Friday, September 30, 2011

IA is here!

She had a long day traveling and was in great need of a Captain, or two, and I'm always in the mood for a Patron margarita so we made a pit stop on the way home from the airport. 

As we drove into my neighborhood it was already dark. I live in a somewhat wooded community so no houses were seen until we got into the heart of the hood. As we pulled around the corner she said "now that's a nice spread". Ha, it was my house! 

We pulled into the garage and I let the dogs out to get their crotch sniffing greeting out of the way. 

Honey came to say hi and get her hug, they're FB friends and I think they're going to have a big sister, little sister type of relationship. I think I should be very afraid of the things IA is going to teach my innocent 17 year old! 

Peanut also came out to say hello...all sweaty straight from softball practice in her shorts and bra. Yep, her bra! Let the breaking in of IA commence! 

I think I should be afraid of IA's Talk To Us Tuesday post as every time something completely normal totally outrageous or funny happens she pulls out her iPhone to "take notes". 

She also brought me a present, I love presents! What a wonderful friendship I have courtesy of Bloggville! 

It's going to be a fun week. She fits right in with the craziness. The girls love her and so do the dogs. Jewel, my shy one who does not like most people, has a new girlfriend. Nothing like a 95 pound lap-dog! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No time to catch the crafting bug!

So by now I'm sure all of my regular readers know that IA comes tomorrow! I am so very excited to spend 5 days with her, you really have no idea. The plan is to avoid my house as much as possible, well that's my plan at least, for some odd reason she wants to hang around here and just relax. I guess for her that may sound like fun but for me, not so much. I will be spending my time afraid my dogs are going to do something horrible like eat the crotch of her jeans, it's happened before people {IA keep your suitcase zipped!}. Or that one of my darling little ladies will let one rip or yell cooter shooter and run with firm fists directly towards their sisters girl-bits! And Lord help me if Babe tells her there no need for her to sleep on the blow up bed because there's plenty of room in ours! We will be eating out, drinking, going to the beach, drinking, shopping, drinking, maybe shooting a vlog and drinking. Did I mention that we may do a little drinking? If you would like a drext send me your digits ;)

I have been busy preparing my house for her. I keep a clean house but you know how it is when someones visiting right? I want under the couch and in between the cushions to be clean, no cobwebs hanging from places I don't frequent, the guest sheets, blankets and towels to be Downy fresh because nothing is worse than a sour smelling towel! 

I was doing well, right on track to have everything accomplished when one of my IRL friends started a craft blog, The Polka Dot Diva, and did her first post. I so had to do all of the stuff I saw in her first post. I also had to finish a few orders for It's Personal. As a result my office, which is my Achilles heels, is once again crunked! Why I cleaned it first still remains a mystery.

 My once spotless office now  looks like this...

I did get one thing completely done and set out and I love it! I purchased a 18x24 picture frame at 60% off {$7.99}, a little over a half a yard of Fall fabric {$2.33} and turned it into a new tray for my island. Not bad for a little over $10 huh? Vivienne are you proud of me? 

I'm off to find the floor of my office again!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ I believe a line has been crossed! & Septembers Vlog

It's week number 3 and IA, my incredible co-host who will be here in TWO days, and I are so glad you're back for another week! 

Let me just start by saying I've been waiting all week to dump this one on you. All week I tell ya. I so need your affirmation!

American Pie-we all know the movie right? It was incredibly inappropriate and extremely funny! I believe it was responsible for coining the phrase MILF. Dad and Honey, this is where you STOP reading! I mean it, step away from your computer! 

Now that they're gone if you don't know what a MILF is email me, I'll send you my cell number, we need to talk.

Anyway, I guess I'm a MILF. I have to say I'm embarrassed to tell you that. I'm not one to talk about myself like this, I don't really care for those that stroke their own ego, but since we're friends I feel safe telling you what's going on. 

Apparently there are a few boys that go to Honey's school that think I'm a MILF and would like nothing more than for me to be a single Cougar with a wild side. Or someone who has no fear of the law or any morals what-so-ever! 

Now I'm all for getting a compliment, who isn't right? And I've said several times that it feels good to be noticed in a respectful manner but shouldn't those doing the noticing at least be old enough to buy me a drink, that is assuming I wasn't happily married and would want a drink. If they're not old enough to buy me a drink they should at least be able to serve our country and vote for a decent President!

Now I'm not saying that these boys aren't little hotties, I'd be dead if I didn't notice. Let me just say they just aren't made like they were back in 1987! But there still needs to be some boundaries! 


