Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TTUT ~I do believe I'm officially old...

Seriously Shawn

Tuesday....Ahh the only day of the week I can drag my lazy ass up the stairs to sit behind the computer these days. Thank goodness IA and I have decided to continue this meme for without it I'd be nonexistent in the blogsphere.

It dawned on me this morning that I am officially old. I have crossed over to the dark side and TBT {I'll touch on that acronym in a minute} it's scary here! 

I remember the days when my Mom, who I love dearly, would say or do something that would make me curl up in the fetal position from mere humiliation and rock back and forth Rain Man style. Looking back I can see now that all she was doing was breathing in my presence. Well, guess what? I think I may be breathing a little too heavy for my girls taste.

As I was perusing FaceBook, read stalking my daughters, I saw that Peanut was participating in the ever so popular TBH and TBT memes. I was familiar with TBH thanks to Honey a few years back but the TBT stumped me. After a tisk and huge eye roll Peanut educated me on the Truth Be Told meme, game, post, thingy on FB. I'm hoping that if I ever were to participate in TBH I would be a little more creative than the standard, you're in my 5th period PE class, I don't know you very well but you're pretty, reply. Wait, I think I may be getting my TBH and TBT's confused. Maybe it wasn't TBH or TBT... it could have been just a straight up Truth Is?. Either way I'm tots not perf and clearly need to stick to over 40 FBing!

When I was in middle school, it was so long ago we called it Jr. High, when you had a boyfriend you "went out". I can still remember the irritation and how the hair on the back of my neck stood up when my Mom would ask "where are y'all going?". I am, presumably of course, doing the same to my girls now when I ask them "what are y'all talking about?" when they {just Peanut now since Honey has a full time man} tell me they're "talking" to so-and-so. 

I have also learned recently that just because the other kids think I'm cool doesn't mean that my own girls do. When I start quoting Fat Amy and singing Titanium in public the other girls laugh {not at me of course} and join me while mine beg me to stop then resort to looking a lot like I did back in 1983 while rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the nearest corner.

It's apparently also never ok to look good in a pair or Rock Revival jeans, rock out to "your jam" with the windows down while at a stop light, whistle at cute boys then slow down when driving next to them, be called a MILF, comment on a FB thread- especially a TBT or TBH, post pictures of yourself that show even a millimeter of cleavage on Instagram, and "creep on" your daughters and their friends on Twitter. FTR, look at me throwing out an acronym,  I feel strongly that if you post anything on a social media site all rights to privacy are off

In short, I guess I've hit the time in my life where I'm supposed to slip on a moo-moo, put rollers in my hair and just get old, after all I am almost 43.


I think I'll tots stick to rockin' my Rock Revivals, singing David Guetta loud and off key, noticing cute boys {as long as they're legal} and living life to it's fullest! 

What have you done that has made your kids moan in humiliation Maaahhhhhmmm? Bring it on, I want to know! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Talk To Us Tuesday ~ Guess what....

Seriously Shawn

It's Friday...Wishful thinking but at least it's Tuesday which means I get to come here and talk to all of my friends. Hopefully IA will be back again this week, I've liked having her back but understand that on top of the new Mommy thing {which she's been milking for a while now} she's now packing up and getting ready to move.

Guess who else has started packing up her house? Yep, that's right the Seriously household will soon have a change of address. It's been a whirlwind to say the least, I'll fill y'all in on that story later.

Guess who not only sent me a drunk text but a drunk video too? That's right, our very own IA had a little too much Captain last week. I feel it only fair to repay her for all of the wonderful pictures, videos and stories she has shared of me.


Guess who's had a broken wrist since December? Yep, that crazy kid of mine is a machine and has been playing with a break for months. She will do just about anything to be on the clay!

Guess what I found while packing up a closet? This little gem. I would like to take a minute to thank the good Lord above for not cursing me with looking like that for any longer than I had to. Please tell me how rockin' that perm was!

Circa 1987

Guess who remembered me when sending his girls their traditional chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines day? I love that he had them add how many Valentines Day's we've shared. I love that man of mine!

Guess how cold it was this weekend while I sat at the softball fields NOT watching my kid play? I moved to Florida in 1993 and have never been as cold as I was this past weekend. I can honestly say that I have not been that cold in years. 

Guess who warmed up with her softball bestie with a drink, or three, after the game and then slept like a baby all night long!

Guess who's got bronchitis again? Poor Honey just can't catch a break, she's coughing more she's breathing. She's confident that she'll have abs of steel by the end of the week, at least she's finding the silver lining...

I couldn't bring myself to take her picture. If she feels as bad as she looks than trust me when I say she's sick! 

I hope you're here to link up with us, we have no rules ya know! It's your turn to share.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TTUT ~ Going Random Style

Seriously Shawn

Talk To Us Tuesday, the once cool place to link up by thanks to its slacker hostesses TTUT is now wanting...Sad I know! Hopefully our regulars will be back today and once IA and I get back into our groove things will pick back up.

How about a little bit of this and a little bit of that today, picture style?

We'll will be cruising in just 27 days. Do you think it's possible to loose a pound a day?

Peanut channeled her inner Fat Amy and did a little horizontal running. I am obsessed with that movie! 

Do you have a hobby? Mine is shopping but since I have been put on spending restriction I have started scrap booking again. Babe really doesn't know what he's done since walking the mall was my biggest form of exercise, I'll never get this weight off before the cruise now! 

Anyway, while getting back in the swing of things I went through a few of my older books and found this gem. This was Peanuts first love, she still gets all flustered when she sees him, a girl never forgets her first love! 

