Monday, August 27, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ I'm just not feeling it!

Seriously Shawn

Welcome to Talk To Us Tuesday. This week I will not be posting...I know, I know, I suck, I'm sorry!

Trying to get back into the swing of school, dealing with a hurricane party with 6 teen girls, redecorating the guest bedroom, and getting less than good medical news has me in the mood for a Xannax chased by a cold drink and my bed, nothing more! 

Carry on without me, I'll be back next week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ All good things must come to an end

Seriously Shawn

Welcome to Talk To Us Tuesday, the weekly meme hosted {I use that term loosely} by yours truly and my partner in crime, Impulsive Addict. She's taking some time off, I guess the whole making a baby, selling her house, planning parties and trips {to see me again!!} is exhausting. Whatever...Hopefully you'll still link up with us while we do our best to get through the last little bit of summer and I get back into the swing of the school routine.

Speaking of school, the girls went back today and I'm not so thrilled. I hate sending my girls back to school this early, summer just isn't long enough in my humble opinion! 

To wrap up summer on a high Babe and I took the girls on a little weekend getaway after Honeys party {pictures and details on that next week}. We had a great time...just the 4 of us.

We stayed at the beautiful Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island

The other side of the state has a very different look...

...and feel to it. A little too chilly for that girl! 

     The weather was perfect for a walk on the beach and 
                     all was well until Peanut found...

...a little sea life. She could care less that it was dead sea life.

Her sister on the other hand was not all that thrilled! 

The plan for Sunday was to enjoy a day at the beach or sit sipping something cold poolside. The indoor pool was not exactly what we had in mind but thanks to a thunderstorm that's where we were after a couple of hours at the beach.

 You gotta love a good ol' Florida storm!

Reading, napping, and searching for a nearby theater kept us busy for a while

When we woke Monday morning to more rain we packed up and headed out for an adventure. We found a zip lining course at the half way point home. Y'all it was so much fun! I have almost 100 pictures of our afternoon there, too much to post today but I will get to it soon I promise. 

Here's one of my favorites, Honey facing her fear of heights and having a blast!  

If you live near central Florida or are planning a trip you absolutely must visit The Canyons Zip Line in Ocala!  Be sure to ask for Jones and Jason and tell them Shawn and her crazy family sent you! 

I'll do my best to visit today but please forgive me once again if I fail epically! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ I mustache you a question

Several of you asked that IA and I do our best to keep TTUT up and running until we get back into the swing of things {a few of you have even offered to help}, we love and appreciate both your understanding and desire to see TTUT carry on. 

I'm talking birthdays this week...

Honeys 18th birthday is Friday {I still am not able to wrap my brain around that one} and I have been a crazy person trying to get everything in order on top of an already existing mile long to-do list. 

She decided she wanted a mustache theme party for her family party, mustaches are all the craze right now ya know. We usually do 2 parties, one for family and one for friends but this year she just wanted to go out for dinner with her friends instead of a big production with swimming and a cake {and Mom in the way}. As much as it stung to not have her want to have a "party" I understood,  it's a right of passage, I totally remember wanting to get out and feel like an adult. I will however admit that when her friends texted me from dinner asking if they could all come over I was thrilled, not prepared for fifteen 16, 17 & 18 year olds, but still happy that they wanted to come by.

So this Friday night I will have the family members that live nearby over for dinner, cake and ice cream and will do my very best to cherish what may very well be one of Honey's last birthday parties at home with her Mommy! 

I really am having a hard time with 18...

The invitation

I had a little help with the mustache chocolate pops, just one of the many mustache goodies I'm making.

Next week I'll share all of the details from the personalized glasses to a hopefully awesome 'stache cake! The next big party will be her 21st, which also happens to be my 45th, I think we're heading to Vegas!

Seriously Shawn

It's your turn to link up... 

Monday, August 6, 2012

TTUT ~ Dear Someone

Talk To US Tuesday...should we continue this? It seems that both myself and my partner in Crime IA have been in a blog funk lately and have each been struggling with whether or not we should continue this weekly meme. If you want us to continue and are ok with our minimal involvement please let us know, we are on the fence....

It's been a while since I have done a Dear Someone post, I think today is perfect timing we go.

Dear Bladder:

You suck. No for real you really do. The way you are continually letting me down has made me give up on you all together. I'm thinking of having you altered surgically if you don't shape up and start pulling your share of the urine weight around here.

~The woman who is tired of pissing herself

Dear Overprotective Mom:

If your sons are old enough to flip through the Victoria's Secret catalog to just "look at the pretty girls" than they are old enough to go into the men's restrooms and not accompany you into the ladies room. I don't have boys but I'm thinking they'd be ok if you stood outside the door while they did their business, they are after all almost old enough to shave!  As far as the lady who had balls big enough to say that to them while they stood peering through the crack of my stall you are officially my hero! 

Get a clue,
~The Lady in the stall next door

Dear Dr. J:

I love you, I truly do, you have been a wonderful doctor and have treated both my va-jay-jay and I very well over the past 19 years. You have always been gentle and kind, even though you insist on making awkward eye contact with me while you're 4 fingers in, and I really do like you. So it is out of my respect for you that I feel I need to tell you that I believe you may have lost your Rolex today...inside me! I think if I were to have my mouth scoped you may be able to see an indentation of a crown, you know the logo from your watch, on the back of my throat! 

~Your patient who is sitting a little gingerly tonight

Dear T-Shirt Diner

Thank you for making me exactly what I asked for for Honeys upcoming 18th birthday. She is going to love her Mustache shirt! I would however like to request that all of your shirts for the mature audience {as funny as they are} be kept in one section of your store, preferably in the back. I had a lot of explaining to do after my 12 year old daughter and I left your store, it's a good thing I'm quick on my feet! 

I had to send this to the wives of my fire fighter friends 

Giggling on the inside,
~The Queen of inappropriate 

Dear New General Practitioner:

Thank you for writing me a new script for Xanax. I spent 12 hours today with my beloved Peanut, you know I don't call her Sybil for nothing! I survived her happy chatty morning {I'm so not a morning person}, her crash, her need for a double caramel frapuccino, the sugar high that followed, the crash that came after that, the "I'm fat" melt down in the fitting room, and her British accent for the better part of the day which was exceptionally loud in the grocery story. I am going to fall asleep tonight dreaming of you my Prince Charming in the white lab coat.

Beyond thankful,
~One Buzzed Momma

Dear Bloggy Friends:

Thank you for coming by week after week to read my ramblings. I promise I will try to be a better blogger and blog more. I will also  try to come and visit you, comment more and complain less.

With much love,
~Seriously Shawn 

Seriously Shawn

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