Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a birthday party!

Peanut was born just 4 days before Christmas. I've come to the conclusion that being a Christmas baby really suck unless your Jesus!

My Dad is the December 12th, my niece December 10th and my nephew, her brother, December 7th and I've have seen them get the birthday shaft more than once. I will admit, I've been guilty once or twice of buying one big gifts and wrapping it in half Christmas paper and half birthday paper but I always felt guilty doing it. So when Babe and I learned we would be adding another birthday to the month {I was actually due January 1, 2000, I think the potential media hype scared me into an early delivery!} we decided right away that we would celebrate her birthday in June. December is for her family only, the friend party is always in June. This year we had a few scheduling issues and we 're a little late but it will still be a great birthday celebration!

She wanted a pool/water party and since that's easy and requires little work on my part I was thrilled!

I made the invitations and sent them off to 18 of her besties. Thursday I will have 18 little girls here for swimming, water games, pizza and a movie.

This is a picture of the invite, sorry for the poor quality but for some reason I couldn't get the original to upload???

Each girl will get a beach ball, blow up noodle, water shooter and a personalized cup.

Think of me Thursday and ray for my sanity!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Red, White & Blue Swap

Red White and Blue Swap

My package to Honey Lamb and I should be arriving at her front door any time now but mine came today! After spending a little time on Shelley's blog and getting to "know" her a little to say I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Red, White & Blue gift would be an understatement! My box of goodies was everything I thought it would be and more!

She cleverly kept things in place by putting them under a picnic food screen which will come in handy for our annual 4th of July party this weekend.

A handmade 4th of July "Blue Ribbon".

A detailed look at all my "stuff".

1. 4th of July picnic food screen
2. Mini Blue Uncle Sam Hat
3. Gold glittery star
4. Handmade button earrings
5. Chewy candies...just the red ones.
6. Handmade 4th of July "Blue Ribbon"
7. Organic Apple Red Tea
8. Personalized coffee mug
9. BRAVE Bingo card.

I hope Shelley enjoys her box of Red, White & Blue stuff from me. She'll be wearing a very cute personalized apron while whipping up a tray of homemade 4th of July cupcakes with sprinkles and serving them on 4th of July plates with matching napkins soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day

A very happy belated Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there!

We had a very low key day. Babe had to work for a few hours so the girls and I went out to see him and brought a cookie cake for him and all the other Dads that had to work on their day. The cookie was a huge hit and was gone in no time.

When Babe got home he took a much needed rest, he's been working like two men lately, he was so tired he didn't even know Peanut was terrorizing him. While he triedto rest Peanut made his favorite dessert, German Chocolate cake.

My parents come over for dinner, I love that they live so close, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful Fathers Day!

Me and my Daddy

Papa and his Florida girls

If there's anything sexier than a Daddy who loves his girls I've yet to find it!

Babe and Honey

Babe & Peanut

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Flip Flops are here!

Becca with the Texas Darlings hosted her Flip Flop exchange again this year and of course I signed up. Living in Florida a girl can never have enough flip flops!

My partner was Camily over at La TEED Ah and she rocked this exchange! She not only sent me a great pair of gold blinged pair of flip flops but she included a bottle of BBQ sauce. I love to grill out, I use the grill more than the kitchen, she nailed it! I cannot wait to thaw out some chicken and try this sauce, Camily be prepared to send me more {I'll pay you of course} if it's a hit!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer goodness all wrapped in pink

Who doesn't love summer time? Hot sun, beautiful tans, big hats {that I don't wear because it blocks the sun} , flip flops with freshly pedicured toes and a cold drink in your hand!

Here's your chance to win a little " summer time fun bag". Now if you'd rather not go visit and sign up to win because you'd like to give me a greater chance of winning that perfectly fine with me. But if you do want to go check out this positively wonderful give away than just click here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red, White & Blue Swap

Red White and Blue Swap

It's baaaaack!

