Monday, August 26, 2013

College Bound ~TTUT~

Seriously Shawn

My five times a week blog turned into a weekly blog and now it seems that has changed to an every other week blog. Life has been so crazy and as sad as it is to admit I'm ready for 2014, maybe that will be a year of peace and relaxation.

**Picture overload**

This weekend was a huge weekend for my family, we packed Honey up and took her to her school and got her all settled in her condo with her four besties. She is going to have the time of her life and will be doing it in style. Their condo is far nicer than my first apartment, maybe even better than my first house. I still need to get window treatments in her bedroom and finish the living room {that was my area to decorate} but for the most part it's done and is home to four amazing girls.

Her goodbyes started when our family and closest friends came to celebrate her 19th birthday and wish her farewell. At the end of the night we all wrote her well wishes on Chinese lanterns and set them off into the night sky.

 Honey with her bestie and Peanut

Peanut wrote a message to her sister

My parents, Nana & Papa are the sweetest Grandparents ever! 

It's a horribly blurry picture but it's the best I have

My girls sent the last lantern off

It was a beautiful way to end the night

Our family of four packed up and made the drive to Honey's new home and spent the weekend together getting everything ready for her freshmen year at college.

Saying goodbye was as I expected it to be. I hated driving off but knowing that she was one, only a 4 hour car ride away and two, will be coming home once a month for a weekend visit made it easier. It's still strange not having her home every night but I know she's ready to take on life and will do a fantastic job at anything she faces! 
Outside her new home

Living room


Roommate monograms at the bottom of the stairs 

Honey's bedroom


 Our last good-bye

I think I can finish things up in couple more trips, hopefully I can time them just as I'm ready for a kid fix.

Your turn. What's up? 

11 comments: said...

Some of those new college housing areas ARE super nice! And yeah, WAY better than my first college apartment, which is still around but kind of crappy.

TMW Hickman said...

Wow! I got to live in a dorm with no a/c when I went off to college. My dad said it built character. Hope Honey has a great year!

Stacie said...

Son, those are some nice digs! But I know she will miss her Mama!

Hilary said...

What an amazing apartment! I remember my campus apartment sophomore year was underground, crawling with bugs, and had a mold problem, lol.

Jill said...

Her new college house looks SO nice!! Wow!! Love the idea of sending wishes for her up in those Chinese lanterns at her farewell party. So sweet!

Nadine Hightower said...

whatta fabulous send off. She will do so well in college. congrats.

Emmy said...

That is an awesome place she has to live! Was way nice than my first apartment, even my first apartment after I got married.

I am sure she will have a wonderful year and it is nice that she is only 4 hours away- I went to college across the country from my parents.

Impulsive Addict said...

Hey! I blogged! You didn't even call me out for sucking ass. =(

I'm happy for Honey Bunny. Her place looks amazing! Who bought that couch? Holy crap! Her college digs are nicer than my real-life digs. I'm completely jealous!!!!

Cathy Kennedy said...

It's a shame your daughter & her beasties have to suffer in such living arrangements. You should be ashamed of yourself for leaving her to comfort in her misery. lol But, really WOW! It looks fabulous. It makes me wanna go back to college, if I had a place this nice. :D

Goodbyes even under the best circumstances is a bitter-sweet mix, but thankfully this is a good situation. She's continuing her education and that rocks!

And, what a wonderful party you guys had for her. I know it was fun for all!

Thanks for hosting TTUT and don't fret over how often you do this meme. It's a pleasure to connect with you when ever opportunity presents itself.

Lisa Newlin said...

I LOVE the lantern idea! I also love her place. That's nicer than anything I had in college...or law school...or now.

She's one lucky girl!

Mrs. Match said...

Fancy pants first place!! She's a lucky girl! I bet it was hard saying goodbye, but it's nice that she's not too far away.

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