Monday, December 17, 2012

27 reasons why it really doesn't matter!

Seriously Shawn

I had a few posts in mind for this weeks Talk To Us Tuesday; my Christmas decorations, my hectic schedule this week, Peanuts 13th birthday, etc, etc.  but in light of Fridays horrific events I've decided that none of that crap really matters! 

Twenty parents will be looking at empty stocking and unopened presents this Christmas. They will do their best to carry on for their other children, stay strong for their spouse or just try to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. 

The families of six more will deal with their loss and hopefully find some comfort in the fact that their loved ones died a heroic death.

That leaves one more. A Mother, daughter, sister and friend will be missed as many point what I feel to be an unjust finger at her. Was she to blame? Was there something she could have done to prevent her son from becoming a monster? I cannot even fathom what she would be going through had she not been his first victim! As a Mother how do you, would you, live with that? Honestly, I think, without knowing her of course, that she would be glad that she never knew the horror that was caused at the hands of her son. 

Was this because she owned a gun? I for one don't think guns kill people I think people kill people and I believe it's my right to defend myself and my children if ever faced with the need. 

Was his "mental condition" to blame? I'm not a professional so I can't answer that, I do have an opinion of which I'll keep to myself, all I know is thousands of people carry the burden of mental disease and don't go on killing sprees! 

I do however believe that evil was ever present in his life. I also believe that we as a country are partially to blame for that. We have allowed God to be removed from our schools, places of employment and our government and by doing so have left an opening for Satan to walk right in. And he has! 

I will continue to go on with my busy week and will do my best to make this a merry Christmas for my girls but I will be doing it with a heavy heart for the loss of such innocent life and with fear wondering where this country is heading! 

Friday morning people across the country will be walking for 27 minutes at 9:30 EST wearing green and white to pay honor to Newtowns victims. If you'd like to participate more information can be found here. I'll be walking here, join me where ever you are! 

Sorry for the heavy post, perhaps my partner IA will be able to lighten the TTUT mood! 

Merry Christmas friends and God Bless! 


MiMi said...

I'm with you. Does it matter?
I feel sorry for the mom. Really, the only way to get people like her son help is to get them a police record. For reals.
And WHO IN THE HELL wants to do that to their child??

Becca said...

This makes me so incredibly sad. He killed his mother, too. I wonder what the dad and the wrongly accused brother do to move forward. Are they going to have to radically change who they are in order to have some sense of life. So very sad here. I have not watched much news, because it breaks my heart.

tam said...


Myya said...

I hardly leave comments anymore because I'm a loser & don't post much (the new year will bring me back-fingers crossed) BUT I just had to say...WELL SAID!

Mrs. Match said...

My heart is so heavy from this. I agree, people kill people. It's not the guns. Not to mention that if you take away guns, you're only taking them away from law abiding citizens. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get a gun.
All I know is it's important to not focus solely on the evil in this world, but on the helpers, and the heroes. They are out there, and they get far too little recognition, as the news focuses solely on the bad. In the midst of all of these sad events, I think it's important to remember there are still good people out there.

Stacie said...

I finally had to stop watching the coverage on Friday and even that made me feel guilty, knowing that those parents have no way to escape this new reality. I agree with you on everything you said and feel so heavy about all of this. If I didn't cherish my time before, I certainly do now.

Cathy Kennedy said...

You hit the nail on the head! God has been so far removed from our society that evil is allowed to dig its claws into people a lot easier - making bad deeds seem logical somehow.

This was a moving post, Shawn. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

Heathers Happenings said...

This was a very moving post Shawn. I agree we have taken God out of our country. I am keeping the parents of those beautiful children in my prayers. The families of those brave teachers in my prayers.

Shannon said...

Well said! My heart is aching for all those people. Especially so close to Christmas. Like I mentioned in my blog, I am even more thankful today than ever for my family and loved ones because without them, my life is meaningless. Everyone has their opinions on the events that went on that day but I'm sure everyone is keeping that to themselves...the wound is still too fresh to start speculating. Great post!

Jill said...

My heart aches for them - all of them - including the mother, and the family of the shooter. I read an article somewhere yesterday called "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" - by a woman who has a mentally ill teenaged son. She sees how her son can flip a switch and all reason is gone from his eyes, replaced by only rage and threats, and she feels helpless and scared. It raised the hairs on the back of my neck.
Praying for them all, such a sad sad time.

VandyJ said...

I am saddened adn sickened by what happened, but in some ways more so by the media coverage of the event. I know we have the right to be informed, but the coverage is so pervasive that it almost desensitizes us to the whole thing. I really dislike the media sometimes.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I agree with you and am saddened by the recent events. It's hard to make sense of it all and I wonder if we ever will. I posted a link to my blog post for TTUT from the View, don't know if you saw it but it made a lot of sense for me and helped a bit.
Have a Merry Christmas

Nicole said...

Well said. And who knows what happened at that house that morning before that kid shot his mother so I'm not sure how anyone can point fingers like that. Know one will ever know really.

becca said...

I have opinions about this but feel i should keep them to my self but even if I only walk at home i will be honoring these beautiful souls

Kenzie Smith said...

My heart goes out to all of those families and friends.
This is a wonderful post, and I hope to join in on that walk.

Jessica McCoy said...

My heart is also so heavy for all of the families involved in this. I can't begin to imagine their loss. Lots of prayers going out to those in Newtown.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I couldn't agree with you more - it took me forever to write my post for today, and now I feel a little guilty I posted randomness and didn't mention Friday at all. Even now I keep thinking of those poor children and their poor parents and dissolving into tears. It's beyond sad. It's heartbreaking. Like you, I'm going to do my damnedest to make sure Christmas is a happy occasion for both Princess Nagger and Little Dude - you just never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

I'll be sporting the colors and even if I have to march around the house, I'll be marching. :)

Emmy said...

Agree with everything you said! Maybe there was more the mom could have done and maybe not-- but I do not see what good comes from pointing fingers at her.

Until this country starts to get some morals and values back it isn't going to get better.

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