I am married to my high school sweetheart, hereafter known as Babe. He is my one and only {yes literally} and has been the love of my life for the past 24 years. We just celebrated our 19th anniversary! He is my rock. He is handsome. He is a wonderful Daddy. He still makes my heart beat fast and he annoys the ever loving crap out of me but I wouldn't change a single thing. Ok, that's a lie, I hate the way he swallows so I'd definitely change that but other than that he's perfect just the way he is! 


Together we have two beautiful daughters. Honey is 17 and Peanut is 11, they keep us very busy! Babe works an endless amount of hours so when I say "us" I really mean me. I used to run back and forth a dozen times a day from one school to another, tutoring, softball, football, volunteering, the mall, movies and picking up or dropping off a friend but now that Honey is an experienced driver that has been cut in half! He helps when he can and I know he wishes he could do more but being a stay at home Mom is my full time job and I love it. I am beyond blessed to have this privilege so I try to complain as little as possible. 

Honey is my oldest, she looks just like her Daddy and we share a birthday. She is by far my best birthday gift ever! This past August she turned 17, where have the years gone?!!? She is an amazing person with a heart of gold. She did her first charity event when she was 5, organizing a birthday party at a local abuse shelter. Each child there received a gift and then had cake, ice cream and a pinata. Sadly, this was the very first birthday party for most of those sweet children! A charity birthday is something she has done every other year since. She's far from perfect and has made her fair share of mistakes but so far has recovered from all of them beautifully. Isn't that the most important thing?

Peanut is my 11 year old bundle of energy and emotions. We have called her Sybil for years, you can sometimes see the next personality coming as it begins to surface. She loves to dance but not in an organized class, she'd rather shake her groove thing than do an arabesque.  She is a gifted student, avid reader, loves to swim and was a great ice skater before injuring her ankles. She traded in her blades for cleats last fall, plays on a local travel ball team and now wants to earn a college scholarship playing softball. 

I also have three 4-legged children. Yes, three! I love our dogs like children and as much as they drive me crazy, one in particular, I can't even imagine my life without them in it! 

Belle is Honey's baby. I saved her from a box outside of Wal-Mart and brought her home 15+ years ago for Honey's 2nd birthday. She's a Beagle, Rottweiler, German Shepherd mix {not a courtship of the willing I'm sure} who drives me batty but I do love her and will miss her terribly when she's gone! 

Today, September 10, 2011 Belle went to play forever in the best doggy park ever! After 15 years and 5 months it's more than far to say that she had a full and wonderful life. I will always love you and I miss you Belle-Belle!  

Jewel is the sweetest dog ever! She is a full German Shepherd from an American line and is a gentle giant. She's almost 10 and is showing her age. She has been the best dog I have ever had. She will protect her girls to the end but would hate having to do it! 

Deja is my 5 year old car riding companion. If she even thinks I'm leaving she beats me to the door, opens it and sits in front of my car door. I will sometimes take her with me for hours at a time, leaving her in the running car, no one would dare attempt to steal it with her on duty. Like Jewel, Deja is a full German Shepherd but from a German line. She is completely driven when it comes to any form of exercise and the word ball, or anything remotely close, sends her into a complete frenzy! 

Deja also likes to hang out in the pool. She only swims occasionally but can be found sitting or laying in the swim out whenever she is outside.

Last but not least there's Rogue. Rogue is my baby boy and the topic of many a post! He is a full German Shepherd from a complete German line and turned 2 in June. There is just something about him that everyone loves and with as much crap as he gives me it's a really good thing my love for him runs deep!  

He thinks he's Michael Phelps and is in the pool more than he's out. He is almost always wet which is lovely especially when he decides he wants to lay next to me on the couch or in between Babe and I in bed! 

There you have it. That's my family. We are a crazy bunch and if you hang around long enough you'll soon discover that there's rarely a dull moment here at the Seriously house. This is my not so mundane life and I love every moment of it! 

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