and Orion's Belt, the first 75 kids had to choose. It was very cold outside but well worth the wait, she loved seeing the moons circling Jupiter.
January 7, 2010


Is there anything better than retail therapy? Yep, retail therapy with your Mom! We had a 5 hour session today and now I need to soak my aching feet!
January 8, 2010


Like I've said, it's been very cold here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, so cold in fact that my metrosexual husband has kicked me and my car out of the garage. It seems that his tender little pencil pushing fingers just can't handle these freezing temperatures!
January 9, 2010


Sunday's. I love Sundays! Especially since we go to church on Saturday nights that frees up our Sunday mornings and since Babe works 6 days a week he needs a day to sleep in. So we, Babe and I, try to sneak off Sunday mornings for coffee, a few stolen minutes before the natives become restless. This morning we actually had breakfast together, banana walnut pancakes fresh real bacon, scrambled eggs and coffee with my Sweetie. Oh, how I love Sundays!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ladies on the Loose

Not to be confused with Ladies who are loose, well some of them are but I won't give you their names!

There' a group of 65, give or take a few, women in my area going on a cruise in just 41 days. Yep, we are the "Ladies on the Loose". We had a meeting tonight and the only thing I learned was that there are a bunch of really loud ladies who have no respect for the person talking going with me.

Who am I sitting with for dinner? I'm not sure. Hell I'm not even sure if I'm the first of second seating. I know who I'm rooming with {one of my BFF's Alisa} and when we're leaving but other than that I'm freaking lost! But really, do I need to know anything else? I know I need a massage, or six, while I'm gone. I know I need a drink in my hand at all times! I know I need to lose 15 pounds in 41 days. And I know I'm going to have a blast! Anything else is just "yadda, yadda, yadda"....

I would be wrong if I said I learned nothing tonight. I learned, I have local lurkers.



Yes, lurkers. You know the people that read your blog and never let you know they've read it. It happens all the time, I'll admit to being a lurker from time to time, but to be a friend and a lurker all in one is another story! It's wrong on levels. Yep, my own friends and neighbors read my blog via Facebook and never leave me a comment letting me know they were here. So I'm calling them out...right here...right now...

Hey, Sandy, Jen and, Audrey what's up? I can't wait to cruise with you and if you don't start leaving me a little evidence that you where here I'm going to take drunken cruise pictures of you and post them here for everyone to see!

Can't wait for the 2010 Ladies on the Loose Cruise!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You can call me Martha...

So I have a couple of friends, Natalie and Vivienne, that seem to have a true knack for turning something old into something new. Me, I just drop it off at Good Will and go buy new stuff. Well that's in the past because I have channeled my inner Martha, Natalie & Vivienne!

While cleaning out the garage last week I found a stack of items Honey no longer wanted.

This jewelry box was one of them.

It no longer matches her room and so into the Good Will pile it went. I saw it and thought "hmmm, I could so paint that and make it work in her new zebra room". So that's what I did. And I did it that day. That's something I never do! I have grand intentions and never follow through...with any of them. In fact I should go back to yesterdays post and add, commit less ~ follow through more!

I pulled the knobs off, drilled two holes on either side of the original, spray painted it black satin, threaded zebra ribbon threw the holes, tied them in knots and VOILA! It was very easy and was complete in less than an hour. Total cost, less than $1! One can of Wal-Mart brand spray paint and left over zebra ribbon from her birthday. I am so proud of myself!

Peanut is getting her room redone, in celebration of turning double digits and all, and most of her stuff is on back order until February. Big bummer! All of that cute decor stuff costs and arm and a leg, I would offer up my first born but they would prefer a leg I'm sure! So I ordered sheets to match her bedding this morning and will be using those to do a lot of detail decor myself. For instance her Pottery Barn kids chalkboards and cork boards that are in her room now are 18" squares. Pottery Barn Teen, where her new stuff is coming from, only sells 16" squares. Of coarse they do! What a perfect selling scheme! But with my new inner Martha, Natalie and Vivienne I already have a fix in mind. I am so excited to get started on that as soon as they come in. UPS man hurry, hurry!

I so have A.D.D! Back to the jewelry box...

So, here's the final look! Dontcha just love it!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 is here to stay!

Happy New Year from the Seriously family!

So the New Year is officially in full swing and I'm ready to go, I think!

I'm not big on making resolutions because I usually feel like a big fat failure come February/March. But if I were to make them they would be something like this...

* Eat less, I so wish being 300 pounds was a good look for me!

* Move more, the equipment is there I just need to use it!

* Vacuum daily, the dog hair is out of control!

* Stop yelling at my children, a girl can dream.

* Be the wife of my husbands dreams, or at least one he likes all the time.

* Send birthday cards on time, I used to be so good at this.

* Discover a formula to make my girls stop fighting. I know this is more a resolution for them but again a girl can dream!

* Drop an occasional "just because" note in the mail to my friends. Once upon a time I was a pro at this then kids and life happened!

* Get my doctor to write my Xannax script for more than 40 pills a year! Seriously, what's that, a 30 day supply?!!?

* Spend less and be OK with it or resolve our shitty economy!

* Learn to cook more than a handful of meals, preferably low fat and carb free, tasting good would be a plus too!

* Have a girls night out once a month. No.Matter.What.

* Scrap book more, I'm years behind!

There, just a few things I wish I could do, or not do in some cases. What about you, any resolutions?

Our New Years Eve was quiet, safe and fun. We had some of our best friends over for a pizza making, ice cream eating, game playing, fauxpagne drinking, sparkler twirling night. We also had a cartwheel contest in the front yard and an 80's dance contest in the living room, no cameras where there thank you Jesus!

Just as I was saying "3" Rogue, or was it Deja, jumped up to steal a pepperoni, I love the look on their faces! Each girl rolled their own dough and created their own pizza masterpiece.

Babe impressed us all with his dough throwing skills, even though I missed the dough in flight, it did look pretty good I swear!

The pizzas turned out beautiful!

Ice cream with all the toppings. Chocolate with hot fudge and peanut butter cups for me. Yum-May!

We made hot chocolate for the "little ones" while the "big ones" enjoyed a glass of fauxpagne!

Honey had two friends over and they all watched the ball drop together.

Honey and her BFF trying to act like they're enjoying themselves, thanks for trying girls!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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