It's time for Mamarazzi's Red, White & Blue swap. I participated last year and had such a great time getting to know another blogger, Cadence, and scored such great stuff that I was all over it again this year!

It's not too late, head on over and get signed up!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where did they come from?

When I was young, you know about 22, I would look at older woman, you know about 35, and wonder where in the world all of their facial hair came from. Well now that I'm knocking on the door with the big 4-0 on it not only am I still wondering where they come from but I'm straight up pissed off that they came!

My chin hairs started out with as a mere 1 or 2 on the lower right side of my chin. It didn't take long for those 1 or 2 to invite friends to come camp out on the left side, they apparently knew I was anal and needed things to be symmetrical. The next thing I knew I was waking up every morning to a cluster of black hair growing on my chin. I swear those little suckers can grow 1/4" over night. Leg hair and underarm hair not such a worry anymore and it's a good thing because I now spend the time I used to use shaving my legs to examine my chin in the 10x magnifying light up mirror! I have also learned that if I happen to miss and grab an innocent soft blonde hair by mistake it multiplies and comes back to haunt me in the form of a jet back, deep rooted, bring tears to my eyes when plucked wire! You know the wire used to clean grout kind of wire. Spiteful little biotch!

At least I know I can fall back on wire brush making via my facial hair if all else fails! Silver lining people, silver lining.

See You Soon Friend

I have mentioned several times that one of my very best friends, Natalie, was moving to the Atlanta area. Sadly, she is gone but she did not go without a little send off... Seriously style! Myself and a few of her other very close friends gave her and her family a "See You Later" party. The timing to say good-bye see you later to someone who has been like an extension of yourself for years is never good so when I discovered their party was going to be right in the middle of our entire yard being a dirt pile I had no choice but to approach it with humor.

Luckily we have fantastic neighbors who offered up their yard for the water slide I ordered and with a last minute phone call left their pool bath door unlocked to help keep my indoor mess to a minimum {note to self, go clean their bathroom} while they went on vacation.

Honey was supposed to drive up with Natalie to help her with the kids and unpacking and Peanut and I were to leave tomorrow to join them for a week or so but as usual life has interrupted my plans. With a bone headed teenager in trouble, a summer school class date mix up and Honey {a.k.a bone headed teenager} having another severe asthma flare up we are going no where any time soon. I'm trying to find the silver lining since I never got to hug and kiss my friend good-bye but like most of life's disappointments it's been tough. I'll make it up there before the summers over Nat I swear!

My camera sat on the counter all afternoon but I promise to post pictures as soon as the girls that used their cameras share.

I put these signs along the side of the road as soon you entered the neighborhood, a little something extra that I hope touched her. I left the camera sitting on the counter so iphone pictures are the best I have to offer.

The yard...this entire process has taken much longer than I anticipated! I've had either dead grass or no grass for about 15 days now. I have four dogs, two that love to swim and nothing but dirt surrounding my house. I now know first hand why Caroline Ingalls looked so haggard, she was freaking beat from sweeping those blasted dirt floors all day long! But like I've said a million times before, I try to laugh every day because if I didn't I be in a padded room! So when Babe asked me to make a sign for the yard that said Please Don't Walk On The Grass just to be funny I took it one step further.

I made 10 signs in all and he staked them down the side walk, up the drive way and down the side yard. We had bikers,walkers and motorists stopping to read them and after the first set of signs brought Nat to tears these made her laugh, mission accomplished!

This one says brown in the new green.

I never thought this would work but I was wrong. Every kid walked on the tarp to get to the water slide. I had no dirt in the pool until we let Rogue out to play with the last of the kids, apparently he can't read.

The water slide was a huge hit {with 27 kids from 5-16 it was a must}, I even went down a time or two. The bad part is we may be resodding that entire area or buying a can of grass green spray paint before my wonderful neighbors return home.

I miss you already Nat but I know you are right where you need to be. God has placed you in the perfect place at the perfect time! I love you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No I don't hate you I just...

A little friendship advice for those in need...

