Saturday, December 31, 2011

Always a day late and a dollar short!

Friday I linked up with IA and her friends for what I thought to be the third installment of 2011 Review  Extravaganza. Apparently I redefine dumbassery because it was in fact the final week. How did I get a full week behind? I'm blaming it on Peanut, her birthday being just 4 days before Christmas always makes my brain mushier than usual. So here is my final post for the 2011 Review Extravaganza.

October was a slow month with only 2 softball tournaments, one that we hosted, and a tip to Atlanta to  visit one of my best  friends Natalie for her birthday. Nats the one who started my addiction to blogging but sadly she no longer has the time to blog since she's now a full time working Mom. I talked about how shopping for Halloween costumes for Peanut was a challenge and showed you what she looked like when she headed out the door with her friends. I also bragged about Honey just a little.

My favorite picture from October...

In November I chose to do 30 Days of Thankful, a daily post about something I was thankful for, these were usually things that were not so obvious. It was a great month since it included a visit up north to see my family and a visit from my niece. I also revealed Honeys new bedroom and talked a little bit about my bladder issues

My favorite picture from November...

December, is here and almost gone, I cannot believe we will be entering 2012 in just one more day! December is a busy month here since it's not only Peanuts birth month but my niece, nephew and Dads! I did however find the time to host Christams day, host a party for the softball team and do a photo shoot with Honey and her four best friends {The Fab Five} but not the time to blog about any of it. December turned out to be a very busy and rewarding month! 

My favorite picture from December...

2012...I'm ready for you, so bring it on

Friday, December 30, 2011

A look back at July, August and September


This was last weeks challenge. Apparently I'm a full week behind, how that exactly happened is beyond me.

I'm linking up again today with IA and the rest of the 2011 Review Extravaganza crew. This week we are looking back at July, August and September.

I like the way I did things last week so I've decided to keep it the same, hope you don't mind my lack of creativity this morning.

July, the first full month of no school and we all loved every minute of it, especially the no alarm clock part! There was of course a lot of softball, a GNO to the Improv to see Anjelah Johnson, the original Bon Qui Qui, we spent 5 glorious days on North Captiva Island with some of our best friends {it was an estrogen fest, all 5 couples have 2 daughters each they range in age from 5-17}, Honey spent 2 weeks in Wisconsin, and Peanut played in the Softball World Series in Disney. It was a busy month! 

My favorite picture from July, my two beautiful sun-kissed girls!

August is a big month here at the Seriously Shawn house since it's not only my birth month but Honey's as well...on the very same day. This year I turned 41, and was spoiled by some of my bloggy besties, and she turned 17! To celebrate her birthday I took her and 3 friends {please read friends and not boyfriend/girlfriends, they truly are just friends} to Little Gasparilla Island for the weekend, I also had my very first mammogram which thrilled me to no end! 

My favorite picture from August, I love these kids. They had a great time fishing and chillin' on the beach.
September had more softball, it also kicked off the start of another school year, Babe and I celebrated 19 years married and I had a visit from Miss IA herself! We had such a great time together, you can read all about it here and here, and I cannot wait to do it again! 

My favorite picture from was a tough one since it should really be of me and my hubby but IA and I had such a great time so I decided on this one since it  includes both of them!

Thanks ladies for hosting this party, its fun to see my year in small snippets like this! I'm looking forward to wrapping it up next week and starting 2012 off with a bang! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

How would you find your new home?

I often wonder if we had to relocate to an area where  we knew no one what would I do to find the right place for my family and I? Would I throw a dart and go where it stuck, search by school districts or ask new coworkers {HA, like I'd have a job!}? Honestly, my search would start at my computer. I'd head directly to Google and type in apartments for rent in Edmonton because when it comes to using Google I'm very literal with my searches, and see where it took me. 

Moving is a scary thought for me, I don't know how all of my military friends do it every 3-5 years! Florida is home, I'm comfortable here and the weather is unbeatable! But if I were to ever have to move it's pretty safe to say the computer and I would be a team to be reckoned with! 

2011 Christmas cards

Now that Christmas is over and my cards have been delivered it's safe for me to share my card with you.  I waited because I didn't want to spoil the much anticipated surprise that I know many of you have upon seeing my card in your mailbox. Ha! 

