Monday, January 30, 2012

TTUT~ 10 things to smile about

Seriously Shawn

I'm linking up my TTUT this week with Emmy Mom for her 10 Things To Smile About  because there are no rules with our linky so I can do that! Yet another reason to love my partner in crime IA and I! Go ahead, tell me we're fabulous...

1. This awesome upcoming swap makes me smile! IA and I have been planning this for several weeks and now that the amazing Aly finished our button we can officially announce it! All of the details are coming later this week but if you want to join in on the fun right away than shoot me an email and I'll save you a seat...spots are limited...we're not trying to exclude anyone, that would be rude, we're just trying to keep it manageable.

2. Looking at pictures that I didn't know were on the camera makes me smile. Honey took this awkward turtle picture on New Years Eve. That kid cracks me up! 

 3. Watching Peanut play softball always makes me smile, especially against this player, #30.  She is a smack talking, rude little girl {from my perspective that is} that always has plenty to say while Peanut is on first and while she's on third {Peanuts position}. I may or may not be looking forward to the day that she doesn't get out of the base line and Peanut plows her over. I'm not trying to be that crazy Mom but she laughs at and taunts our girls and made a snarky comment when Peanut had a great play, it's just not ok and someone needs to teach her some manners! 

3. I'm thrilled to say that I've been working on my 52 things in 52 weeks list. My storage space now looks like this and that's really something to smile about.

 4. Celebrating Babes birthday with our girls makes me smile, spending time together as a family is priceless!

5. Thinking about my trip to California in May makes me smile! I've paid my portion and booked my plane ticket. I'm meeting up with IA and JK for my second flight, that most definitely makes me smile! 

6. Still working on my 52 things in 52 weeks list. Tuesday night family night, a ride to the movies with the top January...certainly makes me smile! 

 7. Finding gloves that I can use my iPhone and iPad with makes me smile! I just started keeping score at the softball games using the iPad, those early morning games are chilly!

8. Getting things in the mail makes me smile. I love this scarf that Janette sent me, I'll be telling you all about it and her PYP promotion tomorrow.

9. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches make me smile. There's just one major problem, my dimples have left my cheeks and are now in my ass 

10. Being done with this list makes me smile, this post is getting too long! 

Link up here and with Emmy, two birds, one stone...another thing to smile about! 

Always be prepared

Who's motto is "always be prepared"? Boy Scouts maybe?

Whoever coined it I think Peanut has taken it to an entire new level. When I checked on her before going to bed this is what I found.

I guess if she wakes up in the middle of the night thirsty, very, very thirsty, she's afraid she won't be able to fall back to sleep so she'll need to read and of course she'll need choices!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Not all teens are created equal!

I have to say that lately it seems as if teenagers are getting blamed for far too much. It's almost as lame as the way over used "I had a bad childhood" excuse.

Lots of people had a bad childhood and guess what, they have chosen to take responsibilities for their adult actions. They have pulled up their big girl {or boy} panties and moved on. Is it hard? I'm sure. Do they feel like throwing in the towel some days? I bet they do. But for the most part they're taking ownership for their actions and trying to make a change for the sake of their children. They're trying to break a very ugly cycle.

Sadly, some of these adults the "I blame my Mother" adults are turning their focus onto our teens. Talk about deflecting! I have a teenager, one who will be voting in our next Presidential election by the way, so I think I have the right and the knowledge to say a few things on their behalf.

Do they make boneheaded decisions? Yes! Do they listen to their music too loud, drive a little faster than they should, roll their eyes so far back in their heads you're fearful they may get stuck? Sure. Are they rude and disrespectful, say the wrong thing at the wrong time and have no filter in front of innocent, little sister ears? Absolutely. But in my opinion they do not deserve the bad wrap they are getting! Obviously I am referring to an "average" teen not the 17 year old who thinks nothing of stealing, vandalizing and drug dealing and who has a wrap sheet longer than my inseam.

I hate to break it to the teenage poo-pooers out there but todays teens are not doing all that much more than my friends and I did at their age. Does that make it right? No, but dang Gina give these kids a break! I for one wouldn't want to be a teen in todays society! The pressure for academic achievement, popularity, being thin enough, pretty enough, strong enough, nice enough, enough, enough,'s insane!

I have actually read chatter on a private FB group in my community about "banning together to instill a curfew for all kids under 18". My feelings on that is that someone has seen Footloose one too many times and has fallen asleep before the ending each time. Let me fill you in sweetie, they get their dance! 

My doctor, Dr. Quaksalot, actually told me at my last visit that I needed Sudafed for my "cold" {I have a sins infection and he has a degree in Assholeology} but that I was going to have to get it from the Pharmacist after I showed him my drivers license because the "teenagers have learned how to turn it into meth". Seriously? When was the last time you saw a strung out meth addict with rotting teeth at your local high school. I think he was referring to the 20-30 year old saying "holy shit life is harder than I thought" or Lindsay Lohan, one or the other.

For what it's worth here's a little parenting advice. Set boundaries. Lay out your expectations. Make your punishments known for breaking the rules before the rules have been broken and make the punishment fit the crime. Keep an open dialog so your kids know it's ok to talk to you when they're in need. Be consistent. Have fun. Love too much. Laugh too often. Forgive. And most importantly bend don't break!

