Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza! October- December

It's come to an end. This is my last 2010 Review Extravaganza post. Enjoy!


I decorated the house for Halloween

Hosted the Perfect 10 on 10-10-10.

And made a trip to Atlanta to surprise Nat for her 35th birthday!

This is a horrible picture, we got in late and overslept for my flight and sadly it's the only picture of the two of us from the entire weekend!


We participated in the neighborhood progressive happy hour. We hosted an hour of it and for the special occasion I pulled out my best linen!

We had our family pictures taken professionally for the first time in about 5 years. They turned out beautiful! Here's one I haven't already shared.

We also went to Little Gasparilla Island for 3 days and enjoyed the quiet of island life!

November ended with a pre-Christmas party with 6 of my favorite girls.


December is a busy month, we celebrate four birthdays in December, my nephew, niece, Dad, and Peanut! We decided to do something different for my Dad this year since he is a little tough to buy for. We bought him an event instead of a gift, we also incorporated my Moms birthday in there too {hers is in February} and Peanuts as well. I'm saving the details of this event for its own post but let me just tell you it was an UPLIFTING day!

December also gave me the opportunity to meet a new friend through the 12 Days of Christmas swap. I am very grateful to Sami for hosting this event and for making Impulsive Addict my partner and now my friend, I truly love her!

I was also able to loose 5 pounds over Christmas, not in the best of ways but hey, I'll take it!

Recapping 2010 over the last four weeks has been a lot of fun, thanks Emmy, Mimi, Shortmamma, Sami, Emily & Lourie for hosting this wonderful 2010 Review Extravaganza! I can only hope that 2011 has as many wonderful things in store for me!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Swap!

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Sami over at Symmetry in Motion! Not only did she host the 12 Days of Christmas swap but she introduced me to my newest bloggy BFF, Impulsive Addict!

Impulsive Addict {from here forward known as IA} is my sister from another Mister! Seriously, if I didn't know better I would swear we really are sisters. We have similar physical features, you know cuz we're both naturally blonde, a rock hard size 4 and gorgeous. We both landed handsome husbands and have beautiful daughter(s). Then there's our quick wit, smart-assery and the love of a little thing called Patron! What more can I say, we are truly a match made in heaven! I'm trying to convince her that that little angel of hers in not too young for Disney so we can meet IRL! Our husbands are both Packer fans and my girls are old enough to watch sweet little Emma while the boys talk Vince Lombardi and we sip Patron margaritas poolside! Hopefully she'll come to her senses soon and book that tropical vacation she's been wanting!

My package came on time and in once piece, more than I can say for the package I sent her. It arrived a day late and had not one, not two but THREE broken boxes, I will redeem myself I promise! And for the record USPS can suck it! Back to my box...For the self proclaimed uncrafty my packages were all wrapped beautifully in coordinating paper with beautifully tied bows exposing yet another thing we have in common, OCD!

I have edited out her personally information because she likes to keep her personal information well personal but I consider myself lucky to not only know her full name but have her address and phone number. I'm still a little curious about what she sounds like? Do people out "West" have accents? IA, this a heads up, I may consider just calling next time and not texting so I can find out.

Like me she's a wee bit controlling and had my packages numbered. It was difficult being told what to do but I was a good girl and followed her orders.

I set all of the packages under the tree that holds gifts for friends and every day when I walked past I was reminded of a new friend that was sweet enough to send me something to open for the next 12 days. Did I say 12 days? That may have been true if I didn't have a boy named Rogue...he sniffed out his favorite right away leaving me with 11.

We opened day 1 together via text, after she informed me that 3 of my boxes had been shattered I sat in front of the fire to read the Christmas magazine she gave me to calm my nerves. I really packed that box good! Again, USPS can suck it!

On day 2 I received this beautiful pink & brown stationery. I used to be very good at sending random notes to my loved ones, maybe these will inspire me to start again.

Day 3: Arbonne's exfoliating mask with heat fusion. The first time I used it I came out of the shower with my face as red as a tomato, IA please tell me that's normal!

She really stalked me did her research. I love all things Santa and this little guy has been the perfect addition to my tree!

I've had my first Scentsy burner for about a month but had yet to try this scent. It's gone, if that's any indication as to how much I love it!

Day 6 was Rogues favorite. He tore the packaging off and was able to get his sharp teeth threw the container but was caught before he did any irreversible damage. This may gross many of you out but I just used packing tape to seal the punctures and put it in the spice rack. For the record, I'm glad I did it's gooood!

I love diffusers but have yet to find one that doesn't burn my nose the first few days and then just look like a jar with sticks in it after that. This just may be the exception, my office has smelt heavenly for days!

