Monday, October 31, 2011

The one where I brag just a little

Last week was Honey's Homecoming. The week leading up to the big night was spirit week where each day they dressed up. She missed school spirit day because of our trip to Atlanta and forgot to take a picture on one of the days {they made fun of their rival school, and homecoming game opponent, by dressing like country bumpkins. Before you get all twisted the other school has been doing that to us for years, this was the first year we returned the favor}, maybe if I had gotten up with her each morning that wouldn't have happened.

Character day: T-Birds and Pink Ladies.

Neon Day

Ti-34 Day

Game Night! 

Homecoming Night

Peanut on her tippy-toes trying to be as tall as her sister in her 4 1/2" heels.

There's no questioning who her Daddy is! 

Between all of the homecoming running around and hosting Peanuts softball tournament I was exhausted!

Three of the five besties.

The boy trying to win her over.

The best-friend.

The five besties with a few creepers in the background!

This group of 50 all gathered at one house for a catered dinner lake-side. They are a great group of kids and all I have to say is I never remember looking like this when I was 16-17!

High school memories will always be a part of who we are, I'm glad she's making good ones!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A post that requires no thought.

I wrote down 2 numbers. One represented an album in my iPhoto, the other represented a picture in the album. 

The numbers were 6 and 13, album number 6 and 7 only had 3 pictures each so I went to album number 8. This album has the pictures of Honeys room make-over. The album is still waiting for the finished look pictures to be taken. Those pictures cannot be taken until Someone *coughcoughHoneycoughcough* cleans her room! 

This is the 13th picture in the album.

This is one of the projects I made for Honeys room, the color is way off the frame is actually a very deep purple. She wanted Subway art somewhere in the room so she choose a quote and I got started. I found a picture on clearance for $10 at a local scrap-booking shop, I flipped the picture and used the back of it to assure a perfect fit. 

First I painted it white, then using contact paper I cut out the words with my Cricut machine and stuck them on the board. I eyeballed the positioning of the letters which may bother some people like Babe but the fact that it's slightly off doesn't bother me a bit. Next I painted it black and after it dried I simply pulled the contact paper off. I had all of the pain on hand since I had just painted her room and the contact paper was in my craft stash so this project cost me just $10!

It was one of the easiest projects I've ever made and it's a great addition to her room. You'll see once she actually gets it prepared for the camera. Or maybe I should take a picture of it the way it looks now, who knows a little public humiliation might encourage her to keep up with it. Right, who am I kidding!

Need a post that requires little to no thought. Pick 2 numbers and see where they take you, if that's too much for you just use mine, 6 and 13. Make sure to let me know if you use this idea, I'd love to see your pictures! 

Do I smell Pee?

I'm sure many of you remember my sweet old girl Belle. She was the dog I rescued outside of WalMart when Honey was just 2. She was the best mutt anyone could ever ask for, she had her moments but for the most part she was a wonderful dog for the 15 years and 3 months she spent with us.

She's been gone now for 6 weeks and has sadly left behind more than good memories. Apparently in her last few months, when getting up and down to pee was painful, she would wait until the very last minute and go in Peanuts room to relieve herself. She remained smart enough to the very end to know not to pee in her own room, the room she shared with Honey. Now every time I walk into Peanuts room the overwhelming smell of dog pee smacks me in the face. It's spectacular I tell ya!

I do have a very keen sense of smell and am very paranoid that my house will smell like dog, having 3 that's a constant challenge. I love when people say, "you have 3 dogs? In the house?". The last thing I ever want to hear is "I smell pee!". I seem to be the only one that can smell it, either that or everyone is just lying to me, either way I need to make this odor go away!

I've searched for something to help and I came up with this, carpet pet odor removal Austin. Yes, I realize they're in Austin and I'm in Central Florida but I'm still hoping that they can hook me up with one of their nearby locations. It's either that or I tear out the carpet myself and Peanuts room gets swept instead of vacuumed. Because me wearing a mask over my face or a close pin on my nose is simply not an option!

Here's hoping that I can find a solution at

Dog pee, the gift that keeps on giving! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fawk Forget You Friday!

