Monday, September 24, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ 10 things to smile about

Seriously Shawn

Did you know that IA and I have been hosting TTUT for a little over a year? Yep, this is our 55th week! It's been a lot of fun hosting this meme, even if I have slacked more than a time or two. I have made some great friends and have read a few stories that have inspired me, taught me something, and in some cases shocked me. I love that y'all are willing to share everything with us since we have no rules! IA and I discussed doing some form of give away to one of our faithful linker-uppers but didn't find the time to talk about it during her visit, we actually didn't talk "shop" at all. We'll work something out and maybe after I tell my side of the story {she just spent 5 days amongst the crazy other wise known as my life and I'm confident she's going to put quite a spin on things}  next week we'll take care of that. 

Today I'm linking up with EmmyMom to wrap up September with her 10 things that made me smile in no particular order...

1. Getting the GoGirl in the mail from my Niece. I have seriously wanted one of these things for years, she makes me laugh! 

2. Shopping with my girls on a Packer game day...before the game of course! 

3. Watching Peanut and her team win the championship! This was only their 2nd time playing in their new 14U division and they won! 

4. My fur babies. I love, love, love my babies! 

 5. Having IA come for a visit and act like she's been a part of the family forever. Both of my girls, my hubby, and all of my friends agree, she fits right in! 

There have been many more things over the course of the month that have made me smile but if I'm being honest I'm going to say that right now I can't think of any more. I've been sick for almost a week, took a radioactive pill today for a thyroid test tomorrow {I'm fearful I'll be shooting webs from my wrists when I wake in the morning} and feel like crap. 

I hope you're linking up with us today, remember there's no rules so post anything and come back to link it up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ A little funny

Seriously Shawn

Today is Talk To Us Tuesday which means that tomorrow is IA comes to town Wednesday! Are y'all jealous that we're getting another visit in this year? I'm super excited to see her and that huge belly, maybe we'll come up with a name for that baby boy she's cookin' while she's here! Thanks to said baby boy there will be no drunk videos next week...unless she spikes my drink and gets me stupid...stranger things have happened. 

Today, after I get my boobies squeezed {I'm such a lucky girl!}, I'm coming home to clean, I can't have her telling "her house was filthy" stories when she leaves! The newly decorated guest bedroom is waiting for her, which reminds me I never posted pictures of it. It's so gorgeous! I'll put taking pictures on today's to-do list. 

So the funny I promised....

I am the youngest of four, three girls and one boy. My brother "Bubba" {now there's a baby boy name for ya IA!} is the best big brother a girl could ask for. He has always minded his own business, has never gotten between his sisters and is smart enough to have never chosen a side when we're disagreeing, although I'm fairly confident he would choose me if push came to shove. Anyway, Honey went up north for a visit again this summer and since her best friend is my brothers son she spent the majority of her time there. I'm not sure what happened to make her write this letter/contract but the story that followed her penning it is the funny I'm sharing. 

She called to tell me about the letter and insisted on reading it to me. It wasn't until she was half way through his addition that she realized what had happened. She stopped and said "heeeeyyyyyy, I didn't write that!" I could hear my brother and his family laughing in the background and I was thrilled that she was getting a small taste of what having a big brother is really like.

The letter...

Apparently a can of "spray legs" {love that stuff} exploded in her purse, or her carry on bag, during the flight and it looked like, well, shit in her purse. He ran with that her entire 4 week visit. You gotta love big brothers!

Me and my Bubba 

Do you have a funny big brother story? Link it up cuz there's no rules here! 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ ABC

Talk To Us Tuesday, the day where you can talk to us, me and  IAabout whatever your little heart desires! As fun as breaking rules can be it's nice not to have any to worry about every once in a while.

Seriously Shawn

I actually blogged twice last week, huge I know! A few of you stopped by to see my 20th anniversary post, yes I said 20th, thank you for the kind words! If you missed it feel free to go back and take a look.

One of the last things on my "major to-do" list is being tackled today, once I have that done I think I just might, dare I say it, have control over my life again. I have a never ending to-do list, like all of you I'm sure, but knocking things off the major to-do list feels fabulous! 

Until I'm 100% back I still need to keep things easy so I'm doing the ABC's of Shawn today.

A- I've have a pretty shitty attitude lately but I feel I'm about to kick it's ass!

B- My bladder can suck it!

C-Nothing is better than crawling in-between clean sheets every Monday night!

