Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was recently accused of sharing too much information on my blog. This accusation came from a friend, it was said innocentl, and I'm sure she meant no harm and none was taken. I have thick skin, don't worry about me. But it did get me to thinking. Do I share too much information on my blog?

My IRL friends have no choice but to hear all of the gory details of my life. With a few, nothing is off limits. It's what makes us such good friends, there's no escaping our triangle we have too much dirt on one another!

So for those of you who think I share TMI here's your chance to speak up {Mom, Dad, Honey this does not apply to you, I'll just tell you what days not to read}. For those of you that want a good laugh you may want to send a little encouragement my way because I'm thinking about taking you along on my Gyno visit! 

He said I was smokin' hot! Was that inappropriate? And to think I was feeling inadequate lying there naked wrapped up in that paper sheet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking for me?

If you are you won't find me here today, nope not all day. I'm over at Impulsive Addict today because she loves me and has hounded me for the last month asked me nicely to guest post for her. 

This is my first time doing a guest post and I'll be honest my first thought was "wholly crap what will I say" but once she gave me a little encouragement and the topic of embarrassing moments I conquered my fears and jumped right in! 

Please come see me over at IA's, I'll miss you terribly if you don't! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Whole Motley Crue!

Did you know I have four dogs? I'm surprised at the amount of people who don't know that.

Most everyone knows these three...

* Jewel, my nine year old is on the far left, she weighs in around 85 pounds.

* Rogue is front and center {you all know him} and weighs anywhere between 80-90 pounds. His weight fluctuates if he has socks and panties in his stomach preventing him from eating. This big ol' boy will be two in June.

*DejaVu is on the right. She is my petite girl, weighing a mere 70-73 pounds, and is a very spry, ball driven four year old. 

I've given you the weigh ins because for the past 24 hours they all have been on top of me, laying next to me on the couch, in my bed or at my feet! It's been raining here, storming actually, with thunder and lightning since around midnight Sunday. These big babies hate storms! They are so freaked out by them that I actually have the equivalent of doggy Xannax for them. The key to it working is getting it in them before the storm starts and the chances of that happening are as good as Dorothy getting to the storm cellar before the twister hits! 

Many of you don't know about Belle. Poor Belle is like Pluto, living in the shadow of the famous Rogue Goofy and totally unappreciated! I am thrilled that this old girl doesn't have the energy to join the rest of them at the door when the doorbell rings, I'm not sure if I could take another 53 pounds on me or her breath within three feet of me!

Belle has been part of the family for right at 15 years. She was in a box {along with her seven flea infested, underweight liter mates} outside of WalMart and I just couldn't resist! The owners were there, in all of their white trash glory, so I know that her Momma was a "full blooded Beagle and Daddy was a damned German Shepherd - Rottweiler mix from down the street". Let me just say that I do not believe that was a courtship of the willing on any level! 

Belle is a cranky old thing, she barks when the doorbell rings, growls when anything or anyone comes in between her and her food, has the worst breath on the plant, needs a bath horribly, has a huge melanoma above her eye, a paralyzed trachea and muscle loss of the mouth. Her paralyzed trachea makes it near impossible for her to be outside for any period of time {she cannot pant her body heat out} and since she loves laying around the pool in the sun this makes us very sad! The muscle loss makes picking up and chewing her food a difficult task so we feed her soft food mixed with just enough crunch for her to not feel deprived. She is a faithful dog and loves Honey more than anything! We were told almost two years ago that we had weeks left with her but this stubborn old girl has proven everyone wrong! 

I love my canine babies, they make me happy with their unconditional love and warm kisses! My life will include dogs until the very end! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Guess who got a Brazilian?!!?

No really, go ahead, guess!

Nope it wasn't me!

It had to be done. That hair was a bushy mess and with beach trips and hanging out poolside quickly becoming a daily event there really was no escaping it. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and TCB!