I am friends with several of Honey's friends on FB, I find it to be the easiest way to see what she and her friends are up to but I have rules. They have to be within the inner friendship circle. I must be able to recognize them and remember their first and last name. I would prefer to know their Mommas! You get the idea right, I'm not just accepting friendship from random 17 year old boys! That's a fast way to wind up in trouble or having my picture printed off the computer and...EWWW!!!!

If I have to ask my daughter who the person requesting my friendship is and her response is "Oh, he's one of my friends that thinks you're hot" that's cause for me to hit the "Not Now" button with zero hesitation or regret right? 

Good. I'm so glad it's not just me that feels as if a line has been crossed! 

What about you? What' on your mind? You can tell us, we're friends! 

****Today is also the Monthly Vlog with Mamarazzi and me!****

Due to "technical issues" this has been removed.

Due to lack of interest the Monthly Vlog has been cancelled, this makes me sad! BUT don't worry, I'll still throw in a vlog every once and a while just so you can see what a MILF I am! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend wind-up

I'll be honest with you....I'm only writing a post today so that horrible picture of Babe and I in our matching American flag shirts is no longer on the sidebar of your blog, that is if you have me listed as one of your must reads.

We had no softball this weekend. Not even practice. The entire weekend was devoted to me and whatever I wanted to do and it was heavenly! 

Saturday morning I took Rogue to the vet. He loves his siblings and he loves people, both big and small, but he does not like other animals. The room next to us was occupied and he knew it, when they left he was not too happy. I wish I had been faster getting my phone out, this is just the end of his tirade! 

Saturday night Babe and I had an event to go to and we invited another softball couple. It felt nice to be out of jean shorts and flip flops and in a beautiful dress and a pair of heels for the night.

 For two softball Moms we clean up pretty nice huh!

Peanut and I went shopping together for my outfit, I let her pick everything out. She is the anti-shopper so I had to bribe her with a new pair of shoes. She picked out these shoes and clutch for me and a new pair of white Vans for herself.

The clutch was the perfect size for my phone, lip gloss, ID, camera and my flask. I felt like such a bad girl topping off my diet coke with the Captain from my flask! 

It was so nice to sleep in and stay home all day Sunday! I spent the entire day upstairs preparing it for IAs visit in just 3 days! I decided it would be nice for her to have an area all to herself. A place where she can escape the craziness, otherwise know as the serious house, to talk to M and Emma in quiet. The upstairs is the "girls-zone", they can be the biggest pigs ever, and I go up there as little as possible so when I say I spent the better part of the day up there cleaning I am not exaggerating! I think the upstairs will be perfect for IA, there's a TV and a bathroom so she'll be able to fall asleep with the TV on without being fearful of keeping the rest of us up, wake up slowly and quietly, shower without fear of someone walking in on her and poop with no fear of anyone knowing what's she's doing. Come on, you know you think about that stuff when you're visiting family or friends! 

It was a great weekend but since I'm being honest I must admit I missed softball...just a little!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' ~ Montana

Can I be honest with you? I almost didn't link up this week because looking back at the pictures from vacations past is depressing. I was either fat  fluffy with horrible red hair or 20 pounds lighter than I am now. One is embarrassing and the other is maddening! 

But because I try to keep it real here I'm taking a deep breath and jumping in.

I've always said I'd like to go everywhere once before I go anywhere twice. That was true until Babe and I went to Big Sky, Montana in 2003. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I would go again in a heartbeat! 

We spent a week at the most amazing ranch where we went fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting and sightseeing all on his previous employers dollar. It was a great trip except for the night they made us {all executives and their spouses attended if they qualified} wear matching American flag shirts, mount our horses and ride off into the sunset. The staff did their best to control their laughter but I know I heard laughter before we were out of sight.

Seriously, can you blame them!

Notice my hands are not touching the fish, I had fun I just didn't want to touch anything.

While hiking we came across fresh bear tracks and snow, it was June! 

There were 6 of us on that raft, I'm the only face you can see and Babe in the front of the boat with his hands in the air. The water was freezing-the wetsuits where not ours- and the guide told me to pee in the suit to help warm myself up...ummm ew! 

I played sick on the second day of fly fishing. As soon as everyone was gone I jumped in one of the Suburbans sitting in the parking lot and headed off on my own. I went to Yellowstone National park for a day of bison and moose watching, saw Old Faithful and was back in time for dinner. 

I definitely think another trip out west is due, maybe Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a little skiing would be nice? 

What are you Day Dreamin' about? Head on over to R We There Yet Mom and tell us all about it, Becca's waiting for you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Did I break a mirror or walk under a ladder and where's that freaking black cat?

When it rains it pours.

Everything happens in threes.