End of rant! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Should smuggling grapes be illegal?

If you are here for another week of TTUT with my wonderful friend and co host IA thanks for coming by. I failed miserably last week making the rounds, I only visited a handful of you and I'm sorry. I do however have an excuse, the girls were off of school and it was my hubbies birthday. As far as having an excuse for not making it by the rest of the week I have nothing other than I suck, please forgive me! 

I am sick with what I feel to be another sinus infection but Dr. Quaksalot says it's just a virus. Whatever! I filed a complaint with the office manager about him and asked the girls Pediatrician, who I adore, for a recommendation for a new primary care provider for Babe and I. Anyway, I just drank half a bottle of NyQuil in hopes of getting some sleep tonight and then ran crawled upstairs to put together something entertaining for y'all. Please forgive me if this is only funny because I just downed more than the recommended dose of cherry flavored moonshine! 

While I was staring at my computer in a total NyQuil stupor I watched as my screen filled with random pictures over the past 6+ years. Then I saw it. This picture is the freaking golden ticket. Who needs Willy Freaking Wonka when you have a picture like this? 


Speedos. Banana Hammocks. Grape Smugglers. Whatever you choose to call them I call them wrong! 

It was 2005 and the triangle had a trip planned to Key West. The big joke leading up to our vacation was that Babe was going to bring his Speedo. He did not have a Speedo but what he did have was a wife with a twisted mind and his very own sick sense of humor. Which for the record makes us the perfect couple! 

I purchased a Speedo, two size too small for my then big boy, and packed it for what would become one of the most memorable moments of our trip. While our friends changed into their suits and jumped into our private lagoon pool  Babe slipped into his electric blue show-stopper. 

They were relaxing in the pool when we came out, my camera in hand, Babes Speedo tucked beneath his board shorts. While I distracted them he dropped his drawers and did his best Captain Morgan impersonation. 

I do believe this picture is proof that a picture can be worth a thousand words. 

Any guesses as to the words spinning through our friends heads?

Sadly, he was not the only man on Key West who packed a Speedo. I'm just glad he had the good taste to leave it hanging on the hook back at the house. 

This Speedo made another appearance 2 years ago when a friend of Honey's asked to borrow a suit from Babe, as a joke Babe presented him with the Speedo. This kid was so excited to wear that stupid thing that he asked if he could keep it. The Speedo Surprise has graced another generation and I couldn't be more proud!

You are linking up with us today right? You know we'll love you long time if you do! 

Seriously Shawn

Winter in Florida

Yes, Winter in Florida but I'm referring to the dolphin not the season. The star of A Dolphin Tale lives not that far from me so last week when the girls had no school {and it was a beautiful, sunny 75 degrees outside} we set out to meet this famous dolphin. 

She doesn't live in a Sea World type facility, she is one of 4 dolphins currently living at a rescue/rehabilitation center with otters, sting ray, sea turtles and more. She will sadly never be released back to the ocean where she belongs. If you haven't seen the movie you need to!

It was a wonderful afternoon and has possibly inspired Peanut to someday become a marine biologist. Isn't working with animals every little girls dream at some point in her life? Living so close to the ocean makes working with animals of the sea even more enticing. Who knows maybe one she'll be a female Jacques Cousteau! 

Nathan,  sorry I've been corrected...Nicholas following his Mother, beached himself. While laying next to his her {she didn't survive} he was severely sunburned. He has burn scaring and loss of pigmentation all down his back. I'm unsure if he will one day be released.  

Petting the sting ray is always a big hit.

My bestie and her girls joined us. 

Winter...she was only a few months old when she lost her tails so she knows no different.

Panama is Winters best friend, she too beached herself. She was severely underweight because her teeth had been worn down leaving her unable to hunt. She will share a tank with Winter for the rest of her life.  

Baby Hope is 3 months old and was such fun to watch. Like a puppy she was full of energy and would play and jump then rest on her "bed". I do not know why she is there or if she'll be released but I think they are HOPEfull that she will one day return to the wild.

If you're ever in central Florida and want to see what a working rescue/rehabilitation hospital for sea animal looks like I highly recommend visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've been featured...

I was contacted by Pocketchange, a blog full of useful information and links that take you just about anywhere you want to go, and asked if I'd like to be featured on their Best of the Web segment. Ummm, yeah! This was a question that I didn't have to use my Rocket Sciene skills to answer, which was a very good thing because they were piled beneath 15 loads of laundry and enough dog hair to fill a king size down comforter at the time! Go check out the site, and my little blurb of internet fame here , and look around a bit I think you'll find it worth your time! 

Like one of my fellow bloggers and loyal TTUT participant Stacie, Pocketchange has an area dedicated to tips. It's laid out neatly so you can search for help in whatever area you're in need of. Since the chocolate cupcakes I made today fell like a bad soufflé I'm off to nose around the baking section.

This is not a paid post, it's just my way of saying thanks to Pocketchange for featuring little ol' me! 

Color me confruzzled!