I tried to think of every excuse to not have it done but the benefits far outweighed the negatives. It really came down to looking over the good old fashion list of pros verses cons to see I was making the right decision.

Yes, the Brazilian was for my daughter. 

No, it was not Honey, she's 16 years old and can take care of those types of things on her own.

It was Peanut, my little 11 year old who was in desperate need! 

It was long overdue! 

Don't you dare judge me before you know all of the details!

Just so you could see that there was in fact a need to have this done I took before and after pictures.



What? You didn't really think I had gotten "that" Brazilian for her did you? 


Her hair was a hot mess, the only way to make it look less frizzy was to flat iron it and we all know that was just making it worse. A Brazilian Blowout was the best solution I could come up with. It is a wonderful product and I'm thrilled that I had it done, so is she! A flat iron or blow dryers hasn't been used in 2 weeks!

As far as the real Brazilian is concerned...that's nothing I will be getting for my girls any tine soon! As for me, I'll stick with my razor thank you very much!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't worry, be happy

It seems that lately I just haven't been able to find any balance or happiness. I love my husband and girls, I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, everyone but Honey is healthy{we're close to finding an answer to her lung issues I can feel it}, I live in paradise, I want for nothing and I have Rogue to keep me company all day so really WTF is my issue?

As I was trying to decide what I was going to post on my Happy List with Mamarazzi today all I could think of were the negatives I was currently facing. Shame on me! As I dug deeper I was able to find a positive attached to each negative. So part of today's post will be showing my negatives and how the positives so outweigh them!

Negative: I've never had any allergies until last year, I was a very lucky girl. Allergy season is crazy right now. As much as I try I just can't seem to get the yellow/green fuzz off of the lanai furniture. I have a headache most of the day and my eyes water to the point that I have stopped wearing eye makeup unless I'm going out. Why bother, I'm just gonna wipe it off within an hour.

Positive or Happy: I have insurance because my husband has a job. I can afford the copay at the doctors office and the eye drops and nasal spray that are helping.

Negative: My girls fight all of the time. If they're sharing the same air there's an issue.

Positive or Happy: I have two beautiful, healthy daughters. My friend is currently living through the 6th anniversary of the death of her son. Cancer sucks, especially when it's attacking a child!

You get the idea. I need to focus more on the good things in my life and less on the bad, there are so many more positives in my life than negatives. Sometimes it takes getting a good slap across the face with someone elses bad to see that you are just being a snot! Turning your negative into a positive can be done in any situation, you just have to be willing to search for the happy. Here are my happy's this week. 

Watching Peanut play softball!

Meeting up with Honey only to find her and her BF laying in the the car! 

Spending time with my husband and good friends! 

Yes, we switched husbands but only for the picture. Cuz it's funny and that's not how we roll. Babe and I live a swing-free life, I promise! 

Knowing that in just 55 days I will be spending 3 days with some of my very best bloggy friends! Girls, I cannot wait! 

As that trip comes to an end I will not be flying home but to Arizona were my hubby will be waiting for me at the Ritz {thank you Lexus!}.  The fact that my parents will be taking care of my girls and dogs while we're gone, leaving me with no worries, also makes me very happy! 

Find your happy, it's there somewhere I promise. And when you do go link up with Mamarazzi so we can all share it! 


Friday, March 25, 2011

I confess...

YAY it's Friday!

I confess...

That I may or may not be the most graceful of women. Sunday at Peanuts softball tournament I fell walking up the bleachers. I had on flip flops and stepped in a pile of dirt from someones cleats, that's all it took to make me "that Mom". I fell so hard the crash was heard two fields over! It ended with one leg dangling through the bleachers, one leg twisted up behind me, my finger caught in my bleacher chair that collapsed when I grabbed it for support, my phone falling to the concrete beneath and Babe and my Mom jumping to my rescue. Although it hurt like an SOB my pride would not allow me to show it I just laughed it off and finish watching the game. Seven days later I still look like this...

No comments on the tree trunks I have for legs!

I confess...