One can never have too many friends! I do believe one, two or maybe even three best friends is enough but as far as a friendship pool is concerned it can never be too deep.

So when someone wants you to stay in the shallow end of the friendship pool all of the time, gets peeved when you want to dive in and splash around in the deep end for a little while then it may be time to reevaluate the friendship!

Friendships are supposed to bring you joy, to make your life fuller and richer, they're supposed to be easy and unconditional. They are not supposed to be full of jealousy and score keeping. When a friendship becomes hard, you find yourself watching what you say for fear of offending your friend(s) in the shallow end then it 's no longer easy, it's become a job.

If you find yourself in this position it may be time to trim the fat. Cut your loses. Get the skimmer out and get rid of the crap floating in your shallow end!

I do not agree with saying you hate someone but I have no problem telling them, I have a large amount of dislike and a small amount of tolerance for you.

Don't be mean about it. Don't talk to others about it and what ever you do do not post any vague comments about it on FaceBook! Be upfront and tell it how it is. If you do you may be able to save a friendship, one that could very well last you a life time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

S to the UMMER!

I am one of those Moms that feels the last week of school is a complete and total waste. All grades were sent in last week in order to have report cards finished so really the only thing the kids are doing this week is showing up for one party after another just to mark a day of attendance off for the county/state. Can you say big waste of time?

Peanut's schedule this week was as follows...

Monday- kick ball tournament against the class next door and then a movie. {Due to the high amount of "special" kids in the other class the tournament was canceled because of an overwhelming amount of meltdowns during practice}.

Tuesday- Craft day. Each kid made a place mat by cutting pictures out of magazines {really, how 4th grade is that?} and then a movie or board games.

Wednesday- Board games, pizza party and then a movie or board games.

Thursday- Receive report card issued and early dismissal.

Seriously, what's the purpose? I brought the pizza in yesterday and told Peanuts teacher she would not be in today because for us summer break would officially start TODAY!

We usually hit the beach the first day of summer break but since I had some veins removed from my leg Monday {not just the typical removal I have a blood clotting issue so they had to come out} I will be wearing very hot and sexy compression stockings for 2 weeks so the beach is not an option for another 11 days.

We do have a busy summer planned and starting it off today by sleeping in until 9:15 was simply heavenly!

One of my very best friends Natalie moves to Georgia Monday and her going away party is here Sunday. Peanut is having a "Summer Sleepover Celebration" some time this month and her 10 1/2 birthday party is the end of the month. I'm going to the Ritz with the Triangle, my two best friends, for 3 days to celebrate our birthdays the first week of July. Peanut has softball camp the second week of July and out of town company is coming the same week. The girls and I are making a trip to Georgia to see Natalie so I can paint her sons bedroom. Honey turns 16 and we are taking her and a friend or two to the beach for a few days mid August. I'm going to the beach for 3 days for some more R&R and to scrapbook right before school starts back the third week of August with the Triangle. If BP is able to remove their executive heads from their asses before our beautiful beach becomes an oil slick I will have my toes in the water ass in the sand with my girls at least twice a week! We will also be waking up when we want, eating breakfast at noon if so desired, having dinner while floating in the pool, going to a last minute movie no matter what time, staying up until the wee hours of the morning...basically enjoying every last minute of the next 76 days!

Is there anything better than summer break?!!?

What are your summer plans? If they include a trip to Florida make sure you let me know so we can meet for a margarita!

Happy SUMMER Y'all!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are you hard of Herring? Yes you have to go to school!

I'll be the first to admit we have a very unique family.

Babe and I are parents but we also try to be friends with our girls. We are strict but yet marshmallows. We said yes or no and mean it but do occasionally change our minds but for the most part what we say is what we mean. We co-parent very well, play a mean game of good cop ad cop when needed and do not undermine what the other says in front of the girls. We have fun with them and sometimes it includes crazy antics.

There was this time...

and this time...

"privacy is a privilege" has not made it on my blog yet but lets just say I can have a bedroom door off its hinges in less than 2 minutes and she failed a similar challenge as the one below to earn it back early.