I also found a couple good ones from my trip to Austin. Is it just me or do these girls have a thing for my girls?

I've been on a roll, I'm out of pictures so that's on my list of things to do today. Here are just a few of the page spreads I did over the past few days.

It's been a while sine Rogue has made an appearance... This adorable bed hog has been sick, like projectile diarrhea all over the place sick. Good times. That could mean only one thing...he's been in the laundry. This time the guilty party was none other than Babe. I'm happy to report that after pooping out a sock or two {who's counting} he is feeling much better. 

Have you ever missed a place shaving...for three years? Apparently I have. I found this cluster of hair while wearing crop jeans at a public event. After taking a few pictures I took out my tweezers and TCB. Zero shame, I know!

Honey found her prom dress! Here's a little advice for you parents of daughters. Forget what they say about saving for their wedding, start saving now for high school. Homecoming dresses, class rings, senior pictures, yearbooks, cap and gowns, prom dresses etc. I paid almost as much for my wedding dress 21 years ago! Lucky for my girls they have their Daddy wrapped around their little fingers. He said, "it's a beautiful dress, she looks amazing in it and you only go to your senior prom once." Here's hoping this style is still in vogue next year and I can sell this bad boy! 

Hopefully you'll be linking up with us today, there's no rules so either link up what you've already posted or share some random with us!  Speaking of random, I'm linking up with Stacy today too, head on over and see who else is getting their random on.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

WWTK is back

It seems like forever ago but once upon a time I was a co-host on another linky called We Want To Know Wednesday. Since I left that party it has gone through several changes and is now co-hosted by Scriptor and Kenzie. Scriptor is always faithful joining IA and I for TTUT and Kenzie has been coming by more and more so when I saw that they were teaming up I wanted to support them. Here are their questions this week.

{no. 1} Did you watch the Superbowl? Do you tend to like sports or do you only watch them if it is a big event or something a friend or spouse is in to?
{no. 2} What is one thing you really like but cannot understand how or why other people do not?
{no. 3} Describe/explain one thing that annoys you on daily basis.
{no. 4} What is one food you've been really into lately or something you have really craved at one point?
{no. 5} Name one thing you are saving or want to save money for.

1.} I watched part of it. I try to never miss the National Anthem, honestly it's more to see if the performer is going to blow it, and I also like to watch the halftime show. As much as I love Alicia Keys I have to say that I wasn't impressed by either performance this year. 

2.} Olives and olive juice in my margarita. After drinking my fist "dirty margarita" in Austin with my girls I can't have it any other way.

3.} Barking dogs! I have 3 large dogs, they like to bark at people using the trail that runs through my back yard but I always reign them in quickly. I so wish I could say the same for my neighbors. I've actually thought about offering to pay to have their dogs debarked for them! 

4.} Mocha Salted Caramel coffee creamer. I find myself drinking more coffee just for the creamer. I may or may not have poured it over vanilla ice cream too, it's just that good! 

5.} My girls trip to Tulsa in April. I cannot wait to hang with my girls again! 

Thanks for hosting ladies and best of luck with WWTK!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TTUT ~ Mean Girls Suck!

Seriously Shawn

Thanks for coming by again, IA and I truly appreciate you supporting our little meme even if we have been somewhat anemic with our posts, visits, comments and returning your comments. Blogging friends are the best!  

Speaking of IA, my partner in this meme, have you been by her blog yet? Last week she ratted me out blogging about a possible drunk text from me, so not nice I know, and this week she's back at it sharing some very sound yet embarrassing parental advice I sent her after a less than fortunate event with Peanut. The event may or may not have included a bedroom door that Babe said was locked {never trust a man when presented with the opportunity for quicky}, Peanuts run that wasn't quite as long as anticipated and me...naked...on top of the covers...yep, you can officially color me embarrassed and Peanut scarred for life! 

When your kids are 18 and 13, you're the anti-morning person and exhausted by 8pm you've gotta take advantage of any window of opportunity! 

Enough about my emBARE-ASSing moment....

Mean girl suck!

Can I get an amen please?

It seems that my youngest has been getting crap at school and hasn't wanted to tell me for fear that I would go to the school and "handle it". Well duh, of course that's what I would have done, I'm the Mom my job is to protect my children! After much begging and pleading I will not be addressing the situation with administration however the thought of dressing up as a 13 year old, 21 Jump Street style, and kicking some 13 year old bitch ass has crossed my mind more than I should probably admit. 

I have aways taught my girls to rise above-don't engage but enough is enough! Babe and I have talked to her about standing up for herself and of course not getting caught in the process. He has told her the next time they say something to quietly lean into the offender and say "if you say that one more time I will freaking punch you straight in the face and if I find out you've been talking about me behind my back I will wipe the floor with you" and then quietly walk away. I'm thinking that the little biotch wearing the giant bow on the top of her head like a pomeranian straight from the groomer may just crap herself! He may or may not have also showed her how to administer a killer charlie-horse to the thigh while walking quietly through the hallways, he may have a little experience with this.  

I have tried my best to explain to her that she is a triple threat. She's beautiful, a 4.0 student and a true athlete. Those girl are jealous and intimidated by her and being mean is the only ammunition they have. Sadly, that knowledge doesn't make it any easier when they're calling her mangina. Is it wrong that I just want her to take them down! 

Does this look like a man to you!?!!

They've done pissed off Mamma Bear. I think my teenage years are returning and these girls need to watch out and remember that I helped write a few of the "rules". They wanna play? Game on, I'm ready! 

 I will do my best to do the rounds today, see y'all soon.  

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