My girl Boobies does a great Friday meme called Fawk You Friday, it's a great time to get all of the negativity from the week off of your chest. I however am going to call it Forget You Friday like my friend IA because one, my daughter and parents read my blog {I know fawk is not a bad word but...}, two because I'm always on my hubby ass {Oops} about his language so I'm trying to practice what I preach and three, I really need to watch my own language, its that whole people in glass houses thing. 

So here's what I'd like to say Forget You to this week.

Forget You Insomnia! I'm not sure what I ever did to piss you off but I do believe you have punished me enough. Now if you will please leave so I can get a consistent and continual 8 hours a night the bags under my eyes and I would very much appreciate it!

Forget You Constipation! Yeah, I went there. I think in another couple of hours my pretty green eyes may turn shit brown {see what I mean, such a potty mouth} if this alien living inside of me doesn't vacate the premises.

Forget You 18 Pounds! I'm trying to shed this weight that has gradually crept up on me over the past 19 months. It's  causing my pants to not fit comfortably and breathing while sitting difficult. I have lost 8 pounds in the past 3 weeks but damn it, {I know, I know, shut it!}I want the other half to my peanut butter and honey sandwich on soft fresh honey wheat bread right now! 

Forget You Laziness! I'm not so sure what's going on but all I want to do lately is eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches and lay around watching TV. The TV thing is what's most concerning to me since I never watch it. Maybe if I could check things off my to-do list and go outside for a walk with the dogs I would feel better. Or I could forget this freaking healthy lifestyle, let the looming to-do list grow longer, poor myself a drink and sit on my fat ass {whatever} all day! 

Nah, I say Forget You to all the negatives running through my head. I'm a lucky woman with a husband who loves me and 2 beautiful, healthy daughters and 3 really cool dogs. It's time to pull my boots up and get out of this huge, heaping pile of shit {come on I deserve that one} I've been wallowing in. And while I'm up I need to go put some money in the cuss jar, dammit {bite me, I'm not paying for that one!} I'm gonna be fat and broke by the first of the year. 

Friday Daydreamin' ~ Halloween Picture

To change things up a bit this week Becca from R We There Yet Mom wants to see one of our favorite Halloween pictures. 

Since all of the pictures when the girls where little and wore cute little princess or fairy costumes were taken with old school with a 35mm and film I decided to make things easy of myself and go for a more current picture.

This was the last year Honey dressed up. She only did it so she could hang out later than usual on a school night with her friends. She thinks I don't know that but she doesn't know that I could really care less, I did the same thing when I was 15. 

Peanut wanted to be a zombie but none of the costumes were what either of us wanted so after an hour or so in Target I came home and whipped up her costume. I have to say it turned out super cute and is still one of my favorites. It may be because she was so in character, she really worked the dead thing!

Honey & Peanut Halloween 2009

What's your favorite Halloween Picture? Go link up with Becca and tell her all about it and be sure to visit others that link up too, you never know who you'll meet.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just because it makes me happy!

This has got to be my favorite picture in a very long time. That doesn't sound right, grammar police please!

This is my new favorite picture. Much better. 

It makes me smile every time I see it! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's just a click away

I would have to say that the majority of bloggers blog because they like to, because they want to keep a journal of sorts, because they want to have an outlet and because they want something that belongs to just them. Well, those are the reasons why I blog anyway. When I first learned that there are bloggers out there making money doing what they love to do, blog, I was more than interested. Nothings better than a little extra money right? 

I think the same is true for businesses. They want a way to utilize their web page or business blog to generate some income as well. Advertisers want a platform to place their ads on and Publishers want to generate more advertisers to increase their public profile. With the help of a company called Bizz Click everyone can be a winner! 

Bizz Click is a pay per click agency that has a knowledgeable 24/7 support team that can help answer any of your questions on how to make more but using what you already have, a social forum. In addition to the support team each client is assigned a personal manager and there are a vast variety of tools for creating your perfect advertising campaign. There are so many more wonderful tools offered like a FiSoAp system {Filter, Sort and Appreciate}, keyword tool, targeting customization, a referral program and a rating system. If you have a business you want to promote or a platform to promote a business on Bizz Click is definitely worth checking out! 


2 On Tuesday

Because andrea loves me she's ok with me linking up a day late. Thanks Andrea, you're a doll! 

