Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend recap...I define busy

Please don't misunderstand this post, it is not a post to encourage y'all to tell me how busy and wonderful I am, I already know that! It's more for me to document my complete insanity and inability to say no.

Friday night-  Babe took Peanut to see her beloved University of Florida play softball at her number two college of choice USF. The two of them were in heaven! Honey and I were in our own little piece of heaven watching Channing Tatum in The Vow. It was a good movie and that's all I'll say since I hate movie spoilers! 

Saturday- Winter finally hit for us, we had 2 of our coldest days this weekend, a weekend full of softball. We played 3 games near the water where the temperatures were at least 15 degrees lower there than they were at our house and the winds were close to hurricane winds. We all left frozen through and through with sunburned windburned faces after a long 10 hour day. We stopped for dinner {and a few drinks, literally at the corner} on the way home and I ended up bringing home 2 extra girls. A Xannax on top of my 2 Captain and diets assured I did not hear a peep out of them! 

Sunday- I woke up to make begs and toast for all the girls and did everyones hair {one even got a haircut} flat irons and french braids times 4. Why, because there was more softball of course and they had to look their best. Thankfully this tournament was just around the corner. What was not good was waking to the thermometer that read 35! Another long day in the freezing cold but it was a better day on the field so that was good. Peanut and that number 30 that I've spoke about in the past exchanged more words after that little B kicked off our team name that Peanut wrote on the pitchers mound after we won...THREE times. Peanut told her "you're a good player, too bad you're such a horrible person with absolutely no sportsmanship." There are a few of us placing beats as to when the two of them will take it to a physical level. I'll be honest, that makes my tummy hurt! 

Over the course of the past three days I have hand dipped a 142 pretzel rods in white chocolate, sprinkled them with colored sugar, bagged them and tied them with ribbon for the teachers at Honeys school...I still need to dip 152 more. Babe made homemade red sauce after today's game so I can make 5 huge trays of baked ziti to go with the 80 chicken breasts I'm grilling and cutting up tomorrow. Why? I signed up in the beginning of the year to organize the teachers luncheon for Valentine's Day before I knew how hectic our  schedule was going to be. 

Monday- I'm dipping more pretzels before my 10 am doctors appointment, coming home to fire up the grill, going to decorate the cafeteria then coming home to finish whatever is not done. It see a bowl of cereal for dinner in my families future. 

Tuesday- I'll be at the school by 8:30 to set out all the food so we're ready to serve lunch from 10:30-1:30. Not if that doesn't say That's Amore like the 150 invitations I hand made for then than I don't know what does! 

Wednesday- CANNOT come fast enough. I am doing nothing but staying in my jammies all day long! I'm going to need all the rest I can get to fuel up for the 11 hour field trip with Peanut on Friday and the 2 day tournament almost 2 hours away Saturday and Sunday! 

It can never be said that I'm letting life pass me by...I'm chasing it down as fast as I can! 

On a less stressful note IA and I have gone over each and every one of the applications for our Seriously Impulsive swap and unless one more person says "I'm in" I think we have a pretty good handle on who's swappin' with who. Do you want to be that one person? If so let one of us know ASAP! 

My favorite picture from this weekend....

If you read all of that you're a good friend and have more times on your hands than I do. Wanna share a few hours with me? 


Rachel said...

Ummm - holy cow.

I can't keep up with you and I'm wondering when you sleep?

I'm busy, but no one ever asks me to make food. I wonder if I should be offended? ;)

Get some rest!

Connie said...

I"m exhausted now from reading this.

That is freakin cold! How are you handing it?

You know I love a good confrontation! Number 30 had better watch her back!

You said ROD.

Johanson Family said...

my eyes hurt.. but I can totally relate to the busy chaos, although i'm very jealous of your Wednesday.. I need one of those days without guilt!

Kimi said...

That is how I felt last weekend. Which is why this weekend I literally did nothing. Boyfriend cooked all the meals and I lounged around and drank Tequila Sunrise. Playing darts with his 'guys' was as active as I got, lol

VandyJ said...

Our weekend was more laid back than yours but the next four days read something like yours. Swimming lessons, valentines, snow shoveling, archery club, a birthday for a friend, skiing, and probably about three other things I have forgotten.
I'd share time with you, but I think I'm gonna need it here.

MiMi said...

I'm giggling because you said "hand dipped and rods" in the same sentence.
I'm so immature.
I want to see The Vow!!
Go take a nap!

angel shrout said...

Good Lord woman you need an assistant.. one that apparently can say NO , repeatedly and often. I am tired just reading that. UGH on the taking it to the next level with teh other teams bully but ya know I have learned that when someone stands up to them they tend to not be so bullyish. Hate that she may have to go that far but everyone has a breaking point.

becca said...

now whenever i'm on campus visiting hubby i'll think of Peanut when i see those orange/blue colors about.

Lori E said...

I am quite an organizer but I also can say no very easily.
N O is a complete sentence and I rarely feel the need to explain my reasons why I said it.
Repeat after me NNNNNNOOOOOOO. Now go practice that in the mirror after you have a nap.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

This post made me want to go back to bed and take a nap. It also is a great reminder to NEVER volunteer for anything ever again. You are amazing!

jennykate77 said...

Holy geez, Shawn!! Seriously!!

I think you need me to fly to FL and be your PA!

Deep breaths and stick to your list. That's what always helps me when I'm in over my head. If I can keep marking things off, it helps me know that I'm getting stuff done and moving in the right direction.

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