Thursday, January 10, 2013

Could you pull the trigger?

Gun control seems to be a hot topic since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary. I've decided to dip my toe in these dangerous waters and voice my opinion...

I do not think anyone has the right to tell me that I cannot protect my daughters and myself with any necessary means, after all it is the second amendment of this country. If that means shooting someone than so be it. If someone breaks into my home, and gets past my dogs, then I'm going to choose to defend myself and my family with a gun. I do not want to and I hope I never have to but I will. 

This is a new point of view for me. We've had a gun in the house for years and I have stayed as far away from it as possible. What has made me change my mind after all of these years? I really do not know but I have and I stand firm behind my decision. 

The President of the NRA wisely said during a heavily protested press conference shorty after the Sandy Hook shootings that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and I couldn't agree more! Will I shoot to kill? I'm sure I won't, I don't think I have it in me to take another life, but I will shoot to stop him {or her} in his tracks...I'm aiming right between the legs! 

In my opinion if someone enters my house unwanted they are entering with bad intentions. I will not give them the opportunity to prove me wrong. My girls are my world and I will not sit back and let something happen to them when I have the right and ability to prevent it. 

I'm taking a concealed weapons class next week and will start shooting often. I need to be comfortable with my ability to use such a powerful and deadly weapon, it's an obligation that every gun owner should be forced to take. I will also teach my girls how to shoot, another new for me!  At 18 and 13 I feel they are ready for the responsibility to protect themselves. We will not go down without a fight in this house! 

Melinda Herman, the Georgia mom that shot a home intruder 5 times last week, has given me the courage to do this. A man broke into her home in the middle of the afternoon, he searched her and her 9 year old twins out who were hiding in the attic and when he opened the door she shot him. If he was looking to simply rob the home then why did he seek them out?  It's my opinion that he was there to do them harm and she stopped him with her husband on the phone encouraging her to stay calm, remember everything he had tougher her and to shoot! 

Melinda, you are both a hero and inspiration. I hope if I am ever faced with such horror I can handle myself just like you did! 

What are your thoughts on home protection and the possible threat to have it revoked? 


Becca said...

I wholly agree with you. I am of the same mindset. You come in my home uninvited, you get what you get. We are going to be taking our CC class as soon as we get back from vacation.

We will protect ours to the last.

Angel said...

I am completely with you on this, my dad had me take a concealed weapon class at 18 and I used to go with him to the shooting range. Now that I am on my own in a large city I have been wanting to get my own weapon and permit to have in the event I should ever need it. and it is true the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one

VandyJ said...

Education is key. Having a gun without learning how to use and respect it is stupid. Good for you to be doing this the right way--learning how to use your gun and teaching your girls to use and respect the gun.

Nicole said...

Just look at other countries where they have taken away gun rights. Yes guns kill, but so do the people behind them and those bad guys will get a gun no matter what. Nothing is going to stop them and then they'll break and enter because you'll have nothing to protect yourself with.

Stacie said...

I agree that we have the right to protect our home, I hope that if I were in the position to need to, that I could pull the trigger. Scary times.

Donna said...

I agree with you...but I think the bigger issue is the kinds of guns that are allowed... military assault weapons have NO place in Canada or US. I dont know how a handgun would fair against an assault weapon like the ones that are used in these attacks.

jessica said...

amazing post.
i agree 110% and will also be enrolling in concealed weapons class this spring.

i hadn't heard about that woman from georgia, that literally gave me chills..

Lynn said...


Hilary said...

I completely agree! We just bought one & plan to get our CWP as well.

MiMi said...

The only thing that has been resonating with me lately that I hadn't thought about before is the AR ban.
I used to think, "Why does ANYONE need an AR?"
Well, simply put, and actually if you read the Second Amendment it's pretty's to protect us from the GOVERNMENT.
Back then they didn't have "home invasions" and things. So people had guns to protect themselves from an insane govt.
Now I'm thinking...the government has ARs...they have drones, tanks, etc. Maybe ARs should be allowed for responsible people to have.

~ Crystal ~ said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Banning guns isn't necessarily the solution. Guns aren't the only weapons available for crimes. I need to stop though. Politics is one topic that makes me really heated. That's probably why I don't discuss them on my blog. Or at least my main one.

~ Crystal ~ said...
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Myya said...

Good for you! Educating yourself is the absolute. I've shot guns but have not had proper training, I definitely would love to though. This is such a scary world & I truly believe that responsibile people getting guns & training on guns is not going to harm this country, it will in fact make it safer.

Emmy said...

Totally agree-- and if you look at the one of the states with the most tough gun laws- which is Illinois-- then look at which state has the most death by guns-- Illinois.

Bad guys are going to get guns- taking away guns from good people just makes the bad guys have more power.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I'm with you on this totally. Evil people don't think twice about the consciences of their actions and who is left to suffer the most their victims & the victims families.

As hard-working, law-abiding citizens the 2nd Amendment Right should NEVER be compromised. To own a gun or not should be the individuals decision and NOT that of Uncle Sam's calling.

We know that evil people will NOT obtain a gun legally. They will steal or buy unmarked fire arms to commit their crimes with. Restricting the good guys only sends a message to the bad guys - "Hey, I'm an easy target thanks to our government!"

The only way someone is going to get my gun is from my cold dead body period and I don't plan on letting that happen. First line of defense begins at home!

Excellent post, Shawn!

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

I couldnt agree with you more but If I were by myself I dont think I could shoot to kill someone but if any of my family were to be home I hope I would react calmly and stop them in their tracks. The thought that ever happening scares me to death.

Heathers Happenings said...

Completely agree. And after hearing Melinda Herman's story I have been debating on getting a gun. It is just me and the kids here all day. I want to be able to protect them while my husband is at work.

Xazmin said...

When you disarm the law-abiding public, what you have is a bunch of sitting ducks.

As far as shoot to kill - I was lucky enough to take an informative class from a member of the SWAT team a few years back. He was a sniper, and they would do trainings to educate the public, because of the backlash police often face after a shooting that ends in the loss of a life.

If you shoot to injure a person with a gun - they can still shoot you. We each got to do a simulation where we were in a situation and had to decide when to shoot. We learned that you keep shooting until the suspect is down. Which usually means they don't survive. The guy ahead of me in the exercise ended up getting his "partner" shot and killed because he underestimated the criminal and only shot to injure. She was still able to raise her weapon and get a few shots off. Just something to think about. ;)

We don't have a gun - but I have been thinking for years that I wanted to get training, a permit, and a gun.

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