I believe that you have to have an open relationship with a lot of dialog with your kids especially as they get older, it's hard to listen to most of what they say but you need to let them know they can trust you with anything. I believe you have to earn their respect not demand it. I believe a lot of other crap too that has blown up in my face but like the rest of parents out there we're doing our best and praying that the good Lord will take care of the rest.

Honeys exams started last Friday. They do things a lot different than they did when I was in school. For example, Friday they had one exam and the other 7 classes were 25 minutes long, most teachers were either playing a portion of a movie or having free time were as long as administration didn't walk in ipods and cell phones were allowed. Monday-Wednesday they have 2 exams a day and get out at 11:45, Thursday is 6th period exam only which is Honey's lunch so she does not have to go in at all. If I remember correctly that's a lot easier than my exam schedule.

Friday she did not want to go to school, she had already turned in her 1st period exam and felt the rest of the day was going to be a waste plus "all of my friends are staying home and hanging out at the beach or at so-in-so's house". yadda, yadda, yadda. I told her how sad it was to be her and that she had to go. She begged and pleaded. I got aggravated and told her to go talk to her Dad. BIG MISTAKE. What was I thinking? He's at work all day and could really care less if she stays home and is up in my business all day. This time he surprised me by not saying yes right away. This time he made a deal with her. The deal was she had to eat, and keep down, a bite of herring. Now the females of the house find herring absolutely repulsive, complain terribly when he eats it and I refuse to buy it but he sneaks it in every once in a while.

Peanut came running into my office giddy with excitement telling me all about what was about to go down grabbed the flip and ran back out. I staying tucked away safely in my office until the infectious laughter of my family got the better of me.

I have tried to edit the video but there's just no hope. Peanut was the videographer, she did her 10 year old best but clearly needs some lessons, if you suffer from motion sickness you may not want to watch it. I will also let you know it doesn't end well so if you have a weak stomach you may want to watch only to the 2:39 mark!

We are the Seriously household and this is how we roll!

Because I am a marshmallow I let her stay home from school but she had to work on one of the online courses she's taking. She worked for the majority of the school day with no argument so I looked at it as a win win!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flip Flop Exchange

It's time for The Texas Darlings Flip Flop Exchange. I had such fun last year that I'm doing it again.

Do you love flip flops? I do, especially this time of year!

Do you love getting something in the mail?

If you answered yes than head on over to The Texas Darlings and sign up today!

Friday, June 4, 2010

F-Bomb Friday

Mimi, I'm a little late but with me that's no surprise. I really had nothing for F-Bomb Friday until just a few hours ago...

We are currently redoing our entire yard which will include fencing in the back yard. After 7 years my patience are shot, the dogs have won and in another week they will no longer be able to terrify my neighbors on the community trail that goes through our back yard. That could actually be considered a loss for the dogs, I guess it depends on how you look at it. Whatever. The electric fence has been cut in so many places that it will have to be replaced. The yard is 100% black dirt which means loads of fun for this doggy Mommy! We now have a dirt bottom pool and I feel like Mrs. Inglass with a dirt floor. Good times!

Babe and I were out front looking at our mess when we heard the squealing of tires and the roaring of an engine. We looked up to see a car tearing around the corner and flying down our street. We live in a community were children are outside playing, people are walking or jogging and pets live in almost every house. We also live in the same neighborhood as the Sheriff which really holds as much value as my gym membership card but that's another story!

It's graduation weekend, excited teenagers and parties are everywhere so the crazy teenage drivers are sure to be plentiful but not on MY street! Babe calmly walked in the middle of the street and put his hand up. His intentions were to be very cool and tell the kid to slow down and remind him of the many younger kids in the neighborhood. My husband can be a hothead sometimes especially when it comes to his girls and their well being so when the driver {Punk-ass for the rest of the story} threw his car into reverse and quickly backed up I knew without a shadow of a doubt I had my F-Bomb Friday post!

