Monday, October 29, 2012

TTUT & Ten Things To Smile About

I have a list of blog ideas sitting next to the computer. That's as far as they've gotten but hopefully not as far as they'll go. Life is so very busy and when it's not I'm busy recuperating from the busy and have no energy left to blog. A few of you leave a teaser as to what's to come on your blog, a way of holding yourself accountable to blog on the regular, I wish I was that good. I'm fearful I would tell you what was to come and then end up apologizing for not following through the following TTUT. So until I find my blogging mo-jo I'm thrilled to have TTUT with my girl IA! 

Seriously Shawn

Today is Ten Things To Smile About, a great monthly meme hosted by the sweet EmmyMom. I love this link, it's the best way to wrap up the month on a positive note! So I present to you 10 things that made me smile in October...

 1. Honey and I went on a college tour. Although the thought of her leaving leaves me a little misty the fact that she found a school that she absolutely loves makes me smile!

Filling out the "yes, I'm interested" papers. 

2. Watching Peanut and her friends walk terrified through Howl-O-Scream put a smile on my face, albeit an evil one it was still a smile.

They were clueless that a clown with a chainsaw was behind them!

3. Opening the mail and finding this gorgeous top from Shop Ki Ki La Rue thrilled me. I recently discovered this shop via Instagram and I may or may not be obsessed, go by and take a look and when you do tell them Shawn sent ya!  

I just threw it on top of my Mom-Uniform for the picture, I promise to wear it better than this.

4. I'm working on designing Honey's senior yearbook ad, the cost of all of this stuff is most definitely NOT making me smile but finding old pictures and going down memory lane has been a joy and has had me grinning from ear to ear. 

Here are few of my favorites! Can someone please tell me where the past 18 years have gone.

5. Treating myself to botox has made me smile....with a whole lot less wrinkles I might add! 

1.)Annoyed that I just had "pre-cancer" frozen off the side of nose {it looks horrible right now btw}. 2.Waiting to say bye-bye to those crows feet. 3.) Two days later and they're already visibly better. 4.) One week later and no more crows feet, just in time for Christmas pictures! 

6. Cooler temperature are here, I'm sure they're not here to stay but right now I'm enjoying them! We used the fire-pit for the first time over the weekend, sitting out there with good friends while our girls acted 5-1-5-0 had us all smiling! 

My barefoot little redneck! 

7. Seeing my husband and his friend supporting the girls charity golf event in such style had me smiling and truth be told a bit embarrassed! 

The girls love that their coaches are so involved and are willing to go the extra mile for a laugh.

8. I love the fact that Peanut is beginning to care a little more about her appearance. How stinking cute is she in that dress and those boots!
Red Ribbon week...dress your best

9. Seeing Gods promise, above my house, should make everyone smile!  

This picture was on Instagram, one of Honeys friends captured it as she was driving down our street.

10. Spending some one on one time with my girl, we don't get enough of that. It's nice when we do to be able to laugh, I'm usually a crab about one thing or another, this was a good day! 

I think she was laughing because the person at Sonic just caught her trying to put her leg behind her head. Never.A.Dull.Moment.

What are you talking about today? Something that made you smile or maybe something that pissed you off. How about a new healthy recipe, I could use some ideas! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Random Ramblings & a Save the Ta-Ta's PSA!

Seriously Shawn

Another week has slipped through my fingers and has left me falling short of getting back into the swing of blogging. I'm so grateful that I co-host TTUT with my girl IA, it's the only thing that keeps me blogging.  

I think that today is a perfect day for a bunch of random. 

I saw these while shopping and will admit that I threw up in my mouth. Who in the world came up with this idea? Better yet, who in the world would buy them? Gagging! 

If I'm going to be taken advantage of in such and obscene manner I should be served an ice cold Patron margarita first! 

 Do you see anything strange in the new team picture I took last weekend? I know orbs are typically round but can anyone explain to me what is going on with #99? Seriously, we paid for a haunted ghost tour while in Savannah and my pictures came back orb free. Who new I just needed to go the park at the corner to find one! 

I was packing Peanuts lunch and saw that Honey had written her a little note on all of her rice crispy treats. There really is love there! 

I found these hot shoes on and had to have them. Yeah, I can't walk in them. No, for real I look like a 5 year old wearing her Mommy's shoes. They are a size 8.5, have a zipper up the heel, a 3.5 inch heel, and have been worn from the closet to the end of the hallway and back. I paid $45 for them, if you want them make me an offer.