Another adorable Santa ornament and chocolate. Chocolate that I forgot I hid until I started writing this post. Chocolate that was very delicious!

How adorable is he all nestled in the tree?!!?

What is this? A handmade ornament on day 9 from the "uncrafty IA" herself? I love it! And my husband was thankful for the foot creme, he hates nasty feet and this will save him on my by-weekly pedicure bill!

And if more proof was needed that we are one, a mini bottle of Patron! I swear Sami couldn't have gotten me a better partner if she had paired me with myself! Funny thing, I sent her a mini bottle of Patron lovin' too!

Like I said IA knows her stuff. I love coffee. I love French Vanilla Coffee. And I love my Keurig!

During our exchanges of likes, dislikes and desires I mentioned this book. I was thrilled to have this as my last gift and cannot wait to dive on in with a warm cup of French Vanilla coffee in hand, a mask on my face and some foot creme doing its magic underneath a pair of warm socks!

IA, I am beyond happy to have been partnered with you for this swap and I am honored to be able to call you my friend! Now get home quickly while you still have your sanity and make those travel plans to come visit me, your new bloggy BFF!

Thanks again Sami, you out did yourself with this swap!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza! July-September

I know I'm late posting this but like I said Yesterday that dang flu bug put all thing fun to a complete stop here at the Seriously household! So here's my recap of July, August & September!


My July started with a wonderful trip to the Ritz with my 2 besties! We had a great 2 days away, it was just what the doctor ordered!

The pampering continued with a trip to the spa with my girls!

And ended with a week long visit from our high school friends and their 4 kids!


August was a huge month! I turned 40 and Honey turned 16. Yep, August 17th was a hard pill to swallow for more than one reason!

She got a new car, one that she can drive around "topless", and I got a new vacuum, somehow I think I got screwed on that deal!

My sweet husband, daughter, sister, parents and besties did throw me an amazing surprise {kind of} party so I really have nothing to complain about!

Peanut started 5th grade and will be saying good-bye to elementary school in June, where has the time gone?

And Honey walked out the door, while it was still dark, a Sophomore!


September was somewhat of an uneventful month and after a summer as packed as it was I am thankful! The best thing that happens every September is my anniversary! On the 5th of every September I get to enjoy a day with the love of my life!

After 18 years of marriage and 24 years together I still love this man like crazy!

And there it is my July, August and September in a nutshell! Be sure to come back Friday to see October, November and December!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The flu can BITE me! Caution: Not for the weak!

Yes, I realize my last post was 7 days ago but I really have a good excuse. We were attacked by the flu!

Shortly after I took the picture of Peanut in my last post, the one of her all silly and pointing at her birthday cake, she got sick. Unfortunately, she wasn't the first girl down that night, her big sister had secluded herself to her room shortly after our 24 guest arrived for birthday dinner, cake & ice cream. For Honey to willingly remove herself from the action and her favorite 2 year olds {there were 3 here!} I knew it had to have been bad. Within an hour of her excusing herself she was calling my cell begging for help, poor baby was so sick!

Peanut played outside and was just fine until I called her in to open her gifts. I passed her "I don't feel good" off on too much running on a full stomach. She opened her gifts and smiled like a trouper, she even smiled and acted goofy for her cake but when she didn't want a slice I knew we were in for it. While everyone was enjoying their cake I was getting another bucket and cold wash cloth for daughter #2.

The ice cream was still on the counter when I told everyone to grab their kids and and far!

The next 13 hours would try my parenting skills more than they have ever been tried.

I sent my sister upstairs, Babe to his room and armed myself with open windows in the girls bedrooms on a very chilly night, a container of Clorox wipes and a bottle of Lysol. They tag teamed me like an evil 1960 wrestling duo every 45-60 minutes all night long! Barf buckets where filled when no energy was there to make it to the bathroom. The bathtub was scoured when an attempt to make it to the toilet failed. Floors and walls were also scrubbed after similar failed attempts. By 7:30 am the violent vomiting had stopped and I felt every one of my forty years! They left me very thankful that they have Jack N Jill bathrooms, the destruction had been isolated to one area.

Needless to say the girls half of the house hasn't been this clean in a very long time.

That was Tuesday night, we all waited with baited breath to see who was going to get it next. I knew it was going to be me since I was the one serving on the front line. Wednesday came and went with no sickness, so did Thursday and Friday. I had been spared, it was sleeping in the freezing cold that had saved me!

Christmas morning came and I served a beautiful yet not so wonderful breakfast {thank God for Pillsbury cinnamom rolls- I was off my game, I should have known something was up} to my family. We enjoyed gifts with my parents and were on our way to a wonderful Christmas.