Andrea wants us to share 2 of our favorite pictures. Now I think everyone knows I'm a wee-bit narcissistic so this wasn't all that hard for me at first. Then I started to think outside of the box. I tried to find pictures were I didn't necessarily look good on the outside but I looked good on the inside. Understand? 

The first picture that came to mind is one where I had just finished going down a huge water slide with the girls. I laughed the entire way down and when I got to the bottom and heard them laughing with me at me I was thrilled that I had stopped doing what I wanted to do and did something for them. It ended up being one of the highlights of our week at the beach! 

Yes, it's been cropped to not reveal my exposed ass! 

The other picture I had to search for. One of me with Babe, or holding my newborn? How about one of just me or one with Rogue? I finally decided on this one.

Every year Babe lights the fireplace and the girls and I sit down to read Twas The Night Before Christmas before they go to bed. This was the first year that the girls took turns reading it to me, not because it was the first year they could read but because it was the first year I was willing to admit there was yet another thing they could do without me. In the end it made me happy that they still wanted to carry on one of my silly traditions. 

Thanks Andrea, I needed to look at myself a little differently and through the eyes of my girls was a perfect looking glass! 

2 on Tuesday

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Natalie

YAY for Tuesdays! I love Tuesdays, it's the day were I can talk about anything and y'all will listen. Right, you do listen don't you? 

Last week we had 31 people link up...thank you! This has been so much fun! Since IA and I started hosting TTUT 7 weeks ago I have had more fun going blog to blog reading your randomness. Each week I have found new friends, I love this meme! The best part of TTUT? No. Rules. Yep, that right none, zip, nada! Take our button if you want {we may or may not love you more if you do} it's up to you. Post a random story, recipe, craft or whatever, we don't care what you want to talk about because we're friends and we're here for you no matter what! 

Seriously Shawn


Two weeks ago the girls and I went to visit my friend Natalie for her birthday. I'd like to say we went for the weekend but since we drove 8 hours each way it was really more like a day and a half. We did manage to squeeze a lot of fun in though. Here's a taste of our visit.

Natalie is responsible for my blog and is one of my very best friends. Sadly she blogs next to never anymore, I guess that's what happens when you have a full time job and 2 little ones. 

Living in Florida I miss the colors of the trees and the smell of Fall, luckily I was able to enjoy just a little of it during my visit. We took the kids apple picking, something I haven't done since I was Peanuts age, they had such a good time searching the trees to fill their apple bags. Peanut was determined to climb a tree and pick an apple from the very top and like anything else she sets her mind to she was successful. After Natalie's birthday dinner we made homemade apple pies with the apples we picked ourselves. That was a first for Natalie's daughter and maybe even Natalie.

To avoid picture overload here's a collage of the weekend.

Of course Natalie and I enjoyed an adult beverage, courtesy of a very nice and very young man at the bar. Honey was nice enough to take the little ones home and come back to pick us up an hour later so we could enjoy a kid-free conversation.

Yep, we still have it! 

The last thing we did was make a video. Hopefully you'll find it as funny as we did/do!


Now it's your up...if you do we'll love you long time! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

You don't want to know!

Do you want to know what happens when this big boy

Sneaks into his Daddy's briefcase {that was sitting ontop of the desk}  and steals an entire unopened package of this... 

...without tipping over the briefcase or making any noise at all and eats the entire package, and some of the packaging, before bedtime?

No, I don't think you do! 

Lets just say that after getting out of bed 3 times between 2:30 and 4:00 to let him stink up the backyard I finally left the slider open so he could take care of business by himself. I guess I should be glad that he made it outside every time! I hope that shiz burned on its way out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Zero to Skank in 11 short years!

Got a secret? How about a good story or a new delicious recipe? Well, you've come to the right place because IA and I want to talk about it because today is Talk To Us Tuesday! Grab our button and come back to link up with us, any story will do because there's NO RULES here! Come on all the cool kids are doing it! 

Seriously Shawn

Halloween is just around the corner. Let me tell you something people, gone are the days when I made or shopped for cute little costumes for my girls. Long gone! After shopping with Peanut for this years costume I literally ached for the years where I could dress them up as fairies and princesses! 

When did Halloween go from scary to slutty? I mean seriously, have you seen the costume choices out there!  