I usually design my own cards and have them printed at a local shop but this year I just didn't have it in me. I like having a unique card and didn't want to send one that you may have already received with another families picture on it. I received three duplicates this year, they kind of look like the section of "who wore it better" in People magazine. So I searched for a website that I had never heard of and then for a style that fit my needs and then narrowed that down based on price, I was not paying over $3 PER CARD, not happening! 

My search lead me to Pear Tree Greeting and I couldn't be happier with their product. This is not a paid advertisement, I am not receiving free product for my opinion, in fact they don't even know I'm writing about them, I'm just spreading the word for a company that did a good job. It's so easy to complain and spread the word when someone does you wrong I think the same should be true when someone does a great job.

This is the front of the trifold card. I cut each of those letters out and glued them to the steps in fear that adding them in my photo editing program wouldn't look right.

When the card was unfolded this was the front. Honey and her age along with Peanut and hers {obviously I have blurred out their names to keep their identity a secret, I know if you search real hard it's not difficult to find me but...}. Neither one of the girls liked their picture but since it's my Christmas card I chose the pictures.

This is the back, our family letter is to the right of the strip of color. 

I think it turned out great and would recommend Pear Tree Greetings to anyone that asks. And if someone from Pear Tree Greetings just happens to read my blog please feel free to contact me, I'll be needing graduation cards sooner than I care to think about! 

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright and that 2012 brings you much love and happiness.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, I think not!

I know sometimes I can be a little hard to understand. I talk fast, sometimes I get tongue tied and have a hard time getting what's in my head to come out of my mouth in a way that both makes sense and isn't offensive. But when it comes to searching for things that I need information on or entering in my personal information on the web I am always very clear, not clear as mud but crystal clear. It's not that hard to hit the married button and scroll down to the year 1970, it's basic computer skills not rocket science. That's why when I get emails like the one below I become very confruzzled! 

When I first looked at this email I thought it was saying that I was going to be able to meet fifty single people in my area, I was a little confused by that being that I have been happily married for 19 years to my high school sweetheart then I reread it. That bitch says "meet 50+ singles in your area". 50 as in the age you turn after 49. 50 as in they think I'm 9 years older than I am. 50 as in the hell you say!
I am well aware of my age, I am 41 years, 4 months and 11 days old. There are days when I look a little older than I am but I never, ever look 50 or over! If you disagree may I advise you to hold your tongue or risk me hunting you down and cutting it out! In fact I get asked if I'm Honeys older sister often, it's usually by the waiter who's wanting a big tip but I could give a rats ass, he's saying it..out me! 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ The One Where I Dropped The Ball!

Oh, it feels so good to sleep in!...What time is it?...Wow I slept until 9:30...What day is it?...It's Tuesday...Yawn...Stretch...It's TUESDAY!...Shit I didn't write a TTUT post for today!

Yep, that's how my morning went. So I have brewed a cup of coffee and sent a text to my incredible partner IA {I thinks she may be mad at me, she hasn't replied yet} and sat down to write a TTUT post offer an excuse as to why I suck. So to make myself feel better about being such a slacker I'm going to share why I'm such a terrible  co-host.

This time of year is very hectic for everyone, I however have the added joy of a birthday just 4 days before Christmas. Now don't get me wrong I love my early Christmas present, she is one of the best things to have ever happen to me, but the poor timing of her birth, which is nothing more than the poor timing of her conception I know, adds a bit more stress to the "Happiest Time of the Year" for me! 

This year she asked for a new bedroom. New furniture, new paint color, new bedding, new wall art. Seriously, only one of my kids! The last time she asked for that I drug my feet and her room wasn't complete until summer, I vowed that her room would be done by Christmas. I came close, all I have left to do is the wall art and it will be finished. I'm remaining hopefully that it will be this week since we have a party here with her softball team Friday night. I will post pictures soon I promise, it's freaking adorable! 