Babes parents arrived and I served a simple lunch. Everyone enjoyed it but me, it just didn't taste right.

We had round two of presents.

Our cousins arrived for round three.

Dinner was served.

Dinner was good.

Dinner was NOT settling!

Uncle arrived for round four of presents.

Desserts and coffee was served to everyone but me.

By 7-7:30 I was done!

I retreated to my room {leaving my Mom & sister in charge of clean up} and called Babe from bed to let him know I would no longer be a participant in the Christmas festivities. He brought me my very own bucket and cold wash cloth and closed the door while giving my that "you look like shit smile".

Yes, four and a half days later that freaking flu bug reared it's ugly head and gave me a double dose for being so cocky as to think I had escaped. For the next 8 hours I would make trip after trip to the bathroom. I seriously did not realize how much the human body was capable of holding! I also would like to know if there's a lady like way to throw up? I seriously think the neighbors 3 doors down could hear me wrenching, I threw up so much my nails are brittle!

I stayed in bed all day Sunday. I didn't even say good-bye to my sister who had to fly back home.

Monday I was able to disinfect my bedroom and bathroom. That kicked my ass and made me hungry enough to eat 1/2 can of chicken noodle soup and 6 crackers. Yay me! Not my best suggestion if you want to lose 5 pounds fast but it is effective!

My sister in now at home sick and I'm sure the man sitting in seat 6C is about to unleash on his family. Poor unsuspecting innocent people!

The way I see it Babe has about 24 hours before the alien that's living inside starts to dig its way out. Babe, I love ya, but you're on your own with this one!

I certainly hope your Christmas was better than ours! I will be back tomorrow, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Peanut!

11 years and 2 days ago at 3:23 p.m. a running ton of spice was added to my life in the form of a 7 pound 6.5 ounce baby girl. Based on the trouble she gave me prior to birth I knew I was in for it with her! I threw up multiple times every day my entire pregnancy leaving me wondering how in the world I gained 27 pounds! The minute I delivered I felt a wave of "good" come over my body and once again was back to my old self.

I thought she was nothing less than angelic but...

Over the years she would prove to be as much of a spit-fire out as she was in!

She hated being in the car!

She hated performances of any type and was "that" kid at all of them!

She fought fights endlessly with her big sister but...

Moments of love do show up every once in a while!

The past 11 years have been a wild ride with my mood changing Peanut but I wouldn't trade a single moment! She is grown into a caring, compassionate, generous spirit. She most definitely still has her moments but they are becoming few and far between, thank God! Looking back at pictures she always make me laugh, she was certainly full of spunk!

I love you Peanut, you make my life full of every possible emotion, you keep me on my toes, you make me laugh and I am proud to be your Mommy!

Never a dull moment!

Just in case you're wondering...there's 1 shopping day left!

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza! April-June

It seems that my inability to not follow through with a commitment is the only way to get me to blog lately. I'm a little scared to think what is going to happen to my blog once this 2010 Review Extravaganza is over. Someone needs to think of a new way to keep me in the game!


We celebrated Easter with the family.

I had a black eye, thanks to Rogue and Peanut had less teeth, boy am I glad both of those were short lived!

The rule with the Easter egg hunt is, if you want the chance to find the "Golden Egg" you have to participate in the entire hunt. Honey just loves that rule, I found it hysterical that one of the 2 year olds found it!


We made the trip to North Carolina with friends for Spring Break. We had an absolute blast taking in all of the sights and the relaxation that came with staying in such a secluded cabin was just what we all needed.

The boys grilled

The girls fought

I enjoyed several beautiful sunrises

We spent a day at the Biltmore

We went hiking and found wonderful sights. {I love Honey's face in this picture! As I was removing debris for the picture Babe was freaking her out!}

We went white water rafting and so much more!

Rogue discovered his love of swimming. Having 2 dogs that swim whenever the mood strikes is just fabulous!


Peanut had her half birthday with her friends. A pool photo shoot was in order for the invitations.

I have leg surgery to help repair my veins. I have the legs of a 90 year old. This is the least gross picture I have, it went all the way to my butt!

Babe and I went to Sea Island Georgia for a weekend.

I have such a wonderful husband, he was willing to get on the floor to get a picture of the hotels atrium for me!

And my girlfriend Debi moved and demanded I pose for a picture on this crazy chair, in my driveway and in the rain. I wouldn't find out until my 40th what it was for.

I had a great 2nd quarter! I love my family and my friends and not a day goes by that I don't feel blessed!

Andrea, please don't hate me but...

Just in case you're wondering...there's 7 shopping days left!

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