While going through iPhoto I found this video from my sisters 50th birthday weekend. If you haven't read that post go check it out, it was a lot of fun! Anyway back to the video. I confess that this video makes me nearly pee my pants every time I watch it, hopefully you'll find it funny too and it's not one of those things you had to "be there" for.

Please forgive my obnoxious laugh and annoying voice, it may or may not have been 2 something in the morning...

I confess...

That only 11 of the 27 students in Peanuts AGP math class participated in her teachers birthday celebration. Asshats! But I still think his gift tree, set in a vase of coffee beans, turned out super cute and he's going to be thrilled! 

I confess...

That I did take a picture of the angel winged tattooed "boy toy" in his speedo that I referenced last week. So after several request I'm's the picture.  

I confess...

That due to a broken vacuum my house has not been vacuumed in 12 days! Although I have Swiffered clearly it's just not the same! 

I confess...

That this is a long confessional!

I confess...

That yesterday was a poopy day {I'm really getting tired of those days} but my sweet hubby made it so much better when he called to tell me to pick a restaurant because he knew I was too tired to cook. Those were the sexiest words he has spoken to me all week and I had every intention of showing him my appreciation but sadly I was out cold, with the bedroom lights still on, at 8:45 last night. Babe I love you, you are truly amazing! 

I choose a local restaurant in Park Square where we could eat outside, one day I'll have to take y'all on a tour, and enjoyed two X-rated martinis and a Napa Cabbage Salad with candied walnuts and fresh pomegranate! So good! 

This has become a marathon confessional so I'll save the rest for next week or a post of its own. Now head on over to Mamarazzis and link up, I can't wait to see your confessions!


Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do you ever...

Do you ever visit a blog that you read all of the time and get your panties in a wad when you discover your cute blog button isn't on the their "must read" list? 

Do you ever do something so incredibly stupid that the first thing you do is look around to see if anyone saw?

Do you ever talk to yourself, out-loud, when no one is home?

Do you ever look at the lady with the smokin' hot body and say "that's so not fair, I'm much cuter, I should have that body"?

Do you ever see a lady with a smokin' hot body and a beautiful face and hope she's dumb because a triple threat is more than you can take?

Do you ever drive from point A to point B and when you park your car not remember half of the drive?

Do you ever throw on yesterdays outfit because you're not showered yet and you're only going to have it on for a few minutes and you see no reason to dirty a clean outfit? After all, you never left the house yesterday so no one will ever be the wiser? 

Do you ever do the above and include the panties in the mix because you find no reason to dirty a clean pair of panties with your dirty girl {or boy} parts? I mean you're just running up to buy dog food coming home to work out and then jumping in the shower. What's a dirty pair of underwear between friends {by friends I mean you and your girly bits not literally a friend, that would redefine gross!} ?

Do you ever read a blog that has hundreds of followers and for the life of you can't figure out why? 

Do you ever squeeze chocolate syrup in your mouth then drink milk directly from the carton, swallowing the most delicious and ice cold chocolate milk ever?  

Yeah, me neither! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll take todays top 10 on the rocks please...

Like usual I'm a day late and a dollar short!

In between doctors appointment I read a few blogs I've missed the past few days and Jenny Kate had a great linky, so here I am.

What are the top 10 keywords that have been searched that bring people to my blog?

1. Seriously Shawn, those 2 words bring in 6 times more than the #2

2. Seriously Shawn Blog

3. Eye brow waxing gone wrong

4. Happy Birthday Honey

5. Honeys first and last name...this is disturbing to me! When I first started blogging my blog title had my last name in it and I used my girls real names. Then I had some freak from Pakistan sending me horrible emails telling me how beautiful she was and when I traced him he was linked to child porn and "border exchanges". That blog was closed and Seriously Shawn was created. Either those search results are from my first blog or a few people still search for Seriously Shawn using her name and a connection can still be made.

6. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink

7. "Peed my pants"

8. Eyebrow waxing gone bad

9. Honey's full name. First, middle and last. This makes me want to close my blog forever, although I'm quite certain these are probably people she goes to school with just trying to find her. Either way, Creepers leave my girl alone!

10. When I was thirsty you gave me a drink

Very interesting and a little disturbing! Thanks Jenny for this prompt and for freaking me out by letting me see how many people come to me by Google searching my daughters name!

Two of my bloggy besties, IA and Aly have linked up with Jennifer and because I have such an uncontrollable desire to be like them {young} I'm linking up here too.

Q: What is your middle name?
A: Renee {so is Honey's shhhh}

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A: As a kid I wanted to be a Mom, as a teenager I wanted to be a Physical Therapist for handicapped children. One out of two isn't bad.

Q: If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
One} To be paid for all of those magazines that have super imposes someone elses face onto my body. Do you know who freaking rich I would be?!!?
Two} To be as together as people think I am. Y'all I'm really a hot mess!
Three} Dang, I better throw one serious one in here....World Peace

Q: If your house was on fire and you could grab only 3 things before leaving, what would they be?
A: I'm going to go with the assumption that my girls and hubby will each grab a dog on their exit leaving me the ability to grab, my external hard drive, my wedding album and Honey's baby album since she's pre-digital.

Q: You wouldn't be caught dead, where?
A: I don't know, I'm pretty outgoing and love to try new things but since I feel the need to give a real answer I'll have to say naked in public. It's not a pretty sight so because I care I'll be keeping my clothes on!

Q: If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?
A: Easy. Arial because Prince Eric is HAWT!

Q:Who was the last person you hugged?
A: Babe. I love that man!

Q: What do you think of when you hear the word "yellow"?
A: My Daddy, that's how answers the phone, I love that man too!

There you go, information overload!

Monday, March 21, 2011

No I'm not speechless...

I've been MIA again and it's not because I don't have anything to say, trust me I have plenty to say I just have no time to say it!

The past few days have gone a little like this...

Tuesday night Babe and I snuck out for dinner.

Wednesday night was GNO!

Friday Peanut and I met some friends at the beach {no school} and had a wonderful time relaxing in the sun. I was able to use my stealth-like camera skills to capture a speedo wearing hottie with angel wings tattooed on his entire back rubbing oil on his Sugar Daddy. It was spectacular I tell ya, simply spectacular! Then I raced home to get my hair done before I met Babe at a retirement celebration where I may or may not have danced on top of a table to You Shook Me All Night Long.

Saturday afternoon and into Sunday morning was the Kenny Chesney concert. I had a great time and was very thankful that I had enough sense to stop drinking by 5ish. I also may or may not have called a certain someone prior to coming to my senses, thanks IA for not hanging up on me!

I would be lying if I said it wasn't borderline torture when I heard Peanut coming down the hallway at 5:45 Sunday morning. Not because I was hungover but because I'm old as hell and can't party like that anymore! She had a softball tournament and needed to leave the house by 6:45 {I will be sending her coach and his wife a thank you card for picking her up so we could have another hour to get ready!}. She was so afraid I was going to let her oversleep that she was up and ready, hair and all, by 5:45. We were both impressed when we were ready and waiting in the driveway, before the sun came up, for her ride! BTW- Her team played 4 games and brought home first place in their bracket! It was a long day, we didn't get home until after 9p.m, but we loved every minute of it!

I had Honey at the doctor first thing Monday morning {no school again}, ran a few errands, took Rogue to the vet {dude has swimmers ear} and was held captive by the washer and dryer the rest of the day.

Today is another fun filled day with a trip to Peanuts school to hang the door decoration I made yesterday for her teachers "un-birthday" celebration and 2 more doctors appointments for Honey {I will make someone figure out why this child has been so sick for the last 16 months if it kills me}.

Wednesday is the only day on the calendar that is empty {Danielle please consider this your anniversary card} and I plan on staying in my jammies the entire day!