Did you read the new furniture part? She felt her furniture was too "little girl" and that it took up too much room and she had no space to hang out with her friends. She was right so after working her Daddy for months he agreed that she needed new furniture. The hard part was deciding what we were going to do with the old stuff. I usually give things like that away but trying to be a more money conscience wife I thought I would sell it. I asked a couple of friends for pricing advise and pulled out the receipts. There was no way I was going to be able to sell it for a decent price {I was shocked when I saw the receipt, business must have been very good that year because we spared no expense!} and where was I going to store it until it sold? So I decided to turn my office into a guest bedroom and move my office upstairs to the girls "play room". They only use it occasionally when the group is too big for their bedrooms and honestly I am on the computer way too much so them wanting to be up there will be good for me! 

I needed a place to keep all of that the furniture until I have the time to empty my office, it couldn't sit in the middle of my family room for Christmas! So it's now in my office along with all of my furniture and all of the Christmas wrap, and gifts that I was trying to make for friends and neighbors. It looks like an episode of Hoarders in here! 

And as if all of that isn't enough I have had a flair up of arthritis in my fingers {shut it on the old jokes}, Aunt Flow is visiting and she must be pissed at me because she's an angry bitch this month! I've also had a tooth ache for about a week and have no time to go to the dentist and my Quack of a doctor said that the headache that I've had above my right eye and across my forehead for a freaking month is from allergies. Allergies my ass Dr. Quacksalot! Nothing is taking this headache away. Not the allergy nasal spray he prescribed, not allergy pills, not even 15 Tylenol at once is touching it! I have another story about taking what I thought was Tylenol to tell you next week, let's just say I've learned my lesson about keeping different pills in one bottle!

So there you have it, my very long excuse as to why I'm such a horrible blogger! If you were able to read all of that without wanting to slice your wrists with a tortilla chip than you deserve a prize! Speaking of prize...last week I said I would give one of you a few of my favorite things that I received from my Influenster VoxBox and that lucky person is VandyJ! Email me your address and I'll get your gift in the mail as soon as I unbury myself from this room! 

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about the hoarding thing, here's the shameful proof. It can never be said that I don't keep it real! 

Hopefully you're linking up today but if you're like me and you forgot it's ok just link up late, we're ok with that because remember we have NO RULES! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Four Eyes...all the better to see you with my Dear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I do not have perfect vision and as much as putting contacts in or wearing my glasses can be a pain having Lasik just plain scares to me so I will continue to be a four eyed Momma. I honestly like wearing my glasses, it make me feel smarter than a fifth grader and I think I look kinda cute in them too.
I discovered after I returned from my Austin trip with my bloggy besties that my glasses were missing {I have sense discovered that my rhinestone cross belt buckle didn't come home with me either}. I can only hope that who ever took my eyeglasses couldn't afford a pair of their own and that my"donations" is helping them out.
While searching for a replacement pair I was shocked to discover how expensive frames can be. My search brought me to a great website full of cheap eyeglasses, they're not only cheap they're pretty sassy as well! At these prices I can afford to buy several pair to go with a few of my favorite outfits! I like a heavy dark frame but this frameless pair is super cute and have been saved in "my favorites" for a future purchase. I also like these and if I was really feeling crazy I might even get these for Christmas because I do have a thing for Santa you know! I'm thinking with prices like these I'll be able to buy a couple hour long massages at my favorite spa for myself, er I mean a couple massage for me and my Sweetie.

If you wear glasses I suggest going and taking a look at there are pages and pages of frames to chose from. If you do send me a picture of what you get cuz I'm nosey like that!
Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 12th birthday Peanut!

12 years ago today my family was made complete with Peanut, Honey's much requested Little Sister. Poor Honey asked and asked for a baby sister of her "berry owned", her prayers were answered on December 21, 1999 when Peanut was born healthy, beautiful and 3 weeks early.

Being that Peanut is 12 today I thought I would post 12 things that she did this year that made me proud.

1. In December of 2010 she made a travel softball team and our lives have not been the same since. She spent a lot of time watching before she developed into the player she is today.

She's so new to the team that her jersey wasn't even in yet.

2. Her level of responsibility and respect for her napping Mommy grew.

After a wonderful nap I awoke to this on my pillow. 

3. She outgrew the need for me to carry a huge bag of sand toys to the beach. Now she just wants friends, a book, sunglasses, and a bottle of sunscreen.

Dang, I didn't look like that at 11! 