Maybe you can help me out. Can you tell me...

How does she think this is a good look?

How I did this to my ankle and have no clue how! 

Why this lady felt the need to get in not one but two of my pictures while visiting Winter the dolphin. Maybe her boots really were made for walking! 

How these people were allowed to reproduce. This poor child cried almost the entire flight while his parents slept on either side of him. I was never so grateful for a good pair of headphones! 

If you have answers please let me know because my brain is starting to hurt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I had know idea

I am very good about cleaning the lint trap inside my dryer after every load. I also will occasionally go outside and clean out the dryer vent as far as my hand can reach. But did you know that the entire dryer ventilation system should be cleaned by someone who knows what they're doing at least twice a year? 

I found this out this weekend when a house in the neighborhood across the street from me started on fire. 

Cause of fire: dryer lint. 

Devastation left behind: Laundry room burnt. Damage in room {attic} above laundry room. Soot and smoke damage to majority of house. 

Incomprehensible loss: Heartbreak! The family dog, a beautiful German Shepherd dog, perished in the fire and the family cat is still fighting for her life. This family has two children Honey's age. This is such a horrible tragedy.

I for one will be scheduling a thorough cleaning of the dryer and venting system and will never leave the dryer running when no one is home again.

This is the second house fire in that neighborhood since December, the other was caused by an electrical spark outside I believe. Needless to say fire safety has been discussed here. Do you have a plan?

I know this post is a bummer but if it will help save your house, your pets and your family than it was worth it.

Selling your business?

I've posted a lot lately about what I would do if the decision was made to move. How I would go about looking for the right house, school district and shopping mall, priorities people a girls gotta know where the closest Nordstroms is! But one of the things I never thought about was what we would do if we had a business that we would have to relocate. 

I have a friend that's a dentist, what would he do if he and his family wanted to move? There are a lot of companies out there that are designed to help people just like our friendly, neighborhood dentist. By searching Practices for sale or Dental Practices for Sale he could be in contact with a company that has a knowledgeable brokerage staff ready to assist him in not only buying a new practice but selling his current one. Same is true for so many other professional business, Pharmacies, Veterinary office, Massage practices and Accounting Practice for Sale. Practice Sales Group is a great tool to have for retiring and moving to the beach too, no need to close shop when you could sell to someone moving to your who needs a well established business with a happy client base, just change the name on the door and you're good to go, it could be just that easy. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I took a much needed arrow to the ass!

One of my bloggy besties IA and I are talking again this week. She's talking about trying to find friends that don't use meth or want to change things up a little by taking her husband home for the night and I'm talking about defunking myself and showing you a little craftiness while trying to spread some love in the Seriously house. Two totally different topics but because we have no rules for Talk To Us Tuesday it doesn't matter. I love that! What do you want to talk about today? Maybe you and your girlfriends got together to make Valentine's Day crafts, hit the crack pipe and when hubby came home for lunch....Oh, I cannot wait to read all about it! 

It seems that the blahs have been going around lately. I know I have had more than my share of bitchiness this past week and I am tired of it! I have blamed it on my ongoing, month long, marathon headache, Aunt Flo, the weather, my girls and my husband {blaming him is ok today; it's a good thing I love him and have a bad memory!} but it's time to take ownership of my bitchiness! 

In my attempt to find and spread the love I dug deep and found my inner Cupid to replace my inner Bitch. The fact that I can turn my bad mood off to answer the phone or tell the person that just ran into my cart at the grocery store "oh, that's ok, no problem" but I nearly foam at the mouth for the littlest thing at those I love the most is ridiculous! 

So, Cupid made a visit and he shot me square in the ass. I didn't turn eager to punch him in the throat like I thought I would but instead I gave him a big ol' hug and said thank you! His arrow was what I needed to do my best to make this house full of love {here's hoping it will last longer than a day or two!}. I think I need to search Pinterest for a quote that I can write on my mirror, or have tattooed on my hand or across my forehead, that will remind me to just be nice! Who ever coined the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" clearly had not receive an unwarranted tongue lashing from me. Shame on me! 

Cupids arrow also inspired me to put my Valentine's Day decorations out. If having them out helps make me a better, nicer Mom and Wife I may leave them up until I feel completely cured of my severe case of Bitch-idous. 

When I pulled out my decorations I learned that epson salt turns to talcum powder when stored in a hot Florida attic. So the candles  I made last year were redone by sprinkling  coarse glitter over a thin coat of Mod-Podge and set on the mantle.

Visitors are now welcomed with a little love.

Of course I have to have my seasonal plates and napkins on display.

This year I added a candy bar and I love it! I didn't feel like running to the fabric store for my frame turned tray so I cut a large gift bag to fit, I think I like this better than fabric! 

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to cure herself of Bitch-idous, hopefully this will work! Here's hoping all of my bloggy friends that had a craptastic week last week get shot in the ass like I did!

Seriously Shawn

I won't be visiting everyone today but I will make it by sometime this week. I'm taking the girls to see Winter, the dolphin with no tail and star of the movie Dolphin Tale, and then celebrating Babes 43rd birthday! Happy birthing Babe, I love you!

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