Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a Christmas TTUT!

Seriously Shawn

Merry Christmas and happy TTUT! My partner IA is feeling better and talking today about feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious since becoming a Mommy of two so go give her some love if you can.

I have so much to talk about but as usual can't seem to find the time to sit down and write. I am going to have a great 10 Things To Smile About this month that's for sure! 

Until I have more time, and it's not 1minute before Christmas, I'll leave you with a picture.

Every year we read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and the girls open a gift, it just so happens that it's always the box with matching jammies in it. How does that happen year after year?

Have a very Merry and Christ filled Christmas! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

27 reasons why it really doesn't matter!

Seriously Shawn

I had a few posts in mind for this weeks Talk To Us Tuesday; my Christmas decorations, my hectic schedule this week, Peanuts 13th birthday, etc, etc.  but in light of Fridays horrific events I've decided that none of that crap really matters! 

Twenty parents will be looking at empty stocking and unopened presents this Christmas. They will do their best to carry on for their other children, stay strong for their spouse or just try to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. 

The families of six more will deal with their loss and hopefully find some comfort in the fact that their loved ones died a heroic death.

That leaves one more. A Mother, daughter, sister and friend will be missed as many point what I feel to be an unjust finger at her. Was she to blame? Was there something she could have done to prevent her son from becoming a monster? I cannot even fathom what she would be going through had she not been his first victim! As a Mother how do you, would you, live with that? Honestly, I think, without knowing her of course, that she would be glad that she never knew the horror that was caused at the hands of her son. 

Was this because she owned a gun? I for one don't think guns kill people I think people kill people and I believe it's my right to defend myself and my children if ever faced with the need. 

Was his "mental condition" to blame? I'm not a professional so I can't answer that, I do have an opinion of which I'll keep to myself, all I know is thousands of people carry the burden of mental disease and don't go on killing sprees! 

I do however believe that evil was ever present in his life. I also believe that we as a country are partially to blame for that. We have allowed God to be removed from our schools, places of employment and our government and by doing so have left an opening for Satan to walk right in. And he has! 

I will continue to go on with my busy week and will do my best to make this a merry Christmas for my girls but I will be doing it with a heavy heart for the loss of such innocent life and with fear wondering where this country is heading! 

Friday morning people across the country will be walking for 27 minutes at 9:30 EST wearing green and white to pay honor to Newtowns victims. If you'd like to participate more information can be found here. I'll be walking here, join me where ever you are! 

Sorry for the heavy post, perhaps my partner IA will be able to lighten the TTUT mood! 

Merry Christmas friends and God Bless! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TTUT ~ Did You Know...

Seriously Shawn

It's Tuesday and you only have 13 shopping days till Christmas! You.Are.Welcome! 

I thought today would be a good time to do a Did You Know post. I'll start with my co-host IA...

Did You Know...she didn't set up a Christmas tree before we were friends? Horrible right! This is her second year doing it, I think she started putting one up only after I guilted her. Let's see if the same thing works on her DH who refuses to put Christmas lights up. Can you say "Bah-Humbug"?

Did You Know...that IA has a great memory, is a fantastic gift giver and a sneaky shopper? I received the sweetest gifts in the mail from her yesterday. They were things she bought here, during her visit, right under my nose! 

Did You Know...IA is anti Disney movies? Poor Emma Kate and I are going to have a movie marathon when I visit. Poor child is so deprived! 

Did You Know...that IA is also a wee bit spiteful? I better stop now while we're still friends! 

Did You Know...I wear a compression stocking on my left leg every day? It's super sexy! 

Did You Know...I'm a little picky about my Christmas decorations? This year I bought all new ornaments for both trees and enough stuff to redo the mantle and dining room table. Here's a sneak peak!  

Did You Know... my family is straight up insane? Here's some proof and a look into the insanity otherwise known as the Seriously house.

What don't we know about you?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ten Things To Smile About ~ November

I'm a little late to the party but for those of you who know me that should really come as no surprise. I'm linking up today with Emmy Mom for her 10 Things To Smile About. You still have time to join the party, it's open until midnight tonight.

Ten Things that made me Smile in November... 

1. Hosting Honey's senior homecoming here. I just love all of her friends, it's been such a joy watching them grow up! 

2.  Celebrating, from 2000 miles away, this little peanuts birthday. She's my Great-Niece and is just the most adorable thing EVER! 

3. Watching Peanuts team end their a game in prayer around the pitchers mound most definitely made me smile!   

4.  Having friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner was perfect!

5.  Our family photo shoot made me smile for sure! 

6.  Ordering Honeys formal senior pictures {the real shoot is not until April} was bitter sweet but still made me smile.

7. My sister mailed the girls fall leaves again this year. They have never lived anywhere but Florida so the changing of the seasons has to be sent to them. 

8.  Being a part of decorating our church for Christmas was fun. The theme is Jingle Jam and is oh so Seussical!  I did the main tree and the wreath as you walk in the door. 

9.  Making my house look like Christmas always makes me smile! 

10. Having the girls advent gifts purchased, wrapped and ready to go on the 1st was a first that made me smile and breath a sigh of relief.            

What made you smile in November?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dr. Oz wants me ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

I know I sound like a broken record but it needs to be said again...I cannot believe it's Tuesday already! 
My days just fly by. Like all of you I have a very busy month, that has the potential for getting a whole lot busier and exciting {which is todays story}. In order to make sure I get everything done and maintain what little sanity I have I must make a list of to-do's. I have a list for this and a list for that and listed on each list is a reminder to look at my list. I am truly lost without a list! Are you a list maker? I will go back and add things that I did that weren't originally on my list just to validate to myself, and anyone else that may see it, that I was in fact busy and productive. I digress... thanks for linking up with IA and me, we love you, your dedication and stories! On to my exciting news...

I received an email last week from a producer from the Dr. Oz show. They are doing a show on "Funniest Beauty Blunders" and while searching for ideas she stumbled upon my blog and this post from 4 years ago. After exchanging a few emails I declined the offer since I would be responsible for my own airfare and hotel but Honey convinced me that this is a once in a life time opportunity and that I should go. So I emailed Ana back saying I was going to make it a girls weekend if they could still fit me into the show. Her boss called me yesterday to hear my story "as I would tell it to Dr. Oz". I'm thinking the story isn't as funny as they had hoped it would be since I haven't heard back from them. She said they would let me know Monday or Tuesday but I'm not going to hold my breath. 

I still think it was awesome that I was even considered to be a part of the show, it may have even lit a spark for me to start blogging more than once a week again. I have started jotting things down and taking voice notes so I don't forget anything...yep, another list! If anything changes and I end up flying out Thursday I'll be sure to let y'all know. Do you think it's possible to loose 25 pounds in 3 days?

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