Monday, July 30, 2012

TTUT~ a bit of a tangent

Welcome to TTUT the weekly meme I co host with the traveling IA, I hope you're here to join in on our no rules Tuesday fun. 

Are you watching the Olympics? I love watching almost everything, I'm still a little miffed that bb-gunning (is that what you call it?) is considered a sport and softball is not but I'll get over it I guess. I'm actually watching men's gymnastics as I type on the iPad hoping they'll pull it together soon, it's not looking too promising. 

The woman's gymnastic team, which I feel awkward even saying since the average age is 11, makes me sad. What's with this stupid new rule where only 2 girls from each country can progress to the overall finals? It's the overall finals not the top two competition. It broke my heart to watch Jordyn Weiber sob while still trying to be happy for her teammates. Such a sucky, sucky rule! 

Can I transition to the beach now? It's my tangent.... 

Etiquette, beach etiquette to be exact is important to me. It's really not all that hard, it's common courtesy really, but due to more than a few asshats I about punched several people in the throat this past week. The top 3 most often broken and in my opinion important rules are as follows. 

1. Do not feed the birds. They are flying rats and if given the opportunity they will steal your food and shit on you simultaneously. 

2. Do not smoke! It's called second hand smoke people and it's no bueno!

3. Shake your towel upwind or at your car. Chewing on sand offers no health benefits whatsoever. I love the beach but hate being sandy! 

Nail polish, I'm all over the place I know, but again it's my tangent... 

I love having an accent nail so I decided to bring one to my toes too. I also really love the nail effects by Sally Hansen, such an easy way to jazz things ups. This peach and cheetah combination is one of my favorites! 

What do you think?

Peanuts team did excellent on day one of the World Series, very well on day two but sadly day three was a different story. It was a great experience and it turned into a wonderful vacation! 

Honey comes home Friday, it's been so quiet without her around. I wonder how long it will take for the sisters to start fighting, you know the sisters that have been so loving on FB and via text. Anyone want to place a bet? 

Feeling a little random or like going off on a bit of a tangent? TTUT is the perfect place to be then. Link up and we'll do the best to come by and say hi! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday the one where I'm not really here

Seriously Shawn

Welcome to TTUT, you won't find me here today because I'm at the Softball World Series with Peanut.

My girl is all about the game! 

We have rented a condo on the beach with another family and will be spending the next 6 days either playing softball, watching softball, talking about softball, or at the beach in-between softball games. I bet you can guess which one I will love the most! 

I can barely make it to everyone when I don't have a busy week so I'm quite sure I will not be making the rounds today or retuning emails, please forgive me...

Make sure to go by and visit IA, she too has a busy week and could use to hear how wonderful she is from all of her adoring fans!

Oh, Honey if you're reading this I love and miss you and can't wait to see you in a 11 days, 23 days is a long time! 

Honey's living the life at Country Thunder with friends, she's the "fun-sized" one in the middle. 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm an Influenster oh, yes I am! 

What's Inflenster? Silly blogger...go here to find out all about it.

This is my second box from Influenster and although it wasn't as full as my first box the delicious cookie made up for the lack of content.


I love being an Influenster. You should totally go sign up...all of the cool girls are doing it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

TTUT the one were I'm one tired Mamma!

Seriously Shawn

I'm sorry for this less than exciting and sexy post but it's summer and I'm a softball Mom. Hopefully you have something exciting to share with my partner IA and I, I could live vicariously through you! 

Honey left for her summer trip to Illinois/Wisconsin. Peanut tried to give her a proper send off but she just didn't trust her...can't say that I blame her she always has something up her sleeve.

Peanuts team hosted a tournament at their home fields this past weekend. I spent 27 hours at the fields over the course of 2 days and was completely exhausted but it was for the kids so I guess it was all....barf-barf-barf-I need a freaking drink! 

Peanut couldn't do the "hard labor" with her cast so she helped work the grill.

Yesterday I decided I deserved a day of relaxation at the beach so I drove through this...

