Monday, October 22, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Random Ramblings & a Save the Ta-Ta's PSA!

Seriously Shawn

Another week has slipped through my fingers and has left me falling short of getting back into the swing of blogging. I'm so grateful that I co-host TTUT with my girl IA, it's the only thing that keeps me blogging.  

I think that today is a perfect day for a bunch of random. 

I saw these while shopping and will admit that I threw up in my mouth. Who in the world came up with this idea? Better yet, who in the world would buy them? Gagging! 

If I'm going to be taken advantage of in such and obscene manner I should be served an ice cold Patron margarita first! 

 Do you see anything strange in the new team picture I took last weekend? I know orbs are typically round but can anyone explain to me what is going on with #99? Seriously, we paid for a haunted ghost tour while in Savannah and my pictures came back orb free. Who new I just needed to go the park at the corner to find one! 

I was packing Peanuts lunch and saw that Honey had written her a little note on all of her rice crispy treats. There really is love there! 

I found these hot shoes on and had to have them. Yeah, I can't walk in them. No, for real I look like a 5 year old wearing her Mommy's shoes. They are a size 8.5, have a zipper up the heel, a 3.5 inch heel, and have been worn from the closet to the end of the hallway and back. I paid $45 for them, if you want them make me an offer.

We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month so here's my PSA. Make sure you're feeling yourself up as often as possible. Be aware of any changes and concerns and don't waste any time seeing a doctor. I've had 3 mammograms and 2 sonograms done in the last 12 months {lots of fibroids but all is well} and it's really not that bad. If a few minutes of discomfort can save my life than I'm all in. I actually have a picture of my ta-ta in the smish-machine, I was going to post it but have taken it off and put it back on a dozen times. Obviously, I've decided to keep it off, I just don't think anyone needs to be subject to my saggy, smashed boobie. I did have fun getting the picture though, the tech may or may not think I'm a total nut job for asking her to take the picture but I made her laugh so all is well. She actually found me before I left to ask what my husbands response was after I texted him the picture, she said it was the first time in her career she had taken a picture of a patient for a patient! But seriously go check yourself, you can think of me while you're doing it and giggle!

I'm also linking up with Stacy Uncorked today for her Random Tuesday Thoughts, go check her out and tell her I said hi! 



Impulsive Addict said...

I TOTALLY got to see your smooshed boobie picture! It was HOT!

Viv has to pay close to $5.00 a gallon. Be glad you don't live in Cali. You pay close to what I pay.

I would pay money to see you walk around in those shoes! Please take a video!!!!

I'll check my boobies RIGHT NOW and think of you. HAHAHA! That just sounds dirty!!

Daisy said...

OMG I can't believe you had your photo taken during a mammogram. I would love to see can blur your boobies! I don't think it would be the thing the think of when having that sure are original, hahaha.
I had one done a few years back and the tech was a very good looking young man...embarrassing for me.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ewwww! No way would I want to eat bandaid anything - gummy or not!

I've been avoiding filling up my Hyundai, hoping the price will come down. And of course it just keeps going up. Totally obscene.

So does 99 have a ghost following her? ;)

How SWEET of Honey to leave those notes for Peanut! That's the best kind of sisterly love!

Those shoes are wicked cool - and we wear the same size. ;)

I think it's hilarious that you had the tech take a picture of your smashed boobs! I've been procrastinating getting my boobs smashed (in my defense, there is no breast cancer history in our family tree at all) but I probably should git'r'done. :)

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Heathers Happenings said...

Ouch on the gas prices. Ours dropped this week down to $3.17 a gallon. Sweet!

I love anything paranormal and that picture is awesome!

Janette Johanson said...

I am really creeped out by the #99 girl's picture-- I am sure she is super bummed about it too. I was going to say that maybe it was her breath from a chilly morning but we all know that isn't possible in Florida! Crazy!!

VandyJ said...

I wear a size 9 so can't make an offer on the shoes. I also have no where to wear them--we don't really have a hall way to cruise.
Our gas is hovering around $3.42 a gallon. Still an ouch at the pump but not quite that bad.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Looks like #99 has a huge toothbrush hangin' outta her mouth. And your shoes ROCK!!!!

Bdubs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Match said...

Yeah I wish I had sympathy, but our gas is over $4.50 here! It's absurd! I try to drive as little as possible. Ouch, smashed tatas. Mine are so sore from pregnancy, the idea of getting them touched, let alone smashed makes me scream! But good job for keeping vigilant! I will definitely check mine after I have this Lil one!

Mom in High Heels said...

Darn, I wear and 8 or I would take those shoes right off your hands! Why can't you walk in them? Try leaning back when you walk and lifting your knee a little higher than normal. A lot of women can't do high, high heels because they try to lean forward when they walk (I've no idea why) and it just doesn't work that way. If you lean back, your center of gravity is closer to where is should be and it's easy to walk in the heels.

Gummi bandaids. Ack. That makes my brain hurt.

Your car must be HUGE. I have an SUV and gas here is $4.39/gallon, but I don't think I've paid quite that much to fill it. Close, but not yet. Or maybe I'm just mentally blocking it out to keep from going insane. On the German economy (we buy gas on post), it's roughly $8/gallon and when we were in Italy 2 weeks ago, it was $11/gallon. My mom was with us and said she would never complain about gas prices in the US. It's no wonder everyone rides scooters over there. It's the only thing they can afford to put gas in!

Jill said...

Ooooh I love when "things" pop up in pictures... I always try to think up a logical explanation, but usually end up pretty sure it's a ghost! ;)

And seriously? Gummi bandaids!? BLECH!

MiMi said...

99 looks like she's smoking a cigar.

Stacie said...

Our gas pumps here cut you off at $75...can I tell you how depressing it is when that happens? I'm with you, I should at least get dinner and a movie first...

becca said...

well i have three boys here willing to eat those Gummi bandaid things yep they are gross little people. as for those shoes i wouldn't make it two steps before falling. but hey they look cute

Chell said...

I filled up for $3.18 today. WOOT WOOT anything to do with eating a bandaid...EW!... Those shoes are totally adorbs!

Nicole said...

I seriously think I'd be the nut job taking a picture like that too... LOL :)

Julia P F said...

Cannot help on the shoes... My limit is three inches. I think the band aids are funny!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Ouch, gas prices are horrible! I'm linking up a day late, but I'm here for the party at last. Yeah, me and my not-so-grand entrance, right? LOL Thanks for hosting. =D

Rachee Fagg said...

The gummy bandages are almost as gross as a gummy rat.
Those shoes are hot; my huge stompers can't even begin to fit but they are smoking!

Kenzie Smith said...

Whoever invented those gummy band-aids is so gross! Yuck! I don't think that I would be able to eat gummies in the shape of band-aids, just no.
Aw that is so sweet of Honey to write those cute notes on Peanut's rice crispy treats!
We had a huge ordeal at my work about breast cancer awareness, I now feel my girls up on the regular! Haha (:

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