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.


* The dishwasher came unattached from the counter.

* The upstairs shower is hot water only.

* The garage door opener broke.

* The dogs ate a bag of chocolate on my white carpet.

* Someone in the family *coughcoughhoneycoughcough* got a very expensive speeding ticket.

* The pool pump died.

* I think the girls bathroom is infested with black mold!

* Honey has bronchitis {going today to make sure it's not pneumonia} and another horrible asthma flare up going on right now, which may or may not be due to the possible black mold in her bathroom.

There's no draught here.

That's more than three.

I don't believe in luck.


Bite me!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Petitioning for mirrors in the grocery store!

Seriously Shawn

YAY it's week number two! I am so thrilled you've come back to chat! Let me start by saying if you ever have a piece of broccoli in your teeth, a snot in your nose or your boobs are hanging out of your shirt I'm the kind of friend you want because I'm gonna tell ya! I know without a doubt that Christy, my partner in TTUT and one of my very best bloggy besties {who will be at my house in just 9 days!} would tell you too! Where was she last week when I went to the grocery store out of "uniform"? 

Very rarely do the employees at Publix, my grocery store of choice, get to see me in anything other than my Mom uniform {yoga pants, a t-shirt and tennis shoes}. So when I do actually go in there with real clothes on someone usually says something. "I almost didn't recognize you,  half a pound Boars Head tavern ham right?" "Oh my, don't you look nice" "Hey sexy, wanna see if my fruit is ripe?". What? Yeah, I made that one up, whatever. But it is nice to be noticed in a respectful manner isn't it?

The last time I was out of uniform I noticed a few odd looks from random people. I brushed it off as them being haters because they can't rock orange like I can. Then I got home... Can you say color me embarrassed? 

Once all of the groceries were unloaded and the cold stuff was put away I went to change into my Mom uniform only to see this...

At first glance you really can't see what I'm talking about but trust me when I say in person it was totally obvious!

This is what was going on beneath my top. How did I not feel my cami slip down below my bra? I'm telling you this is shades of skanky not shades of sexy! 

If I ever saw someone walking around like I was I'd like to think I would discretely say something to them. Something like this maybe, "hey slut, your boobs are hanging out, this is a family place". I would much rather experience 10 seconds of uncomfortable than 45 minutes of over exposure and being the topic of conversation around the water cooler!

So, until the grocery store adds a full length mirror at the end of each aisle I'm only shopping in my Mom uniform! 

My ass may look like two pigs fighting under a blanket in these pants but at least everything is covered!

It was nice talking to you, now it's your turn. I can't wait to hear what you're going to say! Make sure to leave a comment and come back to link up! 


2 on Tuesday

I'm also linking up with Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites for her 2 On Tuesday. This week she wants to know my favorite cleaning product and what fall television shows I'm looking forward to. 

My favorite cleaning product is hands down Fels-Naptha. Every weekend Peanut comes home with clay colored softball pants and every Monday I make them bright white again! To read all about this product go here

As far tv is concerned I don't watch that much. I did hear on the radio today that Dancing With The Stars was premiering tonight {I missed it, I got busy cleaning the pantry and forgot} and that made me excited. I'm also looking forward to the new show with Katy Perry {thanks Connie for clarifying that this is not Katy Perry but Zooey, I knew that since I loved her in Failure to Launch} and the other new one...oh what's it called {thank again's Whitney!}? The commercial shows the wife mounting her hubby while his computer on his lap only to see that he's skyping his parents...crap....anyway that looks good too. 

Please go on over and visit Andrea, she's super cool, you'll love her I promise! 

I love talking to you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Can You tell Me...

*Why people pick their their car...without tinted windows? I understand that sometimes a good ol' diggin' is necessary but really, where people can see you and where there's no place to wash your hands when you're done! Really!

*Why the armpit of all of my white shirts look like I ran the Iron Man in them? I wash daily. I wear deodorant. And I rarely pit-out. What's up with that? If you have the answer or a solution on how I can get more than 3-4 wearings out of my white shirts I will be your best friend!

* Why is it so hard to tell someone they have something in their nose, that their lunch is still in their teeth or offer them a mint? I'm just sayin' that if I ever have any of those offenses I totally would want someone to discretely let me know! 

* Why is it that my bladder hates me so? I'm going to have to start carrying a diaper bag again...for myself!

* Why the dishwasher always finishes it's cycle and starts that annoying beeping right as I'm drifting off to sleep?

* Why I can NEVER see the bottom of my laundry basket? EVER!