Babe walked back to the yard, Punk-ass quickly drove forward while his buddies laughed it up. Babe called the front gate to advise them and ask them to get a tag number if possible. He then jumped in his car. There was no way he was going without me. Without me Punk-ass was a goner without me!

Just before this started I saw a kid from the neighborhood drive in front of the house. This kid has no drivers license and was driving his Dads company car. This is the same kid who gave his friends the alarm code to his house while he and his family went on vacation. His friends came in trashed his house, stole most their Christmas presents, broke into several neighborhood cars and partied like rock stars until the cops came at 2 in the morning. Nice friends huh?!!?

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where Punk-ass was going. We pulled around to the neighbor kids house just as they were leaving. We somewhat blocked the driveway {I was afraid Punk-ass would hit our car} and rolled the window down. Babe was still surprisingly calm. Punk-ass continued backing out. Babe told him to stop when he didn't Babe got out of the car. Punk-ass repeatedly yelled "get away from me dude, dude get away from me", his vocabulary was incredibly impressive! Babe began telling him that he was trying to be cool and ask that he slow down but after his bone-headed move he had taken it to another level. Punk-ass said he backed up in an attempt not to him. He then grew a pair and became very vocal with my husband while his friends, including the neighbor kid, sat in fearful silence. When he opened the door and stepped out toe to toe with my husband I knew my decision to tag along was a good one. Punk-ass was trying to bait my husband into hitting him, my job as the buffer was very much needed at this point! Words continued to go back and forth, Punk-ass was either very sure of himself or very stupid! With my encouragement to leave it alone Babe told the kid he was done, took a picture of his license plate and got in the car.

With Honeys yearbook I was able to find Punk-ass and with the assistance of the world wide web had his phone number, address and Mamma's name within 5 minutes! For $24.95 I can also get his GPA and blood type!

Ring* Ring* Hello Mrs. Punk-ass...lets talk about your boy shall we!

Seriously, what in the world is going on with our kids? I would have been so afraid of any adult that caught me doing wrong that I would have been frozen in fear. The thought of what my Mom & Dad would do and disappointing them usually kept me in check. These kids, most of these kids, have no regard for adults what so ever! Can someone please tell me where we've gone wrong?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you very much!

* Dear Severe Sinus Infection: Thank you very much for your extended 14 day visit and for the throbbing headache that makes looking down and bending over almost as painful as childbirth. You can go away now!

* Dear Rogue: Thank you very much for costing me $129 at the vet yesterday and being on a medicine that makes you drink like a Motha and pee like a Motha...you know what... I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of bed to take you out last night for your marathon pees at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:15 and 6:15! It's a good thing you're cute!

* Dear Creepy Lawn Guy: Thank you very much for admiring my beautiful daughter. Now close your mouth {your gold grill does nothing for her I promise} and pick up that shovel, enough is enough already I want my yard done!

* Dear Love Struck Bird: What you see is your reflection in the window not a potential lover. She will never, no matter how hard you try love you the same way you love her. It's been 6 days, get a clue, she's just not that into you dude!
{This is not my bird, I do believe the yard mans gold grill may have finally scared him away. This picture is courtesy of cleantechnica.com}

* Dear Patience, Self Control and Hormones: Patience, thank you very much for being the size of an anorexic gnat. I love nothing more than yelling at my children for no reason. Self Control, thank you very much for allowing me to eat an entire King sized Heath bar because it helps keep the guilt of being such a sucky Mom at bay. Hormones, thank you very much for making me cry while picking out graduation cards. Seriously, why does a tassel swinging from a rear view mirror give me a lump in my throat and make my eyes fill with tears?

* Dear Caller Id: Thank you very much for the heads up. I can always count on you when I'm not in the mood for that particular person!

* Dear Husband and Daughters: Thank you very much for making my life purposeful. I love you!

Nothing beats a good therapy season. Head on over to The Daily Dribble, where the couch is open and the hourly rate is free!

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