We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month so here's my PSA. Make sure you're feeling yourself up as often as possible. Be aware of any changes and concerns and don't waste any time seeing a doctor. I've had 3 mammograms and 2 sonograms done in the last 12 months {lots of fibroids but all is well} and it's really not that bad. If a few minutes of discomfort can save my life than I'm all in. I actually have a picture of my ta-ta in the smish-machine, I was going to post it but have taken it off and put it back on a dozen times. Obviously, I've decided to keep it off, I just don't think anyone needs to be subject to my saggy, smashed boobie. I did have fun getting the picture though, the tech may or may not think I'm a total nut job for asking her to take the picture but I made her laugh so all is well. She actually found me before I left to ask what my husbands response was after I texted him the picture, she said it was the first time in her career she had taken a picture of a patient for a patient! But seriously go check yourself, you can think of me while you're doing it and giggle!

I'm also linking up with Stacy Uncorked today for her Random Tuesday Thoughts, go check her out and tell her I said hi! 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ankle update

We saw the Ortho yesterday and received the good news that Peanuts ankle as not broken after all. She has a brace on it and was told to stay off it for 2 weeks...something tells me she'll be begging to play in this weekends tournament. I just can't keep that kid down!

Thanks for all the well wishes, I love my bloggy friends! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TTUT ~ enough already!

Seriously Shawn

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for TTUT with my girl IA

I already wish it were Friday! I think if I were to break my day into pieces I could write a really good country song!  

My Fall decor is down and my Halloween is up, I love, love, love decorating for Halloween! You can see proof of my obsessions here and here. I was almost done cleaning, my normal Monday chore, when I heard Peanut call for me in a very strange way. Immediately after I heard Honey repeatedly asking, "Peanut, what's wrong? Talk to me!". That made Babe and I move a little quicker...more quick...quickly...whatever.  When I heard Peanut crying I ran. Peanut doesn't cry, she's one seriously tough chick! We found her laying on the floor outside of her bedroom holding her ankle crying over and over again, "I heard it pop, I heard it pop". 

Her right ankle was already twice its normal size.

Babe carried her to the couch while Honey grabbed ice packs and I ran to get out of my cleaning clothes. There was not a doubt in my mind that it wasn't good.

By the time most of you are reading this I am hoping to be at the Ortho as the doctors at After Hours Pediatrics are confidant she has broken her fibula at the growth plate.

I try to be a half glass full kind of girl but truth be told, I'm not seeing the silver lining in this one. I'll keep looking though.

When you add Honey getting caught in a downpour with the top and doors off of her Jeep, Babe eating something at dinner that didn't agree with him, and my back feeling like an elephant is sitting on me to my day you can understand why I had a margarita with dinner and a Percocet when I got home right? If not please just lie! 

Here's the culprit, a crazy ball used to teach catching on a bounce was hiding beneath her pillow. 

20 minutes later she officially had a cankle just like IA! 

A temporary cast was put on either side and secured with a bandage. Please pray that I can get in to see the Ortho today! 

 I can't decode what she's more worried about not playing softball for 6-8 weeks or not seeing her boyfriend tomorrow at school. 

Until I'm back please link up. Although I may not comment I will read your posts so please make them happy and preferable funny...I could really use it!  

Miss Jill...I have your gift, it's been riding in the back seat of my car for 5 days now. I AM SO SORRY! I will add a little something extra to it to make it worth the wait!

Monday, October 8, 2012

TTUT~Thank you!

Seriously Shawn

This marks the 55th week that IA and I have hosted Talk To Us Tuesday. Over the past year we have made a lot of new friends, kept in touch with old ones, and seen a few "faces", both old and new, once or twice. But there have been seven bloggers that started this journey with us and have been constant almost every week since we launched TTUT in September 2011!  

I would like to send out a great big thank you to the following bloggers....

Vandy, you have linked up 49 out of the last 54 weeks and have been our most faithful friend! I certainly hope that this week we will learn that Bruiser is FINALLY 100% potty trained! 

Heather was been here 46 out of the last 54 weeks and has taught me a lot about being a loving, patient Mother! Need to learn anything about being an amazing Mom to an Autistic child, go see Heather! 

Date Girl linked up 44 weeks and has taken us with her as she has endured a very tough year. I applaud her bravery, strength and courage to share her heartache so openly with us all! 

