Monday, October 29, 2012

TTUT & Ten Things To Smile About

I have a list of blog ideas sitting next to the computer. That's as far as they've gotten but hopefully not as far as they'll go. Life is so very busy and when it's not I'm busy recuperating from the busy and have no energy left to blog. A few of you leave a teaser as to what's to come on your blog, a way of holding yourself accountable to blog on the regular, I wish I was that good. I'm fearful I would tell you what was to come and then end up apologizing for not following through the following TTUT. So until I find my blogging mo-jo I'm thrilled to have TTUT with my girl IA! 

Seriously Shawn

Today is Ten Things To Smile About, a great monthly meme hosted by the sweet EmmyMom. I love this link, it's the best way to wrap up the month on a positive note! So I present to you 10 things that made me smile in October...

 1. Honey and I went on a college tour. Although the thought of her leaving leaves me a little misty the fact that she found a school that she absolutely loves makes me smile!

Filling out the "yes, I'm interested" papers. 

2. Watching Peanut and her friends walk terrified through Howl-O-Scream put a smile on my face, albeit an evil one it was still a smile.

They were clueless that a clown with a chainsaw was behind them!

3. Opening the mail and finding this gorgeous top from Shop Ki Ki La Rue thrilled me. I recently discovered this shop via Instagram and I may or may not be obsessed, go by and take a look and when you do tell them Shawn sent ya!  

I just threw it on top of my Mom-Uniform for the picture, I promise to wear it better than this.

4. I'm working on designing Honey's senior yearbook ad, the cost of all of this stuff is most definitely NOT making me smile but finding old pictures and going down memory lane has been a joy and has had me grinning from ear to ear. 

Here are few of my favorites! Can someone please tell me where the past 18 years have gone.

5. Treating myself to botox has made me smile....with a whole lot less wrinkles I might add! 

1.)Annoyed that I just had "pre-cancer" frozen off the side of nose {it looks horrible right now btw}. 2.Waiting to say bye-bye to those crows feet. 3.) Two days later and they're already visibly better. 4.) One week later and no more crows feet, just in time for Christmas pictures! 

6. Cooler temperature are here, I'm sure they're not here to stay but right now I'm enjoying them! We used the fire-pit for the first time over the weekend, sitting out there with good friends while our girls acted 5-1-5-0 had us all smiling! 

My barefoot little redneck! 

7. Seeing my husband and his friend supporting the girls charity golf event in such style had me smiling and truth be told a bit embarrassed! 

The girls love that their coaches are so involved and are willing to go the extra mile for a laugh.

8. I love the fact that Peanut is beginning to care a little more about her appearance. How stinking cute is she in that dress and those boots!
Red Ribbon week...dress your best

9. Seeing Gods promise, above my house, should make everyone smile!  

This picture was on Instagram, one of Honeys friends captured it as she was driving down our street.

10. Spending some one on one time with my girl, we don't get enough of that. It's nice when we do to be able to laugh, I'm usually a crab about one thing or another, this was a good day! 

I think she was laughing because the person at Sonic just caught her trying to put her leg behind her head. Never.A.Dull.Moment.

What are you talking about today? Something that made you smile or maybe something that pissed you off. How about a new healthy recipe, I could use some ideas! 


Mrs. Match said...

Awwww I can't believe your daughter is getting ready for college already! Wow!

Babe is totally pulling off the golf getup.

Looking great! Ouch to the precancer, and glad they took that shiz off!!

Cathy Kennedy said...

The hubs dressed in retro golfing outfits is a gas. So funny! I wish I could tell you where the last 18-years went IF I knew myself. I mean, I have a 24, 22, & yes an 18 year old and I'm scratching my head all the time wondering where the time went with my babies. :( Wow, you treated yourself to Botox. That would scare me. I'm afraid I'd look like Joan Rivers or something, but I would love to have a tummy tuck and breast lift. Do you have experience with these you'd care to share? Now, I think these two procedures would put a smile on my face. =D Thanks for hosting!

allstarme said...

It's been MUCH cooler here as well; 41 this morning! But it's supposed to be 73 by noon. I kind of hate it only because my kids have to shlep a huge jacket in the morning but shed it halfway through the day.

Heathers Happenings said...

I love the collage of Honey for her yearbook. What a beautiful young lady! I love Peanut's outfit, very cute.

That is a great pic of the rainbow :)

Nicole said...

awe, such great things to be smiling about!!

Chell said...

I am so happy that Kobi is staying home next year and commuting... not ready for her to go off to college yet.

OMG I don't remember Sr. year being that expensive! We finally order caps, gowns and announcements in a couple of weeks.

Diggin' those golf pants :)

VandyJ said...

That shirt is cute. And looks fine over your mom uniform.
Time does seem to slipping away awfully quickly, in the general sense, but in the specific sense, I could go with a bit of a fast forward--at least for our potty issues.

MiMi said...

Is the college near you then??
I want botox on my bitch stitch!

Boobies said...

Make your girls STOP growing up! It's making ME anxious!

Pre-cancer? Wait?! What?

Was the botox bad. I think I'm going to treat myself soon. Give me the dirt.

Jill said...

I don't even have kids yet, and the thoughts of sending them off to college makes me want to cry!! So glad your girl has found a school she loves, though, that's got to give you some peace of mind :)

Rainbows always make me smile... :)

Emmy said...

Love love your list!! Those picture's of Honey are all perfect, she truly is so beautiful.

And glad the thing on your nose was just pre-cancer and is gone now.

I can't even imagine having a kid going to college but I know it will get here before I know it.
Thanks so much for playing along, I will add your list to the linky :)

Stacie said...

Can't even pick one favorite moment, you had a great month!

Impulsive Addict said...

Cute pictures! I love them all!

I can't believe the difference that botox has made! I'll do it when I'm ready. I have a thing against needles but if I can stick myself in the belly twice a day (for infertility) then I bet I could handle it on my face.

Love all the pics of Honey and Peanut looks gorgeous in that outfit!

Julia P F said...

Wow!what a pretty girl! Congrats mom

Gigi Baby said...

How exciting for you and congrats on having so many wonderful things to smile about! You are gorgeous with or without the Botox just saying! Your daughters are growing into such lovely young women! Stay blessed!
All my love

Jessica McCoy said...

Great things to smile about! I love reading about your family's antics ;)

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's a whole lotta things to be smiling about - and without crows feet, too! :)

I'm late linking up, but we still have no power thanks to Sandy - thank goodness for modern technology by way of an A/C plug in my car... good thing I filled the tank on Sunday! ;)

Frankenstorm, Crazy People, SpongeBob Christmas, Fall Decor FAIL: RTT Rebel

Connie said...

I've decided that even though I'll be 80, I'm going to college with my kids.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Shut up with those pants! Were they serious or was it a comedy golf tourney..?

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