Upon surveying the costumes I have come to two conclusions. One, these people are crazy if they think I'm letting my 11 year old walk around in the dark, asking strangers for candy with her girly-bits exposed! And two, these people are crazy if they think I'm going to let my 11 year old walk around in the dark, asking strangers for candy with her girly-bits exposed in a $75 dollar costume! 

She wants to be a Pirate. 

I want her to be a pirate without revealing her booty! 

Luckily she agrees! 

After saying no to this

and this...

 and this
I really wanted this! 

All photos came from here

The sections of the Halloween store go a little like this. Crawler...Hey isn't that the star of Debbie Does Dallas? The choices seriously go from adorable or slutty with no middle ground! We agreed on a tween costume, which in case you're wondering means absolutely nothing!

Her costume is a little too short but with a pair of fishnet stockings and boy shorts we were able to obtain full coverage, plus it was less than $50 with all the extras. I think I'll carry the sword, God help anyone who wants to touch her loot, they will be walking away looking like captain Hook! 


Monday, October 17, 2011

If you're looking for me, Seriously Shawn, you will not find me here today, Heather and I have switched blogs for the day. We're participating in the Friends You Love linky in an attempt to the get to know our bloggy friends a little better. If you want to see what I have to say about myself just go here.

Cue Heather:

I would like to thank Shawn for asking me to do a guest post. She is a wonderful person and I can't wait to get to know her better. So I thought I would take this chance to let everyone get to know me and my family a little better, I am Heather from Heather's Happenings.

So I have been racking my brain wondering what I am going to tell you about me. Well first, I was made in China and had no idea that I was. My Dr. told me that I was during my yearly pap smear. It's totally not cool to be laying down with your feet up in the stirrups and your Dr. sit down to begin and start laughing. Earlier that day my son peeled a made in China sticker off his toy and laid it on my bed. I sat on said sticker after my shower and it stuck to my butt. My Dr. was laughing hysterically while she pulled said sticker off my butt cheek. Lesson learned: check butt cheeks before having a pap done!

I have been happily married for 12 years to a wonderful man who does not know what to say to the border patrol person when going into Canada. I don't think he knows how curtains get clean either. 

My oldest child is Ryan, he will be 12 in December. It's amazing how time flies. He is the sweetest little boy! When he was 10 he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome but he does not let it define who he is. I am super proud of him.

Last but not least is my super spoiled little princess, Allison. She will be 3 on Thanksgiving day this year. She took 9 years to get here but was totally worth the wait. She has the most amazing smile that is contagious and is just super sweet.

Thank you again Shawn for asking me to post! 

Friends You Love

No, no, no thank you Heather! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taking the family to see Sister Act on Broadway

Guest post written by Brent Smock:

I recently took my family on a trip to New York City this summer and it was so much fun. We took the kids right before they were going to start back to school so they could see the bright lights and big city. As soon as I told them that we were going to go, my 8-year-old asked me which Broadway play we were going to go and see. That was something in my plans, but I knew that I especially had to go and see a play now or she would never forgive me.

I went online to find some info about which plays would be the best to take kids to and while I was looking that up, I ran across the site I looked through it some and after that I decided to go in for a hearing test and get hearing aids before our trip.

My wife and I decided on seeing the Sister Act musical and I think that the kids really enjoyed it. They don't know the movie, but my wife and I knew that we would like the play because we both really like the film

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' ~ Ireland

Babe and I were able to travel to Ireland back in 2003, it was such a wonderful trip full of beautiful sights and lots and lots of chain smokers! 

While we were there we kissed the Blarney Stone, it grossed me out a bit but I had to do it! Look at how smooth the rock is from all of the saliva. Don't I had a handy wipe ready to go as soon as I was done! 

We enjoyed a little nightlife too. Little did we know these girls were the paid night life of Ireland. It's a good thing a good samaritan filled us in before the cops that were watching us closely arrested Babe and his 2 accomplices! 

There are a few picture of me but I'm opting not to include them, it was 35 pounds ago {yes IA, larger} and I had short red hair. It was a very awkward time in my life, I so wish someone had loved me enough to tell me so! 

What are you Day Dreamn' about today? Go tell Becca over at R We There Yet Mom, she's waiting for you! 

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