Chasing this little piece of blue sky

to get to this....

Yes, there's nothing quite like a little vitamin D to make things all better!

Please tell me you have something better than that? Link up and visit as many fellow TTUTers as you can and have a happy Tuesday friends! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ It's never what you think

Welcome to my little piece of blogville and to TTUT. If you're new welcome, if you've been here a time or two welcome back, and if you've been with us since the start than you're an old pro and we love you for being so faithful! I know we say we have no rules but it would be appreciated if you link up to include our button, drop our name and visit a few others joining in on the fun, not a rule just a suggestion.

Seriously Shawn

Hopefully I will not be a great big slacker this week and I will make it to all of you wonderful bloggers today not Thursday or Friday and IA and her family will be well enough to allow her a few spare minutes to blog, I know she misses all of you! 

Last week I told y'all that Peanut had fallen while running and hurt her wrist, hip and knee. 

Her wrist looked nasty, in fact every time I looked at it my tummy felt like I was going down the drop of a roller coaster. I swear the older I get the less "gross" I can handle. Anyway, she fell on Monday, practiced for 2 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only complaining that it was slightly "stiff". Thursday night she finally admitted that the wrist itself hurt as well as the oozing wound. I pulled her from the field 30 minutes early with little argument, which should have been a huge sign, to have it looked at with full confidence that it was just bruised.

I was wrong.

The doctor on call saw an area on the x-ray that made him "suspicious". He thought that the growth plate appeared fine but feared she had a compression fracture of the wrist.

He was wrong.

Peanut was wrapped up in a hard brace and told not to do anything until seen by an Orthopedic. That meant no playing in the weekends tournament unless I was lucky enough to get her into an Ortho Friday morning and all was well.

Friday morning, still feeling optimistic that she'll be playing the following day.

Sadly, all was not well.

Cast color of choice...Bandit Blue

The Ortho that I she saw is a respected Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon in our area who happened to have a late afternoon appointment available. He said nothing about a compression fracture but instead informed me that Peanut had a minor fracture on her growth plate.

Cast for 2 weeks.

World Series in 17 days.

It could have been worse. It can always be worse! 

Honey signed the cast right where it would hit her in the head if she were to "hit herself" with it.

Daddy, Nana, Papa and I were also allowed to sign, her teammates were allowed to put their numbers only on it. She's way to OCD to have it all jacked up. 

Yep, I'm a super Mom for thinking all was well and letting her practice for 6 hours with a freaking broken growth plate! I'm working hard for 2012's Mother of the Year Award! 

What are you talking about today? 

OH, I almost forgot...

Happy birthday Viv, I love ya! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

10 Things to Smile About- June

Thanks to Emmy Mom I get to reflect on the good that has happened over the course of a month. Here are 10 things, in no particular order, that made me smile in June.

1. We said goodbye to another school year and hello to summer!
 First and last day of 6th grade. 

2. I enjoyed breakfast with two of my best girlfriends!

3. My Niece came for a last minute visit.

4. Peanut was able to attend softball camp at the University of Florida and meet head Coach Tim Walton.

5. We celebrated what a wonderful Daddy Babe is before he had to leave on a business trip. Why his company doesn't look at the calendar before scheduling events is beyond me!

6. Peanuts team took 1st place in a tournament, we were really getting tired of always being the runner ups!

7. Honey and I snuck off for some sushi... Mexican roll, or Sexy man anyone?

8. I started planning our 20th anniversary trip. Yep, I'm still planning.

9. Rogue turned 3... I love my boy but I think he may love me just a little more! 

10. We had 4 more great family nights, one of which became a little awkward when we discovered we had crashed an Events and Adventures night out. Events and Adventures for those of you who don't know is a singles dating This story really is worthy of its own post! 

What made you smile in June. Head on over to Emmy Mom and link up but be quick, I believe she's closing the link today. 

July bueno

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July...I did.

As much as I love the 4th I'm not such a big fan of the 5th. Why? Well, here's just a few reasons...

