Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lets get this party started

Peanuts birthday is December 21st, we have celebrated it with her friends in June from the very beginning. Two birthdays? No, her friend party is just 6 months late. 

This year she chose to do the rope course at the Museum of Science and Industry. She had a class field trip there and we had family night there a couple of weeks ago {that is deserving of its own post} and she is hooked. I think she's an adrenaline junkie like her Daddy! This course is fun, I have tried it and will try again tomorrow, but intimidating. You are harnessed in while climbing a steal structure for "fun". You cannot fall off but you can dangle while trying to get back onto whatever course you were currently on. I awkwardly laughed, loudly, the entire time I walked the balance beam that hovered 15' about ground while Peanut scaled to the top and was doing a swinging rope walk 36' above me!   

I still have 6 girls that haven't RSVP'd, I swear some people are so rude, but as of right now I'll be making the trip with 3 other brave drivers with 21 girls tomorrow afternoon. After tempting the fates for 2 hours on the rope course we are returning home for pizza and swimming. Wish me luck and pray that the sun stays out, or at least the lightning, and that I don't loose my sanity in the process of celebrating Peanuts 12 and half birthday! 

I hand made her invitations, all 25 of them. I may be crazy but I love, love, love doing this! 

I chose a few of my favorite pictures from her photo shoot and made a collage, all of the pictures are clear I promise, and attached it to the front of yardstick that I made into a tri-fold card.

On the inside I printed the basic party info and attached in the center. On either side I made pockets and inserted more detailed information and the release needed for each participant.

I think they turned out adorable. What do you think? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Debby Downer

Welcome to TTUT, the only day of the week I blog anymore because I'm a great big fat loser. No for real, I am great-duh of course-but I'm also BIG, I've gained 8 pounds since summer break started 17 days ago. For those of you that are math challenged that's almost half a pound a day! I really need to step away from the cookie dough, or at least eat it while performing some form of aerobic activity. Unlike my partner in crime IA, I'm not making a new human so I have no excuse. I really need to stop eating like a my 12 year old athlete daughter.

Being "fluffy" and hungry makes me think of this...

It also makes me think that Nutella may be good on celery. Who am I kidding, of course it would be. Please tell me you've tried it? I'd spread Nutella on anything

For those of you that don't know I live in Florida, central Florida to be exact. Yep, right where Hurricane Debby has decided to throw a temper tantrum. I'm a Florida girl, I love the sun, the sand, and the heat. Not seeing the sun for days on end and having water up to the door frames is not my idea of the good life. The dogs have actually drank from the sliding glass door tracks while standing in the house.

I love a good rain and I welcome the occasional thunder storm with open arms but having the pool overflowing, the dogs in need of their Xannax mainlined, and the soundtrack of the Wizard of Oz playing outside my window is really starting to wear on my nerves! 

This is Bayshore Blvd. home to some of the most beautiful houses in Tampa and the worlds longest continuous sidewalk. 

This is what it looks like now, I hope they have good insurance! 

I'm finding myself watching the Weather Channel app more than FaceBook or Instagram. Debby better get her nasty, soggy ass out of here before Peanuts birthday party Friday night because I'm quite certain I don't have enough alcohol to numb my senses to survive 28 girls in my house for 8+ hours! 

I do however have a light at the end of this very dark, wet tunnel. I have a date Saturday night with four of my besties and Magic Mike. Yep, Grey skies are gonna clear up....there may still be a little moisture but at least I'll have a smile on my face....put on a happy face! 

You're welcome! 

Seriously Shawn

Monday, June 18, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Florida wildlife

I cannot believe it's Tuesday already. I really do have a lot to talk about, I have no clue why I wait until Tuesday to blog. Maybe because it's the coolest day to blog since IA and I host this super awesome link party with no rules! Anysquirrel, I need to make a list so I don't forget all of the crazy/funny things that happy during my "normal" week.

This week I witnessed "softball Moms" at their fines, ate and drank way too much, peed my pants just feet from a bathroom, crashed a group dating party with my hubby and kids, and found a snake in my house. It's been a busy and exciting few days!

Today for my rule-free TTUT post I've chosen to talk about the snake in my house...

If y'all are anything like me you put off projects until the very last minute. I've put off cleaning out what used to be my office closet and buying a mattress for the now guest bedroom until I actually had a guest coming. My beautiful niece, who took me posting a horrible picture of her from the 7th grade on FB like a champ, called Thursday to say she would be here Monday afternoon for 3 days. No time like the present to tackle that black hole of a closet and go mattress dancing shopping!

Around 1am Monday morning I was down to the nitty-gritty in the closet; I reached for a picture that had fallen in-between the wall and dresser and pulled out this beauty....
That would be Babe and I circa 1991. There's no need to tell me how uber hot we were cuz I already know! 

So I grabbed a piece of tape to tape the picture to the inside of the closet and my fingers rubbed against something that didn't feel quite right. I flipped the picture over to find a snake stuck to a piece of double sided tape. I screamed, threw the picture to the ground, and went to change my pants. I have lived in Florida for almost 20 years and have come accustomed to a lot of creatures but snakes in my house is not one of them! Be it dead or alive a snake has no place in my house! 

I do actually feel slightly bad for this baby black-racer. Poor thing died a slow and horrible death while trying to free himself from the tape. I'm just glad he didn't call for his Mamma to rescue him! 

Babe is gone for a few days...Is it wrong that I have placed the picture in his office, snake still in tact, in hopes that he too will pick it up to laugh reminisce about "the way we were" and find the dead snake?