Do you remember the episode of Desperate Housewives where Lynette took her kids ADHD medicine to get through her busy week? I wonder...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoes, shopping and Booze, what a lovely combination!

I confess...

That I wear these shoes next to never, I'm not sure why, they're super cute! I'm just a hair shy of six foot when I wear them, but that's the case with all of my heels so that's not why.

I confess...

That I was pretty bummed when I came home this afternoon and found that my previously mentioned shoes had been chewed by a certain member of my canine family! In my attempt to not wake Babe when I got home Wednesday night I set my shoes on the ledge in the hallway. Note to self: ledge in hallway is not Rogue safe!

I confess...

I went shopping for a few new outfits yesterday. We have a surprise party to attend tonight and the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow night {I'm trying to forget that I have to leave the house at 6:45 a.m Sunday for a softball tournament} and I had nothing to wear. Back to my confession...I confess that I refused to buy a pair of black denim capris I wanted because of the size I needed. I'm just keepin' it real when I say SIZE DOES MATTER!

I confess...

That I went out for my monthly GNO Wednesday night and had 2 1/2 razztinis, quite the improvement from last months 5 dontcha think? Apparently I made an impression on our waiter during my last visit because not only did he remember me and my drink but he remembered the name he gave me, "friend" {I bet he calls all the girls that}. Awe how sweet right? When he brought martini numero dos he had taken some red syrup and drew a smiley face in the foam of my drink. Do you still think he's sweet or did he just cross over to the creepy side with you too?

I confess...

That after seeing these on a friends FB I had to try them. Vodka infused Gummy Bears. I know Shut The Front Door! I used Gummy Lifesavers, they were out of Gummy Bears, and they turned out incredible! I know a group of people who will be enjoying "adult" Life Savers before the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow night!

Because I know you're gonna ask, here's the recipe...

Put the gummies of your choice, bears, worms or lifesavers, in a glass container. Pour in enough vodka to cover the top of the candy. Cover and refrigerate for 5 days {there's some rule about no plastic touching the vodka but I don't know why}. I mixed these up Monday and they were done by Wednesday {you know they're done when they have soaked up all the alcohol}. They will swell from the alcohol but they taste just like a normal gummy, with a slight punch. I had to warn the girls not to touch the "adult" candy in the fridge! Seriously, these could be beyond dangerous!

And there you have my confessions for the week. Now it's your turn, don't keep Mama waiting!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old school ass kickin'

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things as far as exercise is concerned. So I pulled out all of my videos, my step boxes and hand weights and after stepping over them for the past 2 weeks I finally used them today. In the past I have tried to go through the videos top to bottom, not doing the same video for a week or two, today's video was OLD SCHOOL. Now when I say old school I mean Jane Fonda anal floss leotards, scrunchy socks, Rebook high tops and headbands old. I swear to you they ended each circuit with jazz hands!

My favorite videos are The FIRM. {Note: this is not a paid advertisement but if someone from The FIRM would like to compensate me with the new 13 disc 30 day express program I'll be happy to send you my address!}. I'm already feeling like a VW Bug hit me so I'm sure by tomorrow morning it will have progressed to a Mac truck! I worked out so hard today sweat was running from under my boobs and pooling in the rolls of fat lovin' where my abs should be. I also had pit stains, which then forced me to have to smell my own armpits, because ya know if I smell then I did good! Trust me when I say, I did good!

Doing this video made me laugh and left me comparing my workout with sex.

I think there a special school, other than the obvious, for all aerobic instructors. A sex face and 1-800 operator voice school. "UUHH Yes, that's it, look at those biceps working"..."this feel soooo good!"..."give me one more". I kid you not, those were a few of the things that were said today and all with the biggest O face and sexiest whisper of a voice possible.