4. She somewhat kept her cool when Rogue popped pool toys like it was his job.

Well, kinda

5. Her love of reading is stronger than ever which came in handy during a power outage in March that lasted over 8 hours.

Thank goodness for battery operated book lights!

6. She was brave enough to go gator searching at night during a weekend at Lake Placid!

I do think she was a little on edge here! 

7. She actually showed affection to her sister. She is so not a touchy, lovey kind of girl.

This was very short lived and ended with someone getting hit!

8. Mother's Day was a trifecta!

She wore a dress...

showed affection towards her sister and...

acted a little silly in front of the camera! 

9. Her level of play on the softball field has increased tremendously! She's gone form left-center-bench to making things happen on the field.

This is my favorite softball picture. I love the dust in the air, her body covering home plate, the catcher thinking she had the ball and the ball leaving the frame of the picture!

10. Her Daddy started a new team for girls her own age and she is proving to be a leader on the field. Some people call it bossy and nasty I call it assertive and in control! 

Every tournament weekend we are up and out of the house before the sun comes up! 

11. She was forced to say good-bye to her best friend at the end of 5th grade and had to face the fears of Middle School without her bestie and she has done it beautifully.

The irony of the shirt is bitter sweet!

12. Somewhere over the past 12 months she grew up and I'm not sure so I'm liking it.

Honey's friends were asking who her new hot friend was...No Bueno!

And just because she needs a few to grow on...

She's always full of energy...

She surprises me from time to time with occasional non solicited acts of affection...

She loves animals.

 She was successful in being in two places simultaneously!

She is my Peanut and I love everything about her! 

Happy Birthday Peanut, I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ I'm Vloggin'

Seriously Shawn

This week, week 15, I am doing my TTUT via vlog, an 8 minute vlog to be exact. I hope you stick around for the whole thing, it's full of information. Plus I'm looking shades of fabulous and I chomp my gum like only a real lady can. Whatever, judge away!

Have you heard of Influenster? One of you wonderful TTUT participants shared this company with us a back in September and after checking it out I joined up and received my very first VoxBox last week! It is full of great stuff, I share it all with you on the vlog, now I just need to figure out how to keep 'em coming. Actually, I'd like to share the wealth so I will be picking one lucky person to send one, two or however many of my favorite products I feel like sending from the box  no open package of gum or used bar soap I promise, I'll get you all new stuff}. Just leave me a comment telling me you want some of the good stuff I received in my VoxBox and I'll enter you to win. I'll announce the winner next week so be sure to come back and make sure your email is set up, being a no-reply blogger would be no bueno,  so I can contact you if you win.


Did you survive? Being able to do a vlog as your Talk To Us Tuesday post is just one of the bonuses that comes with IA and I having NO RULES! How much do you love us?!!?

I'm not plain ol' late I'm fashionable late and yes there is a difference!

Today I'm linking up with IA for the 2011 Review Extravaganza I was going to also link up with Becca for Friday Daydreamin' but she's taking the week off, geesh she must think it's her birthday or something!

I'm jumping right in and starting with April...

April was kinda of slow but I did manage to enjoy a weekend with one of my besties Natalie, get my first black eye {ok, this happened in 2010 but it's good enough to share again} get another tattoo, sneak away with my family and friends for Easter, and in a round-about way confess to doing some things that I ordinarily wouldn't own up to doing.

My favorite picture from April...

May was full of softball, Babe jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, Peanut nearly bled to death in the bathtub, I was pampered for Mothers Day, there was more softball, I spent more than 24 hours at the airport and I had an incredible weekend with my bloggy besties {minus a few}.

My favorite picture from May...

June marked the end of Peanuts Elementary years, there was of course more softball, I was told I was an uptight Mom, I took some pictures of Honey and one of her besties, Peanut had a pool party here to celebrate the end of 5th grade, and Honey had a surprise party here {the same day cuz I'm crazy} for her best freinds Sweet 16. June was slow which was a great way to start off my summer! 

My favorite picture from June...

Have you linked up with the fabulous ladies hosting the Extravaganza? If not I think theres atill time to get this weeks in and if you're a planner July, Augist and Septembers recap is this Friday.

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