* I am currently on my 17th load of beach towels. 

* I have cleaned the lanai in the 84' heat and 110% humidity.

* I've caught and removed baby frogs that "somehow" made it into my house last night.

* I nearly had a heart attack when I stepped on the scale this morning. {Fat ass has got to stop eating!}

* After seeing my camera on my desk I realized what an epic failure I was at taking pictures last night...I took ZERO! 

But with every negative there's a positive. Here are a few positives...

* I spent the day eating delicious food and laughing with wonderful friends! 

* I was blessed to hear the laughter of six little girls and one very lucky little boy while playing in the pool.

* I went to bed with a clean kitchen thanks to my "kitchen fairy" friends.

* Peanut and I took advantage of Honey being gone and drove around in her Jeep, minus the top and doors, and took in a spectacular firework show from every angle.

* I did all of this as a free citizen of this amazing country because others gave all! 

It's time to pack up my Patriotic decor and bring out the summer stuff!

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday

Talk To Us Tuesday...the only day of the week this slacker blogs lately and I'm done beating myself up over it. I'm enjoying summer with my girls, sleeping in late, staying up even later, having no schedule going out to eat at 9 pm, etc. What's not to love! I know my partner in crime IA is not having as much fun as I am and I truly am sorry but I will say that her texts about a banana and wet pants had me laughing at with her! I love you friend, feel better soon!

Summer is in full swing and although I'm still chasing my tail I'm doing so while wearing a bathing suit. I feel like I have ADHD and there's not an Adderall in sight! My head is going a million different directs, I'm finding it hard to form a complete sentence, and as hyper as I feel the mere thought of working out makes me want to vomit! As a result I'm doing a brain dump today, here goes...

Peanuts birthday party was a huge success. Twenty-one girls climbed the steel structure at MOSI for close to 2 hours before coming back here for pizza {all 21 of them} and swimming. All but 5 of them went home at 11, the others stayed the night and the better part of the Saturday just chillin'. They are such a great group of girls! I'll do a full recap of the party later in the week.

I've decided that some people are just way to uptight and have noting better to do than judge us "Fifty Shades of Grey, horny housewives". To all of you I say get a freakin life of your own and stop judging me and mine! Saturday night I went to see Magic Mike with my closest girlfriends and about 20 other woman from my hood. I really don't understand all of the negative hype over this movie. Yes, it is about male what. To be honest I think I've seen more nudity in most Disney movies and if memory serves there was more grinding in High School Musical than I saw Saturday night. And as long as I'm being honest here, it really wasn't that good. Gasp right! I could have seen a lot more of Mr. Tatum and skills. It was cool that it was filmed in my town, I recognized so many things. The biggest mystery of the night was trying to figure out how they snuck those hot men in and out of town without us knowing! 

Honey is watching her girlfriends 2 dogs and kitten this week and snapped this picture last night. Sophie, the kitten, was laying on her shoulder and moved right as she snapped the picture. I promise it is not edited in any fashion!  I laughed so hard a tear ran down my leg!

I cannot believe I fought Babe for years on the whole sushi thing. I absolutely love it and could eat it several times a week. We did however make a big mistake by introducing it to the girls. They can eat their weight in sushi and that craps expensive! A last minute sushi date with my best and her hubby after a day of driving with no top or doors in Honeys Jeep.

Peanut went for a run yesterday and tripped over her own feet. Yes, my little athletic wonder fell hurting her wrist, hip and knee and called her Mommy crying to come pick her up in the car. After I made sure she was OK I had immediate flashbacks to my own mishap on that damned biking/jogging trail and had no other choice but to start laughing. My incident however was slightly different than hers as it entailed a strong dog on a leash, a bicycle, a camouflaged stick in the middle of the path, the introduction of my va-jay-jay and the bike bar, blood, a trip to the Gyno and a not so happy anniversary. 'Nough said I hope! 

What's stirring around your head today? Do tell...

Seriously Shawn

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