Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TTUT ~ I May Or May Not Have...

Seriously Shawn

I've been super tired lately, like more than usual, so when I crawled into bed last night around 10 {I'm old I know} and remembered just as I felt sleep taking over that I didn't write my TTUT post the only thing I thought was 'oh well, it can wait till morning'. So here I am late to my own party.

IA and I have been trying to keep our weekly meme afloat, we are very grateful to all of you that link up week after week even when we don't. Since moving my office upstairs several months ago I rarely go on the computer anymore. That is probably as good thing as I was spending more time on the computer and less time with my family. To be honest, I have thoroughly enjoyed the break but I do miss it and am going to try to start posting again 2-3 times a week...we'll see. 

I think today may be a good day to play a little game of I May Or May Not Have...

I May Or May Not Have crop dusted horribly last week while shopping with my bestie. It was not silent but it was deadly, I just told her to keep walking! 

I May Or May Not Have have asked Babe for a divorce this morning after waking up from a dream where he had a girlfriend. Cheatin' bastard. Dirty whore! 

I May Or May Not Have brought down my Christmas decorations all excited to make it look like Christmas and then ran out of steam. Now it kinda looks like Christmas threw up all over my house.

I May Or May Not Have got a little choked up when Honeys senior portraits came in the mail. Can I be honest? There are days when I wish it was time for her to go but then something happens to remind me that the reality of that is close and I wish I could stop the hands of time and that she would clean her room! 

I May Or May Not Have all of my Christmas cards addressed, ready to stamp and drop in the mail on the 1st. Mailing my cards on December 1st has always been my goal, I think this may be the first year I have actually done it. YAY ME! 

Time for you to link up, remember there's no rules but I would prefer you to entertain me and make me laugh! 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ice Cream GAG & FAIL!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week, I haven't done a single thing in preparation, honestly I still don't even know what we're doing, if we're staying home or traveling, having company or not. And I am beyond freaked out that Christmas is in 39 days, I have yet to buy a single present! I think it may be time to start a list.  

Anyway, while thumbing through the paper I found a coupon for Baskin-Robbins cakes. At first I thought that an ice cream cake would be a cool alternative for a dessert but after seeing their suggestions well, I just threw up in my mouth! 

Seriously, does anyone find this greasy looking turkey with a heart shaped wing the slightest bit appetizing? And why is it diving head first into a patch of grass? I guess if I looked like that I'd want to hide my face too. 

Just in case the entire turkey is too much for ya how about just a leg oozing gravy? 

I'm thinking I've never been that desperate for ice cream and if you know me at all you know that says a lot because I love me some ice cream! 

Baskin-Robbins, I'm sorry, but this is an epic fail!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Mustache party

Seriously Shawn

I'm almost 3 months behind posting about Honey's 18th birthday but since this is TTUT, a friendly weekly meme that I cohost with the new Mommy IA where you can talk about whatever you want with no rules and minimal judgment, I thought I was safe hitting the rewind button.  

I apologize in advance for the picture overload! 

First, I mustache you how cute is she? 

My beautiful girl heading out for birthday dinner with her friends. 

And on her actual birthday, being a good sport and wearing the shirt I had made for her.

 Speaking of good sports, my parents came to the party in complete style sporting mustaches of their own.

Obviously there was a theme to her party. 

There was a mustache cake,  

 mustache cups and of course there was                                   

  mustache finger tattoos and

 chocolate mustache pops. 

 I think the best mustache match goes to Grampee, Babes dad.

 It was a great party with lots of friends and even more food {everyone took home huge to-go trays} but most importantly it was a fabulous celebration for a wonderful person!  

Happy 18th birthday Honey even though you're a total pain in my ass and have pulled your share of stupid crap I still love you more than you will ever know! 

What are you talking about today?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Senior Homecoming

Seriously Shawn

It's been a very busy week and once again Tuesday has snuck up on me!

I have big news. Have you been to my partner IA's blog yet? If not go now, I guest posted today.

So exciting right!

Saturday was Honeys homecoming and we hosted dinner. I had about 30 kids, plus parents, here for pictures and then 22 for dinner. It was a bit crazy, especially when the chocolate fountain decided to break, I hate when things don't run smoothly, but all in all it was a success!

She was stunning if I don't say so myself!  

One of the best decisions I made was hiring a professional photographer. She did Honey's hair and makeup, a private photo session with her, and then came back to the house and spent a little over an hour taking pictures of the kids around the pool and in the yard. I cannot wait to see how they turned out. I've been stalking her website all day waiting for those and the family pictures she took the following day.  Patience is not one of my strengths. 

Here are a few pictures that I took in-between searching the attic for fondue pots to replace the broken chocolate fountain, picking up a missed pile {or ten} of pooh in the yard while the photographer placed kids around them, visiting with the parents, drinking a glass {or ten} of sangria, and making sure everything was running smoothly in the kitchen. Thank God my Mom was there, she is my life saver working the kitchen for almost every event I host. I love you Mom!

Babe and I moved all of the furniture out of the living room and turned it into a cafe.

I made photo collages of every guest including pictures of them from prior homecomings. Another parent cut pieces of wood, glued legs to the bottom, and drilled holes in the middle for me to use as photo holders which also served as table centerpieces. I painted them, twisted wire to hold the pictures and placed the wires in the holes. The parents loved the collages, especially the boys Moms, and took them with them as they left.

I painted wooden numbers and glued them inside of cheap picture frames that I spray painted silver. I took extra pictures and made "garland" to jazz up the fireplace a little. I will use these again for graduation, it was a nice touch.

I loved Honeys idea to use the numbers as a prop!

With all of the confusion of the broken chocolate fountain I failed to get pictures of the food. It wasn't anything spectacular, the boys wanted Chick Fil A and the girls wanted salad from Olive Garden, so you're not missing much. The best part of the table was the chocolate fountain and everything set out for dipping and that, as I might have mentioned a time or two already, was an epic fail.

I'll share more pictures as soon as I get them back, I cannot wait to see what she did. She is the hottest photographer in the area, we totally scored getting her! 

So now that I have homecoming behind me, and completely inundated you with pictures, I can start looking forward to the next big event at my house...Christmas. Do you know that Christmas is in just 48 day? That right there freaks me out! I need to start shopping!

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