Now I understand this concept when I'm working out if I were working out to Carmen Electra's Striptease aerobics but in a regular video is there really a need for all the bedroom dramatics? "Now put your finger in your mouth. Ladies, don't ever underestimate the power of your finger in your mouth" That would be an actual quote from Carmen Electra. Please tell me what the fitness benefit of sticking your sweaty finger in your mouth is? Seriously!

According to Carmen all you need to get that sexy body you've always wanted is a bed and some attitude. Oh and the ability to swing your hair around, a nice pair of 6" eff me pumps, and whatever the mannequin was wearing last week at Frederick's of Hollywood! Maybe that's why I'm still fluffy and have jiggly parts, I always wear yoga pants, a T-shirt and tennis shoes!

I tried to embed a video clip form The FIRM but they were all blocked but lucky for you I was able to find this picture. How sweet is that?

If you have nothing better to do You Tube search The FIRM Classic workout videos, if nothing else it will be a good laugh!

Do you workout?

At home or a gym?

What are your tips for sticking to your program?

What motivates you? My current motivation is my pending girls weekend with my favorite Bloggy girls.

Hey girls, 65 days!

Got Ink?

I May Or May Not be thinking about getting another tattoo. I feel fairly safe talking about it here since my darling husband never reads my blog any more. I want to keep this from him until I reveal it! I won't tell you what it is or where it's going to be so don't ask. It's nothing risque or trashy. I'll show you as soon as it's done.

In my search I've learned two things.

1. People are just down right crazy!
2. I'm not going to find what I want via Google!

I know what I want I'm just going to have to draw it out like I did my first one and go to someone I trust. While I'm there I'm going to tweak my cross because if one more person tells me it looks like a freaking flower I'm gonna scratch their eyes out!

I was thinking about having it done during my Texas trip but then I realized everyone but JennyKate would hate to be in a tattoo shop so that's not an option {y'all can thank me now}. Plus its location may be a little difficult for me to pull off while I'm not at home.

Back to my point of people being crazy. Here are a few things that caught my eye during my search. Please know, none of these images {all images came from Google images} are anywhere near what I will be getting but once I saw the first one it was like a train wreck I had to keep looking!

This just made me laugh! I can't decide if it's real, it almost looks like a school carnival tattoo.

This one kind of scares me and reaffirms my decision to not swim where fish pooh because if they need to poop they need to eat!

This one makes me want to scream BULLSHIT!

Now this one needs a disclaimer.

It's so horrible that I've decided to disguise it and give it a disclaimer!

**Warning, clicking on the Hello Kitty picture below will take you to another picture. This picture may be considered disturbing to some {not abuse or porn just gross}. I'm actually feeling a wee bit nauseous!

During this search I was brought to so many places. Places I did not want to visit. Places like {only click if you know you can keep your Wheaties down!} this.

I am so glad I live in my little bubble of happiness, it's safe here!

I really just don't get it! What are these people lacking in their lives that has made them feel the need to make themselves look like this? I hate to call them insane or monsters but if the shoe fits...

Any thoughts?

Do you have a tattoo? If so what and where? Do you regret it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aprils Vlog information

Because I have no energy time I have cut and pasted this directly from Mamarazzi's blog.

Shawn Mamarazzi and I talked about it and we think maybe a few of you were intimidated by one or more or all of the questions for this months VLOG.

OR you just think the questions sucked. So send us some, OK?

So we decided to make April SUPER easy, ya know, to get your vloggy feet wet.

This is an Accent/Dialect Vlog that has been floating around for a while.

You start by saying the following words:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Antenna, Rootbeer, Ambulance, Museum, Milk, Orange, Apricot

THEN you answer the following questions:

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped
body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry
groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
Where do you buy your groceries?

The Show & Tell assignment is to show us your favorite room in your house.

EASY right? AND it is going to be FUN!

Thanks Mama I couldn't have said it better myself!

I have a headache now, I think I may have done one too many takes with the whole eye-crossing thing!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm old enough to be their Mother...

If I had been a slut.