It also may be wrong that my niece walked on water to get out of the pool when a live snake came at her last night. I may or may not have forgotten to warn her to check the skimmer baskets before she jumdep in. Oops! 

What are you talking about today? I promise I will do my very best to make it to all of you, I visited half of you last week, as soon as I get home from the beach... You gotta love summer vacation! 

Seriously Shawn

Monday, June 11, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday~ No time for a real post

Whoop Whoop it's Tuesday! My girl IA {who is so awesome and my bff and if I was a lesbian, I'd make out with her because her lips are to DIE for} and I are thrilled you're here to visit, link up, and of course visit other TTUTers {which sounds completely dirty}. I hope you're leaving them some comment love {or else someone dies}. This is a great link party because one, there are so many cool people that join us week after week and two, there are absolutely no rules! We know you wanna join the party! 

This is the first week of summer vacation for us but instead of sleeping in and relaxing, I'm melting in the hot Florida sun at the University of Florida {I'm sure you're melting poolside with a Patron margarita. Let's all take a minute and feel sorry for SS}. It's not all bad. I love watching Peanut show her stuff, learn new skills and live the dream of being a Gator {Ew. Who would want to be a GATOR? How about an OU SOONER?} even if it is for just a few days. One day she hopes to be a Gator playing the sport she loves with some of the best coaches out there, the very coaches she has the privledge of leaning from this week. I certainly hope her dream comes true! 
Peanut and her friend are ready to get the party started!
We came here Sunday night after a long weekend tournament {we were up and out of the house by 5:45} so to say I am a bit tired and on the verge of a softball overload would be a slight understatement. 
Peanut and Honey catching a few more Z's on the ride.

But like I've already said I love watching her do what she loves so it's kind of a tongue and cheek complaint. This is a horribly boring post with no pictures {GUESS WHO'S WRONG AGAIN?} because I'm not sure how to or even if I can add them since I'm writing in html format from my iPad but I had to post something or IA would go postal on me {She totally would NOT go postal and she may have added a pic or two for you so that makes her pretty amazing, right?}

Next week I'll have pictures and stories about our near stay at the hotel from hell and the drama softball Moms that may have thought they were being filmed. I should have told them this isn't Dance Moms but it helped make the 6 hours in the sun go a little faster! I'll do my best to visit each of you but I make no promises, I know ya'll understand right? {They TOTALLY will not understand. In fact, you may lose a follower or two.}

{with help from the BRILLIANT Impulsive Addict}

Seriously Shawn

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What do you think?

It's Thursday and I'm posting! I know it's rare to see anything other than a Tuesday post from me any more...What do you think?

The pictures from Peanuts softball shoot are in. She took almost 200 pictures and I love 31 of them. This one is my absolute favorite, look at those eyes!...What do you think?

While parking at Target the other day I saw a lady about my age getting out of her car....the car had bright pink eye lashes on the headlights...What do you think?

My back is killing me. I think it could have something to do with the fact that I had about 4" of bed last night...What do you think?

Have anything random floating around in your head that's making you think today?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Flypaper

I'm really hopping that the sleep I will be gaining by not having to get up so early for school will help my blogging, I really have been an epic failure lately! Luckily I have the wonderful and knocked up IA  as my partner in crime! IA, you're the bomb even if you do have a pole dancer for a daughter and send me nasty texts if I fail to reply back to you in a "timely fashion".

This week I have two stories to share with you and they are both about my girls so if you're the anti-mommy-blogger type this is your warning, hit the red X now...

Flypaper? Yep, flypaper.

Here's the fly...

Fly- The girls and I ordered our drinks and waited for Babe to join us the other night at a local restaurant. Peanut was sucking down her lemonade and I was enjoying my margarita when Honey made the most digesting sound ever. I looked up to see her covering her mouth, shaking her head back and forth and gagging. I had no clue what had happened, she finally managed to squeak out the words, "I thought it was a lemon seed, I thought it was a lemon seed...I popped it!" while pointing to her bread plate. On the plate in front of her was a FLY! Apparently it was in the bottom of her glass, she sucked it through the straw and in her attempt to grip it between her teeth to spit at here sister she felt and heard it pop. She immediately knew something what she had just bit into wasn't a seed and spit it into her hand. 

She was gagging, I was being somewhat successful at not laughing, Peanut! 

When we showed the waitress what had happened she was so apologetic and disgusted but the mood was quickly lightened when Peanut asked, "well, did it taste like chicken?". 

Of course I had to take pictures but sadly I was forced to delete the picture of Honey. Unlike me she does not think she's beautiful even when gagging. 

And now for the paper...

Paper-When I was in California living it up with my girls Babe was on his own with the girls. Now this is not a big deal since we do have children that are both old enough and independent enough to take care of themselves...usually. This particular weekend was a softball weekend which entaled a 2 night stay at a hotel. He did a great job getting everything together and feeding them even if it was McDonald for dinner. Long story short Peanut ended up getting the stomach flu Saturday after a very long hot day of softball and spent the entire night throwing up {she lost 8 pounds!}. She was so weak that her Daddy held the garbage can on the side of the bed while her sister held her hair and wiped her face. She had on her favorite jammies, little boy shorts and a tank, and apparently there was a time or two were full coverage was an issue. Once she was home and feeling better Babe requested that if she wore those bottoms around him that she also wear panties.

That was 4 weeks ago...

Last week something woke me up in the middle of the night so I of source went to check on the girls. When I turned the light on and reached for Peanuts door handle this is what I found. I about died! I have no clue where that girl gets her sense of humor from! 

Seriously Shawn

You're linking up right? It's easy, any post will do because remember, we have NO RULES! 

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