Today is Monday which means it's cleaning and laundry day at the Seriously house. It's so much easier to sit in front of my computer than do what I really should to be doing! But I need to get to movin', I have a friend coming to visit in just 10 days and I can't have her finding any filth now can I?!? Do you want to know who my guest is? Come back tomorrow for Talk To Us Tuesday and I'll let you know.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' ~ Cabo San Lucas

It's kind of been a crappy week. So right about now I would love nothing more than to be sitting in the sun, chillin' in a pool with a drink in my hand and my Sweetie by my side in Cabo San Lucas Mexico! 

We went to Cabo for the second time in June of 2007 for the wedding of Babes childhood friend. It was so wonderful being part of her special day!

My sister joined us, it was great to spend a week with her, I miss her! 

Thanks to Aunt She Babe and I were able to sneak out with the Bride for a little night life.

The rehearsal dinner was at this breathtaking restaurant overlooking the water! 

We did our best to get a family picture but I'm the only one without sensitive eyes so it proved to be difficult. 

During the wedding Peanut shook her groove thing...All.Night.Long!  I think she's in as many pictures as the Bride! 

Honey got hit on by this little cutie. A friend speaks Spanish and overheard him saying he had spiked her drink. Sure enough that little cutie bastard had given her tequila, I'm glad we caught him in time! We kept a close eye on her the rest of our vacation! 

I did a shot of the most disgusting tequila with the Brides Dad.

And Babe did his best Tony Soprano impersonation with Nicki. Oh, I was so proud!

Yeah, I think another trip down south is just what I need.

What vacation are you daydreamin about? Head on over to R We There Yet Mom? and tell us. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

She's stronger than me!

Back in March I wrote a post talking about all of my dogs. Many of you thought I only had Rogue, although he is the star of the show he is the baby of 4. That post took a turn towards the end and kind of showcased our old girl Belle and her special relationship with Honey. You can read that post here

We knew our days with Belle were about to end but we just wanted to make sure we didn't make a rash decision. Babe and I told Honey this decision could be hers if she felt she could handle it, after all Belle was her dog, she agreed that this was something that she should take care of so we let her take control.

Belle started falling often several weeks backs and had all but lost her appetite, we really had to work with her to get her to eat. Last week she started struggling with getting up and there were times when she needed help. 

Saturday Honey had to carry her inside, she had laid out by the pool, one of her favorite places to be, and couldn't get up. It was then that Honey made the very difficult and adult decision to put her down. She called me, I was an hour away at a softball tournament, asking for our vets cell number {she is both a friend and neighbor} she was going to call and ask if she would please open the clinic as she didn't want Belle to be afraid going somewhere unfamiliar. The level of compassion she has is in all situations is truly inspiring! 

When we arrived home we agreed that it was in fact time. Babe carried her to the car and as a family we took her to the clinic to say good-bye. Honey carried her in and held her on her lap telling her quietly how much she loved her until the very end. The bravery my daughter showed was beyond comprehension! She held it together and did what she knew was the best thing for her dog and best friend for over 15 years! I sat in awe of her strength as tears flowed down my cheeks.  
Belle was my four legged baby for 15+ years. She helped welcome Peanut to the family, said good-bye to Rufus, hello to Jewel, good-bye to Gator, hello to Deja and finally Rogue. She wasn't always happy about the changes that took place but as long as she had Honey she was just fine. 

She had favorite places to lay in the house, this was one of them, there's still a stain on the baseboards that I can't bring myself to clean. Deja spent the first night sleeping in that spot with her nose against the baseboard, I know she could smell her which must have offered her some comfort. 

Jewel and Rogue seem to be ok but Deja is clearly mourning the loss of her friend. She searches the house for her and hasn't been more than 3 feet from Honey or I since Saturday. Dogs know, understand, and feel so much more than most people give them credit for! 

Our Belle-Belle was a sweet old girl. She barked too much and no matter what we did she smelled horrible but she loved all of us with everything she had. I will never regret the day I choose her from that box outside of WalMart! 

Honey's dealing with things in her own way. I know how she feels to not have the one constant in your life anymore. My heart broke the day Gator died, I can still hardly tell that story without that painful lump showing up in my throat, but it does get easier every day.

If Honey was home she and Belle were together. Belle even had her very own bed that matched Honey's room. Honey didn't care what she looked like, smelled like or what others thought she was her baby!

My Honey is grown beyond her years, braver than anyone I know and I am so very, very proud of her! 

I wish there was something I could do to help the healing process go a little faster but sadly there is not. Not being able to heal your childs broken heart is the worst part of being a parent!

Good-bye Old-Girl, I loved you very much and miss you terribly! I'll see you again one day as I know you'll be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge!  

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