Now before you go get all up in my grill about me using the "S" word let me clarify. I'm not saying that all unmarried girls that have sex at a young age are sluts. I'm not even saying that all unmarried girls that have sex, get pregnant and have babies at a young age are sluts. I'm just saying know what, who cares what I'm saying that is not the point of the post!

I love doing swaps and my last couple of partners have been young. Very young! Like twenty-something young. Like I have underwear older than them young. Like they are closer to my daughters age than mine young. Like, damn I could be their Mother young...if I had been a slut.

But you know what? I love it! They will either be keeping me young or making fun of my old ass behind my back, I haven't figured it out yet!

My first "daughter" was Impulsive Addict, we met through the 12 Days of Christmas swap hosted by Sami. She is a hot mess, I am thrilled to call her my friend and I cannot wait to meet her and 5 other fabulous ladies IRL in just 67 day {dang, I need to start working out!}

My newest "daughter" is Aly from Analyze This. We were just partnered up with Mamarazzi for her favorite thing swap and the emails are already flowing! I do believe this swap is going to be a mixture of me sending her things I know she'll like along with a few of my favorite things! We not May Or May Nor be rebels like that!

Being surrounded by such youth should be exciting and one of two things is going to happen. I'm either coming out of this feeling like and old hag or a wee bit youthful. Lets hope for the later shall we!

In the mean time girls, I have some advice for you. Botox is your friend!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What has made Shawn happy this week?

Well, I know by my recent posts, or lack there of, many of you will say nothing. Nothing has made Shawn happy this week. Well you're wrong. There have been moments of happy scattered throughout my week. Here are a few of them.

Making new friends that notice when you're down and take the time to send you a little pick me up. This also reminded me that doing the exact same thing for one of my friends was on my list of to-do's, so once again I followed the lead of a friend and sent someone in need a little sunshine!

This was my sunshine, thanks IA for making my day!

Watching Peanut play softball. I pray I never become one of those softball Moms that complains about the endless hours spent at the fields and traveling to games. I really do love it and I love that she loves it. It makes me happy, early morning games and all!

This was last Sunday, she was called out, which was total crap! If you think she was out ZIP IT, if you think she was safe feel free to tell me how right I am and how awesome my daughter is. I can't decide if she's yelling at the call or if she hurt, either way it was a bullshit call and the 3rd out of the inning. Hey Blue, you need glasses, both her hand and knee are on the bag you big Asshat!

Watching my Honey grow into such a wonderful woman makes me happy! She was asked to be the astrologist at her sisters school dance, through gritted teeth she agreed to step in and run the Fortune Teller booth for an hour and a half before she headed out on a Friday night with her friends.

Do you know many times that night she told a kid they were going to make a new best friend, or they were going to be a great football player this coming season. Fortunes were pre-written for her, she just needed to pick one from the list before the kids came into the tent, this was to avoid the kids from asking her tough questions like "will my Mommy & Daddy get back together" which happened last year {if you ask me we shouldn't even have that booth but I wasn't in charge}. It earned her a tank of gas so I think she was fine with it!

Thank you Honey, you're such a sweetie!

Watching Rogue swim makes me happy. The fact that he popped every thing in the pool last weekend {a football, a soccer ball, 2 rings and the queen size air mattress that the girls and their friends loved} doesn't make me too happy but I believe he was trying to save them. He swam them all to the side safely and then looked at me like he had just saved the most important thing ever. It's going to be a very expensive summer replacing pool toys, it doesn't take a fortune teller to see that one!

Decorating, in any fashion, makes me happy. I was in charge of the decorations for Peanuts school dance {not the theme though}. I had such fun transforming the multi-purpose room into Mardi Gras central. The kids had a blast and we raised a lot of money to help offset the costs of the upcoming 5th grade trip and banquette. I still cannot believe my little Peanut is heading to Middle School. Time going by so quickly does not make me happy but being an active part of her life at school does!

What about you? What makes you happy? Mama is waiting, tapping her fingers in anticipation to find out, don't keep her waiting!

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