Monday, August 12, 2013

This boy loves his balls ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

Once again I blew it last week, sorry...again.

I won't waste your time with a list of excuses, even though I do have a long list, because that's getting old but I will say I'm glad you're here this week. Even though my girl IA and I suck we love all of our faithful linkers....both of you ;)

Rogue loves his balls, even though I had them removed much like Babes years ago. But seriously he is very ball driven. I have spent a small fortune on balls, tennis, soccer, basketball, he pops them all within minutes. So when I saw an ad on FB {this is not a paid post I just love this product} for the Varsity Ball claiming an unbreakable ball I had to try it. Let me just say it's the best thirty-something dollars I've spent in a long time.

Sadly, like everything there's a negative....

You see my boys is a beefcake. 

He's all brawn and no brain. 

A great big dumb Jock.

He will not stop chasing his ball in the pool. I've had to hide it inside a cooler on the lanai so he can't get to it when I'm not outside with him. I'm fearful he would keep going until he had a heart attack. That's an issue with working dogs, they have no off button. 

Peanut and her friend had him in the pool playing when they noticed his paws were bleeding. He pins the ball against the wall of the pool trying to get it and in doing so has filed all of his nails down past the quick. The nails are now pushing into the pads of the other toes and cutting his pads. Poor boy, I cannot even imagine how bad that hurts. A simple hangnail is bad enough. Last night I noticed he was limping. After a visit to the vet this morning it appears that he may have also broken a toe. I swear it's always something with him. 

I do love this boy of mine! 


VandyJ said...

We are adding to our house at the end of the month-- a new fur kid.
Your boy look like he is happy, even if he is maybe a bit too enthusiastic.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I see that your pool is screened in. The first time I ever saw anything like this was when we visited our friends in FL back in March. It think it's a very cool idea and if we had a pool then I would love to do this, too. I'm sorry I just had to comment on that. I really like it a lot.

Oh gracious your boy really loves his toy ball a lot. I think animals are so funny. They get hooked on certain things and you just can't pull them away from their obsession. I hope his paws heal up. That sounds so terribly painful that he filed his nails down past the cuticles. Ouch! Poor pup!

Don't think twice about not having put up a TTUT last week. We love you & IA just the same regardless!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Emmy said...

Awe poor guy! Crazy how much he likes balls even to the point of getting hurt

Stacie said...

The title made me scared to click over...but I can deal with cute doggy stuff!

Mrs. Match said...

aww! My dog can get like that too over a ball. I never throw for him on pavement because he'll get himself bloody too. Crazy pups!

Lisa Newlin said...

POOR BABY! My little Yorkie had a broken toe a few years ago and couldn't walk on it. They had to give him a cast on his entire leg because he was so small. I would like to tell you we didn't crack up watching him walk with a peg leg on a cast for 2 weeks.

I hope he gets to feeling better. It sucks when our babies our hurt. Dogs are the sweetest!!!!

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