D- Biggin' here is back on a diet and I'm hungry enough to eat one of my kids. 

E- My eyes are my favorite feature.

F- When I fart it's the funniest thing ever, when someone else does it! 

G- I will have a high-school graduate in 8 months.

H- Speaking of high-schoolers, they're mean little Mo-Fo's. I so want to go back just to kick some ass! 

I- Impulsive Addict will be here in 8 days!

J- Honey got her Jeep stuck in 3' of mud. To protect her fathers health and her ass I didn't tell him until there was no other option. 

K- You're a slut if you'd do _____ for a Klondike bar?

L- I'm super lazy, if I can get someone else to do it for me I'm gonna!

M- I love being a Mom but I have a lot of Mommy failures under my size large belt! 

N- When Peanut sings "STOP! Don't go there, this is my no-no square" while making a square with her fingers in front of her body I laugh every.single.time! 

O- Octomom, did she just fall off the face of the earth? 

P- Monte said "what we have here is a premature jack me up" and I about died. Please tell me you watch Say Yes To The Dress and that you know what I'm talking about! 

Q- I have to Q-Tip my ears every day, nasty ears are well...nasty! 

R- Rogue is my "favorite man" and I tell him so all of the time.

S- I love watching Peanut play softball

T- There are some things I refuse to skimp on, toilet-paper is one of them! 

U- I will never play leap-frog with a unicorn

V- Have I told you the story about how I broke my Va-Jay-Jay on my bike? I can laugh about it now but 3 days before my 13th anniversary trip I was finding no humor in it at all! 

W- I've been drinking almost a gallon of water a day, there are times when my back teeth actually float! 

X- Xanax may be helping with my shitty attitude and I'm ok with that! 

Y- Yippee Ki Yay Mother Effer. It's the only thing I could think of, now name that movie.

Z- I've got nothin'. 

Did you make it through that? You're a champ if you did! 

I'll do my best to be by today so link on up! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

20 years and counting

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary! That's huge isn't it? 

I feel blessed to be celebrating 20 year {26 together} with my best friend! Today I'm listing 20 reasons why I love him more and more every day.

Happy anniversary Babe, I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow! 
Babies at just 22 and 23! 

1. He makes me laugh
Who knows what he was saying! 

2. He is a wonderful provider & gift giver 
My new wedding ring on our 15th anniversary! 

3. He is an amazing Daddy to Honey & Peanut
Fathers Day 2012

4. He is adventurous
 Zip lining

5. He is extremely handsome and he wears pink well! 
the oldest of 3 boys 

6. He can still surprise/shock me
His outfit of choice for a charity golf event

7. He makes time to do fun & exciting things with Honey
After finishing the Spartan Sprint

8. He's Peanuts softball coach
My favorite Coach and player! 

9. He lets me have fun on girl trips
The "Ladies on the Loose" cruise

10. He loves my family
My family, minus a few, for my parents 50th anniversary 

11. He loves to travel with me
Ireland 2003

12. He's a good sport
Being ambushed by 2 girls with super-soakers

13. He's my best friend 
I love doing nothing with him! 

14. He not only accepts but joins in with my craziness 
Christmas photo shoot 2010

15. He enjoys a good chick flick with his girls {like he has a choice} and wears the shirt to prove it
Waiting for New Moon to start

16. He's a good Daddy to our fur-babies
Cuddling with Deja after a surgery

17. He's a trouble maker 
He and one of his partners in crime are always up to something 

18. He's a kid at heart 
Playing with our God-children

19. He's generous 
When all I wanted for Christmas was to be with my family he rented this cabin for all of us

20. He's comfortable, like a good pair of shoes or my favorite yoga pants he always feels right! 

Standing in front of the building we met 23 years prior

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ WTF?

We were at the beach for Labor Day and it was wonderful. We had a relaxing time with great friends, although we all could have done without the pedophile party crasher, more to come on him later. 

Now, I "mustache" you, how relaxing does this look?

We came home yesterday afternoon and went straight for pedicures, the sand can really do a number on your toes! As I crawled into my own bed last night, y'all know how good that feels, I remembered I didn't set up a post or create the link for todays party. I was just too comfy to get up, sorry! 

I came to my office this morning to write a quick post only to find my blog all distorted. Things are missing and out of place and I have no clue why or how to fix it. Is this a sign that I should just stop blogging and move on to something different?

Until I figure out what is going on here is the link. Please continue to link up with IA and me, I'll get my act together soon I promise! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!  

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