Stacie with Park Avenue has given us helpful tips 44 times over the past 54 weeks, several of which I have put to use! And like my partner in crime Stacie is expecting a baby girl in just a couple of weeks. Stacie, please tell me your baby girl has a name?!!!

Scriptor, a fellow Floridian, has linked up 42 times and inspires me to run, well in my head she inspires me to run I just need to let the inspiration travel to my legs! 

Jill has been here 39 times and has shared a lot with us. The heartache of losing her father, her bravery with attacking the battle of the scale, her favorite movies and TV shows, the love of her Rav4, and so much more!  

Nadine has made me belly laugh 29 times through TTUT. She never fails to deliver, I love reading her crazy stories about Roy, oh to be a fly on her wall! 

There have been many more that have been consistent with our weekly meme, Stacy Uncorked, Emmy Mom, Nicole with Life's A Beach to name a few, but the ladies mentioned above have been here since week ONE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of the past year, it's been a fun ride! 

We are so grateful that we have decided to send two of the lucky ladies above a little happy mail. I chose my winner the old fashion way, I pulled a name from a hat. Each blogger had one entry for every week they linked up and the winner is....

Jill from Jill's World! Jill please send me your address so I can get a little sumthin', sumthin' to you. 

What are you linking up with us today? The possibilities are endless since we have zero rules! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ IA has left the building

It's Tuesday which can only mean one's time to start talkin'! 

Hopefully y'all know that my partner in crime IA is now one of my dearest friends, even though she sends my daughter and husband inappropriate texts on a regular basis. I'm sure you also know that she was here for her second visit last week. She too has written her TTUT post about her visit and although it's good, and funny as hell, my side of the story differs slightly. Make sure to visit her today and tell her I said "hey bish, what's up?".

Proof that she does in fact like to teeter back and forth on the line of good and evil!  

Last time IA was here she had less than desirable rooming, I believe she was more than a little disappointed to not have a closet to hang her stuff in or a drawer to place her panties in. This time those amenities were available for her, in the newly decorated guest "suite", but she had no use for them since she left her luggage in her garage! That's right, it appears as if that precious baby boy that's growing inside her and causing her ankles to need their own zip code is sucking up every spare brain cell she has!

Being such a caring friend I ran to the store before going to the airport, I did after all now have an extra 3 hours to burn since her flight was delayed, and bought her a new pair of jammies. I know, I know, I'm forever the thoughtful one!

Once she was finally settled, and wearing a new outfit she bought on the way home from the airport, we were able to finally start our long weekend. We went to one of my favorite little restaurants for breakfast/lunch before going to the spa for massages and facials. We failed epically at taking pictures on Thursday {really every day, sigh}, we were both total slackers! I warned her that the spa I was taking her to would scare her from the parking lot but awe her once inside. I hope I was right...

Friday was a day of shopping! I was having a great day burning up Babes credit card, I may have even frightened my friend just a little with my mad skills!  I think I was so intimidating that her making me call her Princess the rest of the day was one way she could feel better about herself. I guess if the crown fits... 

Saturday was spent at the softball fields....of course. Babe scheduled a last minute tournament and I had no intention of going but she insisted that we go. She knows that I love watching Peanut play so she gave up a large portion of her vacay to sit in the heat with me and listen to a group of caged {literally} 12 and 13 year old girls scream softball chants for hours! Peanut loved the attention and played very well, in fact they won the Championship that weekend!

Sunday we were back at the fields and by now it was I'm sure irritating as hell for her to sit there but she did. I'm afraid she was texting everyone she knew telling them how miserable she was at this point and that her flight home couldn't come fast enough! 

We left before the last game ended and enjoyed lunch with Honey. There is a picture of the three of us but we have been threatened with our lives if we share it...teenagers! 

Hopefully 1 game on Thursday, 3 on Saturday and 2 1/2  on Sunday wasn't enough to make her never want to visit me again! I felt horrible that so much ball was in the mix but with her making baby-boy-no-name there really wasn't much else to do other than just hang out. She shared my life with me for 5 days, bickering girls, endless trips to Publix, a WalMart run, a husband losing his temper {a rarity really}, a night out with my friends, a last minute gathering at my house, and 3 very nosey and large dogs. I'm beyond confident that she was never more thrilled to see her quite house, always under control husband and darling little Emma Kate!

Thanks for another great visit friend, next time I'm coming to you! 

You're linking up today right? Remember anything goes so give me something good! Next week there may be a little prize given away so link up! 

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